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Sunday, July 27st in Denver

Michael Cole and Tazz introduced the program. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that this wasn’t a Raw-brand PPV, sticking us with three hours of Johnathan Coachman.

1 — CHRIS BENOIT vs. EDDIE GUERRERO – U.S. Title tournament finals

The ref gave pre-match instructions to the wrestlers while holding the title a la a big boxing match. Almost nothing happened for the first five minutes outside tests of strength and headlocks. They began the match with a pace that suggested they were going at least 25, maybe 30 minutes. Cole and Tazz did a nice job settling up the prestige or the title match. Benoit snuck on a Crippler Crossface at 6:45 for the first big pop of the match. He then followed up with a dive through the ropes onto Guerrero at ringside. Cole said Benoit was “pulling out all the stops” to win the title. They went back into the ring for more mat-based wrestling, with Benoit working over Guerrero with a half nelson. Benoit went for a roll up and they went to an outside shot of the arena for a split second. Back in the ring Guerrero took over offense at 9:15, hitting a huracanrana off the top rope (or what Cole called a “leg scissors”). Guerrero scored a two count. The crowd booed when Benoit kicked out of Guerrero pin attempts. Guerrero got cocky at 11:00 and began dancing and kicking at Benoit, then he went back to an armbar. Cole said this is the time in a match when stamina comes into play. For two guys who have been stationary for 90 percent of the match, stamina wasn’t an actually an issue yet. They began throwing some chops at each other at 1:30 which prompted some Flair “whoos.” Benoit hit a top rope back suplex at 12:45 which got a rise out of the crowd. Both men were slow to move after the move. The crowd counted along with the ref toward ten. Benoit draped his arm over Guerrero for a two count. When Guerrero kicked out, there was a mix of cheers and boos. Cole mentioned past U.S. Title holders including Sting, Rick Steamboat, and Bill Goldberg. Benoit went into his series of back suplexes. He hit two before Guerrero escaped, but then quickly went to a Crippler Crossface at 14:15. Guerrero reached the ropes, then a minute later he hit a top rope superplex. Tazz called it a turning point in the match. After another Crossface attempt at 17:00, Guerrero reached the ropes. The ref then went down during a collision at 17:45. Guerrero retrieved the title belt from ringside and KO’d Benoit. Cole declared that Benoit was going to steal the match, which is code for “the match isn’t going to end yet but if we say it is you’ll be more shocked when it doesn’t.” Guerrero hit a Frog Splash for a near fall. The crowd, standing, popped for the kickout. Guerrero looked in disbelief. The ref was still groggy, so Guerrero hit the ref with the title belt. Then he set the belt on top of the KO’d Benoit, and then rolled over to wake up the ref. The ref wouldn’t get up, which foiled Guerrero’s plan. He began shaking the ref and kicking at him to wake him up. Benoit then recovered enough to put Guerrero in another Crossface. Guerrero tapped out frantically, but the ref was still knocked out, although he was starting to come to. Benoit slapped at the ref to help him come to. Guerrero swung the belt at Benoit, but Benoit ducked and Benoit back suplexed Guerrero. Benoit then signalled for the top rope headbutt. Benoit went for it, but Guerrero pulled the ref in the path and Benoit gave the ref the headbutt by mistake. Rhyno then ran out to apparently give Guerrero the Gore, but instead he gave the Gore to Benoit on purpose. Rhyno returned to the back. Guerrero looked on in disbelief, but then went to the top rope and hit his frogsplash. The groggy ref made the three count.

WINNER: Guerrero at 21: 54 to win the U.S. Title.

-Stephanie and Vince had a conversation backstage. Vince began talking about the condition of Linda McMahon. Steph told him not to talk about her mother because he showed her no respect on Smackdown on Thursday. Vince said he was going to show up on Raw on Monday to deal with Kane in person. Vince said he had flowers for her. There was a big bouquet on the desk. He told Steph those weren’t for her, those were for Sable. He then pulled out a small, cheap bouquet and gave them to Steph, then left. Funny.

2 — JAMIE NOBLE vs. BILLY GUNN (w/Nidia)

Noble brought out a suitcase that was full of sex toys that he was going to use on Torrie after he won the match. Gunn ran out and kicked the suitcase into Noble’s face. Nidia walked out in his fur coat. Noble worked over Gunn’s legs with matwork (the theme of the night so far). When Noble covered Gunn for a pin, Nidia put Gunn’s leg on the bottom rope stopping the pin count. Nidia celebrated. Noble went to ringside to yell at her. Torrie walked up to Noble. He forced a kiss on her. Gunn hit Noble from behind. Gunn was going to go for the Gun Slinger, but couldn’t because he was still selling his leg injury. Noble then slipped Gunn into a roll-up for a quick three count. Noble celebrated as Torrie grabbed her head as if it was going to explode.

WINNER: Noble at 4:59.

-Funaki interviewed APA backstage. They invited him to join the Barroom Brawl. The Easter Bunny hopped past for a “ha ha” moment.

3 — APA BARROOM BRAWL INVITATIONAL: THE BASHAM BROTHERS, ORLANDO JONES, DOINK THE CLOWN, CHUCK PALUMBO, NUNZIO, JOHNNY STAMBOLLI, KANYON, FUNAKI, EASTER BUNNY, CONQUISTADORS, MATT HARDY (Mattitude Factoid: “Matt Hates Bar Fights”), SHANNON MOORE, BROOKLYN BRAWLER, BROTHER LOVE, SEAN O’HAIRE, and SPANKY. They constructed a bar set near the entrance stage. Bradshaw came out and said: “Last man drinking wins. We’re going to test your toughness and your endurance.” Brother Love interrupted and said just because he loves them doesn’t mean he likes them. Brother Love then asked everyone to pray for forgiveness, then he bashed the Conquistadors with a chair. Brawler hit the Eastern Bunny over the head numerous times with a stick. He then did the same to Doink. There were a number of wrestlers standing around drinking instead of fighting. Bradshaw threw the Easter Bunny through a window, breaking the glass. At 3:30 Matt stood on the bar, guzzled a beer, and then leaped onto Basham and Kanyon with two consecutive legdrops. The bar was a complete mess. Bradshaw was going to hit Funaki with a chair, but Funaki fell off his bar stood drunk. Brother Love gave Bradshaw a beer as a gesture of peace, but Bradshaw KO’d him with a beer can. The ref saw that Bradshaw was the last man standing, so he called for the bell at 4:35. Cole wondered if that was going to become an annual thing.

WINNER: Bradshaw at 4:35.

-Noble gloated backstage while looking through a Playboy that Torrie was in.


Good opening five minutes with nice spots by the babyfaces. At 5:45 Rey was going to hit Haas with the 619, but Benjamin tripped him. Rey flipped onto Benjamin at ringside (which Cole called a “senton”). Kidman then backdropped Haas over the top rope and followed up with a springboard Shooting Star Press onto both Haas and Benjamin and the move of the night. Back in the ring Kidman covered Haas for a near fall at 7:00. Benjamin drew Rey into the ring. The ref turned to get Rey out of the ring. Benjamin then shoved Kidman into the ringpost. The heels took over offense. Kidman hot-tagged Rey at 10:00, but the ref didn’t see it. This match is following all of the tried and true classic tag spots that have worked for decades. At 11:30 Kidman finally got a recognized hot tag on Rey, who hit a series of highspots. Cole declared that Rey & Kidman were going to win the tag titles on Rey’s first hot pin attempt, which to the trained listener meant the match would continue. Rey hit the 619 on Haas at 12:40, but Benjamin entered the ring and kicked Rey in the head. Kidman and Benjamin tumbled to ringside to brawl. Haas covered a KO’d Rey for a near fall at 13:15. Rey took Haas down with a huracanrana off the ropes for a convincing near fall that popped the crowd. Kidman looked shocked. The crowd chanted “bullsh–” that the ref stopped the count (the ref did stop his count just a split-second before Haas began to kick out, which is what looked bad). Rey got up on Haas shoulders, but Benjamin tagged in to Haas without Rey’s knowledge and dove off the top rope into him for the win. Tazz didn’t see the sneaky tag and said Benjamin wasn’t the legal man, but then corrected himself shortly thereafter.

WINNERS: Haas & Benjamin at 15:01.


Chyna came out first and she’s slimmed down a little… No, wait, that’s Steph, wearing a singlet. They brawled in the aisle to start. Steph did a good job seeming legitimately upset with Sable. When she went to hit Sable with a chair at 3:45, the ref yanked the chair out of her arms. Back in the ring Steph flattened Sable with a slap across the face. She followed by sitting on her chest and slapping her face, then scoring a two count. Steph rubbed Sable’s face into the mat. She then did a neck snap by flipping over Sable and landing on her back. She then pounded away at Sable in the corner. She finally went for Sable’s top, and ripped it partially off. Sable tried to run to the back, but Steph threw her back into the ring. The ref held Steph back so Sable to could fix her top. Steph shoved the ref back and went after Sable, but Steph kicked her. Ref Brian Hebner took off his shirt (exposing his earpiece wiring in the process) to allow Sable to cover herself. A-Train meanwhile ran out and kicked Steph in the face. Sable made the cover for the win.

WINNER: Sable at 6:32.


Cena wore a powder blue Indiana State basketball jersey with Bird on the back. He said he doesn’t need leather pants to be cool because he has throwbacks and chains. “I’m gonna eat you alive, dog, they’ll find your bones in my feces,” he said. The crowd booed Cena 100 percent. After a few more rhymes ending with the big M.F. (with the “F” left for the crowd to chant), Undertaker came out with a very serious look on his face. He took his sweet old time walking to the ring. Tazz said he talked to Taker earlier, and Taker told him that Cena has a bright future, but now he lacks respect for the business and for him. Taker threw Cena into the corner and threw a barrage of punches at him. Taker then booted Cena out of the ring and rammed him into the announcers’ table. Cena snuck a swig of bottled water and then sprayed Taker in the eyes to take a brief advantage. Taker, though, reversed Cena’s swung and rammed him into the ringside barrier. Taker rammed Cena’s back into the ringpost. At 3:55 Taker rolled Cena into the ring. Tazz said Taker watches a lot of Mixed Martial Arts tapes and learns new moves and holds from that sport. At 5:00 Taker walked the top rope and then came off with a forearm. He followed with a chokeslam, but then lifted Cena’s shoulder to “continue the lesson.” That was a strong indication Cena would be pulling out the win, because usually a pushed wrestler such as Cena doesn’t suffer both a shoulder-lift during a pin and a pinfall loss. Taker got his “moral victory,” which frees him up to sell the rest of the match and even lose. Taker lifted Cena for a Last Ride, but Cena escaped and then hit Taker from behind. He took off the corner turnbuckle pad, then choked Taker on the mat. When Taker came back and charged Cena in the corner, Cena moved, and Taker hit the exposed turnbuckle. Cena then tackled Taker out of the ring. Taker fought back from the floor with uppercuts. Cena came back by ramming a knee into Taker, launching him off the apron into the ringside barrier. Cena was going to throw Taker back into the ring, but Taker wasn’t budging which looked strange. Cena rolled into the ring to restart the ten count, then returned to Taker and threw him into the ring. Taker began bleeding from the mouth. Cole and Tazz said Taker must have internal injuries. Taker showed signs of life with a Dragon Sleeper at 11:10. Cena reached the ropes to force a break. Cena then gave Taker a Spinebuster for a near fall. Cena ducked a desperation clothesline by Taker, but then on the rebound Taker caught Cena. Taker, still groggy from the “internal injury,” covered Cena for a two count. Taker, who could barely stand, signalled for the Last Ride. He lifted Cena, but Cena escaped as Taker clutched his ribs. Cena lifted Taker for the FU, but Taker escaped and hit a big boot and a standing legdrop for a two count. Taker sat up and began spitting blood out of his mouth. Taker threw some punches at Cena in the corner, then went to a choke. Cena then nailed Taker in his ribs (or, as Cole called it, “the injured internal area”) with his chain; the ref didn’t see it. Cena then gave Taker his FU for the very near fall. Taker kicked out. Cena showed frustration. That appeared to be Taker’s last “save face” nugget for doing the eventual job – kicking out of Cena’s finisher despite getting hit by a chain. Taker then surprised Cena with the Last Ride for the surprise clean pin.

WINNER: Undertaker at 16:06.


These two practiced their match several times during the past week at the practice ring in Stamford, Conn. Vince came to the ring first, then Zach. Zach took off his prosthetic leg. You knew a few people in the crowd who got dragged to the show but aren’t up on things fainted as soon as Zach yanked his leg off. Vince shoved Zach into the corner after the opening bell. Zach dove at Vince for a collar and elbow hook up. Vince shoved Zach into the corner. Zach ducked a punch. Vince then hiptossed Zach followed by a bodyslam. Vince stood over Zach and laughed maniacally. Zach escaped a second Vince bodyslam attempt, but Vince dropped Zach with a clothesline. Zach took his signature hard flatback bump. Tazz said Vince is just to powerful. Vince kicked at Zach’s ribs. Zach fought back with some elbows to Vince’s face. He then backdropped Vince over the top rope, slidekicked him, and then hit a springboard Asai moonsault onto Vince. Zach rolled back into the ring. Zach scored a two count in the ring. Vince took over with a methodical offensive attack for a couple minutes. McMahon wrapped Zach’s leg around the ringpost. Cole said, “This is hard to watch.” Tazz said Zach would be ticked off if the ref stopped the match. Vince said, “Come on, kid.” Zach lunged at Vince from the mat as Vince continued to taunt him. Vince then put Zach in a half Boston Crab. Zach crawled to the bottom rope and forced a break. Zach called for the crowd to get into the match. When McMahon charged him in the corner, Zach lifted his boot. Zach then dropkicked Vince. Cole asked, “Does this kid have a shot here?” Zach threw a series of punches at Vince’s face. Zach then yanked Vince’s crotch into the ringpost. Cole said that may have been the opening Zach needed. Zach continued to work over Vince’s legs against the ringpost. He almost got counted out of the ring, which the announcers were screaming about near the 10 count. Zach leaped off the top rope with a bulldog, but didn’t get much of Vince in the process. Tazz acknowledged the lack of impact. Zach then came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. He then hit Vince with the moonsault for the two count. Vince put his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Cole said if Vince were to lose, it would be the most devastating loss in his career. No, that would be the XFL. And since when does Vince have a “wrestling career”? Vince was going to hit Zach with a chair, but the ref tried to yank it away from him. Vince shoved the ref, who took the bump of the night through the ropes. Zach then kicked the chair into Vince’s face. The chair hit an artery because he was bleeding heavily like a faucet from his forehead. They zoomed in on Vince’s head after the match and the blood came out like I haven’t seen since Erich Kulas got sliced open by New Jack with an Xacto Knife. Zach then went for a moonsault, but Vince moved. Then he draped his arm over Zach’s chest for the three count. When Zach finally stood up, the crowd stood and applauded his effort. The camera stayed on him as he walked to the back, acknowledging the crowd’s cheers.

WINNER: McMahon at 14:22.

8 — BROCK LESNAR vs. KURT ANGLE vs. BIG SHOW — WWE Hvt. Title match

Angle and Brock stared each other down as if they were about to go after each other, but then as if planned ahead of time turned toward Big Show and went after him. Show threw Angle out of the ring easily and then chokeslammed Brock for a quick near fall. Cole and Tazz did a nice job selling the chokeslam as a potential early finish. Show headbutted Angle when he returned to the ring. A “Big Show Sucks” chant erupted in the crowd. Angle applied an anklelock, but Show powered out. When Brock tried to return to the ring, Show knocked him off to the floor again. Nice spot to explain Brock’s continued absence while Angle and Show continued to work. Show went for a pin on Angle, but Brock finally returned to the ring for the save at 2:10. Brock flew off the second rope at Show with a shoulder tackle. Show blocked Brock’s next move and then powered Brock to the mat for a near fall. Tazz said that was close. Angle reentered the ring with two trash can lids. Angle and Brock took used Show’s head as a ping pong ball and the trash can lids as paddles. When Brock and Angle went for a double suplex on Show, Show reversed it and suplexed both Angle and Brock. Cool move. Angle and Brock are making Show look like a million bucks. Angle and Brock came back a few seconds later with a chokeslam on Show. Tazz pointed out how the suplexers got suplexed and the chokeslammer just got chokeslammed. Brock and Angle’s teamwork fell apart at 5:00 when Angle stopped a pin count by the ref when Brock had Show covered. Brock whipped Angle into the ringside stairs, then returned to the ring to work over Show. Show caught a charging Lesnar with a clothesline and a near fall. Angle was shown at ringside bleeding, but Vince already stole that thunder. Show pie-faced Angle off the top rope, then Brock gave Show a running powerbomb off the second rope. Great impact! Brock went for the cover, so Angle intervened again. Angle nailed Brock with a stiff chairshot, then covered Show himself for a two count. Angle hit Show a couple more times with the chair to send him to ringside. Show fired back with a chairshot of his own. Show then began disassembling the Spanish announcers table. Brock was shown bleeding from the forehead at ringside, too. Meanwhile, Show went for a chokeslam on Angle, but Angle escaped and then dropped Show onto the Spanish announcers’ table with an Angleslam. Cole pointed out that it wasn’t a “falls count anywhere” match, so Angle would have to drag Show into the ring to score a pin. Angle and Brock rolled into the ring while Show lay knocked out cold on the crushed table at ringside. Angle and Brock crawled at each other on all fours. They struggled to get to their feet. Angle struck first with a flurry of punches. Brock returned fire with his own punches and an F5 attempt. Angle held onto the top rope to block the F5, so Brock shoved Angle over the top rope to the floor. Angle reversed Brock into stairs. They returned to the ring. Angle immediately hit a back suplex. He followed up with a released German suplex. Brock flipped upside down for a near 360 bump. Angle scored a two count, although they missed the drama of the pin attempt by showing the suplex in slo-mo. It was worth it. Lesnar blocked Angle’s attempt at an Angleslam at 14:00, then slammed Angle to the mat and scored a near fall. Cole and Tazz raved about the match. “Smackdown’s first ever PPV,” Cole bragged nearly breathlessly. Lesnar applied a grapevine leg scissors and rear chinlock. Show, being an opportunist, crawled back into the ring and covered Angle and Brock for a near fall. He then got up and screamed. Angle and Brock struggled to their feet and Show chokeslammed them both. He covered Brock for a near fall at 16:15. Lesnar then low kicked Show, knocking him out of the ring. Angle surprised Brock with an anklelock. Show re-entered the ring and went after Brock. Angle then surprised Brock with an Angleslam for the win.

WINNER: Angle at 17:38 to capture the WWE Title.

source: Wade Keller

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