Detailed 8/1/11 WWE Raw Recap

Aug 1, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller

– Live from Indianapolis, IN

A video package is showed reliving Cena vs. Punk at Money in the Bank, culminating in Punk winning, Vince McMahon being relieved of his duties, Cena vs. Mysterio for the vacated title and Punk’s return, with his WWE title around his waist.

The pyro kicks off and we are welcomed to RAW by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Good ol’ J.R. C.M. Punk makes his his way out to kick off the show. Cole mentions how for the first time in a while, two men have a legitimate claim to the title. Reminder to everyone that tonight, Triple H will discuss the state of the WWE Championship. Punk is announced as WWE Champion. The crowd is showing their overwhelming support for the Straight Edge Superstar as he shows off his belt and then grabs a microphone.

A C.M. Punk chant erupts through the arena, along with some boos, as Punk says Cena’s usual line “THE CHAMP IS HERE!” He takes a seat inside the ring soaking in the crowd’s mixed reaction as he brings up the question on everyone’s mind: Why did he come back? He says he has a story to tell. He says he knew for a while that his contract would be up a year ago. He said that he was struggling with the decision to stay or go. He says he loves where he works, he just hates those in charge. He said he could go with the status quo, or attempt to change by causing controversy. We all know which he chose. He mentions Vince’s relief of his duties. Punk says he takes some credit for it, but also says the audience is to thank as well, and that he is here to make the WWE fun again for everybody. He says people are scared when he takes a mic, and he’d have it no other way.

He said he realized the voice of the voiceless needs to be heard. He says he can’t make the industry better by sitting on his couch. So he made a call to come back, and his timing couldn’t have been better. He mentions John Cena, who gets a LOT of boos. He says Cena’s title is as real as a random fan’s title, but his is the real thing. More Punk chants as he says no matter what the outcome of the tournament was, or who is entitled to rematches, HE has the most important title in the WORLD! His belt indicates that HE is the best professional wrestler the world has to offer. And that he is the one and ONLY WWE Champion.

Cue the music of the Game, who is to share with us the state of the WWE Championship tonight. He gets in the ring with Punk and gets many cheers and bows from the crowd. Triple H gets his name chanted by the crowd andd Punk encourages the crowd to continue. Triple H said he would address the state of the title, but said he wanted to share with Punk why he wanted him back: it was good for business, like his decision to bring back J.R. and John Morrison. He said the WWE Universe wanted it and that its his job to give them what they want. He said they spoke and wanted Punk, so he put his feelings aside and gave them Punk. Punk said he was interested in Triple H’s personal feelings about him. Hunter said his feelings are irrelevant, but he feels that Punk is an arrogant, attention-seeking guy that puts too much stock in his hype, but it isn’t a bad thing. Punk said its kind of like looking in a mirror. Punk says he likes himself the way he is, but doesn’t think he was smug. But he wishes Hunter said how much he hated Punk. Punk said Vince let guys who had infinite talent go, and named Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar. Punk said Hunter could NOT afford to see him go.

Hunter told him to tell the crowd the real reason why he came back. Hunter said he came back for himself, to hear his voice. Hunter says he needs the WWE Universe because without it, he means nothing. Punk called that a maybe, saying he likes 100% truths, like that he’s the WWE Champion. Hunter interjects and says Cena is ALSO the WWE Champion, and said he would fix that situation later tonight. Hunter’s music plays but Punk cuts it off and says this pipebomb is about to go off, and that just because he signed a contract it doesn’t mean he’ll shut up or toe the line.

He brings up egos and talks about Hunter hogging the spotlight, telling people what to do. He asks him how many times he said a person couldn’t make it while in his bed with his wife. He said Hunter is a bully who throws his weight around and picks fight. Punk says be careful who you push, because he pushes back. Hunter admits his ego, and right now his ego is telling him to slap all his tattoos off his skinny fat ass, but he won’t. He took the job as COO for the fans, which comes with responsibilities and rules. He might not like the rules, but he will go by them. He strongly suggests to Punk that he don’t break them either. Punk says “Or What?” He asks Hunter if he will beat him up or punch him in the face, or does he have to ask Stephanie first?

LATER TONIGHT: Triple H addresses the State of the WWE Championship AND Rey Mysterio and John Morrison in Tag Team action

NEXT: #1 Contendership Battle Royal for the Diva’s Championship at Summerslam

Kelly Kelly joins the commentators ringside. Cole calls her a jesabelle while Kelly calls him a nerd.

First Match: All Divas in a #1 Contender’s Match Battle Royal for the right to face Kelly Kelly at Summerslam

Cole says the match will be a trainwreck while Kelly tells him to shut up as Melina and Gail Kim get eliminated followed by Rosa. Kaitlin gets eliminated next as Jerry and Kelly flirt a little. A.J. gets dumped unceremoniously followed by Natalya by the Bellas.


We are brought back to RAW and Beth Phoenix narrowly escapes elimination at the hands of the Bella Twins. Alicia Fox unwittingly eliminates herself. Eve fights off the Bellas as Kelly talks up her talent. Eve gets eliminated as Beth scoops both Bellas up in each arm and dumps both to claim the win!

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

Kelly gets in the ring and congratulates Beth, who manhandles Beth after the fact turning heel in the process. And Cole who was cursing her before is now applauding her. Go figure. Beth says her days as a cute little bimbo are over (her words, not mine).

We are taken backstage where Miz is taping up. He and R-truth are getting ready to face Mysterio and Morrison. Miz accuses Truth of talking to himself. Truth says they are alike, he asks if he believed Triple H being COO was a mistake, then Miz agrees and mentions the WWE Championship. He gives Miz something to think about, telling him to be careful because next thing he knows, he might “get got”.

Tag team action, NEXT!

Note: WWE Summerslam will be live on Pay-Per-View in TWO WEEKS, 8e/5p!

Fun Fact: Indianapolis is the first place The Rock used “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!”

Josh Mathews introduces John Cena, and asks him his thoughts about CM Punk. Cena says his focus is on Triple H, who has his announcement later tonight. Cena says it does pertain to him so he will be there when he makes that announcement.

R-Truth and Miz make their way out for their match. When Miz makes his way, Cole brings up his appearance on TBS’s Lopez Tonight.

Cole plugs Miz and Cena’s appearance on the TEEN Choice awards later this week. Rey Mysterio and John Morrison make their way out to the ring and this match is under way!

Tag Team Match
R-Truth and The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio and John Morrison

Morrison and Miz, former tag team partners in years past, begin the contest. Truth tries to distract Morrison but to no avail as Morrison goes on the advantage, which is short lived after a second attempt at distraction. Suplex by Miz, cover for two. Snake Eyes is countered, Miz is pushed into the ring, Morrison tags Mysterio, who hits a seated Senton for two. Mysterio puts his agility to work as he executes a beautiful hurricanrana, sending the Miz out, then launches himself on R-Truth, followed by Morrison’s corkscrew onto the Miz!


We are brought back in and R-Truth has Rey in a Camel Clutch. We are shown that Miz countered a wheelbarrow Bulldog, letting the heels get the advantage. Abdominal Stretch by Truth. He releases it and kicks Rey in the gut, tagging in Miz. Snapmare followed by a kick for two. Miz follows with an elbow and a neckwrench. Rey fights up with some elbows and a kick, then gets Truth, and a headstrike to Miz causes him to go under. Rey off the ropes, Miz kicks and gets a Low DDT before tagging Truth.

A sleeper by Truth on Rey, but Truth lets it go, Rey bounces off, Truth nails him with a corkscrew elbow for two. Rey tries to tag, but gets dragged back and the only tag is to Miz, who taunts Rey. Rey punches and ALMOST gets the tag to a fresh Morrison. Irish whip to the corner and hits his turnbuckle clothesline. Up high he tries to hit something but gets drop kicked. Both men are down, both men need a tag. Both men tag! Morrison has the upper edge and goes after both Truth and Miz. He executes something on Truth and gets two. Morrison brings Truth to the corner and Miz helps him avoid Starship Pain. Axe Kick misses and Morrison kicks him into the ropes. 619 is interrupted. Miz gets a springboard enziguiri for his trouble and Truth gets the Lie detector for the win.

WINNERS: The Miz and R-Truth

Afterwords, Miz gives Morrison a Skull Crushing Finale. Truth with a water bottle (which is how the Truth/Morrison angle began, and hits Morrison with it. Cole brings up the WWE Championship situation again, which will be allegedly resolved later tonight. We are joined backstage by Mathews and Triple H. Mathews is told to shave, then says this isn’t his first ride. He said the wife line has been dropped for ten years and tells Punk to come up with something original. He welcomes anyone to come out to watch what he has to say and that if he were Cena, he would keep things strictly business.

Summerslam Recall: Honky Tonk Man issues an open challenge, Ultimate Warrior accepts and pins to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way out to the ring with his business consultant Vickie. Vickie takes the mic and says her trademark line three times. She says while everyone is worried about the WWE Championship, Dolph has proven himself to be far more superior. Dolph takes the mic and says after his win last week, he told everyone to “follow that”. He says it was directed to EVERY superstar under contract. What that means is no one will ever have what he has. He says he’s more of a man than anyone in the arena or the locker room in the back.

Alex Riley answers that assumption and comes down to the ring. He says if Dolph is such a man, why does he hide behind a woman, or in his case Vickie. Vickie says thanks to her, Dolph is a former World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion and CURRENT U.S. Champion. A Ry says her line and says she brings up a point, but asks when the last time he ever did anything himself was. He says Dolph reminds him of Miz. A Ry says if he wants to be a real man, then drop Vickie, or is he afraid of being exposed for what he is: “a bleach blond, arrogant fraud”. Dolph then takes off his jacket, and his title, then loosens his eye…and rolls out of the ring with Vickie in tow.

LATER: Triple H resolves the WWE Championship controversy

NEXT: Tag Team championship action as Santino & Zack Ryder challenge the New Nexus!

David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty come out to the ring, it appears the Nexus angle was dropped completely, followed by Santino Marella & Zack Ryder.

Tag Team Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder

McGillicutty and Santino start, McGillicutty has the advantage and smacks Santino around before tagging Otunga. We Want Ryder chant starts as Otunga works on Santino. Reverse Bear Hug on Santino, countered out, followed by some sort of neckbreaker. Tag in to Ryder much to the approval of the crowd, knee to the face of McGillicutty, cover broken up, Santino goes in, Rough Ryder misses. Tandem move by the Champions seals the win.

WINNERS: David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

I do apologize for the slip up earlier, this was a NON-TITLE match.

Cole plugs Edge’s appearance on Syfy show Haven, which will debut after Smackdown.

We relive the first segment from earlier between Triple H and CM Punk.

Mathews asks Punk what he thinks Hunter will decide. Punk jokes about an 8-ball. He says he was testing hunter and he passed. He talks about Punk and Cena’s match in which he won.

Alberto Del Rio is in action, NEXT!

We come back and relive last week’s match between Kofi and Alberto. Tonight, he faces High flying Evan Bourne.

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Evan Bourne

Evan uses his quickness to his advantage early, but gets a boot to the face by Del Rio, who then kicks him in the sternum for two. He puts Bourne to the ropes and uses the 5 count. Cover for two. Snapmare followed by an Armlock. Bourne fights up with kicks, but then gets a backbreaker for his trouble. Another cover for two, followed by punches to the 5 count. Pumphandle slam for another two count. Another armbar sinking in, weakening it for his trademark submission. He wears Bourne down and tries a suplex, countered and then Bourne with kicks to the sternum and a knee to the face. Up to the top for Air Bourne–no an enziguiri by Del Rio, followed by his cross arm breaker. Bourne has to tap, he has no choice.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

After the match he resinks the arm breaker into Evan Bourne. Kofi Kingston makes the save.

NEXT: Triple H addresses the situation surrounding the WWE Championship

WWE Poll – Who is the rightful champion – The WWE universe picked Cena over Punk 54% to 46%.

Now its time for Triple H’s announcement. He makes his way out and enters the ring, grabbing a mic. He says he’s thought about this for a long time. For the first time in history, there are TWO WWE Champions, Cena, who gets booed, and Punk, who gets a mixed reaction. He says both have legit claims, but says he will–be cut off by John Laurainitis, Executive VP of Talent Relations. John introduces himself and describes his job. Hunter asks what he wants. John says Hunter has been in corporate for a short time, whereas he’s been in corporate for ten years. He says he knows how Vince would want him to go about it: strip Cena of the championship.

Cue Cena’s music. Cena comes out to his ladies and kids pop, and says that this is an interesting group tonight. He knows tonight is a huge decision, involving thinking, something he says Laurainitis never did. He then says Laurainitis is exactly what Punk is talking about. He says he thinks John wants Cena stripped because Cena knocked his teeth out at Money in the Bank. He appeals to Hunter and says he will not have his title stripped because of Laurainitis. Laurainitis says Cena is out of line, he said he made his decision because Punk beat him. Cena says John brings up Money In the Bank a lot, and says his favorite moment is punching him in the face. He even teases doing it again. Laurainitis looks at Hunter, who tells him to back off.

Cena asks Hunter if he’s going to listen to Laurainitis. Hunter says his claim to the WWE title is legitimate. Hunter said he didn’t speak to Punk until after Comicon. Punk didn’t come back with a signed contract until Cena was winning. Cue Punk’s music. Punk says he sees the writing on the wall. He says he thinks since he won’t strip Cena that he’ll strip him, that he rightfully won. Hunter says they both need to stop whining. He says neither will be stripped and this will be settled in a match at Summerslam. One match, one winner, one UNDISPUTED Champion. Hunter leaves the two champions in the ring to look each other in the eye. Punk holds his title up to cheers. Cena does the same. Punk goes on the turnbuckle and holds his belt up again. Then Cena follows and does the same. This keeps on exchanging till we go off the air.

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