Stevie Richards gets screwed out of a million dollars?

Mar 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jay Simola:

Apparently former ECW,WWE,and WCW star Stevie Richards(Real name Michael Manna) has been screwed out of a million dollars!!! 2K Sports,developer of MLB 2K Baseball games has run a promotion to help sales of the game for the past 2 years stating that they will give a million dollars to the first person that can pitch a perfect game,and upload the video!! Richards did so today,and then was later told by 2KSports that he will not win the money due to the technicality that the contest doesn’t “OFFICIALLY” start until April 1st,even though the game “MLB 2K11” was released yesterday.

Well,even though the contest doesn’t start until April 1st,it looks like 2KSporst proved the joke is really on Richards!

Here is a link to to an article,and video of Richards getting the Perfect Game.

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