Detailed 8/25/11 TNA Impact Recap

Aug 26, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

The show opens with a relive of Kurt Angle’s promo from last week on Dixie Carter. He claims he will destroy every young superstar that is on the TNA roster. Cue Crimson, who calls Angle out and sets up a potential match for tonight.

Kurt makes his way down to the ring and much like Crimson called him out last week, he is calling Crimson out this week. Kurt said that Crimson is an impressive individual, and that either he has a big set of balls or that he is just a complete jackass. He goes on about how Crimson used to just be Red’s little brother, but now he’s stepped outside of that shadow, which Kurt believes he should get credit for. Kurt asks Crimson if he wants to be famous, because he can arrange for that, by not only ending his streak, but also ending his career. Kurt says Crimson disrespected him but Crimson asked why Kurt disrespected him by cheap shooting him in the back. Kurt calls him a nobody and says he hasn’t earned Kurt’s respect yet. Crimson says he plans on earning that respect, promising that he would do so by the time their match ended.

Cue the entrance of Immortal. They make their way out to the ring, numbers game in full force. Bully Ray takes the mic and asks if he knows who he’s dealing with, then runs down Kurt Angle’s endless list of accomplishments. But then Kurt cuts Bully off and says he can handle his own matters without the help of Immortal. Otherwise, he and they would have a problem if it didn’t happen that way. Kurt Angle then makes his exit, but not before reminding Crimson that he was gonna make him famous.

Promo with Velvet, Jackie and ODB. Jackie is trying to assure Velvet that they have her back and want to know if they will do the same for them. All three will be in a 6-person tag team match later tonight.

We are shown someone’s feet. Wonder who it could be.


In the Immortal office, Bischoff berates Flair for his antics from last week. For those that missed it, Flair called Sting out and challenged him to a match, saying that Sting would have to retire if he won and that he would serve up Hogan if he lost. Hogan emphasizes the headaches this ordeal has given him. Hogan says that he has lost confidence in Flair and calls him a nutcase. Flair promises he will make it up to him. Hogan suggests that he and Flair go out, call out Sting and make things right, with not a word from Flair. Flair agrees and apologizes for what he did.

Back to the ring, Angelina Love joins Sarita and Rosita who are with Mexican America. Next are Velvet, Jackie and ODB. Knockouts action is NEXT

Angelina Love, Sarita and Rosita vs. Velvet Sky, Jackie Moore and ODB

Jackie and Sarita start out this contest. And it’s started out with a couple quick roll ups by Jackie for one. Jackie gets a quick tag to Velvet Sky and both try to double team but have a brief miscommunication, causing Sarita to attempt a quick roll up which nets two. ODB and Rosita are tagged in, ODB gets some quick offense before both ODB and Rosita tag in Velvet and Sarita. Sarita gets in some offense, threatens to catapult Velvet into her teams turnbuckle and Angelina (or Rosita I couldn’t tell at that point) gets a cheap shot with Hebner’s back turned. Tag to Rosita, cover for two, followed up by a series of Elbow drops and a tag back to Sarita, who does some quick moves and tags back Rosita.

But then Velvet catches a second wind with some elbows to the face. Irish whip, countered by Rosita, but she gets a back elbow to the face for her troubles, causing Angelina to blind tag, much to the chagrin of Sarita. Angelina tries to keep Velvet from tagging, but she gets a drop down backbreaker type move for her trouble. Seemingly about to get the win but it’s stolen away by interference.

ODB and Jackie get involved, casting Rosita and Sarita to the outside. Angelina Love is on the offense, executes an irish whip and then a rattling back breaker. ODB and Jackie walk up to Angelina as if they’ve been in cohoots all the time, but the duo kick her midsection and execute a flawless double suplex and drape Velvet’s arm over her for the win!

WINNERS: Velvet Sky, Jackie Moore and ODB

After the match, Sarita and Rosita try to bully Angelina, but she pushes both away and hits the bricks.


We are shown the walking boots again. Who could this mystery figure be? But enough of that, because it’s time for some X-Division action!

Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen

Kid Kash goes on offense early with some kicks to the midsection while Sorensen is down. Then he brings Sorensen to his feet and executes a few knife edge chops. Sorensen retaliates but it doesn’t take long for Kash to reassert his dominance and then choke Sorensen on the ropes utilizing the full five count to his advantage. Kid Kash then bashes his wrist bone into Sorensen’s face, then puts his face to the mat and places his boot to his neck, again using the five count. He lifts Jesse Sorensen to his feet and gives him a sidewalk slam for two followed by a gutwrench suplex with the same result.

Kid Kash starts taunting Sorensen but then he gets some kicks to the chest. Sorensen with an irish whip and nails him in the back and nails some quick moves on Kash for a two count. Kash then gets a quick advantage, but that doesn’t take long as Sorensen bounces off the ropes and then hits a nice swinging neckbreaker also for a nearfall. Sorensen feeling the end is close, goes to the top rope and nails a B-E-A-utiful cross body for a near fall! This match is getting exciting!

Sorensen tries for an Irish whip, Kash counters, but Sorensen gets him back with a waist lock, rushes him into a turnbuckle and tries rolling Kash up, but he rolls through and Kash pins him with a hand full of tights!

WINNER: Kid Kash

Christy congratulates Kid Kashfor his win. Kash said Sorensen was disrespectful and that he beat his ass. Sorensen gets back in his face. Kash shoves and Sorensen is held back by security.


A promo is shown highlighting the Bound for Glory series.

Out comes RVD for his Bound for Glory series match with The Pope

RVD vs “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

This match starts with a lockup. RVD wastes no time in cinching a waistlock followed by a headlock on Dinero, who executes a side suplex trying to get RVD to break the hold but he doesn’t. He plants RVD’s shoulders on the mat but he gets a nearfall and RVD still doesn’t give. Dinero throws RVD off and finally gets some offense in on RVD along with nearfalls. RVD then gets an upperhand but his standing moonsault gets countered. But it doesn’t take long to bounce back when RVD body slammed The Pope, but then Rolling Thunder gets countered! Pope follows it up with a kick and an elbow for two. A dazed RVD gets up and walks right into an STO.

Pope gets RVD up and Irish whips him, countered by RVD into a drop-toe hold. RVD then sinks a death lock with a bridged facelock, but Pope reaches the ropes in time. RVD gets Dinero up and whips him into the corner, followed by his trademark monkey flip. Slowly he stalks the Pope and then puts on an abdominal stretch, which Pope resists and eventually gets a high kick followed by another kick and a high DDT for two. He climbs up to the top rope and hits a fist drop. He brings RVD to his feet and RVD kicks him in the face, then sinks in a surfboard. Pope was stuck and could go nowhere. He had no choice but to verbally submit, giving RVD the win and 10 points in the Bound for Glory series.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam

After the match, both show respect for one another, but then Samoa Joe runs in and puts a beat down on the Pope. After a little bit, Devon makes his way to the ring, with a chair given to him by one of his sons. He enters the ring and Joe runs on.


Little Robbie and Big Robbie promo, Little Robbie insults him and suggests they get together. Big Robbie says he’ll think about it.

Immortal fight with each other about the Bound for Glory series tag team match

Serina and Rosita confront and attack Angelina. Miss Tessmacher comes to her defense (I probably got this name wrong as it’s been five MILLION years since I’ve kept up on Impact)

Hogan and Flair are heading out to the Impact zone, the boots of the mysterious individual are shown yet again.


Bischoff cuts a promo in his office about Knockouts Law. He will make a decision about it next week.

Hogan and Flair make their way out to the ring, Flair behind indicating his promise to stay silent by doing the zip motion across his lips. Hogan says there is a major problem and then calls out Sting. He says that Sting is all the way out there, that enough is enough and that everything has to end. He calls Sting a wreck, someone who is missing fries out of his happy meal, and also mentions that Impact is a family show with no room for craziness. Hogan admits he and Bischoff made mistakes but “promises” that they’ve learned from them. Hogan then proposes to end the madness and drop the match.

Sting says he agrees but he wants one condition, Hogan says name it: Sting suggests milk and cookies for everyone, colorful balloons, rainbows and unicorns as well as many other outrageous things. Hogan’s jaw drops as Sting tells him to hug it out, then plants a kiss on him.

Flair takes the microphone and calls him a stupid son of a bitch and says this isn’t a game. He says Sting is out of control, then does his shindig, he says he’ll hurt Sting bad, which Sting laughs at. Flair says he’s so much crazier than Sting, that when it’s time to kill, Sting respects him too much to hurt him. And at that point Flair would kick his ass. Sting is glad he has someone to relate to. Sting says if he has to go through Flair to get to Hogan, he will, and if he points his finger at him again, he’ll bite his finger off. Sting says he will dispose of Flair and then Hogan at Bound for Glory! Hogan and Flair are outraged as Sting does not back down from accepting the challenge Flair laid out!


It’s time for the Bound for Glory series 6-man tag team match. AJ grabs a microphone.

AJ calls out Christopher Daniels, who asked for one more match with AJ Styles to see if he can still hang. AJ says he’s not mad at Daniels, he was just annoyed that it was announced in front of the world and insisted they finish everything in public. He just wants to know why he wants the match.

Daniels says at Destination X it was about the spirit of competition, but at the end he lost. The next morning, he had to ask himself “do I still have what it takes to be here?” He always said that when he couldn’t do it, he’d walk away. He was scared because he doesn’t know if it’s his time. That is why he wanted the rematch and insisted AJ blew him off time after time. He said he did everything recently for AJ, even going through a table. Daniels says he likes to think he hasn’t asked for much, but he doesn’t want it, he NEEDS to know if it’s time for him to hang up.

AJ cuts him off and contemplates. He asks Daniels to look at him. He says one more time, not because of the bullet, but that’s it. The two hug it out. Daniels insists No Surrender, but AJ wants it next week, which Daniels approves of while AJ says he has to take care of Immortal.

Now the Bound for Glory series 6-man tag team match introductions resumes….


Back from Commercial, Immortal makes their way out to start the match.

AJ Styles and Beer Money (Robert Roode and James Storm) of Fortune vs. Bully Ray, Scott Steiner and Gunnar of Immortal

Bound for Glory Series

Falls Count Anywhere 6-Man Tag Team

A brawl erupts outside to start the match. Fortune starts on top of the action until Steiner pushes Roode into the rail. Abyss appears on the ramp and stays there for the duration of the match. Gunner dominating AJ Styles inside the ring, Irish Whip, Styles kicks, then gets a drop kick for two. Gunner rolls out and Steiner sneaks up and gets a Belly to Belly from behind on AJ. Roode gets on Steiner, Irish Whip and a back drop, followed by a neckbreaker from the top for two.

James Storm and Bully Ray reenter the ring. Storm kicks Bully Ray in the skull, cross body for two. A Double Suplex by Beer Money onto Bully, followed by the customary Beer Money taunt. AJ gets back into the ring and does a suicide onto Bully, but grabs his leg as he lands awkwardly on the outside.

Meanwhile, Gunnar takes James Storm and rams him into the stage, cover for two. The announcers note the presence of more than one referee in the match, a smart move for the kind of stakes. Scott Steiner swings a chair at Roode and he misses as the camera pans back to Storm, who has a cover on Gunner but gets two for it. The four go into the back.

Meanwhile at ringside Bully drills AJ’s head into the stairs and keeps attacking him on the outside. Then the cameras go back to backstage and James Storm gets thrown into the lockers while Roode eats a face full of trash can multiple times.

Focus brought back to ringside as AJ hits a nice leg drop from the top rope for two, his bum leg seeming to not bother him anymore. AJ and Bully then get into a punch trade, then AJ gets the brief upper hand with an enziguiri. The rest of Immortal that is involved in the match comes back and it’s the numbers game. AJ gets overwhelmed and Bully hits the Bubba Bomb, getting the win for his team and 10 points for himself.

WINNERS: Immortal

After the match, Steiner pulls out a table, but Mr. Anderson enters with a hummer, the boots belonged to Mr. Anderson this whole time! Anderson equalizes Gunnar and sends Steiner through the table, stares at Bully and pulls out the chain used to put him out as Bully tucks his tail, so instead Anderson punches Gunnar with the chain. All his anger is taken out on a bloody Gunnar and Steiner as Bully looks on from the stage.


We are treated to a replay of the ending of the previous match and then the return of Mr. Anderson.

Mickie James is mad after having to be beat by two people, Angelina and Winter. Mickie says she is coming after Winter and promises that she will make Winter feel her wrath.

Eric Young promo at a golf course…I just don’t know what to make of this.


Crimson vs. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle

Im just putting this out there, JB is no Michael Buffer

Lock up, Crimson then shows his power by pushing Kurt Angle backwards twice. Crimson attacks after the second display, but Kurt evades and sinks in a waistlock. Crimson gets an elbow and throws Angle into the turnbuckle and then a shoulder tackle, snapmare and neckbreaker for two. Angle gets tossed to the outside anduses the time to regroup, but Crimson chases with some blows and throws him back in. Angle to the corner, irish whip by Crimson countered and drop toe hold by Angle onto the bad leg.


Angle still holds the advantage after the break. He hooks Crimson and gets him with a suplex for two. After this, a ground abdominal stretch by Angle. Crimson fights up to his feet, throws Angle off but Angle keeps the hold, tries again but to no avail. Third times the charm and Angle gets a shoulder block as both men are down.

Both stir and get up to their feet, tbone suplex by Crimson for two. Crimson then tries a swinging sidewalk slam countered into a high-elevation german suplex by Kurt Angle. Angle then taunts but Crimson is up immediately and gets a spear for two!

Angle kicks Crimsons leg out and sinks the ankle lock with the grapevine sunk in. Crimson appears to be in excruciating pain as the ankle lock is on his bad leg. But, Crimson kicks himself free of Angle, but is the damage done to the bad leg? Angle slam countered, chokeslam powerbomb for two! But Samoa Joe interferes and draws the DQ.


Angle looks at Joeafter the match, Angle seems to tell Joe to have at it, and he does but Crimson fights back and Joe runs off.

The announcers run downs the card for next week, followed by Crimson venting off about Joe. Joe attacks him backstage and goes after his injured leg, breaking it “I might not have broken your streak, but I did break your f**king leg!”


Velvet Sky, Jackie Moore and ODB def. Angelina Love, Sarita & Rosita

Kid Kash def. Jesse Sorensen

Bound for Glory Series match: Rob Van Dam def. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero via Submission

Bound for Glory Series 6-Man Falls Count Anywhere: Immortal def. Fortune (Bully Ray scores the pinfall)

Non-Title Match: Crimson def. Kurt Angle via Disqualification

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