Gordon Solie’s son-in-law reacts to Solie’s Gerweck.net HOF induction

Aug 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

As my wife, Pam, and I look back at the career of her father, the late Gordon Solie, we remember the praise that we have heard from his peers and his fans. Harley Race told us that Gordon had the best ongoing relationship with more people in the wrestling business than anyone else in his era or since his era.

Dory Funk Jr. stated that he and the other wrestlers all benefited from Gordon Solie’s credibility. Joe Hamilton aka the Assassin said that he’d been asked a thousand times about the best announcer that he worked with. He claimed that it was Gordon Solie because Gordon knew more about his product than anyone else in the business.

To this day, fans still tell us how much they loved Gordon Solie and what a positive impact that he had on their lives. Gordon never thought that he was as good as everyone said he was and therefore had a hard time accepting accolades. Normally, he was the one handing out the compliments when he was putting over the wrestlers to the fans.

He would, however, have sincerely appreciated being inducted into the Gerweck Hall of Fame and would have been happy to be remembered so fondly.

Bob and Pam (Gordon’s daughter) Allyn

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