Detailed 9/12/11 Raw Supershow Recap

Sep 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Sean Banner

From: Ottawa, Ontario

Raw opens up with Alberto Del Rio in the ring complaining the fans are disrespecting him because they made fun of him after John Cena hit him with an AA. Bret Hart comes out and says he is not disrespecting him but Del Rio is not acting like a champion. Del Rio says he will make an example out of Hart. Cena comes out and says Del Rio is showing jalapenos for staying but he should go home and party because he will be champ for 6 more days. Del Rio tries to make Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Cena. Cena counters with Bret Hart vs. Del rio. John Laurinaitis comes out and makes Hart/Cena vs. Del Rio/Rodriguez.

HHH/Punk/Nash montage for night of champions shown.

Alex Riley and John Morrison defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler after Riley countered a Swagger ankle lock into Ziggler. Riley hit his finisher for the finisher. Ziggler and Guerrero argued.

Miz/truth promo on the HHH conspiracy against them. Led to Mz vs Kofi. Miz wins by skullcrushing finale.

Teddy long talking to Vickie Guerrero. Makes Ziggler/Swagger/Riley/Morrison four way for us belt at night of champions. Guerrero has words with Kelly Kelly. Long hears this and makes a match between them.

McGillicutty and Otunga are in the ring running down Jerry Lawler. Lawler says McGillicutty is not his father, and Otunga might be a lawyer, but he failed his Charisma class. Lawler’s opponent for tonight is Sheamus. Sheamus pins McGillicutty with the Celtic Cross. Punk/HHH faceoff promoted. Del Rio talking to Rodriguez.

John Cena and Bret Hart come out for their match. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Alberto Del Rio. Rodriguez is scared to get into the ring. A “Thank You Bret” chant goes up. Cena is treating Rodriguez like a charging bull, moving his shirt before Rodriguez hits him. Del Rio tags in and stalls. Cena chases Del Rio around the ring, and kicks Cena when Cena tries to enter the ring. Rodriguez comes back in and gets beat up by Cena. Attitude Adjustment on Rodriguez while Del Rio backs up the ramp. Hart tags in and puts the sharpshooter on Rodriguez, who immediately taps out. Cena tells Del Rio to keep running all the way to Night of Champions where his destiny will change.

A 9/11/01 tribute voiced by John Cena is played.

Kelly Kelly comes out for her match, followed by Vickie Guerrero,accompanied by Dolph Ziggler. Michael Cole announced Tables, Ladders and Chairs tickets go on sale this Saturday. Guerrero goes into calisthenics, when Kelly jumps her. During the match Jack Swagger comes down and hits Ziggler. Guerrero is distracted, and Kelly rolls her up for the 1-2-3. Beth Phoenix tries to jump Kelly but Kelly fights off Beth and escapes up the ramp.

A WWE Network promo is shown.

Hugh Jackman is announced for next week as the guest star for Raw from Cleveland, OH. HHH montage promoting night of Champions match. Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry. He says he has been hurting people because people have been overlooking him for the last 15 years, and he will be the World Heavyweight Champion and Randy Orton will enter the Hall of Pain. Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes is up. Mark Henry comes out mid match. Orton walks up the ramp with a chair, but Rhodes hit Orton from behind to take the advantage. Henry comes back out with a chair and sits on the top of the ramp. Rhodes again takes advantage of the distraction. When Orton makes his comeback, Henry gets closer to the ring. Henry gets on the ringsteps, and while Orton is distracted, Rhodes hits Orton with his facemask followed by Cross Rhodes for the 1-2-3. Post match, Henry hits Orton in the back with a chair and holds the World Heavyweight Title over his head and talks smack to Orton.

HHH/Punk Faceoff is next.

Edge’s return to Smackdown this Friday is advertised.

HHH and CM Punk come to the ring. CM Punk chants are heard. Punk says he respects HHH, especially for firing Nash, but he doesn’t like him, and he knows HHH doesn’t like him. Punk says that HHH’s perception of his isn’t good enough, and he shares Vince McMahon’s idea that CM Punk doesn’t belong in the ring with him, and HHH and Vince have a bodybuilder fetish. HHH says guys like Bret Hrt, Shawn Michaels, and Mick Foley got over, and they weren’t bodybuilders, and CM Punk is using it as an excuse for his failures. HHH says his opinion doesn’t matter, but the fans opinion do, and the reason Punkwas held back was because he wasn’t over with the fans. Punk says “We’re listening to the fans today? Where, oh where is my WWE ice cream bar?” and during his first Survivor Series, he was on a team with DX, and he was over then, and he’d rather be hated for who he is than be loved for who he’s not. HHH says Punk has won Money in the Bank and World Titles, maybe it really is Punk not getting over, and that John Cena came from nothing and got over with the fans. CM Punk wonders if HHH is really listening to the audience. HHH says they cheer today but last year not so much. Punk says he has been busting his ass and HHH agrees with him but now Punk has made it personal which is the reason for Sunday’s match. Punk says HHH is wrong, that he is the best, not John Cena and he will kick HHH’s ass and will pin him. He says this is Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque and the reason he will kick HHH’s ass is because, and then the mic keeps getting cut off. HHH gets the mic to work, hands it to Punk, and Punk hits HHH with it and walks of.

End of show.

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