Sabu: “If they put me in the HOF, I’d be insulted…”

Mar 28, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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Phil Strum of The Poughkeepsie Journal is featuring an interview with former ECW, WWE and TNA star Sabu where he talks about being “ashamed” of ever working for WWE.

“It started out OK and then it turned sour. I don’t know what to say without hurting somebody’s feelings. They didn’t want me to be me. They wanted me to be somebody else. I was already somebody for 20 years. The main thing for me, and the bait for me to stay as long as I did was they were supposed to put my uncle (The Sheik) in the Hall of Fame, which they did, and I wanted to do at least one WrestleMania, which I did.”

Sabu’s thoughts on WWE inducted Abdullah The Butcher into the Hall of Fame this year.

“See, I don’t get it. He never wrestled there, did he?. You see, my uncle did back when it was three Ws and an F. He wrestled Bruno (Sammartino) a couple of times. I think he worked there for about a year. I don’t think it was that memorable. I’d be insulted if I were him. If they put me in the Hall of Fame, I’d be insulted. He never worked there. He shouldn’t say let me in your Hall of Fame when he didn’t wrestle there. I’d be proud that I didn’t. I’m ashamed that I did.”

Full interview:
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