Black releases movies with former WWE star’s ex-girlfriend‏

Jun 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Press Release

Former WWE Star
Chatsworth, CA

It’s been a lot of years since XPW has been a relevant name in the wrestling
industry, and for the most part that is due to the company’s demise many
years ago after its owner Rob Black was indicted by the Federal Government
on charges of distributing obscene material through the US Postal System.

Rob Black is back, and this time his movies aren’t of the extreme nature
they used to be, they are in fact, “the kind of porno you don’t have to be
ashamed of owning.”

The current rage in the industry is parody films and super heroes, and Rob
Black’s new “Sinister X” persona hopes to become the leading director of
this genre.

Sinister X and his distribution platform Extreme Comixxx have recently
released Justice League of Porn Star Heroes XXX : An Extreme Comixxx parody,
as well as Supergirl XXX : An Extreme Comixxx parody. JLA-XXX climbed to
the top of the adult charts, holding the #-1 spot for multiple weeks in a

Extreme Comixxx’s parent company Exquisite Films has also released Rezervoir
Doggz and Saturday night Fever. Quentin Tarantino’s lawyers originally sent
a cease and desist letter about Rezervoir Doggz, until viewing the film and
allowing it to be made.

A name starring in both of these movies is Andy San Dimas, former girlfriend
to former WWE Superstar Paul London. San Dimas has become a regular for the
company, appearing in most of their parody titles.

“These movies are fun, hot and sexy. I mean special FX, a fun story,
they’re shot well, this is a new Rob Black,” says visual FX artist Plixar
whom works in the pro wrestling industry under a different alias.

Office safe trailers can be viewed on the websites, where the movies can
also be purchased:

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