3/22/11 NXT Redemption Recap

Mar 22, 2011 - by staff

The WWE Intro merges into the NXT Intro as Todd Grisham welcomes us to Week 3 of NXT Season 5 and sends it to the ring to Matt Striker and Maryse.

Maryse brings out the NXT Rookies. Lucky Cannon appears first followed by Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Conor O’Brian, Byron Saxton & Jacob Novak.

The camera focuses of the announce table and Regal says that Darren Young has impressed him the most but he likes that Lucky Cannon has shown his true colors.

Striker reminds the Rookies that this season is all about redemption and that each Rookie is competing for a chance to compete on the next season of NXT, which will be very special. Striker says that there are no immunity points this season so the Rookies are competing for Redemption Points. Striker and Maryse take a look at the standings and Maryse says Jacob Novak is in the lead with five immunity points, even though he has none and Titus O’Neil has the five points so Striker takes over. Striker says that the Rookies who have no points have a chance to catch up as it is the Battle of the Mic competition worth four Redemption Points. The Rookies will have 20 seconds in Round 1 to disrespect his opponent. The winner will be decided by the live audience.

Jacob Novak faces Byron Saxton first. Novak brings up the fact that Saxton was a news anchor and says he has a top story, himself. Novak tells Saxton that he needs to be more than just average to be a WWE Superstar. Saxton responds by telling the audience that due to Novak’s attire, we have a new official spokesperson for Huggies Diapers. Saxton easily wins as Novak leaves the ring.

Conor O’Brian vs. Titus O’Neil is next. O’Brian makes fun of O’Neil’s promo from NXT Season 2 and calls him dumb. O’Neil has a joke for O’Brian, and says that his nose is so big that his pull over shirts have stretch marks. The crowd doesn’t like either but give the win to O’Neil.

The final battle of Round 1 is between Darren Young and Lucky Cannon. Young tells Cannon that the 1980s wants their robe back and that he shouldn’t worry about Maryse but about what’s ahead of him. Cannon says that Young has as much a chance of winning NXT than the Buckeyes have of winning a National Championship. Cannon again concerns himself with Maryse and Young wins.

Maryse tells the remaining Rookies that they have 30 seconds to disrespect both opponents now. Saxton says that Titus O’Neil has a lifetime of Kibbles & Bits, due to him making all those barking sounds. Saxton then says that Young was once a member of the Nexus and now can join the group, the Four Flat Tops. O’Neil goes next and mocks a conversation between Yoshi Tatsu and Byron Saxton, making fun of Saxton for having no hair. Darren Young finishes up and says that Titus O’Neil’s birthday is next week and he will be 42 years old. Young puts his arm around Saxton and says they look good but he looks better. Maryse has to ask the crowd twice but finally declares Darren Young the winner, earning four more Redemption Points. Young celebrates in the ring, doing a hair flip like Maryse as William Regal absolutely hated this competition.

A graphic is shown for the first match of the night, Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young next.

After a quick break, we get a recap of the Keg Carry Competition from last week. Titus O’Neil is shown in the ring with Hornswoggle giving him a back rub. Chavo Guerrero is going over strategy with Darren Young as the bell rings and the two lock up. Young takes advantage quickly with a knee to the midsection and shot to the back. O’Neil retaliates, hitting a big clothesline on Young, followed by a body slam for a two. Young regains control with a series of kicks to the knee and back, before choking O’Neil on the ropes. Young hits a snapmare for a two and applies a sleeper. O’Neil fights to his feet and rams Young into the corner to break the hold. Young fends off the attack and applies a headlock but is whipped off the ropes and into a spinning backbreaker. Young hits a kick to the head while on his back and whips O’Neil hard into his corner, where Chavo stands. O’Neil fights out of that corner and whips Young hard into the same on. He charges and Chavo pulls Young out so O’Neil hits the corner hard. Hornswoggle runs over and bites Chavo in the leg. Young accidentally hits Chavo, knocking him off the apron and walks into a Sky High powerbomb by O’Neil for the three.

Lucky Cannon vs. Byron Saxton is advertised for later tonight as we take another break.

As we come back, the hype video for The Undertaker vs. Triple H match airs.

Backstage, Yoshi Tatsu stops Lucky Cannon and tells him that Maryse is his friend and that he should be more respectful. Cannon asks Yoshi if he’s feeling lucky and they go face to face. Maryse runs in and apologizes to Cannon for slapping him last week. Cannon grabs her hand and keeps flirting with her before Maryse slaps him again. Yoshi starts to laugh and Maryse asks him if he is laughing at her. Maryse slaps Yoshi and walks off. Cannon thinks that’s funny and Yoshi slaps him and walks off.

Vladimir Kozlov and Conor O’Brian vs. JTG and Jacob Novak is up next.

After a break, we take a closer look at Lucky Cannon. Cannon says that he doesn’t want to hear anything about NXT Season 2 and that this season is all about him. Cannon says he is the VIP of NXT.

Vladimir Kozlov and Conon O’Brian are out for the next match. JTG and Jacob Novak enter next but before the match can start, Matt Striker heads out to the ring. Striker says things can change in an instant here in the WWE and says that instead of a tag team match, this will be a dance off. Jacob Novak and JTG start off and JTG pumps his fists and basically does his ring entrance with the ropes as Novak seems upset. Striker calls them Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus as Vladimir Kozlov and Conor O’Brian are next. O’Brian simply does everything that Kozlov does, not messing up at all. Striker asks the live audience for the winner and they obviously choose Kozlov and O’Brian. JTG dances with them as we will revisit the end of Raw last night.

After “Rewriting Miztory” is recapped, the graphic shows Lucky Cannon vs. Byron Saxton as the main event and the match is next.

Yoshi Tatsu leads Byron Saxton to the ring for the main event of the evening. Lucky Cannon is next, with Tyson Kidd by his side. Cannon backs Saxton into a corner and takes a few cheap kicks at him before stomping him into the mat as the referee breaks him up. Saxton fires back, giving a similar beat down to Cannon in the corner. Kidd distracts Saxton and Cannon nails him with a big boot and gets a near fall. Cannon stays on the attack, applying a reverse chinlock while driving the knee into Saxton’s back. Saxton is close to breaking it so Cannon breaks it on his own and hits a big neckbreaker on Saxton for a two. Cannon reapplies the hold and Saxton fights to his feet this time. Saxton finally regains control of the match, hitting a running back elbow and a running elbow. Saxton heads to the second rope and hits a clothesline and goes for the cover but only gets a two. Cannon is able to fight back and goes for Cruel Intentions. Saxton breaks free but is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Cannon hits Cruel Intentions this time and picks up the win. Following the match, Tatsu checks on his Rookie and Cannon attacks him, dropping Yoshi with Cruel Intentions as well. Cannon walks off with Tyson Kidd and says that it’s all about him as the show comes to a close.

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