Death Before Dishonor

Sep 17, 2011 - by staff

Thanks to Sean Banner

– The pre-show match saw Andy “Right Leg” Ridge defeat Grizzly Redwood in 7:12 with a prawn hold. (Sloppy, plodding match. They worked this match like two heavyweights. Redwood’s weight was announced at 145)

(1) Homicide and Jay Lethal vs. The Embassy (Rhino and Tommaso Ciampa) with Prince Nana and Mia Yim.

The Embassy of Tommaso Ciampa and Rhino defeated Jay Lethal and Homicide in 10:16 after Ciampa pinned Homicide. Ciampa won with a Project Ciampa II.

(2) “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett against ROH Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin defeated Mike Bennett in 10:49 with a Paydirt. (Crowd was rabid for this match with the various chants)

(3) In a Three Way Elimination Match between the Bravado Brothers, The Young Bucks and Futureshock, Futureshock eliminated the Bravado Brothers in 6:19 after a combination lariat by Kyle O’Reilly and sweep by Adam Cole on Lancelot Bravado, and the Young Bucks won the match in 10:50 after a 450 splash by Max Buck and a shooting star press by Jeremy Buck on Adam Cole.

(4) El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs went to a no contest after 14:20 after Kevin Steen came out and said Hey everybody, look who’s here. Hey, El Generico, I’m Back, Bitch, Jimmy, Tell Steve he’s a p++++. Steen’s mike was cut off. Wrestlers from the back tried to eject Steen, then Jacobs started fighting with Steen with Steen getting the better of Jacobs. Generico tried a over the top plancha, but Steen ducked, and Generico hit the wrestlers instead. Steen got in the ring and was met by Cary Silkin. Silkin tried to reason with Steen, but Steen tried to package piledrive Silkin, with the wrestlers making the save.

Jim Cornette got into the ring, with Steen spitting in Cornette’s face and flipping Cornette off. Cornette started swinging at Steen before Steen was pulled away and thrown out by the wrestlers.

Final Battle was announced for December 17 at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Intermission was then announced.

(5) Charlie Haas defeated Michael Elgin in 12:44 with a lariat.

(6) In the Ringmaster Challenge between Roderick Strong and Eddie Edwards, Roderick Strong won the first fall, pinfall only, in 12:01 with a suplex released into a backbreaker.

In the second fall, submissions only, Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong in 7:40 with a single leg Boston Crab.

In the third fall, a 15 minute Iron Man match. Roderick Strong takes the first fall with a backslide at 13:30. Eddie Edwards takes the second fall at 14:00 with a Die Hard Suplex. The iron match ends in a 1-1 tie. Since the first two falls were split, the match was originally ruled a draw. Jim Cornette comes out and order s sudden death overtime. Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong 6:36 into the overtime with the Die Hard Suplex. (Total time of match 41:17)

(7) In Ladder War III, with the winner getting a #1 contenders contract for the Tag Team Titles, the All Night Express of Kenny King and Rhett Titus defeated Mark and Jay Briscoe in 27:53 when Kenny King grabbed the contract. This match was a stiff, brutal, bloody, violent match which saw tables, ladders, chairs, the All Night Express give Jay Briscoe One Night Stand through a table, and Mark Briscoe do a superfly dive off a 20 foot ladder onto Rhett Titus on a table set up on the entrance ramp. Jay left a puddle of blood on the mat from falling off the ladder.

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