7/28/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jul 29, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Kurt Angle walks out to the ring to kick off Impact Wrestling. Angle calls out Hulk Hogan so they can end things once and for all. Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring where Angle says he has been getting phone calls all week from him to join Immortal. Angle says there is nothing appealing in Immortal and doesn’t want to associate with two of the biggest scumbags in the world.

Angle continues to say that he will defeat Sting at Hardcore Justice to win the TNA World Championship and prove that he is the best in the world. Angle then asks if he knows what it’s like to be the best in the world. Hogan steps in and says he knows what it’s like to be the best in the business as he was selling out arenas and making wrestling an international phenomenon.

Hogan goes on to say that he thought Angle wanted to take things to a higher level with higher pay, which is why he wanted him to join Immortal. Hogan then says he offered Angle greatness but only instead got disrespected. Angle tells Hogan that he respects him, but adds that he can’t be bought off like Mr. Anderson. Angle continues to say that Hogan was great 25 years ago, but now his name has a whole different meaning since he can’t go at it in the ring anymore.

Hogan interrupts and says he had a difficult choice to make and went for quality of life and insists that he will never wrestle again, but right now they are close to fighting. Angle said there is still some fire left in Hogan and says that he knows Hogan can still go in the ring, but he has to prove it to himself. Angle then says that Hogan should be the one who takes Sting out and goes on to say that all great warriors have one last fight left in them. Angle tells Hogan to prove it and to stop calling him to do the job for him before leaving the ring.

Eric Bischoff is seen walking backstage talking on his cell phone. A woman walks up and hands Bischoff a letter from the network as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner (Bound for Glory Series Match)
RVD and Gunner go back and forth in the opening moments of the match and both pick up near falls on one another. Gunner finally gains advantage of the match and scores a couple of near falls after catching RVD with some clotheslines. RVD retreats to the floor to regroup and gains control of the match after kicking Gunner and connecting with the Rolling Thunder. Gunner rolls out to the floor and drags RVD out before slamming him onto the ringside floor.

Gunner rolls RVD back into the ring and picks up another two count after hitting a slingshot suplex. RVD begins to fight his way back into the match but Gunner takes him out with a powerbomb for another near fall. Gunner then levels RVD with a running knee and sets him up on his shoulders but RVD counters and takes Gunner down with a dropkick. RVD then climbs the ropes and soars through the air to land a Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the pin fall and earn seven points.

The BFG Series Leaderboard is shown where Crimson is at top with 31 points, RVD has moved in a tie with Gunner for second at 28, and Matt Morgan is third with 24. There is a four way tie for fourth as Devon, James Storm, Bully Ray and Robert Roode all have 21 points, AJ Styles and Scott Steiner are in fifth with 14 points, and finally D’Angelo Dinero and Samoa Joe are all stuck at zero.

Sting is seen walking backstage and is wearing a red suit as we head into a commercial break.

Eric Bischoff is in the office with Immortal and is reading the letter he received from the network. Bischoff says that due to the success of Destination X, the network wants them to build and brand the X Division, which receives groans from all in the room. Bischoff goes on and reads that the network is ordering them to sign more X Division wrestlers a.s.a.p. Bischoff then calls out Abyss for failing to do his job as Hulk Hogan comes in and says that is nothing compared to Kurt Angle. Hogan says he only cares about eliminating Angle tonight as Bully Ray steps up and volunteers Mr. Anderson to do the job. Anderson says he will fight Angle as he shakes hands with Hogan.

Bischoff then continues to read the letter and says that more changes will be coming as Sting walks into the office carrying an item with a blanket over it. Sting places the item on the desk and says they will find out what’s in it in due time. Sting then sits down and says he has always had a great relationship with the network that has grown over the past few weeks as they have made him a network executive. Sting says his first order of business is to put Angle and Anderson in a cage tonight. Sting then says that Fortune will be around the ring just in case they try anything funny before grabbing his box and leaving the office.

Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley are in the ring as Kendrick goes off on a nonsensical rant and calls out Austin Aries. Shelley then grabs the microphone and translates for him by calling Aries out to the ring. Aries comes out as Shelley talks about the people who built up the X Division and how they have developed a mutual respect for each other. Aries then comes in and hits people with chains and chairs and pulling tights. Shelley tells Aries to play by their rules or do play at all.

Aries says he played by their rules and earned a contract with Impact Wrestling. Now that he’s here, it’s time to play by his rules, and that is to win at all costs. Aries talks about his wrestling history and says he is there to win championships and earn money. Aries goes on to say that the end justifies the means and he will be walking off with the X Division Championship.

Kendrick steps in and offers a rebuttal as Shelley translates and tells Aries to stick his five star matches up his ass. Shelley says Aries cost him the X Division Title but since the network wants to push the X Division, Shelley will be getting another shot against Kendrick and Aries in a three way match at Hardcore Justice.

The three are interrupted by Abyss’ music as he wonders if Kendrick forgot about him. Abyss promises that Kendrick won’t make it to Hardcore Justice. Abyss says Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff still call the shots around here and they have given him a rematch for the X Division Championship tonight. Abyss says he will kill the X Division tonight once and for all.

Sting then appears on the big screen and says that network has given him more stroke than Hogan and Bischoff combined. Sting says Abyss will get his rematch but it will be an Ultimate X match.

A video featuring Matt Morgan is aired. In it, Morgan reveals that he tore a pectoral muscle and is out of the Bound for Glory series. Morgan says he feels this was his best shot to reach the top and that his whole world ended when he heard the news. Morgan continues by saying that he doesn’t want the World Championship, but needs it.

We head to the announce table where Mike Tenay and Taz hype Hardcore Justice and talk about the Bound for Glory series as we are treated to highlights from house show matches.

Bully Ray is seen backstage and says that he isn’t afraid of facing Crimson. Ray says he is playing Angry Birds and will go on to earn another seven points after beating Crimson tonight. Ray then talked about beating AJ Styles this weekend in Houston, TX, to earn more points.

Match 2: Bully Ray vs. Crimson (Bound for Glory Series Match)
Bully Ray goes right on the attack as Crimson is entering the ring. Ray then takes off his shirt and begins to choke Crimson with it before he begins to focus on Crimson’s knee. Ray removes Crimson’s knee brace and continues to focus on the leg and knee. Ray then tries for a Bubba Bomb but Crimson counters with the Red Sky to pick up the pin fall from out of nowhere. Ray is seen in the ring with a look of disbelief on his face as Crimson extends his lead with seven more points.

After a commercial break we see Eric Bischoff yelling in the phone trying to get through to the network. Bischoff says that it is insane to have Sting as a network executive before slamming the phone down.

Madison Rayne is backstage and says that she is going to watch Tara’s match and get revenge for unleashing Poison on her. Sting then comes is and warns her that what’s in his cage is far worse than Poison as Madison runs off screaming.

Match 3: Winter vs. Tara
Prior to the match, referee Earl Hebner ordered Angelina Love and Miss Tessmacher to the back. The match then gets underway as Tara takes early control and picks up a near fall with a rollup. Winter fights her way back into the match and picks up a near fall after slamming Tara down to the mat. Winter continues to work Tara over before picking up another near fall after hitting a side slam. Tara begins to fight he way back into the match and hits Winter with a standing moonsault. Tara then sets up for the Widow’s Peak but Winter counters and takes Tara out with a spinning backbreaker to pick up the pin fall.

After a commercial break, the Ultimate X structure is around the ring as we head into the next match of the night.

Match 4: Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss (Ultimate X for X Division Championship)
The match starts and Kendrick uses his speed against Abyss and tries to climb the structure but Abyss pulls him down. Abyss tries to go for the belt but he stops before going on the cables. Kendrick then tries to take Abyss down but Abyss levels Kendrick with a big boot.

Abyss heads out to the floor and shakes the structure as Kendrick flies through the ropes and takes Abyss out on the floor. They both go back into the ring as Kendrick takes Abyss down with a tornado DDT. Kendrick begins to makes his way across the cables but Abyss again pulls him down. Abyss then stomps on Kendrick but he fights his way back and takes Abyss down with Sliced Bread #2.

Kendrick then climbs back up and nearly grabs the title but Abyss pulls him down and Abyss begins to power him around. Abyss then squashes Kendrick in the corner before going for a chokeslam in the middle of the ring but Kendrick uses the move as a way to grab the title and wins the match to retain the X Division Championship. Kendrick then celebrates with the title as Abyss leaves the ring dejected.

Velvet Sky and Traci Brooks are seen walking backstage as we head into a commercial break.

A video package showing Eric Young meeting with David Hasselhoff’s agent is aired. Young told the agent that he’s looking to expand his brand but he is told to get an acting coach and then come back. Young agreed and said he would come back to talk to him tomorrow.

Traci Brooks and Velvet Sky are in the ring where Traci invites Jackie and ODB down to the ring. The two make their way to the ring and Traci says she was the original Knockout in the company until management told her it was time to move on and let some fresh faces in. Traci says she never tried to sneak back and says that it all ends tonight. ODB says Traci has her facts screwed up and says that they lost their jobs after Velvet became the hot commodity of the company and they started bringing in clones of her.

Velvet steps in and talks about being picked on as a kid and how she decided that she was going to stand up for herself. She goes on to say that joining TNA was the best day of her life and she earned her keep just like all of the Knockouts did. Velvet continues by saying that if they want their jobs back, why don’t they just ask instead of attacking her like two thugs. Velvet says the ball is in their court but she is done being their punching bag as she leaves the ring.

Fortune is seen talking backstage and discuss their plan for tonight. Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles step aside as Daniels ask if he had a chance to think about what they discussed. Styles asks if he is serious as Sting walks into the dressing room and asks if they are ready to keep the bad guys out of the cage. Styles then asks Sting what’s in the cage and Sting says it’s for Eric Bischoff and he is going to give it to him right now.

Fortune surrounds the cage and the wrestlers are introduced as we head into a commercial break.

We see Eric Bischoff talking on the phone once again and tells the person on the other line that he is being disrespected. Bischoff says they have been insulted with Sting being named as a network executive and it is revealed that they haven’t talked to Sting in weeks. Sting then appears in the office and places the box on a bookshelf before admitting he is not a network executive. Sting says people listen to you when you wear a suit and he opens the cage as a bird flies out. The bird flies towards Bischoff as Sting locks him in the office.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle (Steel Cage Match)
We join the match in progress as Anderson is in control and is tossing Angle around the ring. Anderson puts Angel in a headlock but Angle fights his way out only to be taken down with a spinning neckbreaker as Anderson picks up a near fall. Anderson continues on the attack and picks up another near fall after landing a suplex.

Anderson again puts Angle in a headlock but Angle fights out and takes Anderson down with a back drop as both of them are laid out on the canvas. The two then begin to trade blows and Angle takes Anderson down with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Anderson fights back sets up for the Mic Check but Angle fights out and hits Anderson with a series of German suplexes for another near fall.

Angle then goes for an ankle lock but Anderson rolls through for a near fall. Anderson then sends Angle into the cage wall and drops Angle with the Mic Check but Angle is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Anderson then begins to head for the cage door but Angle stops him and puts the ankle lock back on. Anderson kicks Angle off and takes Angle down with a clothesline before climbing up the cage wall. Angle follows him and takes him down to the canvas with an Angle Slam but Anderson kicks out.

Immortal begins to make their way towards the ring as they begin to battle with Fortune. Mexican America then get involved and set their targets on Beer Money. Bully Ray is seen hiding by the side of the ring and distracts Angle, which allows Anderson to regain control of the match. Anderson then orders Ray to bring him a steel chair but Ray and Anderson fight over it. Angle then recovers and takes Anderson down with an Angle Slam to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, the lights go out and Sting is seen standing in the cage with Angle as they come back on. Sting raises Angle’s arm in victory and tells him that there is only 10 more days left as Angle leaves the ring and stares down Sting as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Rob Van Dam defeated Gunner by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series match.
– Crimson defeated Bully Ray by pin fall in a Bound for Glory Series match.
– Winter defeated Tara by pin fall.
– Brian Kendrick defeated Abyss in an Ultimate X match to retain the X Division Championship.
– Kurt Angle defeated Mr. Anderson by pin fall in a steel cage match.

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