Detailed 6/20/11 Raw Recap

Jun 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Baltimore, MD

by Eric Williams

We are welcomed to tonight’s 3 hour “Power to the People” edition of Monday Night Raw from Baltimore, Maryland. Tonight the WWE Universe is in charge, and gets to pick the matches and stipulations. Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler ringside. The only way to vote tonight is by text.

CM Punk is out to start the show. The broadcasters hype how excited they are for tonight’s show. Punk does his usual crossed leg sitting in the middle of the ring. Punk says he doesn’t trust the awful decisions the WWE Universe will make tonight. He says he is the best wrestler in the world, and tonight nobody makes his decisions about him except himself. Punk says he is the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. He wants the anonymous GM to make it official. He wants the match in his hometown, at Money in the Bank. He says it is a sit in, and he isn’t leaving until the GM makes it official. GM emails in, and says he will consider it, and asks Punk to leave the ring. GM emails again, and suggests Punk leaves the ring right now. Punk begins to make snow angels. GM says he was going to make him #1 contender, but instead, we get Punk vs Del Rio for the # 1 contender. Now, it is a triple threat, adding in Rey Mysterio. They cut Punks mic off.

First vote of the night, vote for who Brie defends the Divas championship against, Eve, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix. King says there are no bad choices in this one.

Out come the Bella Twins. Kelly Kelly wins with 53% of the votes. Cole keeps calling Kelly a former Diva’s champion. Kelly heads to the ring, as the broadcasters hype how difficult it is for everyone tonight, not knowing opponents or stipulations. Kelly and Brie lock up, before Brie heads to the outside. Nikki distracts Kelly and Brie knocks her off the apron. Brie with a lot of offense in the corner, before bringing Kelly to the middle of the ring for a few submission holds. Kelly counters and slams Brie’s face into the mat multiple times. Brie takes control with a neckbreaker. Kelly goes for a rollup, which is countered by Brie, then again countered by Kelly Kelly. Kelly gets the 3 count for the win and is the new Divas champion.

King gets on the mic in the ring and congratulates Kelly. She says it is her first Divas championship and it really proves power to the people. They recap the match before hyping Evan Bourne, who is in action next. Evan Bourne highlight video is shown.The choices for Evan Bourne’s opponents are Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, and Sin Cara.

Back from commercial break, and Evan Bourne is on his way to the ring. Booker T claims Bourne vs Cara ia a main event match. Mason Ryan wins with 51% of the vote. They hype Ryan’s size advantage while he makes his way to the ring. a lot of Evan Bourne dodging attacks from Ryan, before Ryan finally hits him and starts with some offense on Bourne. Crowd starts a “Batista” chant. Ryan is throwing Bourne around like a toy. Bourne gets some kicks in on Ryan, and a knee to the face, before Ryan comes back and slams Bourne. Ryan puts Bourne on the turnbuckle, Bourne counters and goes for a high risk move, but it failed. Bourne goes back up and gets caught by Ryan for a Rock bottom like move for the Mason Ryan victory. Replay videos of the finish.

Kane vs Mark Henry. Vote for a body slam match, an arm wrestling match, or an over the top rope match.

Next week is the return of the Raw roulette. They recap the Big Show beating on Henry from Smackdown. Henry makes his entrance, and they show the video from last night when Henry World Strongest slammed the Big Show through the announce table. Henry says ow we see what happens when the world’s largest athlete meets the worlds strongest man, someone gets punished. He says there is 2 differences between them, he says everyone knows when Big Show walks the earth, the earth shakes. He says when Henry walks the earth, the fans shake. He says like his music says, when you deal with him, someone’s gonna get their ass kicked. Voting results when we come back from commercial.

We’re back, and an arm wrestling match, with 52% of the votes. Well, this one is gonna be “exciting”. Kane’s pyro goes off and Mark Henry jumped about a foot off the ground. They lock up, and Henry breaks it off. Kane is ready to lock up, they do so, and Henry breaks again. Kane is ready to go again, they lock up, and Kane breaks it. They lock up and are pretty even at first. Mark Henry comes close to winning, and when Kane starts to come back, Henry attacks Kane. Kane makes a comeback and goes for a chokeslam, when Henry counters with a clothesline, then hits Kane with the arm wrestling table. Henry is beating down Kane on the outside of the ring. Henry clears off the announce table and yells at King and Booker. World Strongest Slam on Kane through the announce table. Henry then walks off, as they show a replay of what happened. Henry yells at the referee saying he gets no respect unless he does this.

They show a video of R-Truth attacking Cena from last Monday. R-Truth joins us next

They show the broken down announce table. They show a video of R-Truth going crazy about Little Jimmy, John Cena, and his conspiracy theory. R-Truth comes out. Cole recaps the matches of the night thus far. R-Truth says he made a call to himself in his head. He thought the computer was going to cost him his match, then he thought is would be Cena, then he says he got “got” by Little Jimmy. He says the Little Jimmys, Big Jimmys, even the Mama Jimmy’s, before being interrupted by Christian. Christian says power to the people is a joke. He says the people is why he lost his World Heavyweight Championship. He said it’s not his fault he hasn’t won it back. He blames the horrible crowds, horrible General Manager, and horrible referee. He shows a photo from last night with his foot under the rope, and demands justice be served. Truth and Christian argue about who deserves another chance. The Miz is on his way out. He called Christian and R-Truth crybabies. Christian says the Miz is in a different situation, he wasn’t in a title match. They go back and forth before being interrupted by Theodore Long. He makes the main event Christian, R-Truth, and Miz teaming up in a 6 man tag vs Alex Riley, Randy Orton, and John Cena, with the fans voting the stipulation.

Coming up next Dolph defends the US Championship against Kofi Kingston in either a 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie banned from ringside, or a submission match

Vickie out to introduce the new United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Kofi Kingston joins them in the ring, as Cole talks about twitter. The stipulation will be 2 out of 3 falls with 51% of the vote. Personally, I can actually believe the vote on this one. Kofi on the offensive early, taking Ziggler to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, and a lot of back and forth action. Kingston with a lot of close falls, but Ziggler keeps kicking out at 2. Kingston gets thrown to the outside as we go to a commercial break.

We’re back, and it is shown that Ziggler got the first fall during the commercial break. Zig Zag on the outside, rolled Kingston in the ring, and got the fall. Kingston with a lot of offense, but Kingston continues to kick out. Kingston with his flip powerbomb like signature move, and he takes the 2nd fall. Cole says this is one of the only stipulations he has liked thus far. A lot of back and forth action, with Kofi taking advantage and going for the pin, for a close 2 count. Kingston with a dropkick and heads to the top rope, hits a back splash as Booker called it, and got a 2. Ziggler grabs the title and goes to hit Kingston, but missed and gets hit with trouble in paradise. Kingston slides Dolph in, but Ziggler gets his hand on the bottom rope. Ziggler goes to run through thr crowd, Kingston grabs him and Ziggler hits him with a microphone. Kingston wins the match, but Ziggler retains the title via disqualification. Post match beat down by Ziggler gets countered into Trouble in Paradise. Replays of the match, as Kingston celebrates the victory in the ring. Good match, match of the night so far.

Cole, King, and Booker recap what happened last week when Stone Cold gave the power to the people. Video from last week when Stone Cold broke the computer.

Next, Rey vs Del Rio vs Punk in a NO DQ, Falls Count anywhere, or a submission match. Winner is #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio on his way to the ring. Del Rio grabs the mic. Tells us who he is, but we already knew that. He talks about the accident with the Big Show, and says it wasn’t an accident, it was destiny. He says his victory last night, was destiny. He says he will win tonight, because it is destiny. Commercial Break.

C.M. Punk on his way to the ring. They said they have received hundreds of millions of texts tonight. Rey Mysterio on his way out, as Cole compliments the match he had with Punk last night. Stipulation is a falls count anywhere with 66% of the vote. Rey goes right after Punk, gets a near fall on both opponents, before Del Rio takes advantage. Rey with offense on both man again, before Del Rio stops him again. Del Rio tossed out of the ring, and Punk takes control of the match. Rey had Punk set up for the 619, but Del Rio broke it up. Punk sun set flips Del Rio to the outside and goes for the pin and gets a 2. Mysterio hits a hurricanrana and gets a 2 count as we go to commercial.

And we’re back, with Rey on the offensive again. Punk counters and Rey to the outside. Del Rio with some kind of move to Punks arm, maybe setting up for the arm bar later. Rey on the top rope. hurricanranna to Del Rio. Went for a double 619, but missed. Punk goes for a superplex, but Del Rio counters for a tower of doom. Failed pin falls on both opponents. German suplex and a pin on Mysterio by Del Rio, but Punk breaks it up. Del Rio goes to spear Rey in the corner, but misses and falls to the outside. Rey with a splash on Punk, and rolls into a dive to the outside on Del Rio. Rey with some high flying moves, ends up missing and Punk is the only man up. Punk and Mysterio exchange shots on the turnbuckle, but Del Rio gets in and locks the arm bar on Rey. Punk breaks it up and gets a 2 count. Punk outside now, Rey hits the 619, splash off the top rope, but Punk breaks it up and pins Del Rio to become #1 Contender.

Winner and #1 contender for WWE Championship: CM Punk

Post match replays, followed by a CM Punk promo. He says July 17, 2011 will be a historic day for WWE. He said it is the night he defeats Cena for the WWE Championship. He said it is also the day his contract with WWE comes to an end. He said when the clock strikes midnight, he is leaving. He said he is leaving with the WWE Championship.

Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan next in either a paper bag match, no count out match, or collegiate rules match.

Daniel Bryan already in the ring when we come back from break. Cody Rhodes out with the baggers. This is going to be a no count out match with 51% of the votes. Cody Rhodes takes control early on, but Bryan flips him over the top rope, then dives to the outside. Bryan with a suplex on the ramp., and some kicks to the chest on the stage. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a missile dropkick. Rhodes with a springboard kick to the face. Cody rhodes roll up countered by Daniel Bryan for a 3.

Winner Daniel Bryan

Rhodes went to attack Bryan but go locked in the Lebell lock. Dibiase out for the save. Alabama Slam from Rhodes. Cross Rhodes from Cody. They get a paper bag, and put it on Bryan’s head.

Up next is Vickie Guerrero in a dance off against either Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, or Booker T.

They do a recap of tonight’s matches. Vickie and Matt Stryker are in the ring. Vickie does some dance moves then starts dancing with Stryker. She kisses Stryker and she is done. She will be dancing against Michael Cole, 47% of the votes. He says to call him Michael Travolta. Cole says to sit back and enjoy perfection. He does some disco like moves, a pretty sad looking worm, and tries a Cole-a-rooni. What a waste of time. Cole got the most boos, so he is the winner. Vickie slaps Cole and says he cheated, and that she is the winner.

Up next is the 6 man tag with the stipulations being a one fall to finish, 20 minute time limit, or elimination match. Miz, Christian, and R-Truth vs Alex Riley, Randy Orton, and John Cena is next.

It is announced that HBK Shawn Michaels will be at Raw next week. R-Truth out to a Little Jimmy chant followed by Christian and Miz. A-Ri is out, followed by Randy Orton, and Cena. The results are in, and the final match of the night will be an elimination match, 79 % of the votes, and that is after the commercial break.

Cena and Miz start it off. Back and forth, until Cena taks in Randy Orton. Miz tags in to Christian. Christian distracts the ref while Miz pounds on Orton. Christian with a neckbreaker on Orton. Christian tags in R-Truth. R-Truth has Orton in a chinlock, as he reaches for a tag. Orton counters into a back body drop, but r-truth tags in Christian first. Orton went for the RKO, but Christian countered. Christian teased a spear, but Orton got a body slam. Tag to Alex riley. Riley with a lot of offense on Christian, and knocks Miz and Truth off the ring. Miz hits the skull crushing finale while the ref had his back turned. Christian pins him for the 3.

Alex Riley is eliminated.

The heels recuperate on the outside as we go to commercial break

We’re back with the Miz beating up on Randy Orton. Orton hits a clothesline on Miz. Tag to John Cena. Hits a series of moves leading to a 5 knuckle shuffle. Miz counters a move and takes down Cena. Miz goes for a high risk move, but gets countered into an STF but Truth breaks it up. Cena gets beat by Truth and christian behind the refs back. Tag to Christian. Tag to R-Truth. Just beating down on Cena right now, a lot of rest moves. Cena counters a suplex to take control. Tag to miz, who keeps Cena away from Orton. Cena counters skull crushing finale into the AA and pins Miz for a 3.

The Miz is eliminated.

R-Truth takes it to Cena right after the 3. Tag to Christian, who takes Cena down and goes to the top rope, but misses. Double tag- Truth and Orton in. Hugh body slam from Orton. DDT from the middle rope by Orton. Christian slides in and goes for the killswitch, countered, truth goes for the scissors kick, countered into an RKO for the 3.

R-Truth is eliminated.

Orton stands up and gets speared. Christian pins him for the 3.

Randy Orton is eliminated.

Christian was too busy celebrating and gets RKO’d and then locked in the STF. Christian taps out.

Christian is eliminated.

Orton and Cena celebrate as they show the post match replays. Cena celebrates as Raw goes off the air.

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