11/4/10 TNA Impact Recap (Kung-Fu Bischoff)

Nov 5, 2010 - by Jason Graening

A recap of last week’s crusade put on by Matt Morgan kicks off Impact. We then see Ric Flair giving Eric Bischoff a pep talk in the backstage area and Bischoff is in his martial arts gear. Bischoff says it’s showtime as his music hits and he heads towards the ring with Flair. Bischoff grabs a microphone and announces that Matt Morgan is no longer part of Fortune or Immortal. As far as he is concerned, Morgan can stay far away from the Impact Zone and wishes him luck in his future endeavors.

Bischoff then moves on to Mr. Anderson and says in the interest of fairness he will be given one more opportunity tonight. Bischoff says if Anderson can pin him he will be given a title match at Turning Point. Bischoff says that Anderson is probably sitting at home and it will be highly unlikely but if he doesn’t show, he will never get a chance to face Jeff Hardy. Bischoff then calls out the referee and takes him down to give Anderson a taste of what he is able to do. Bischoff then fires the referee as Flair bows down to Bischoff and his power.

The Impact intro then hits as we are welcomed to tonight’s episode of Impact that will feature a mixed six-person tag team match with Tara & Generation Me going up against Mickie James & Ink Inc. The Pope will also face off against Abyss and Fortune is seen walking towards the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Brian Kendrick is on a massage table and is reading passages of Mick Foley’s book to EV2 as RVD walks in. RVD argues with EV2 and they tell him that Raven wasn’t part of Immortals plan as Fortune walks in the room. AJ Styles says they should all kill each other and get it over with before saying that one of them will be going home at Turning Point. Styles calls out Rhino and gets him riled up and Rhino goes for a gore but ends up hitting RVD with it.

A video recap highlighting the injuries that Mr. Anderson has had happen to him is aired. We join the announce team who has Mr. Anderson on the phone. Anderson says he has a severe concussion and doesn’t know what is going to happen in the future. Anderson says he is having short term memory problems and is going to be checked out at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Anderson then gives Matt Morgan credit for having his back when he needed it as Mike Tenay wishes him a full recovery.

The Beautiful People are getting ready in their dressing room where Velvet Sky is asking Angelina Love to allow her to wrestle on her own tonight. Angelina says it is fine and as Velvet leaves the room, Winter appears. Winter says with her she will never have to be alone again. Angelina says she wants to be alone right now and leaves the dressing room as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Sarita vs. Velvet Sky
Sarita and Velvet Sky go back and forth in the opening moments as Mike Tenay announces that a match with AJ Styles vs. RVD vs. Rhino has been set for later on tonight. Sarita then takes control of the match and picks up a couple of near falls before finally putting Velvet away with an underhook powerbomb. Velvet is visibly disappointed about losing the match after Sarita leaves the ring.

Eric Bischoff is seen training in the back with Jeff Jarrett and the two of them discuss Samoa Joe and Mr. Anderson as we head into a commercial break.

Fortune is seen walking in the backstage area and there is an argument going on between Douglas Williams and Kazarian. Flair stops them and says that Fortune doesn’t have any internal struggles and tells them to settle things Horseman style and tells them to settle it in the ring. As they walk away, Williams stops by Christy Hemme and asks her for a moment of her time for an interview. They are having microphone problems and suddenly Mr. Anderson’s microphone drops down from the ceiling as Williams has a puzzled look on his face.

Match 2: Generation Me & Tara vs. Ink Inc. & Mickie James
Ink Inc. use quick tags to take control of the match in the opening moments. Tara gets herself involved and Generation Me is able to gain control of the match and they begin wearing down Jesse Neal with quick tags while keeping him isolated in their corner. Neal is finally able to make it to his corner to tag in Shannon Moore and the match quickly breaks down as Mickie James hits a top rope hurricanrana on Max Buck. Tara then comes in a breaks up a pin fall as the two Knockouts start to go at it as Moore hits the Mooregasm on Max to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Generation Me and Tara attack Ink Inc. and Mickie James to extract a little revenge.

Orlando Jordan and Eric Young are with a specialist and EY goes off about needing to get his tag team better and how they need to mesh better. EY talks about being a leader and how he has had a lot of partners but feels good being with OJ while making some sexual innuendos along the way as we head into a commercial break.

Team 3D is seen talking with the Motorcity Machine Guns and Brother Ray says that they are excited to have a retirement match because they are wrestling the Machine Guns. Brother Devon gives the team credit and how they proved themselves in the tag team division. Alex Shelley says it’s an honor to wrestle them as Chris Sabin says it would be an honor for them to defeat a team like Team 3D in their final match since they have done so much for their careers and for the tag team division. The two sides then show some mutual respect and tell each other that the best team will win at Turning Point.

A video package focusing on Jeff Jarrett and his recent actions against Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan is aired. Jarrett’s music then hits as he comes down to the ring and says that he wants to address a few things. Jarrett calls Angle weak for attacking him and Eric Bischoff in their vehicle a couple of weeks back. Jarrett tells Angle to stay at home and deal with his frustrations all alone. Jarrett then moves on to Samoa Joe and apologizes for not sending him off a higher platform. Jarrett then gives Joe a match against him at Turning Point. Jarrett then wants to address the TNA fans and says he is sick of hearing them chant “you sold out.” Jarrett says the truth of the matter is that he bought in as he slams the microphone down and walks out of the ring.

As Jarrett is leaving, Samoa Joe busts his way through the entrance ramp and begins beating down Jarrett in the ringside area. Joe rolls Jarrett into the ring and tries for a muscle buster but Gunner and Murphy storm into the ring to put a stop to it. Joe is able to take out security but they give Jarrett time to leave the ring. Joe then gives one of them a muscle buster for good measure as he stares down Jarrett.

RVD is in the back and is saying that he doesn’t know who to trust anymore. RVD says he is angry about it as we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Rhino vs. Rob Van Dam vs. AJ Styles (TNA Television Championship)
Wow, we are actually getting a Television Championship match on television for once. The match starts and Styles is quickly sent out to the floor as Rhino and RVD argue in the ring. Rhino then comes out and Styles sends him into the steel steps before heading back into the ring and squaring off against RVD. Rhino gets back into the ring and begins powering Styles around the ring but misses with a gore. RVD then begins to get in some offense but is stalled once more as he argues with Rhino. Styles then takes them both out with a flying forearm before pinning RVD while grabbing a handful of tights.

After the match, RVD and Rhino continue to argue until EV2 members begin coming into the ring and try to break the two up. RVD finally clocks Raven and tells Tommy Dreamer that he is only looking for Bischoff’s boy that will attack him next. Dreamer says RVD needs his head checked and says that they are going to settle things the old way, in a match at Turning Point. RVD accepts the challenge and we have a new match book for Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Abyss is hanging out under the bleachers and says that he calls the Pope a false profit and says that he will take out members of his congregation tonight, one by one.

Ric Flair’s music hits as he comes out to join the broadcast team for the next matchup between two members of Fortune.

Match 4: Douglas Williams vs. Kazarian
The match starts and the two go back and forth as Beer Money comes down to the ringside area to get a closer look. The two fight to a standstill with a test of strength before they take each other out by running into each other. James Storm then stands on the ring apron and Williams bumps into him as Kazarian rolls him up for the pin fall. Williams is upset over what just happened as he gets into an argument as Ric Flair comes down to the ring to be a peacekeeper. Flair makes Williams and Kazarian shake hands as they set their differences aside.

The Pope is backstage and says that he will have Abyss one-on-one in ring tonight and says that he will smack him up till there is nothing left except for his mask as we head into a commercial break.

More footage of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan seeing a specialist is aired. EY says they are meant to be together as a tag team and OJ says he has to come out and tells both of them that he is bi. EY chimes in and says bi-polar and asks if the specialist will validate their parking.

Match 5: Abyss vs. D’Angelo Dinero
The Pope runs down to the ring and goes right on the attack to get this match started. Abyss, though, is able to turn the match into his favor before sending the Pope out to the floor. Abyss also heads out to the ringside area and begins attacking TNA fans that are near the guard railing as the referee tosses this match out. TNA agents come out to calm him down as Dinero proposes that the two of them have a lumberjack match and all of the lumberjacks will be the members of his congregation. Abyss agrees to the match and we have another new match set for Turning Point.

Robbie E. and Cookie are Robbie talks about his X Division Championship match and how he is going to win the title. Cookie adds in that they are going to party in style after he wins the title. The broadcast team then preview the Turning Point card and we are treated to a video package to hype the event.

Eric Bischoff is seen walking in back and is talking about how someone is going to get beat up tonight. After Bischoff walks by we hear the guy running the docu-cam call Bischoff an asshole as we head into a commercial break.

A Jeff Hardy promo is aired in which he talks about wanting something and going out and taking it. Hardy says he may have upset some people but says there is no turning back now and will do what needs to be done at any cost.

Bischoff’s music hits as he comes down to the ring with a clipboard in his hand. Bischoff tells Mr. Anderson that he is being given one more chance to prove himself before handing over a sheet of paper to Jeremy Borash for the introductions. Borash quits after a bit and tells Bischoff that it is ridiculous as Anderson is not present in the Impact Zone. Bischoff says he wants to give the people a match and proposes that Borash take him on.

Bischoff then takes out Borash as Mr. Anderson’s music hits. Bischoff turns his attention to the ring entrance as Matt Morgan shows up behind Bischoff, hits him with a Carbon Footprint and pins Eric Bischoff. Morgan then signs the contract and tells Bischoff to tell Jeff Hardy that he will see his ass at Turning Point. Morgan then leaves through the crowd as Ric Flair comes down to the ring.

Flair says Morgan made a mistake by leaving Fortune and says Morgan will bleed and pay the price for what he did as he slams the microphone down on the canvas and Flair hugs Bischoff in the ring as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Sarita defeated Velvet Sky by pin fall.
– Ink Inc. & Mickie James defeated Generation Me & Tara by pin fall in a mixed tag team match.
– AJ Styles defeated RVD and Rhino to retain the TNA Television Championship.
– Kazarian defeated Douglas Williams by pin fall.
– Abyss & D’Angelo Dinero fought to a no contest.

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