Jun 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, August 24th in Phoenix, AZ

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler introduced the program. Lilian Garcia then sang the National Anthem. Another Elimination Chamber preview video aired.

1 — LA RESISTANCE vs. THE DUDLEYS – WWE Tag Team Title Match

Bubba did an early Tree of Woe move, which Ross called by name. Ross talked up the intensity of the match after three minutes of non-stop action. The crowd chanted “USA” as soon as La Resistance took control of Bubba. Dupree applied a bearhug on Bubba t 4:15. D-Von got the hot tag at 5:15 and cleaned house on La Resistance. Some four-way action followed including a D-Von headbutt that hit Grenier’s thigh. They followed with a 3D on Dupree for a near fall ending when Grenier yanked the ref out of the ring. A camera guy attacked D-Von with a camera and put Dupree on top, but the director didn’t catch it on TV. Spike ran out for the save, but the third La Resistance member attacked Spike with his camera. The heels left the ring with their arms raised.

WINNERS: La Resistance at 7:44.

-Johnathan Coachman interviewed The Dudleys afterward. Coachman said La Resistance were quite clever. Bubba accused Coachman of being anti-American and said those who are anti-American “suck.” He said they won’t rest until they end La Resistance’s reign.

-Christian complained to Eric Bischoff backstage about not having an Intercontinental Title defense on SummerSlam. Bischoff said he was busy warming up for his big match later. Christian offered to help him, but Bischoff said he already has a backup plan already in place. Christian interrupted Bischoff’s warm-ups again and asked him what happened with he and Linda in the bedroom. “A gentleman never kisses and tells,” he said. But in his case, he’d make an exception. He then said he would explain to everyone in the ring later exactly what happened. I expect he’ll reveal that it was just mind games he was playing with Shane and that nothing really happened after the camera stopped rolling. It’s the only way out of it.

2 — UNDERTAKER vs. A-TRAIN (w/Sable)

Taker walked the top rope and came off with a forearm at 2:30. A-Train then took over offense and worked over Taker’s back with some elbows to the kidney area. He scored a two count at 4:30. Taker made a comeback at 5:30 with a series of punches and then an attempted Snake Eyes that didn’t connect. Taker attempted a comeback with punches to Train’s gut. Taker legdropped Train’s head as it lay on the edge of the ring apron in a stiff looking move. Train then came back at 7:00 with a Baldo Bomb. The ref went down, so then Train nailed Taker with a bicycle kick to the face. Train then grabbed a chair. Taker took it from him and used the chair against him. The ref came to, but Train kicked out in time at 8:45. Taker then hit a chokeslam for the win. Sable entered the ring and stopped Taker from dishing out more punishment to Train. When Taker grabbed Sable, Stephanie McMahon’s music played and she came out and attacked Sable. Train yanked Sable out of the ring to save her from further beating. Sable shot Steph an evil eye before leaving with Train.

WINNER: Undertaker at 9:23.

-A recap aired of the Shane McMahon-Eric Bischoff storyline aired including the involvement at various stages of Jim Ross, Kane, and Linda McMahon.

-In the ring live, Bischoff said he was about to reveal what happened last week as Raw went off the air, but first he was going to address Vince McMahon. “What are you doing running around eating hamburgers when you’ve got a hot juicy delicious filet mignon at home?” he said. He added that he and Linda did it again and again and again. “Shane McMahon, I know where you get your energy,” he said. Shane McMahon then walked out wearing his baseball jersey that said, “Shane O’Mac.”


Shane attacked Bischoff at the start with a series of kicks in the corner of the ring. He threw him out of the ring and beat him up and down the entry aisle. At 3:30 Coachman attacked Shane with a chair. Bischoff then announced that he just made the match no DQ, falls count anywhere. Coachman continued to beat on Shane. Bischoff went for a cover at ringside, but Shane lifted his shoulder. Bischoff ordered the production truck to turn off the mics of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. He then told Coachman to call the match. Bischoff kicked Shane in the gut. Coachman mockingly said, “What a shot! That’s a slobberknocker.” Bischoff sidekicked Shane and reverse kicked Shane. Coachman said, “You kicked him like a government mule!” At 6:00 Shane made a comeback by elbowing out of Coachman’s grip and then DDT’ing Bischoff. Coachman hit Shane in the gut with the mic. Steve Austin’s music then began and he came out. When Austin entered the ring, Coachman said he doesn’t work for him, he works for Bischoff. “It’s a case of mind over matter. I don’t mind, and Stone Cold, you don’t matter,” he said. “And I don’t appreciate, and Eric Bischoff, doesn’t appreciate you coming out here.” Coachman told Austin he can’t touch him unless he provokes him “and I’m not touching you.” Shane then shoved Coachman into Austin. Austin then stomped away Coachman with some stiff stomps. Shane fired back with some stiff kicks of his own. Coachman was covering for his life in the corner. He couldn’t even get up at first, but he managed to bounce off the ropes and take an elbow. He was a wet sack of cement in there was Austin went to throw him out of the ring. He ended up shoving him under the bottom rope. Austin then ordered the production truck to turn the mics of Ross and Lawler back on. Austin said he would leave Shane in the ring alone to finish his business. Shane took Bischoff’s limp arm and used it to slap Austin, giving Austin the “right” to give Bischoff a Stunner in response. Shane went for a pin, but lifted his shoulder at two. Shane then put Bischoff on the Spanish announcing table and then leaped off the top rope onto Bischoff. Then he rolled onto Bischoff and the ref counted to three.

WINNER: Shane McMahon at 10:35.

-The WrestleMania Recall showed Shawn Michaels beating Bret Hart in 1996 to win the WWF Hvt. Title.

-Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discussed what a huge first hour they already had.

-Backstage Ric Flair and Randy Orton were discussing strategy for the Elimination Chamber. When Orton began to say, “What if?” Flair stopped him and said, “There are no what ifs.” Hunter entered the picture, refused a handshake from Orton, and told him to remember one thing, he (Hunter) walks in and walks out with the title. Orton seemed a bit disgruntled by being forced into that gameplan, perhaps showing the first (very rushed) signs of a split. It could be just to add a bit of intrigue to the Chamber later rather than a sign of the beginning of a split.


Guerrero drove to the ring in a bouncy car. Tajiri opened with a series of kicks. Benoit and Rhyno then squared off, with Rhyno taking control. Guerrero then went to work on Tajiri in the ring. They continued taking turns in one-on-one action for several minutes. Guerrero applied his Laso from El Paso submission hold on Tajiri as Benoit applied a Crippler Crossface on Tajiri next to him. It was a race to see who could get their opponent to tap out first. Tajiri escaped Guerrero’s hold, then Guerrero broke up Benoit’s. Benoit then put the Crossface on Guerrero. Rhyno and Tajiri then both attacked Benoit. Benoit hit a series of German suplexes on Tajiri. Tajiri elbowed out of a third suplex attempt and hit one of his own into a bridge for a near fall. The ref actually could have counted to three, but stopped just before Benoit actually kicked out. Tajiri put Benoit in the Tarantula. Guerrero then used his title belt to block a Rhyno Gore. Benoit hung Tajiri upside down in the corner. Benoit then hit Rhyno with a top rope headbutt for a near fall, but Tajiri broke the count at 10:30. Tajiri went for a big roundhouse kick, but Benoit ducked and then dumped Tajiri over the top rope to the floor. Guerrero then hit the Frog Splash on Rhyno in center ring for the win.

WINNER: Guerrero at 10:52 to retain the U.S. Hvt. Title.

-Clips aired of the beating Brock Lesnar gave Zach Gowen, including uncensored shots of the bloodied Zach’s face. Cole and Tazz talked about how horrible it was what Brock did to Zach. A clip aired from Heat of Matt Hardy ripping on Zach for not showing up for the match. A video recap then aired of the Kurt Angle-Brock Lesnar storyline with Lesnar’s turn two weeks ago.

5 — KURT ANGLE vs. BROCK LESNAR – WWE Hvt. Title Match

They had a staredown before the match. They began the match slow, feeling each other out early. At 3:00 Angle shoved Brock into the corner, frustrating Brock. Angle then tossed Brock to the mat twice, so Brock bailed to ringside and threw a monitor and kicked the stairs in frustration. Brock shot a stare at ring announcer Tony Chimel, and he leaped back several feat out of fear for his lift. Brock grabbed the WWE Title belt and held it in the air. Angle hit Brock from behind. They fought in the aisle. Brock overpowered Angle and whipped him into the ring apron. Angle fought back by working over Brock’s legs, then tossed him back into the ring at 4:30. Brock fought back and pressed Angle and dropped him over the top rope to the floor. He then whipped Angle into the ringside stairs. Brock slowed the match with a methodical beating on Angle. Lesnar cradle suplexed Angle for a near fall at 10:30. Lesnar dominated until 12:30 when Angle sidestepped a charging Brock, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Angle then checked Brock twice and then dropkicked his left let out from under him from behind. Angle hit two unreleased German suplexes. Lesnar fired back with two suplexes of his own. Angle went for an Angle Slam, but Brock reversed it into a spinebuster for a near fall at 14:30. Lesnar went for an F5, but Angle reversed it in mid-air but they landed awkwardly. They just decided to re-do the move, so Brock went for another F5, but Angle reversed it into a DDT for a very near fall. (They’ll edit out the first miscue in time for Thursday – oh wait, they’ve live!) At 16:45 Angle applied the Anklelock. Brock reached the ropes. The ref then got knocked down. Angle got caught on Brock’s back. Neither wrestler moved for a minute. Angle then maneuvered into an Anklelock. Cole said now maybe Brock knows what Zach was going through. Brock was in center ring and did tap out, but the ref was still down. Vince McMahon entered the ring and nailed Angle with a chair from behind at 18:30. Lesnar then F5’d Angle who seemed to lad a bit awkwardly. Vince didn’t break character as he laughed at ringside. The groggy ref made a deliberate count, but Angle kicked out. Vince told Lesnar to go for the F5 again. Angle countered with an Anklelock in center ring. Vince cheered on Brock, who reached the ropes at 20:45. Ankle yanked Lesnar off of the rope before it was broken, though. The ref didn’t make Angle break it despite Lesnar having reached the ropes. Lesnar then tapped. Angle suplexed Vince through a chair in the ring after the match.

WINNER: Angle at 21:18 to retain the WWE Title.

6 — ROB VAN DAM vs. KANE – No Holds Barred

They used the ladder as a weapon in the opening two minutes. RVD went for the Rolling Thunder at 2:00, but Kane caught him by the throat. RVD came back with a crossbody block into Kane, but he flew over Kane and landed with a thud on the ring mats. Kane went to work on RVD at ringside. Kane rammed RVD with a ladder at ringside. Kane went off the top rope, but slipped badly and caught himself on the top rope. (They’ll edit it out before Thursday… oh, wait…) Kane went right back to the well and leaped off toward RVD at ringside, but RVD sidestepped him. They both went down at ringside and were slow to get up at 8:15. Kane went to hit RVD with stairs, but RVD ducked. Kane fell face-first into the stairs. RVD dropkicked Kane over the security wall into the front row of fans. RVD leaped off the apron with a spinning legdrop onto Kane who was draped over the security wall. Back in the ring RVD flipped onto a chair draped over Kane’s chest. Kane showed his toughness by sitting up. RVD hit the Van Daminator. He flew off the top rope with chair in hand and tried a Van Daminator, but came up short and kicked the chair over Kane. At ringside Kane KO’d RVD with a tombstone piledriver on the ringside stairs.

WINNER: Kane at 12:51.

-Backstage Terri attempted to interview Bischoff as he was being stitched up with an icepack held against his face. He told Terri to get out of his face. Linda McMahon then entered the arena and approached Bischoff, who said, “Mrs. McMahon, I didn’t expect to see you here.” He stuttered and stammered as she approached him with a smile on her face. She slapped the icepack into his face, then walked away.


Goldberg did his shadow boxing type routine in the sparks on the stage and slipped and fell. He got back on his feet quickly. Ross pointed out that Chris Jericho is the only Canadian in the match. Hunter wore longer black tights rather than his usual short black trunks. Jericho and Michaels began the match, while the other four were locked in the side glass cages. Big surprise those two started. It was said to be determined via coin toss. (“If the coin lands heads or tails, Jericho and Michaels start. If it lands on its side, we’ll toss the coin again.”) Good chain wrestling by the two. Orton was able to enter the ring at 3:00 when his door opened. They took turns backdropping each other on the steel grating outside the ring. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho in center ring at 5:45. At 6:00 Kevin Nash entered the match. Nash rammed Jericho head-first into the chain fence. Michaels was the first to bleed. Nash went after Michaels with two clothesline attempts, but Michaels ducked both. Nash then caught Michaels with a forearm on the third bounce off the ropes. As Nash set up Jericho for a Jackknife, Michaels surprised Nash with a superkick. Jericho then bridged Nash for a three count at 8:04. Hunter was released from the cage at 9:00. Michaels welcomed Hunter to the match with a superkick, knocking him back into his chamber. Nash cleaned house on Michaels, Jericho, and Orton with Jackknifes despite having been officially eliminated. He then threw his fist into the air to get a last mild pop. The door to the chamber was opened so he could leave. Hunter remained down for three minutes while Jericho, Michaels, and Orton were barely able to get to their feet after the Jackknifes. Goldberg then was the last to come out. He pressed Orton and then dropped him with a powerslam. Goldberg speared Orton at 13:00 to eliminate Orton. Jericho surprised Goldberg with a dropkick for a one-and-a-half count. Goldberg then pressed Jericho and threw him into the chain fence. Michaels took a Flair flip bump into the corner. Goldberg speared Jericho into the glass chamber wall in an attempt to break it. It took a second shove to actually break the glass. Michaels then hit a top rope elbow on Goldberg. He then signaled for his Sweet Chin Music. Goldberg ducked it and gave Michaels a Spear. He then looked into the camera, then signaled for the Jackhammer. Hunter looked on, choosing to stay in the chamber, but still didn’t get up. Goldberg then hit the Jackhammer on Michaels for the pin. He then looked over at Jericho. Goldberg then gave Jericho a Jackhammer. Goldberg then stared down Hunter, who looked worried sick. Goldberg broke the plexigass walls to get at Hunter, who had refused to leave on his own accord. Goldberg punched away at Hunter. Goldberg shoved Hunter’s forehead into the chains. Hunter was bleeding already at this point. Goldberg set up the Spear, but Hunter blocked it with a sledgehammer to score the pin. After the match, Evolution triple-teamed Goldberg by handcuffing him to the fence and bashing him into a bloody mess with the sledgehammer.

WINNER: Hunter at 19:18.

Source: Wade Keller

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