10/28/10 TNA Impact Recap (Chained to Fate)

Oct 29, 2010 - by Jason Graening

We head into Impact and see both Tara and Mickie James brawling in the backstage area. Madison Rayne joins in on the action and attacks Mickie from behind as her and Tara begin to double team Mickie. The two look to suplex Mickie onto the floor but the Beautiful People come in and put a stop to that. Sarita then joins in on the action as the fight heads out towards the Impact Zone. The fight finally makes it to the ring where all six enter and fight it out as Ric Flair, Gunner and Murphy head towards the ring.

Flair and security try to calm the situation but Flair is slapped a couple of times by Tara and Mickie before he gets on the microphone and tells them that they will all fight tonight in a match with the Beautiful People and Mickie going against Tara, Madison and Sarita. It doesn’t stop all of the Knockouts from beating each other in the ring, though, as we head into the Impact intro and welcomed to tonight’s show that will feature Robbie E against Jay Lethal in a Jersey Shore Street Fight, a three-way match for the TNA Tag Team Championship with the Motorcity Machine Guns defending against Generation Me and Ink Inc., and Jeff Jarrett will take on Mr. Anderson in a chain match.

We then see D’Angelo Dinero walking in the backstage area and is pushing a casket around. Mike Tenay wonders what that is all about while Taz mentions that he hopes it’s not some bad ass looking to take out an MMA guy as we head into a commercial break.

We are treated to a recap of what happened last week when Jeff Hardy took out Mr. Anderson with a steel chair. We then head into the office where Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are talking about the situation with the Knockouts and how Flair handled it. Bischoff also talks about Hogan’s whereabouts and how is going out looking for new names for Immortal.

Bischoff then goes off on Gunner and Murphy about what happened last week with Kurt Angle and how if he shows up their asses will be on the line. A TNA trainer then walks in and pleads with them that Mr. Anderson should not be in a match tonight due to suffering a concussion and Bischoff says this isn’t the NFL and he is paid to wrestle and he will wrestle tonight.

D’Angelo Dinero is now in the ring, which has a casket wheeled up next to it. The Pope says there is a monster on the loose and that he plans to pimp slap that monster over and over again. The Pope says it’s time to do something with Abyss and says he is going to put him in a casket and send him straight to hell.

Abyss is then seen walking in the crowd and says he was given orders to take out the Pope. Abyss goes on to say that all he will need when the two of them meet is a priest to administer his last rites. Abyss then goes on to say that he is coming for all of the members of his congragation and will take them out one by one. Abyss then grabs two random TNA fans and drags them to the back as the Pope chases after them.

Jeff Jarrett is in the locker room and sarcastically talks about not knowing how far the drop was off the stage that he tossed Samoa Joe off of last week. Jarrett says he will see Joe at Turning Point, but first he will eliminate Mr. Anderson from TNA in a chain match.

Ric Flair is seen talking with with a female in the back as he is approached by Matt Morgan. Morgan wonders if Bischoff was serious about making Anderson wrestle with a concussion and says he doesn’t agree with the move as concussions are a serious problem. Flair says they are a family and they will support any decision that Hogan and Bischoff make before walking away.

Match 1: Robbie E. vs. Jay Lethal (Jersey Shore Street Fight)
The match starts and the two begin to brawl in the ring and quickly head out to the floor. Outside of the ring, Lethal grabs a few weapons and begins to use them on Robbie, such as a trash can lid and a Dead End sign. Lethal then drops Robbie on a road barricade before rolling him into the ring. Robbie finally gains some momentum where Cookie hands him a kendo stick, but Lethal is able to take it away and crack Robbie across the back with it. Lethal then puts a garbage can over Robbie’s head and nails him with a couple more shots with the kendo stick and begins to head towards the top rope but Cookie sprays something in his eyes. Robbie then gets up and hits a neckbreaker to pick up the pin fall. With the win, Robbie has earned a title shot against Lethal at Turning Point.

The Beautiful People are arguing in their dressing room and Velvet Sky says she wants to handle Sarita before she walks out. Angelina then notices Winter sitting in the back of the room and says that they have a bond and fate has brought them together. Velvet then comes back and Winter is gone and she has been replaced by the seamstress. Velvet says that she is starting to worry her as we head into a commercial break.

A video package that focuses on Eric Bischoff and Immortal playing mind games with RVD. We then see EV2 in the ring where Tommy Dreamer is pleading with RVD to come out to the ring as he has not returned any of their calls or texts throughout the week. RVD comes out to the ring and Dreamer tells him what happened last week between him and Sabu was an accident. RVD says he doesn’t know who to trust anymore and begins to act paranoid. Raven says Bischoff has made him a mess before the two get into each others face.

Fortune’s music then hits as they come out of the tunnel and calls EV2 a bunch of dysfunctional punks. Flair says Raven and RVD better kiss and make up as they will be facing Kazarian and AJ Styles later on tonight. Douglas Williams then begins to speak with Flair and the rest of Fortune as we head into a commercial break.

After the break we see Williams still talking with Fortune in the back where Williams and Kazarian are trading some words. Flair steps in and says that they are all members of Fortune and gives Williams a spot in the tag team match in place of Kazarian. The group then talks about drinking in the limo as we head into the next match of the night.

Match 2: Tara/Sarita/Madison Rayne vs. the Beautiful People & Mickie James
The Beautiful People and Mickie James attack their opponents on the ring entrance as Gunner and Murphy come out to try to restore order. Earl Hebner then lays down the law as this match gets underway. The match goes back and forth with all Knockouts getting in on the action in the opening moments. The match then quickly breaks down with Tara hitting Mickie with the Widow’s Peak. Tara is then taken out by the Beautiful People and Sarita tosses Angelina to the floor and Sarita hits Velvet with a Tiger Bomb for the pin fall.

The Pope is seen in the back and is pacing around as he hears a woman screaming in the distance and he runs off after it and we head into a commercial break.

We return to see Dinero run into Abyss who takes him down to the ground. The Pope is able to fight back, though, and sends Abyss headfirst into the casket. Abyss is able to come back and sends the Pope crashing into a set piece before he opens up the casket and tells the Pope that he has prepared his final resting place. Abyss then puts Dinero in the casket and slams the lid down before Abyss goes on a quest to find Janice. Abyss seeks her out and repeatidly beats down the lid of the casket before tipping it over on its side.

Generation Me are seen in the ring and says that they are getting a shot at the titles tonight and that it’s all about them, not about the Machine Guns or Ink Inc. Ink Inc’s music then hits as they come down to the ring and make fun of GenMe by comparing them to the Hardy Boys. Shannon Moore then talks about representing the people in the Impact Zone before the Motorcity Machine Guns come down to the ring and we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: Generation Me vs. Ink Inc. vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Generation Me gains the early advantage as the two work over Jesse Neal is the opening moments. Gen Me works quickly and tag in and out of the match while gaining a few near falls in the process. Shannon Moore finally makes a hot tag and knocks both members of Gen Me out to the floor and propells Neal over the top rope and onto the duo. The Machine Guns finally get into the match and Sabin also dives out with a suicide dive.

The match then breaks down with all six in the ring as they all fly around the ring with rapid fire action. Ink Inc then hits the Mooregasm on Sabin and it looks like we are going to have new tag team champions but Brian Hebner is pulled out of the ring by Jeremy Buck. Moore then dives out onto Buck out on the floor as the Machine Guns hit the Skull and Crossbones on Neal to pick up the pin fall and retain the TNA Tag Team Championships.

Team 3D’s music then hits as they make their way out to the ring. Team 3D says that TNA has the best tag team division in the entire world, which gets the fans to start a “TNA!” chant. Brother Ray then reiterates that Team 3D are still going to retire and says that the Motorcity Machine Guns are the best tag team in wrestling today. Team 3D wants to take them on in one last match and wants to know their answer. Alex Shelley says they have learned a lot from them over the past three years and asks the crowd who wants to see them go at it on last time. The two sides then share and embrace and shake hands.

Matt Morgan walks into Eric Bischoff’s office and asks if the chain match tonight is all about ratings. Morgan talks about putting Hernandez on the shelf for three months due to a concussion and says it is a bigger issue than they seem to be thinking it is. Bischoff says it isn’t a safety issue as this is purely business and he will face Jeff Jarrett whether he is concussed or not. Morgan then calls him irresponsible as he walks out of the office.

After a commercial break, Matt Morgan is seen talking with the trainer and says that he wants to talk to Mr. Anderson. The trainer seems sceptical but allows him to go see Anderson. The announce team then discuss Morgan’s crusade and Taz thinks he may be going too far with it all. They then hype the Turning Point card.

A video package featuring Jeff Hardy is aired in which he says he was above it all and always in control of his destiny. Hardy says the acceptance of the fans was meaningless as it didn’t bring him money. Hardy then says he is the anti-Christ of professional wrestling.

Match 4: AJ Styles & Douglas Williams vs. Raven & RVD
Styles and Williams attack Raven prior to the bell and before RVD had made it down to the ring. RVD’s music finally hits as he slowly makes his way towards the ring and he is immediately attacked as he slides into the ring. RVD is able to gain control of Williams and nearly picks up a pin fall but Styles breaks it up. Williams and Styles then work over RVD while keeping Raven at bay.

RVD is finally able to land a well placed boot to Styles’ face as Ric Flair runs down to the ring and lays out Raven with the TV Title. RVD begins to crawl towards his corner and notices his corner is empty as he begins to look for Raven. He asks what he is doing as Styles and Williams begins to double team him and easily put him away to win via pin fall. After the match RVD yells at Raven, who was busted open by the shot from the title.

A video promo for TNA being featured on the Family Feud is aired. RVD, Matt Morgan, Jay Lethal, Mick Foley and Mr. Anderson are featured on the men’s side while Tara, Lacey von Erich, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Christy Hemme are on the women’s team. These shows will air the first week of November so check your local listings.

Jeff Jarrett carries and pair of handcuffs with a long chain between both ends down to the ring and calls out Mr. Anderson. Anderson’s music hits but Matt Morgan is the one that comes down to the ring with a microphone in his hand. Morgan tells Jarrett that nobody has been listening to what he has to say and how we now know more about concussions than we have in the past. Morgan talks about the hot topic that has been going around in all of professional sports and tells him that it is time to do the right thing, which gets an applause from the fans in the Impact Zone.

Jarrett can’t believe what Morgan is talking about and says he doesn’t care about Anderson or his concussion. Jarrett says he is in this for survival and says the massacre of Mr. Anderson will be taking place tonight and there is nothing he can do about it. Jarrett again calls out Anderson as Morgan puts one hand in the handcuffs and says he will take Anderson’s place. Jarrett begins to plead to Morgan but punches him in the face as this match officially starts.

Match 5: Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Morgan (Chain Match)
Morgan quickly beats down Jarrett in this chain match and slams him down hard with a side slam. Morgan then hits Jarrett with a fallaway slam before the fight heads out to the floor where Jarrett is able to use the chain and send Morgan into the ring post, which busts him open. The fight then heads back into the ring where Jarrett is able to crotch Morgan with the chain before hitting the Stroke to pick up the pin fall.

As Jarrett begins to gloat over the victory, Matt Morgan gets up to his feet and levels Jarrett with a clothesline. Morgan then begins to choke Jarrett out with the chain as Fortune runs out to the ring and attacks their Fortune partner. Jarrett the ties the handcuffs together and uses it to choke Morgan out by hanging him over the top rope as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Robbie E. defeated Jay Lethal by pin fall in a Jersey Shore Street Fight.
– Tara/Sarita/Madison Rayne defeated the Beautiful People and Mickie James by pin fall.
– The Motorcity Machine Guns defeated Ink Inc. and Generation Me by pin fall to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.
– AJ Styles & Douglas Williams defeated RVD & Raven by pin fall.
– Jeff Jarrett defeated Matt Morgan in a chain match by pin fall.

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