1/27/11 TNA Impact Recap (Crimson Sees Red)

Jan 28, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A video recap of last week’s brief confrontation between Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and his new wife, Karen. Angle was able to take out Jarrett, but Immortal came to his aid and the show ended with Abyss falling down on the entrance ramp with Janice sticking out of his back.

We head to the Impact Zone where Kurt Angle is making his way towards the ring. Angle says he took the high road last week, however, Jeff and Karen Jarrett opened old wounds and got Immortal involved. Angle says he didn’t want to go down that road but he now has to deal with issues that he didn’t foresee and asks the fans if they would like to see him wrestle in the ring one more time. The fans give their approval as Immortal’s music hits and interrupts Angle.

Immortal comes out as Eric Bischoff says he is sick of hearing Angle playing to the crowd and reminds Angle that he is retired. Bischoff says, though, if it’s an ass kicking he wants, then he will get just that as Immortal surrounds the ring. They begin to swarm the ring and beat him down as Bischoff, Jeff and Karen Jarrett and Ric Flair smile approvingly from the entrance ramp. Immortal holds up Angle and James Storm is about to bust it over his head but Crimson runs into the ring with a baseball bat and clears the ring.

Ric Flair goes crazy over it and says that he doesn’t care who “they” are and next week he is going to stick “they” up their own asses. Flair then says Angle will wrestle tonight and he will wrestle Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett and his wife is upset over it and Flair continues by saying that he and his idiot partner will go up against Jarrett, Beer Money, Kazarian, Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry. Flair says he is done with them and the two will go down tonight.

After a commercial break we see Eric Bischoff in the office and is trying to reason with Ric Flair about giving Kurt Angle a second chance. Flair says Angle can’t kill Immortal and he promises they will take him down. We then join the announce team who hypes tonight’s show that will feature Mr. Anderson against Matt Hardy, the huge main event with Immortal against Kurt Angle & Crimson, plus Dixie Carter will speak.

Match 1: Sarita/Tara/Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James & the Beautiful People (Elimination Match)
Prior to the match, Angelina Love puts Winter in her place by saying that Velvet Sky is her BFF before walking away from her. Winter then throws a fit backstage after they leave. Both sides go at it as the match breaks down right away. Angelina and Tara are the final two in the ring as the referee rings the bell to officially start this match. Both sides make quick tags in and out before this match breaks down yet again. Madison puts on her loaded glove but stops before she is almost hits Sarita. Velvet then tosses Madison out to the floor as Sarita rolls up Velvet to eliminate her from the match.

Mickie James comes in and goes after Sarita but Tara catches Mickie with her elbow brace. Mickie is able to recover, though, and pins Madison Rayne after she hits herself with the loaded glove. Sarita then quickly rolls up Mickie for another pin fall. Angelina is left on her own with her team as she goes after Sarita as we head into a commercial break. We return to the match to see that Angelina is still in control of the match and has Sarita in a body scissors. Cameras then cut to the back where we see Velvet looks like she is recovering from being knocked out backstage.

Back to the match, Angelina is holding her own against Sarita and Tara, but the numbers catch up with her as Tara and Sarita begin to use quick tags in and out of the ring. Angelina is able to catch Tara with a Botox injection and picks up the pin fall to eliminate Tara. Sarita then rolls up Angelina for a pin fall but Angelina is able to counter and pins Sarita for the pin fall to win the match for her team.

Kurt Angle is seen talking on his cell phone and tells the person on the other line that they need to speed up the process and needs him in the Impact Zone right away as we head into a commercial break.

Matt Hardy is with the docu-cam and says Mr. Anderson got lucky be defeating his brother for the TNA World Championship. Hardy says he has one goal tonight and that is to make sure that Anderson doesn’t even make it to the rematch next week.

We join the announce team where they are joined by Kazarian. Mike Tenay says over the next three weeks we will see a series of three 3-way X Division qualifying matches where the three winners will go on to a 3-way match at Against All Odds to determine the #1 contender for the X Division Championship.

Match 2: Amazing Red vs. Max Buck vs. Chris Sabin (X Division #1 Contender Qualifying Match)
Max Buck goes out to the floor while Red and Sabin battle it out in the ring. Buck picks his spot to come in but is quickly removed from the match yet again after Red gives him a hurricanrana. Sabin then takes Buck out with cross body block on the floor before sending him back into the ring. Back in the ring, Buck is able to gain some momentum by taking Sabin down and getting a couple of near falls before slowing the match down with a head lock.

Red then flies in with a missile dropkick and takes Buck down with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Red goes for another high flying move but Sabin catches him and drives him down to the mat but Buck breaks up the pin attempt. Buck then plants Sabin down to the mat and goes for the pin but it is broken up by Red. Red then hits a flip piledriver on Sabin but Jeremy Buck distracts the referee and trips up Red on the top rope. Buck then hits drives Red down to the mat with a DDT from the top rope and picks up the pin fall to advance to the #1 contenders match.

Karen Jarrett is seen pleading with Jeff Jarrett and says that Kurt Angle was on the phone and is telling someone to come here tonight. Jeff says that is just a conspiracy theory and says he was probably on the phone with Dave from Angle Foods. Karen says she knows Kurt and what he is capable of but Jarrett will have none of what she has to say.

Angelina Love catches up with Velvet Sky in the back where Velvet says she was attacked by Winter from behind. Angelina asks if it really was her but Velvet says she knows it was and if Angelina won’t deal with Winter, she will do it herself.

A video package that focuses on Mr. Anderson’s rise to the top and to the TNA World Championship. This brings us to the Impact Zone where Jeff Hardy is walking down towards the ring. Hardy says he broke himself for the fans for over a decade and said he did something for himself at Bound for Glory by getting the TNA World Championship. He said a mistake happened at Genesis and in seven days he will take back what is rightfully his.

Mr. Anderson’s music interrupts Hardy as he begins to walk towards the ring. Anderson says he is tired of hearing Hardy bitch and complain and says the only thing that matters is wins and losses. Anderson holds up the championship and says right now he is the champion and after next week he still will be the champion. Anderson then leaves Hardy speechless in the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Crimson is backstage and says he was brought in for his brother Amazing Red, but now he was given an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Crimson says next week we will find out who gave him that offer. We then head to the announce table where they update us on Abyss’ condition and says that he is in serious condition and will be out of action indefinitely.

Velvet Sky then heads towards the ring and calls out Winter for trying to break up the Beautiful People. Velvet says that since Angelina won’t take care of her, she will and calls her out to the ring. Winter comes down to the ring but Velvet attacks her before she makes it to the ring. Velvet sends Winter into the guard railing before the fight enters the ring. Velvet continues to beat on Winter, but Winter recovers and snaps and begins to brutally beat down Velvet. Angelina finally runs down to the ring and pushes Winter off of Velvet and tends to her partner as Winter just smiles before leaving the ring. Velvet then gets up and leaves Angelina in the ring.

D’Angelo Dinero makes his way towards the ring and says he allowed his temper to get the best of him. He says he is going to confess by saying that he doesn’t like Samoa Joe, who he is, or what he stands for. He wonders what type of person says he is going to kill people and says there is no hope for him. The Pope continues by saying he is going to give one member of the congregation to join him in his confessional and change the world, one smile at a time.

Immortal is in the locker room where Ric Flair is rallying the troops and getting them ready for their match. Flair says he put his ass on the line tonight as Eric Young is seen standing in the back. As Immortal leaves, EY tells Flair that he is a champion but Flair says all he has is a piece of garbage. Flair then orders him out of the locker room.

A video package that highlights Hulk Hogan’s arrival and his takeover of TNA. Dixie Carter then joins the announce team on the phone who says she is confident about the legal ruling and says that her lawyers believe that she will once again be in full control of TNA starting next Thursday. Eric Bischoff then joins in and says that next week the only things that matters is that Jeff Hardy will regain the TNA World Championship and Hulk Hogan and Immortal will be in control of TNA. As of “they,” Bischoff says it doesn’t exist.

Match 3: Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson
Anderson and Hardy go back and forth in the opening moments before Hardy takes control of the match and works over Anderson’s arm. Anderson is able to fight his way back into the match with a clothesline and a neckbreaker. Anderson then picks up a couple of near falls before trying to put Anderson away with a Mic Check, but Hardy counters and hits a Side Effect. Hardy then tries for a cover but Anderson counters and rolls up Hardy for the pin fall.

After the match, Jeff Hardy runs down and nails Anderson from behind as both he and Matt Hardy begin to beat the champion down. RVD’s music hits as he runs down to the ring and Jeff Hardy runs away as RVD takes Matt Hardy down with a kick. RVD then tends to Anderson as Matt Hardy walks up the ramp.

Kurt Angle is seen walking in the back with Crimson as he tells him not to worry since they won’t be alone out there.

Match 4: Kurt Angle & Crimson vs. Immortal
Beer Money, Kazarian, Gunner, Murphy and Rob Terry are in this match while Ric Flair and AJ Styles are standing outside. Jeff Jarrett is missing from the match. The bell rings and Crimson starts out strong against Robert Roode and nearly pins him before tagging Kurt Angle into the match. Kazarian is also tagged in and Angle quickly takes him down as Kazarian scurries to his corner and tags in James Storm. Angle quickly takes him down with an overhead suplex and then knocks every member of Immortal off of the ring apron. The distraction allows Storm to nail Angle from behind and sets up for the Last Call but Angle ducks and Storm connects with the referee.

With the referee out, Immortal jumps into the ring and begin beating down Angle and Crimson with their strength in numbers as Jeff Jarrett’s music finally hits as he comes down to the ring. Jarrett sets his sights on Angle but Angle takes him down with a German suplex but Immortal quickly takes him down yet again. Gunner and Murphy then hold Angle as Immortal take their turns on Angle to beat him down. Jarrett then hits Angle with the Stroke as the referee Jackson James runs out and makes the three count.

Immortal continues with their beatdown after the match is over until Matt Morgan’s music hits. Morgan comes out to help but is quickly swallowed by the numbers of Immortal. The lights then go out in the Impact Zone as the familiar music of Scott Steiner hits. When the lights come back on Steiner is standing in the ring with a lead pipe and clears the ring of Immortal. Steiner taunts Immortal and says he is there to kick their asses as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– The Beautiful People & Mickie James defeated Sarita/Tara/Madison Rayne by pin fall in an elimination match.
– Max Buck defeated Amazing Red and Chris Sabin in a 3-way X Division #1 Contender Qualifying Match.
– Mr. Anderson defeated Matt Hardy by pin fall.
– Immortal defeated Kurt Angle & Crimson by pin fall.

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