Detailed 8/12/11 Smackdown Recap

Aug 12, 2011 - by staff

Opening Segment

Triple H talks about the WWE Championship match this Sunday and his new post as the COO. He makes Rhodes vs. Jackson for the IC title, Del Rio vs. Bryan and Khali vs. Orton for tonight. He’s about to announce Christian’s match when Christian’s music hits and he comes out to confront Hunter. Christian says he’s going to sue the WWE for putting him in an “unsafe working environment” by putting him in a match with Orton. Triple H tells him that either he competes at Summer Slam or he’s fired. Triple H has lost his respect for Christian due to the way he won the title. He asks him to earn his respect by beating Orton. Hunter is going back with his music playing but Christian stops him and tells him that he is going to beat Orton this Sunday and whoever his opponent is tonight. Triple H tells him that his match will begin right now and his opponent is Sheamus!


Match One: Christian vs. Sheamus

Christian dominates most of it before Sheamus hits his back breaker which opens the match up. They go back and forth, before Sheamus has Christian set up for the High Cross but Christian escapes and wants no part of the match. So, Sheamus wins by count out.

Winner: Sheamus; Match Rating: 3/10


Match Two: Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs. AJ and Kaitlyn

Beth and Natalya dominate the entire match. Beth catches AJ mid-air for the Glam Slam for the win.

Winners: Natalya and Beth Phoenix; Match Rating: 2/10

After the match, they throw AJ out of the ring and Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter on Kaitlyn.


Backstage Segment

Ryder’s bragging to Long about the ratings increase for Smackdown and hits new T-Shirt. Rhodes and Dibiase walk in, and Rhodes thanks Ryder for making his match and IC title match. Long tells him that it wasn’t Ryder who made the match. He tells all of them to excuse him as Aksana comes in. The talk for a bit as they play the romantic music in the background.


Video Package: Mark Henry’s path of destruction.


Backstage Segment

Curtis is getting ready for his debut match and Henry walks in and tells him that his debut is against him.


Match Three: Sin Cara vs. Tyson Kidd

This Sin Cara had a good amount of hiccups in this match. He dominated most of his match. The finish of the match is that he does a spring board senton, followed by a Lionsault for the win.

Winner: Sin Cara; Match Rating: 3/10


Match Four: Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan

An OK match. The two go back and forth before Bryan hits a suicide dive on the outside. He appeared to have injured his shoulder. He missed his missile dropkick and Del Rio applied his finisher as Bryan tapped out. Oh..and Del Rio applied the arm breaker on the arm that was fine, not the one Bryan was holding.

Winner: Del Rio; Match Rating: 3/10

After the match, Barrett hits Bryan with the Waste Land.


-We see Christian sitting in the locker room. He looks very upset.



Match Five: Cody Rhodes w/Dibiase vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Rhodes dominates part of the match but Jackson comes back and hits his powerslams and sets up the Torture Rack but Rhodes escapes. He’s able to hit his kick and the Cross Rhodes for the IC title.

Winner: Cody Rhodes; Match Rating: 3/10

After the match, Rhodes tells Dibiase to put a paper bag on Jackson. But soon, Jackson gets back up and Cody bails. Dibiase is posing for the crowd as Zeke walks behind him, pulls away the bag and just pummels him. He hits a standing Rock Bottom and then, press slams him out of the ring. And..the crowd is still dead.


Backstage Interview: Striker interviews Orton

Basically, Orton says he’s going to beat Christian this Sunday. And he’s going to beat Khali tonight.


Match Six: Mark Henry vs. Johnny Curtis

Henry squashes Curtis and pins him after the World’s Strongest Slam.

Winner: Mark Henry; Match Rating: 2/10

After the match, he’s about to give Curtis the ankle treatment but Sheamus makes the save. Sheamus grabs a mic and challenges Henry to fight him tonight but Henry isn’t interested. Instead, he grabs hold of Curtis and gives him the World’s Strongest Slam on the floor.


Match Seven: The Great Khali w/Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

Khali dominates most of it, before Orton hits a DDT and an RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton; Match Rating: 3/10

After the match, Christian comes out with a microphone. He says he has a surprise for Orton at SummerSlam and he cannot wait for their match this Sunday.


Overall Show Rating: 4/10 | Last Week’s Rating: 6/10

Thumbs up to: Natalya and Beth Phoenix

Thumbs down to: Whoever responsible for the poor booking this week.

Match of the Night: Not a lot of good matches this week…let’s just go with Del-Rio vs. Bryan for the heck of it.


Closing Thoughts:

This week’s Smackdown was a real letdown. Most of the show was boring and the matches weren’t as good as they usually are on Smackdown. The opening segment was extremely boring and unnecessarily dragged on. Christian’s big announcement was a downer as well. The bright spots this week were Rhodes winning the IC title and the dominance of Beth and Natalya. Johnny Curtis, who the WWE invested in so much for the past month or so, was squashed in his debut. The show did no wonders to the already very stale-looking Summerslam card.  Overall, Summerslam doesn’t look appealing, minus the WWE championship match. We’ve seen Christian and Orton a million times before and it’s high time this feud is over.

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