No Surrender

Sep 5, 2010 - by Adam Martin

TNA No Surrender PPV Results
September 5, 2010
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of

We see footage of
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson all arriving to the Impact Zone earlier today before the PPV event.

A video package runs highlighting the Semifinal matches tonight featuring Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero with the winners advancing to Bound for Glory to compete for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to TNA No Surrender. We go live to the Impact Zone where a series of pyro goes off.

Out first to kick off the show is Generation Me.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machineguns (c’s) vs. Generation Me

Some early exchanges between Alex Shelley and Jeremy Buck. Few leg sweeps between the two with a tag to Max Buck. Tag to Chris Sabin who hits a big shoulder block on Max. The two attempt a dropkick at the same time and get in each others face. Tag back to Jeremy and Shelley. Springboard arm drag by Jeremy. Tag back to Max who flips off the top turnbuckle over Shelley. Quick tag back to Jeremy who does the same over Shelley. The Guns double team Jeremy with a series of rapid fire offense including an atomic drop (Shelley) and dropkick to the face (Sabin). Some tags between the two with Shelley becoming the legal man with a spinebuster over Jeremy. Shelley locks on an inverted boston crab on Jeremy that Max breaks up. Tag to Max who takes out The Guns with a series of dropkicks. Max with a big bulldog over Sabin and suicide dive on Shelley hanging onto the top rope. Max with a springboard blockbuster over Sabin. Shelley tags himself in and takes out Max with a kick to the face. Jeremy with a neckbreaker on Shelley over the ring apron. Some quick tags between the Bucks. Strange set of double teaming with Generation Me both flipping backward for no reason and then dropkicking Shelley at the same time. Sabin gets the tag and takes both Generation Me members. Sabin with a springboard DDT on Max. Max blocks another attempt by Sabin. Jeremy with an inverted DDT after he was flipped onto Max and flipped backwards. Series of superkicks by all four until The Guns take out Max with a double superkick. Jeremy is left to allow Shelley to hit the flying cross body block and Sabin hooks the leg for the win.

Winners & still TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machineguns

After the match, Generation Me started attacking The Machineguns. Both Max and Jeremy Buck grab Alex Shelley and DDT him off the ring apron onto the floor below. Medical staff run down to attend to Shelley. Chris Sabin tries going after them, but Generation Me runs away. Generation Me run to the top of the ramp and laugh.

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss the Semifinal matches later tonight.

TNA X Division Championship
Douglas Williams (c) vs. Sabu

Douglas Williams has new music. Strange choice given the character. Sabu charges in early for a takedown that Williams dodges right away. Another takedown attempt, Sabu gets a leg and Williams recovers back to his feet. Sabu with a leg lock around the neck of Williams on the mat. Williams comes in for a takedown and Sabu catches him with a big knee to the head. Sabu with a big clothesline and springboard leg drop over Williams. Sabu locks on the camel clutch and Williams gets to the ropes. Sabu with a big flip dive over Williams over the top rope to the outside. Sabu grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up. Referee Earl Hebner calls them back in and Williams tosses Sabu back in the ring. Williams with a running high knee to Sabu in the corner. Sabu crotches Williams up top. Sabu misses a springboard huricanrana attempt and ends up pulling Williams down with him. Nice job with Tenay and Taz referring to it as a counter/block to protect the botch. Sabu grabs a steel chair and again referee Earl Hebner stops it from being used. Sabu sets up the chair anyway, Sabu springboards off the chair, onto the ropes and hits a moonsault over Williams. Hebner tosses the chair out when Williams drop toe holds Sabu into it. Williams with a low blow on Sabu. Hebner warns Williams and Williams argues it wasn’t that bad. Williams with a quick knee drop over Sabu. Sabu with a DDT on Williams. The chair comes back into play and Sabu springboards off it into Williams in the corner. Hebner kicks it off to the side and Sabu sets it back up. Williams kicks the chair into Sabu and hits a gutwrench suplex. Hebner blocks an attempt by Sabu to jump off the chair. Sabu pushes him away, jumps off, gets on the rope, loses his balance, lands back in the ring and then springboards himself back out over Williams. Sabu rolls back in, dives out again, Williams moves and Sabu crashes through the table. Williams goes to use a chair, Hebner grabs it out of his hands, with Hebner distracted Williams grabs the X Title, clocks Sabu with it, tosses it out, covers Sabu and gets the pinfall.

Winner & still TNA X Division Champion: Douglas Williams

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Mr. Anderson. Anderson said he doesn’t care if The Pope likes him or not and he came to TNA for two reasons: win matches and win championships. He gets the crowd to start a “WE ARE ASSHOLES” chant.

Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne w/ Tara

Tara tries to trip up Velvet Sky early on allowing Madison Rayne to go in for the attack. Sky with some big chops to Rayne. Rayne mounts Sky and lands a few right and left hands. Rayne gets a camel clutch on Sky, what Taz calls a “sexier” version than the one Sabu did in the prior match. Sky low blows Rayne. Taz asks if that can really hurt. Tenay said don’t ask him. Taz said where is Jeremy Borash when you need him? Rayne starts pulling the hair of Sky. Rayne with a scissor stomp on Sky. Sky mounts a comeback with some slaps and quick clothesline takedowns. Sky with a modified bulldog and Tara pulls her out during a pinfall. Tara grabs her huge helmet to hit Sky with the referee distracted, but Love gets involved and takes out Tara. Back in the ring, Sky hits a big DDT on Rayne and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Jeff Hardy. He still wants revenge for what happened to Rob Van Dam.

Falls Count Anywhere
Abyss vs. Rhino

Rhino goes after Abyss right away as he walked down the ramp. Rhino tosses a series of weapons inside the ring. Rhino puts a trash can in the corner and then dives out over the top rope on Abyss. They brawl to the backstage area of the Impact Zone and get near the Universal Studios amusement park lot. Rhino sends Abyss into cage fencing. Abyss fights back launching Rhino into the fence as well. They eventually fight back into the Impact Zone. Back in the ring, Abyss sends Rhino into the trash can that was setup in the corner. They brawl back near the ramp and Abyss sends Rhino into the steel guard railing. Rhino then sends Abyss into part of the stage and makes a big hole. The referee and camera man follow. Camera man is down. Tenay and Taz say they can hear them fighting below the stage. On the other side, Rhino comes crashing through the stage. Abyss tosses Rhino back in the ring and pulls apart a piece of the steel guard railing. Abyss brings it in the ring and sets it up in the corner. Taz adds, “Wait until Dixie Carter gets the bill (from tonight).” Rhino with a flying clothesline on Abyss. Rhino with shots to the head of Abyss with a cookie sheet. Rhino goes for a Gore, but Abyss counters chokeslamming Rhino over the trash can. Abyss leaves the ring and grabs Janice (his 2×4 full of nails). Abyss returns to the ring and connects with a huge Gore on Abyss. Cover and Abyss somehow kicks out. Abyss with a Black Hole Slam and Rhino kicks out of that. Rhino drops Abyss with a clothesline and backs up. Rhino charges, Abyss moves, Rhino connects with the steel guard railing, bounces off and Abyss connects with the Black Hole Slam. Cover and Abyss gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, they do a close up of the steel guard railing that Rhino hit. Some of the bars are bent. Abyss looks into the camera and yells, “10.10.10. They are coming Dixie.” We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe vs. Sting & Kevin Nash

Before the match, Jeff Jarrett told the referee to remove Sting’s bat from the ringside area. Kevin Nash grabbed the bat and teased he was going to hit Samoa Joe with it. Joe just pushed forward and got in Nash’s face. The bell rings and we start with Sting and Samoa Joe. Sting gets in a cheap shot on Jarrett. Joe goes after Sting and Nash hits the ring to go after Joe. Joe fights off Nash with a big kick to the head. Joe with stiff right hands to Sting and a huge splash/kick to the head combo in the corner. Tag to Jarrett who works over Sting with right hands. Nash with a cheap shot on Jarrett when he hits the ropes and Sting drops Jarrett soon after. Tag to Nash who drops Jarrett face first off the turnbuckle. Nash with a side slam on Jarrett. Tag back to Sting who works over the left arm of Jarrett. Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Sting goes for a body splash and Jarrett gets the knees up. Tag to Joe, but the referee doesn’t see it and pushes Joe back to his corner. Sting catches Jarrett with a big clothesline and both go down. Tag to Joe who drops Sting and Nash. Joe with an atomic drop, kick to the face, senton splash on Sting and kick to Nash’s head. Joe with a suicide dive on Nash. In the ring, Jarrett catches Sting with a high knee. Sting then drops Jarrett into the ropes. Jarrett grabs the baseball bat in the corner and hits Sting in the gut with it. Jarrett tosses it away and leaves the ring as Joe gets back in. Joe applies the rear naked choke on Sting. The referee calls for the bell when Sting goes out.

Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe

After the match, Jeff Jarrett and Samoe Joe celebrate the win. Tenay and Taz question Jarrett using Sting’s bat when he wanted it out of play at the start of the match.

“I Quit” Match
TNA TV Champion AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

AJ Styles tried to attack Tommy Dreamer during his entrance. The bell officially rings when Dreamer drops Styles’ arm off the top rope and gets inside. On the outside, Dreamer pulls back on the head of Styles against the steel ring post. Dreamer told the referee to ask him and Styles on the mic responded, “You still suck Tommy Dreamer!” Styles comes back with some big chops to Dreamer. Dreamer gets a full nelson applied on Styles. Styles says on the mic, “Screw you Dreamer!” when asked by the referee. Styles goes shoulder first into the steel ring post when Dreamer moved. Dreamer drops Styles with a clothesline running over the ring apron and jumping at Styles. Styles gives Dreamer a suplex onto the ramp. Styles tries to lock on a Figure Four when Dreamer grabs one of the production lights on the ramp and hits Styles in the head with it. Dreamer starts choking Styles with the cord attached to the light and he still refuses to say he quits on the mic. Styles pulls up some of the floor padding to expose the concrete floor. Styles goes for a Styles Clash, Dreamer floats out and sends Styles into the ring post. Dreamer with a shoulder breaker across the knee. Dreamer gets a modified armbar applied on the left arm of Styles. Styles screams that Dreamer sucks when asked by the referee. Dreamer gets Styles’ arm wrapped up in a steel chair and Dreamer drops his body over it. Styles tries to use a fork (no idea where that came from) and Dreamer counters out going for a crossface. Styles breaks it up and rolls out. Dreamer follows sending Styles face first into the steel ring steps. Styles crotches Dreamer across the guard railing. Back in the ring, Dreamer fights out of a Figure Four attempt by Styles. Styles kicks Dreamer with force on the knee and then crotches him by pulling him into the steel ring post. Styles then locks on a Figure Four on Dreamer using the steel ring post. Dreamer finds a way to fight out, but Styles gets back in and drops his knee over a steel chair. Styles with another Figure Four on Dreamer. Dreamer turns himself over to reverse it on Styles. Styles attempts a dropkick to Dreamer’s face, but gets hits leg caught inside the steel chair. Dreamer closes the chair over Styles’ leg and applies pressure. Dreamer sees the fork Styles tried to use earlier and picks it up. Styles with a Pele Kick on Dreamer. Styles attempts a suicide dive, but Dreamer catches Stylse with a kendo stick to the head. Dreamer cracks the stick across the side of Styles and connects with a pump handle slam using the kendo stick. Dreamer applies a crossface on Styles using the kendo stick. Dreamer eventually lets go and Styles catches Dreamer in the eye with the fork. Styles with a standing dropkick to Dreamer. Styles starts driving the fork into the eye of Dreamer, Dreamer is busted open and screaming. Dreamer screams, “I quit!”

Winner: AJ Styles

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Kurt Angle. Hemme brings up how if Angle loses any kind of a singles match then he will leave TNA. He said Jeff Hardy is a good wrestler, but he is better and he is TNA.

Semifinals Match
Winner advances to Bound for Glory
Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Angle stuffs a takedown attempt by Hardy early on and applies a front headlock. Hardy with headlocks on Angle keeping the action on the feet. Hardy with a front suplex, leg drop and dropkick to the head combo on Angle. Angle catches Hardy with an elbow in the corner and connects with a huge snap powerbomb on Hardy! Angle applies a headlock on Hardy right away. Hardy mounts a comeback and Angle levels him with a clothesline. Hardy with his driving dropkick to the chest on Angle in the corner. Angle with a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Hardy. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Angle. Hardy goes up top. Angle is pretty far away. Angle pops right up, jumps up top and launches Hardy off the top rope with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hardy floats out of an Angle Slam attempt and Hardy hits another Twist of Fate. Hardy goes for a Swanton Bomb and Angle rolls out of the way. Angle connects with the Angle Slam. Angle attempts an ankle lock, but Hardy kicks him away. Angle with one german suplex. Connects with a second. Executes a third with a release. Angle is up top, attempts a moonsault and Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy with his Whisper in the Wind off the top that connects right to the head of Angle. Angle rolls out to recover and Hardy drops him with a Twist of Fate. Hardy rolls back in, gets up on the top turnbuckle and jumps connecting with a Swanton Bomb on Angle to the outside floor! There was a loud thump when Hardy landed. Referee starts the count. Angle rolls in at eight. Hardy rolls in at nine. Angle hits a release german sulpex on Hardy. Angle is favoring his ribs when he goes up top and connects with a splash on Hardy. Both men are down. Referee starts the count. Hardy counters a powerbomb attempt and hits another Twist of Fate. Angle kicks out. Hardy immediately hits a leg drop, goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb. Cover and Angle barely gets a shoulder up. Hardy up top again and hits another Swanton. Angle again gets a shoulder up at the last second. Hardy is back up for a third time. This time Angle gets the knees up. Angle with an Angle Slam. Hardy kicks out. Ankle lock on Hardy applied by Angle. Hardy counters out sending Angle to the outside. Hardy on the ring apron, dives and clotheslines Angle. Hardy rolls Angle back in the ring. Angle trips up Hardy and applies the ankle lock. Hardy tries kicking Angle away and reaches for the bottom rope. Hardy gets the bottom rope, but Angle drags him back out to the middle of the ring. Hardy kicks Angle away. Angle immediately clotheslines Hardy. Ankle lock applied again. Hardy tries turning over and Angle goes with him keeping the ankle lock applied. Angle drops down and keeps the ankle lock applied. Hardy is on his back screaming out in pain. Angle is screaming at Hardy to tap. All of a sudden the bell rings. The referee looks confused.

Jeremy Borash announces we have reached a time limit draw after 20 minutes. The crowd chants, “Five more minutes.” Eric Bischoff is walking out into the Impact Zone. He walks up to Dixie Carter and speaks with her. Bischoff is handed a mic and says they have no choice but to add another five more minutes on the clock.

The bell rings and here we go again. Angle starts kicking the leg of Hardy. Angle stomps over Hardy’s ankle. Angle drops his weight over Hardy’s ankle. Angle has the ankle lock applied. Hardy kicks Angle out of the ring. Angle is back in and Hardy is going up top. Angle crotches Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Angle with an Angle Slam on Hardy off the top turnbuckle. Angle covers and Hardy powers out after two. There is 1 minute and 23 seconds left. Hardy sends Angle to the outside once again through the ropes. The referee starts the count. 1 minute left on the clock. Angle returns to the ring right before the 10 count. 30 seconds left. Angle with a close rollup on Hardy. Double clothesline and both are down. 5 seconds left, Angle covers Hardy and Hardy gets a shoulder up as time expires.

Eric Bischoff tells the referee we need a winner and adds another five minutes to the clock. Angle drops Hardy in the corner and starts choking him with his boot. Angle with shoulder charges to Hardy in the corner. Angle misses a shoulder charge on Hardy and Angle drives his shoulder into the steel ring post. Angle is busted open at this point. 1 minute and 50 seconds left on the clock. Hardy applies a boston crab. Blood is pouring out of Angle’s head. The referee checks on Angle once, twice and Angle keeps his arm up during the third check. Angle rolls through and gets the ankle lock applied. Hardy gets to the ropes to break it up. Angle floats over and applies the ankle lock again. Angle drops down and keeps it applied on Hardy. 23 seconds left on the clock. Blood is still pouring from Angle’s head. 10 seconds left. Hardy is kicking and fighting. Time expires yet again.

Eric Bischoff gets in the ring and looks at a bloody Kurt Angle. Bischoff wants medical staff to check on Angle’s cut. Angle is cleaned up as Bischoff checks on Hardy. A TNA production member hands a headset to Bischoff. Taz wonders on the mic what the verdict is. Bischoff gets on the mic and says unfortunately due to Angle’s cut being too deep, they will have to declare this match a no contest. Bischoff apologizes. Angle is upset and starts heading to the back.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading up to the first finish after the 20 minute time limit expired. We then see the match being restarted two more times at five minutes each. Back live, Shannon Moore is out to help an exhausted Hardy to the back. Hardy favors his ankle on his way up the ramp with help from Moore and the referee.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. He knocks Mr. Anderson for trying to call himself part of the human body. Pope promises a winner will take place next and he will be on his way to Bound for Glory.

Semifinals Match
Winner advances to Bound for Glory
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings and both men lock up. Pope locks himself in the ropes when Anderson attempts a takedown. Anderson attempts a small package and Pope counters as the two roll around the ring. Series of reverals and mat work between the two. Pope drops Anderson with an armbar takedown. Pope drops Anderson over the same arm. Pope pulls back on the wrist of Anderson, lifts him up and drops him over the wrist/arm. Anderson screams out in pain. Right and left exchanges. Anderson gets the better of it dropping Pope with a series of clotheslines and a quick superkick. Anderson drives Pope into the corner with force. Pope fights back with chops. Anderson catches Pope with a boot in the corner and running clothesline combo. Anderson with a keylock over the left arm of Pope. Anderson catches Pope with a knee to the gut after he came off charging off the ropes. Double clothesline drops both in the middle of the ring. Referee starts the count. Crowd in Orlando is starting to wake up. Pope drops Anderson with big elbows. Pope with an atomic drop and flying shoulder block. Pope with a kick, big chops and Anderson falls on the ropes. Pope slides over the back/neck of Anderson landing on the outside. Pope starts going up top and Anderson cuts him off. Anderson is up top looking to execute a superplex. Pope tosses Anderson off and Anderson crotches himself on the top rope. Pope stands up, jumps and takes out Anderson on the outside. Pope favors his arm after the spot. Back in the ring, Anderson hits his senton flip on Pope. Pope with a facebuster on Anderson. Anderson with a Mic Check on Pope. Pope kicks out after two. Pope goes after Anderson in the corner with big kicks and stomps. Pope misses the DDE, Anderson hits a Mic Check and gets the pinfall.

Winner & advancing to Bound for Glory: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Mr. Anderson grabs one of the dollar bills that were on the ground from Pope’s entrance and spits on it. Anderson uses the same dollar bill and makes it into a paper airplane. He throws it at Pope as his arm is raised in victory by referee Earl Hebner. Pope heads to the back and Anderson calls for the mic. Anderson says he is one match away from becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The PPV goes off the air with Tenay wondering who Anderson will face at Bound for Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We will find out more on September 16 when Impact returns to Spike TV.

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