Smackdown 600th Episode

Feb 18, 2011 - by staff

We start the show with the montage for all of Smackdown’s History. This is in fact the 600th episode of Smackdown. It is the 3rd longest series in Television History behind only Gunsmoke, and RAW. And we begin this Smackdown with a 12 Man Tag Match.

In Ring Action

John Cena, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Randy Orton, and R Truth v. Kane, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk,King Shamus, and Drew McIntyre

On one hand I have never been a fan of big tag matches. I think they look good on paper, but in the end they always disappoint. This match on the other hand was pretty good. All the competitors are going on to wrestle in the Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday. So you have a lot of back stories in this one. For Instance tonight Vicki Guerrero is going to strip Edge of the World Title and award it to Dolph Ziggler. You also have Cena and Punk, and Cena and Barrett. At one point we have Kane and Rey Rey battling. Kane won the World Title from Rey last year after cashing in the Money in the Bank Briefcase. In the end it was the good guys with a double 619 coming out on top.

Winners- Cena, Rey, Morrison, Edge, Orton, Truth

After the match Vicki Guerrero comes out and tells Edge to turn over the title so she can give it to Dolph Ziggler later in the night. She also fires Edge. So it looks like tonight Dolph will be crowd the New World Heavyweight Champion.

In Ring Action

Beth Phoenix and Eve v. Maryse and Layla
Michelle McCool came out to do commentary. This was a quick 3 minute match with Michelle getting involved in the ending.

Winners-Maryse and Layla
After the match Michelle acted like she hurt her foot, but clearly it was hurt before. No word on how long she will be out.

We then see a highlight film of Rock’s Return to Monday Night Raw. I am so excited he is back.
Back from commercial we see a clip from the Smackdown that aired right after September 11, 2001. I remember how emotional that was for our country, and WWE really did a great job of show true Patriotism. When Lilian Garcia sang the National Anthem in tears it was a moment I will not ever forget.

More In Ring Action

Non-Title Match
Kofi Kingston v. WWE Champion The Miz
This is a very interesting match to me because I feel The Miz leap frogged Kofi and took his spot. I have always felt Kofi should be given the chance to carry the big strap. Well in this one Kofi really set the tone to the match. He is I believe a much better worker than The Miz. But in the end that does not always get you a better spot. Near the end of the match Alberto Del Rio makes his way out and distracts Kofi just enough to give Miz the opportunity to get the win.
Winner-WWE Champion The Miz
After Commercial we see another Smackdown blast from the past with the celebration of Eddie Guerrero as the new World Champion. The wrestling world will never be the same without Latino Heat.

In Ring Action
WWE Tag Team Title Match
Champions Santino Marella and Vladamir Kozlov v The Corre
Not a very interesting Match. They have really killed the Tag Division. I really believe they will get rid of the titles in a few months. This one ends in a disqualification with The Corre getting involved.
Winner- Via DQ Santino Marella and Vladamir Kozlov
After the Match The Corre attack Santino and Vladamir. Out comes Big Show for the save. He clears the ring of all of the Corre, except Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson is waiting outside the ring and is climbing in to meet Show. But just and he is about to battle the Big man, he is stopped by his teammates the Corre. They will fight another day. Like Maybe WrestleMania?

Now it is time for the crowning of the New World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler. In the ring we have Dolph, Vicki Guerrero, and the World Title. Vicki Gives Dolph the World Title and with that we have a New World Heavyweight Champion. Hit Teddy Longs music. Teddy comes down and tells Vicki that he is back in charge. He says he will let Dolph remain champion. But he will defend it right now. Against a man that Teddy just Rehired. Edge!!!!

World Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Dolph Ziggler v. Edge
This is about a 4 minute match with Edge hitting the Spear for the win.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion Edge
After the match Teddy Long came back and fired Dolph Ziggler. So it looks like there is an open spot in the Elimination Chamber Match. HHH??? On a final note I just checked the WWE website and they are counting Dolph’s title reign tonight. Which means Edge is an 11 time World Champion, and Dolph is a former World Champion. Wow.


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