11/15/10 Old School Raw Recap

Nov 15, 2010 - by staff

– We open Raw with an updated version of the original Monday Night Raw opening. Micheal Cole and Jerry Lawler greet us from ringside. The old style Raw entrance with the giant RAW letters is in full effect. Mean Gene is at the old style interview set by the entrance and brings out Bob Orton Jr. who still has the cast on his arm. He says Randy is not here just yet because he didn’t know the show was starting an hour early. He says he could care less if Cena’s career ends on Sunday but he better not screw Randy. Wade Barrett is out to get in Bob Orton’s face. Barrett says he owes nothing to the old school. He said he didn’t bring the Nexus out to beat him down because he wants him to see what he does to Cena on Sunday. Miz and Riley are out now. Miz says he might just cash in his title shot tonight. John Cena is on the big screen and says he will make sure that Miz doesn’t cash in anything tonight. Cena challenges Miz to a match tonight and he accepts.

(1) Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry. Henry is using his old Sexual Chocolate theme and entrance video. This is not a very good match. Ziggler nails the Zig Zag but Henry kicks out. Ziggler gets the win with the sleeper.

– The Hart Dynasty are walking backstage and they run into Tony Atlas he starts going off about how he and Rocky Johnson never saw eye to eye and then starts spraying WD40 on himself.

– Back from the break we see Atlas still going on a rant while Yoshi Tatsu listens on.

(2) The Hart Dynasty vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater. David Hart Smith goes for the tag and Tyson Kidd kicks him in the face allowing for Slater to get the pin.

– Backstage Mean Gene interviews Randy Orton. Ron Killings walks in and stirs stuff up between Orton and Cena. Orton says Cena can’t screw him over on Sunday if he punts him in the head tonight.

– Howard Finkel introduces Brooklyn Brawler and Harvey Whippleman. Brawler says he demands respect and Harvey says his man will face anyone tonight.

(3) The Brooklyn Brawler vs Ezekiel Jackson. Jackson wins in a squash.

– Nexus are backstage and Otunga says that R-Truth is becoming a problem. He says since he is the leader he wants Truth tonight. Barrett walks in and says he is the only leader of Nexus. The GM chimes in and says tonight Truth will take on Barrett and Otunga will be in a special match later tonight.

(4) John Cena vs Alex Riley. Miz announces before the match that Riley will be taking his place vs Cena. Cena wins pretty easy with the STF.

– Randy Orton is out after the match to attack Miz. Nexus are out to try and stop him but Orton fights them off. Cena and Orton are now face to face. They start to go at it but security breaks it up. The GM chimes in and says later tonight that Orton and Cena will both be guests on Piper’s Pitt.

– Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff are in the ring. Volkoff starts to sing the Russian National Anthem and Santino and Kozlov come out. Santino says Kozlov would like to sing with him. They sing very badly and Santino stops them. Santino brings out Slick and they sing Jive Soul Bro.

(5) No. 1 contenders match for the Tag Team Titles: The Usos with Jimmy Snuka vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. Santino and Kozlov win. Sheamus is out after the match and attacks Kozlov and the Usos. He goes for Santino but Morrison makes the save.

(6) David Otunga vs Kofi Kingston. George The Animal Steel is out during the match. He gets in the ring and eats the turnbuckle. Otunga is distracted and gets nailed with Trouble In Paradise giving Kofi the win.

– Arn Anderson and Gerald Briscoe are backstage talking to Morrison. Sheamus runs in a kicks him in the face and accepts Morrison’s challenge for a match on Sunday.

– Backstage Aksana is walking with the Million Dollar Title and Hacksaw walks by. Aksana sees a fat person with blond long hair and thinks it’s her mom but it’s Dusty. Kelly Kelly drops a net on her and Goldust gets the Million Dollar Title back and gives it to the Million Dollar Man who is with IRS. Ted Dibiase Jr. walks in and says he doesn’t want that belt and leaves. Cody Rhodes walks in and says that wasn’t Dashing. Goldust asks him for grooming tips and he says no. Dusty plays his music and starts dancing with Kelly when Tatanka and Duggan come in. Ron Simmons then shows up and says “Damn”.

(7) R-Truth vs Wade Barrett. This is the best match with Barrett in it that I can recall. Wade gets the win with Wasteland.

– Tito Santana is out and introduces Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio is driven to ringside in a limo driven by Chavo Classic. Del Rio says tonight we should celebrate him. Sgt. Slaughter is out and challenges him to a match.

(8) Alberto Del Rio vs Sgt. Slaughter. Del Rio gets the win. Alberto beats down Slaughter after the match and MVP makes the save.

– Mean Gene interviews Mae Young. She says she started when she was 17 and now she is 87. The show a highlight package on Mae’s career. Lay-Cool are out. They run down Mae and talk about how old and ugly she is. Mae calls them sluts and asks for a match with them.

(9) Mae Young vs Lay-Cool in a falls count anywhere match. All the Divas come out and help her beat them down and Mae pins Layla on the floor. So Mae has wrestled in every decade for the past 70 years.

– Jim Ross is introduced and he’s out to commentate a match. This is awesome.

(10) Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger. Cole is acting like he is asleep on commentary. Cole is trashing JR left and right during this. Bryan gets the win with a kick to the head. Ted Dibiase is out after the match to attack Bryan. He lays out Daniel with Dream Street and Maryse comes out to celebrate with him.

– A 5 on 5 Survivor Series match is announced for Sunday with Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio.

– Howard Finkel brings out all the legends from tonight.

– Roddy Piper is out for Piper’s Pitt with Cena and Orton. Piper talks about never winning the WWE Title and says Cena has no option but to call it down the middle on Sunday. Barrett is out and they are going back and forth on the mic. Wade orders Cena to put on a Nexus t-shirt. Orton comes out and gets in a brawl with Barrett and takes an AA from Cena.

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