1/20/11 TNA Impact Recap (Dirty Laundry)

Jan 21, 2011 - by Jason Graening

A video package highlights the feud between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle kicks off Impact. Tonight, Jeff Jarrett’s wife, Karen Jarrett, will confront her ex-husband, Kurt Angle, in the Impact Zone. Angle is then seen arriving to the backstage area where he is telling the production team to play his music as he is heading out to the ring.

Angle says he is out there to set the record straight about his ex-wife. Angle says he convinced TNA to give her a job and saw how she took to Jarrett during her time with the company. Angle then said once they were together, Jarrett made it personal by sticking it in his face whenever they crossed paths. Angle begins to break down in the ring and says that he was a good husband and a good father, and while he was on the road a lot, he was doing so to provide for his family.

Angle continues by saying the can either make amends and get along for their kids or she continues to provoke him and he will pull out every skeleton in her closet. Jarrett’s music then hits as Team Jarrett comes out and surrounds the ring. Angle quickly takes them all out as Immortal’s music hits and Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair come out. The two smile at Angle as police come out to the ring and motion for Angle to escort him out of the ring and out of the building.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are seen walking in the building as they are told that Kurt Angle has just been escorted out of the building. They say it is a shame as they wish he was there to see them expose him to the fans.

Match 1: Sarita vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne
Velvet and Mickie argue about who will start in this four way match as they both decide to head after Sarita and Madison. The brawl goes out to the floor with Mickie and Madison starting things off in the ring. Madison tags in Sarita and Mickie quickly takes her down as Velvet tags herself in to get her hands on Sarita. A distraction from Madison gives Sarita control of the match but it quickly breaks down with all four Knockouts in the ring. Velvet and Sarita head out to the floor and Tara runs out while the referee is distracted and knocks out Mickie with her elbow brace. Meanwhile, Velvet rolls Sarita in the ring while Madison tries to nail Mickie with her loaded glove but hits Sarita and Velvet instead. Mickie then rolls up Madison for the pin fall to win the 4-way match.

Beer Money is in the locker room talking about what Mr. Anderson and RVD did to them last week. Roode says they get another shot at Anderson and RVD and they will prove to everyone that they are the greatest tag team in the world. Kurt Angle is then seen walking around as the announcers say it looks like Angle isn’t leaving any time soon as we head into a commercial break.

Samoa Joe is sen talking to Kazuchika Okada in the back and tells him to keep on following and shooting his footage with his camcorder.

Match 2: Rob Terry vs. Matt Morgan
Ric Flair accompanies Terry to the ring for this match between Immortal’s hired muscle and Immortal’s former hired muscle. Terry dicusses stragegy with Flair in his corner and turns around just in time for a Carbon Footprint from Morgan for the pin fall. After the match, Flair jumps in the ring and hits Morgan with a series of chops but they have to affect on Morgan. Abyss finally runs out to save Flair and beats Morgan from behind. Morgan is able to recover, though, and drops Abyss with a clothesline and takes Terry down with a side slam. Morgan then turns his focus back to Flair, which gives Terry and Abyss time to recover and again take Morgan down while his back is turned. Flair then gives Morgan a low blow for good measure before Abyss and Terry send him crashing down to the canvas with a double chokeslam.

We are to some video footage from a show at the Tokyo Dome in Japan in front of 47,000 fans. The wrestlers give their thoughts about the trip as the announce team hypes that more footage of the show is available on their web site.

AJ Styles is seen talking to Kazarian as he says his dealing with Eric Bischoff isn’t improtant as defending the X Division Championship is. Kazarian then leaves as Styles is choked from behind by Crimson. He tells Styles that “they” are coming in two weeks and nobody in Immortal is safe as we head into a commercial break.

Kurt Angle is seen walking around the parking lot as we head into the next match.

Match 3: Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian (X Division Championship)
Jay Lethal brings Kazarian into the ring the hard way to get this match started. Lethal then connects with a flurry of offense as Kazarian retreats to the floor and begins walking up the ramp. Lethal, though, stops him and the two begin to battle outside the ring. Lethal then rolls Kazarian back into the ring and then connects with a missile dropkick. Kazarian is finally able to counter Lethal’s offense and slows the match down but Lethal regains control with a springboard back elbow. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination and heads to the top rope and hits an elbow drop for a close near fall. Kazarian then counters an attempt at a sunset flip and uses the ropes for leverage to pick up the pin fall and retain the X Division Championship.

Mr. Anderson is backstage and says he isn’t thinking about putting the title on the line against Jeff Hardy and is instead focused on Beer Money. RVD says it is easy for him to say since he never gets his match against Hardy. Tommy Dreamer is also there and says he has Hardy in the ring tonight and he will soften them up for them.

Kurt Angle is seen pacing around in the parking lot as a door opens up and Angle heads inside. The Jarrett’s are seen walking towards the ring as they are up next.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits as the Jarrett’s come down to the ring holding hands. Jarrett begins to talk about how beautiful his wife is on the inside as well as the outside as the fans begin a “sloppy seconds” chant. Jarrett claims that his wife is a victim of Kurt Angle and passes her the microphone. Karen said she had a presentation ready but instead she wants to acknowledge some of what Angle said earlier.

Karen begins talking about how Angle was a lost puppy after he won his gold medal, but before she can say anything more, Angle rises up from behind and takes Jarrett out with a German suplex. Angle then stares at his ex-wife before she slaps him across the face. Karen begins yelling at Kurt while Jarrett recovers and takes Angle out from behind with a low blow. Jarrett then continues beating down Angle as Karen looks on and smiles in approval. The Jarrett’s then leave the ring together as Karen asks Taz if he liked what he saw.

After a commercial break we see Kurt Angle raging in the backstage area, much like he did last week. We then head into the next match of the night.

Match 4: Tommy Dreamer vs. Jeff Hardy
The match starts and Dreamer clotheslines Hardy out to the floor and the fight goes out to the floor. While Dreamer is standing on the ring apron, Hardy pulls him down and sends him crashing onto the floor. Hardy then rolls Dreamer into the ring and continues wearing down his opponent with a head lock. Dreamer fights his way back with a couple of clotheslines as he hits Hardy with a Dreamer Driver but Hardy is able to get his foot on the rope to stop the pin count. Hardy soon follows with a Twist of Hate to pick up the pin fall for the victory.

Kurt Angle is seen walking around in the backstage area with a baseball bat in his hands as we head into a commercial break.

D’Angelo Dinero is seen talking on the phone as he talks to a TNA staffer about using his computer to finish up some oversea transactions. The person then says he will help him in a moment so the Pope calls his cell phone to get him to leave the room so he can take his laptop.

Ric Flair is talking with AJ Styles who says “they is us,” and that Abyss and Styles are driving him crazy. Flair then Ices Styles, but he doesn’t seem to be too amused by it. Flair says he is going to take him out on town to loosen up. As Styles drops to one knee to drink it, he is clocked from behind by Angle and his baseball bat. Angle then begins to choke Flair and tells him to make sure Jarrett meets Angle in the ring tonight or else he will come after Flair.

Match 5: Beer Money vs. Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson
The match starts as RVD hits Roode with a series of flashy kicks to pick up a couple of pin attempts. Anderson and Storm are tagged into the match as Anderson begins wearing down Storm with a series of blows and a swinging neckbreaker. Storm is finally able to sidestep Anderson as Beer Money cut off the ring and use quick tags to wear Anderson down by focusing on his head. Anderson finally turns the tide by countering Roode with a DDT.

Anderson tags in RVD as Storm is also tagged in and RVD takes him down with a series of kicks. RVD tries for Rolling Thunder but Roode trips him up as Storm connects with a back cracker. All four wrestlers end up in the ring as this match breaks down. Anderson and Roode begin fighting out on the floor as Roode sends Anderson headfirst into the steel steps. Meanwhile, RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Storm but the referee is distracted by Jeff Hardy who is heading towards the ring. While the ref is tied up with Hardy, Matt Hardy sneaks in the ring and hits RVD with a Twist of Hate. Storm then covers RVD as the referee returns to the ring to make the three count for the pin fall.

Brian Kendrick is seen talking to Bully Ray in the locker room as he is trying to get Ray to try yoga to help him relax more. Kendrick shows him some breathing techniques but Ray just shoves him into the lockers before walking away.

Ric Flair is shouting at Jeff Jarrett and tells him that Kurt Angle is off his rocker. Eric Bischoff tells Jarrett that he has his back and tells him to go to the ring.

Brother Devon heads towards the ring and says he wants to finish what he started at Genesis and tells Bully Ray to get down to the ring. Ray begins to come out but stops on the entrance ramp and tells Devon to meet him on the ramp. Kendrick then runs out and nails Ray from behind and pushes him towards the ring where Devon is waiting. Devon begins to lay in a series of blows as Ray drops a chain in the ring. Devon grabs the chain but security run out and stop him from using it as Ray takes out the security guards and stomps on Devon’s head before grabbing a steel chair. Ray places Devon’s head between the chair and swings the chain at it as Devon’s body trembles in pain.

We see Kurt Angle slowly walking in the backstage area as his confrontation with Jeff Jarrett is up next after a commercial break.

Kurt Angle is seen standing in the ring as Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with Gunner and Murphy. Jarrett sends the two to the ring as Angle quickly takes them both out. The two-on-one advantage begins to work against Angle as he finds himself on the receiving end as Jarrett finally enters the ring to help with the beat down. Angle begins to fight back, though, and sends Gunner and Murphy out to the floor as he begins choking out Jarrett.

Karen Jarrett comes down to the ring and screams for people to help as Immortal storms the ring and peel Angle off Jarrett as they all get in on the action. Abyss is absent from the beat down but appears on the entrance ramp with his arms extended. Ric Flair motions to him to come down to the ring but Abyss drops to his knees and falls forward as it is revealed that his weapon, Janice, is sticking out of his back. Immortal then stops and looks down the ramp as Crimson walks out of the tunnel and warns them about February 3rd and how they are coming.

With Immortal distracted, Angle finds an opening to fight back as he clears Immortal from the ring. Angle then jaws with Immortal as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne, Sarita and Velvet Sky in a 4-way match.
– Matt Morgan defeated Rob Terry by pin fall.
– Kazarian defeated Jay Lethal by pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.
– Jeff Hardy defeated Tommy Dreamer by pin fall.
– Beer Money defeated Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson by pin fall.

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