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Sunday, December 15th

Intro video: Very cool opening with Freddie Blassie with cut-ins of the wrestlers featured in tonight’s show with bombs and they stay true to the end of the world theme.

Match #1 – Tag Team Championship – Dudleys vs. Jericho and Christian vs. Booker T and Goldust vs. Regal and Storm

Storm and Bubba start it off. Regal and Dvon are in next. Dvon gets an elbow into Regal for a near fall. Dvon tags in Goldust. Goldust gets a kick from Regal. Regal takes down Goldust. Christian tags himself in and so it is Christian and Goldust. He tags in his partner Jericho. Goldust catapults Jericho out to the floor. Inverted atomic drop and then a clothesline from Goldust to Christian. Now there are four in the ring. Bubba comes in to deal with Jericho. Bubba and Goldust have fun together to get rid of the annoying blondes. Now all eight are in the ring Dudleys got the 3-D, there is chaos. Regal is the legal man. Dudleys are eliminated. Regal and Storm are eliminated. Goldust and Booker T are left with Jericho and Christian. Goldust and Jericho remain in the ring. Goldust tags Booker in to take care of Jericho in the ring. Goldust and Booker show some great team work on Jericho. Christian comes in to interrupt the count. Christian and Goldust are fighting it out, but Goldust knocks himself out of the ring by his own momentum. Christian is back in with Goldust and delivers a gutbuster. Christian stays on top of Goldust and gives him an abdominal stretch. Jericho comes in to take on Goldie. Jericho is taken down by Goldust. Goldust goes to make a tag, but Christian knocks Booker off the apron. Christian and Jericho keep Goldust isolated and they take him to their corner for punishment. Goldust needs to make a tag and he crawls to his corner. He makes the tag. Booker comes in. Jericho comes in. Booker T rolls up Jericho, but cannot get the pin. Booker takes Jericho to the corner and chops. Jericho covers but only gets a two count. Jericho tries to set up Booker for the walls, but fails. Booker knocks Christian off the apron. Jericho rolls up Booker T. He gets Booker in the walls. Goldust comes in and saves Booker with a bulldog. Booker nails Jericho with a missile drop kick but only gets a two count. Booker finds his hand and he is ready to spin — he does. Booker again only gets a two count. Jericho hits Booker with the belt. The ref does not see it. Jericho still only gets a two count. Jericho is in shock. Jericho goes at him with the belt. He misses but walks into the bookend — and it is all over.


Interview with the Coach: Booker tells him that a lot of people like the Coach says that many did not believe, but the fans did. Booker tells Goldie that he is not the weak link, but now one half of the world tag team champions!

Interview with Josh: Josh asks Brock if he will be in Kurt’s corner. Brock says he will make an impact tonight.

Match #2 – Edge vs. A-Train (formerly known as Albert)

Edge is working hard using his quickness to fight the monster that is the A-Train. Edge goes for the legs and gets A-Train to the mat. Edge gets the first near fall. A-Train gets Edge back by taking him in the corner for some punishment. He abuses Edge between the bottom and second rope, almost taking his head off. A goes for a chin lock in the middle of the ring, Edge is able to get out. Edge starts to battle with some chops. He actually gets Albert down in a corner. Edge knocks A-Train down to the mat again. Edge gets another near fall. Edge comes off the top and takes Albert down again but he cannot make the covers stick. Edge goes up to the top again, but as Edge comes down, A-Train counters with a bicycle kick. A-Train goes to the outside for a chair. Edge counters with a baseball slide. Edge goes to the top and lands a cross body. Again, A-Train gets up after a two count. A-Train delivers a power bomb, but Edge gets up. The ref tries to grab the chair from A-Train. Edge connects with a spear. A-Train hits Edge with the chair. The ref DQs Albert. Edge uses the chair to his advantage now on A-Train again … and again … and again. He gets revenge for his injury and Mysterio’s injury.


Backstage: Big Show is freaking out on Paul Heyman. He is upset about what Brock said. Big Show says he has no respect and wants to talk to Steph. Paul says he will handle it.

Match #3 – Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Eddie and Chris immediately go to work. They grapple and show a variety of holds. Eddie takes Chris to the corner and offers a few chops. The eye contact between the two is intense. In the middle of the ring, they start off again, they break and Eddie knocks Benoit to the mat. Benoit gives Eddie a big back body drop. Benoit follows it with a chin lock. Eddie gets out of it and goes to work on Benoit’s left arm. Eddie pulls off a snapmare take down. Eddie ends up face first on the mat, then Benoit ends up on the outside. Eddie goes to the outside to knock Benoit down. Eddie damages his knee as he comes off the top to slam onto Benoit. Back in the ring, Eddie tries to lock up his legs, Benoit, in pain, rushes to the ropes. 7 German suplexes are delivered to Eddie Guerrero by Chris Benoit. Guerrero starts his own series of suplexes. He gives three to Benoit. Eddie goes to the top and comes down with a frog splash. Benoit kicks out. Eddie argues with the ref in the ring. Chavo comes to the outside. He nails Benoit who is outside the ring with a belt The ref does not see it. Eddie goes out and pins him. But Chris comes alive so Eddie only gets a two count. Chaos ensues. Chavo comes out again. The ref is with Eddie. Benoit tries to go to the top. Chavo tries to stop him, but Benoit gets rid of Chavo. Benoit comes down. Both men are tired. Finally, Benoit gets the cross face locked in. He hangs on. Eddie taps out.


In Steph’s Office: Paul tries to make nice with Steph. Steph does not buy it. She says that if Brock wants to be in Kurt’s corner, that is his business. Paul gets vile and says then Big Show may break every bone in Lesnar’s body. Review: The ongoing saga of Torrie and Dawn Marie and their strange relationship

In the ring: Dawn Marie comes out with Al Wilson. She announces that Torrie is not at the ppv tonight because she is embarrassed and hiding. Dawn Marie presents the footage of the night in the hotel room. The footage: Torrie is at the door in leather. She knocks and walks in. Dawn Marie is there with a glass of wine. She is wearing a satin robe. Torrie looks miserable. Dawn tells her that if she does everything that Dawn Marie wants the wedding will be off. Torrie attempts to leave, but Dawn Marie says that Torrie must not love her father after all. Torrie returns and stands by Dawn Marie. Dawn Marie starts touching her face. Dawn Marie gives Torrie champagne. Dawn Marie asks her if she likes strawberries. Dawn Maries attempts to feed her one. Dawn then eats it herself. Dawn Marie then starts touching Torrie’s body. She unzips Torries leather top to reveal a red leather bra. Dawn takes off the red leather skirt to reveal a black string bikini panty. Dawn Marie tells her she smells like strawberries. Dawn then takes off her robe to reveal a black bra and black panties. Dawn Marie tells Torrie that only a woman knows how to make another woman feel good. Dawn Marie starts kissing Torrie. They start kissing and then …. In the ring: Dawn Marie says to freeze the footage. Al grabs the microphone and says that he thinks we have seen enough – it is his daughter. Dawn Marie says it is going to go further. Dawn Marie says to roll the footage. Al yells to stop the footage.

The footage: The kiss continues …

In the ring: Al says he has had enough. Al is now teed. He says he does not give a damn if they want to see more. Al says he is putting his foot down and he begs Dawn Marie to stop. Dawn says she does not want to upset him. She says they should go to their room and make some footage of their own. They leave the ring. Al does not seem happy with Dawn at all.

Match #4 – Kane vs. Batista with Ric Flair

Kane slams into Batista but cannot knock him down. Batista knocks Kane down. Kane gets a near fall but Batista makes headway with his powerful body. Batista gets a near fall. Batista knocks Kane out to the floor. Kane drops Batista’s neck on the top rope. Flair tries to menace Kane. Kane grabs Flair by the neck. Batista has to come and help Flair out of that one. Back in the ring, the two continue. Kane uses a big boot to knock Batista down. Kane gives Batista a sidewalk slam. The match continues Flair distracts the ref when Kane has Batista covered. Kane gets tired of it, and brings Flair into the ring. Kane starts messing with Flair. Batista takes Kane down with a power bomb for the three count.


On the stage: John Cena and B-2 come out to rap

Review: Victoria seems to have issues.

Match #5 – Trish vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria

Immediately, Trish and Jacquie knock Victoria out of the ring and work on each other. Victoria tries to get back in, but Jacquie pulls her out. Back in the ring. Jacquie and Victoria go to work. Jacquie and Victoria give Trish a double suplex. Victoria takes Trish to the corner. Trish and Jacquie work together hard. Trish gives Victoria a hard kick to the head. Victoria grabs Trish and is ready to moonsault, but Jacquie knocks her to the outside. Trish goes to cover Jacquie, but Victoria stops that. Victoria uses the belt to quickly knock Trish in the head and cover Jacquie for the win. She grabs Trish’s hat and keeps her title.


Backstage: Kurt and Brock talk Brock shows him the footage to get him ready to get back at Big Show and Paul.

Review: Brock ends up getting suspended because of the bad blood between Lesnar and the Big Show and Heyman.

Match #6 – Big Show with Paul Heyman vs., Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle locks up with Big Show but stays out of harms way through his quickness. Unfortunately. Big Show gets him up into a fireman’s carry and throws him out of the ring. He knocks Heyman down as well. Angle sneaks up from behind and knocks Big Show out of the ring. On the outside, Big Show throws Angle into the barriers and manhandles him. Back in the ring, he throws Angle back out, with one hand. Big Show brings Angle in the hard way Big Show covers Angle, but he kicks out. Angle continues to counter and he is making some headway. Big Show again gets a near fall. Show puts him in a bear hug. Angle bites him to get out. Angle goes for a piggy back ride and slaps on a chin lock. Angle gets Show down to a knee. Big Show rips Angle off with a snapmare. Angle gives Big Show with a tornado DDT. Kurt gets up but Big Show shoves him away. Kurt continues to hammer the Big Show. Angle goes to the top and gives Show a missile drop kick. Angle gets a two count. Angle does a moonsault but Big Show does something — who knows? Angle gets back into the match and Angle gives Big Show an Angle slam. Angle goes for the ankle lock. Big Show tries to reverse it with a choke, but Kurt hangs on and rolls with it. Big Show kicks both Angle and the ref down. Heyman throws in a chair. Heyman is still holding onto his head. Kurt grabs the chair and slams Big Show in the head. He covers him, but Big Show throws him off Angle goes for the ankle lock and Show taps out. A-Train comes in and gives Kurt a backbreaker. Kurt is not moving. Big Show and Angle are getting up. Big Show chokeslams Angle. Lesnar comes out and F-5s Big Show. He chases Heyman out of the ring area. Angle is able to crawl over and pin and win.


In New York: Rob Van Dam reports from the World

Review: There is a lot of history between Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Match #7 – Triple H with Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels – 2 out of 3 falls

Ref Earl Hebner just sent Flair back to the locker room. Shawn looks as good as ever as he is able to pull himself back into the ring, yet Triple H is thrown to the outside. Triple H gets out a trash can. Triple H goes to work on Shawn’s head and then puts his foot on Shawn’s neck. The match is already turning brutal. Shawn sets up a table. Shawn is unable to suplex Triple H into the table. They both get into the ring. Triple H puts up another table. Triple H hits Shawn with the trash can. Triple H tries to pull Shawn out of the ring over onto the two tables but Shawn is able to reverse it and bring Hunter into the ring. The two continue to fight in the ring. Hunter concentrates on Shawn’s lower back. Hunter brings in a chair. But Shawn counters and Triple H gets the chair into his back. Shawn goes for sweet chin music, but Triple H grabs the leg. Hunter torques the leg. Triple H focuses on Shawn’s left leg and goes to work. Shawn suffers. Triple H puts him in a figure four. After a long time, Shawn reverses it, but then Triple H throws him to the outside. Triple H drags him to the staging area. Once there, Triple H finds a 2 X4 with barbed wire wrapped around it. He then sets the 2 X 4 on fire and is ready to go after Shawn. Shawn kicks and delivers a low blow. Shawn then hits the Game with the flaming barbed wire weapon. Hunter is now bleeding from the forehead. Shawn takes him back to the ring and then hits Hunter in the head with a trash can lid. Shawn then sets up a chair. Hunter counters and with a drop toe hold nails Shawn’s face into the chair. The two continue to fight. Triple H gives Shawn the pedigree and pins Shawn.


The cage is not even lowered all the way before Triple H nails him with a trash can. Triple H has loaded the cage with more weapons from the first match. He set up a table in the corner. Shawn stops the Game from slamming him into it. Hunter catapults Shawn into the cage. Shawn is now bleeding from the forehead. Triple H rubs Shawn’s forehead against the cage to make the wound worse. Hunter again slams Shawn into the cage. Shawn returns the favor. Triple H hoists himself to the top. Shawn tries to stop him. Shawn grabs a hunk of Hunter’s hair. Both come back down into the ring, but Hunter crotches himself on the way down. Shawn jumps onto Triple H. Flair walks into the cage. Shawn gets a chair and nails them both. Shawn slams Flair into the cage and then rubs his face into the cage. Shawn sets up a table, puts Hunter on it. Gets up on the ropes and comes down onto Hunter and pins him.


The cage is removed; bloody Flair is removed; weapons are removed for the ladder match. Shawn throws Triple H into a ladder leaning into the corner. Shawn uses the ladders edge to hit Hunter. This is Shawn’s match and he seems to be on auto pilot. Shawn suplexes Hunter and then he sets up the ladder. Shawn climbs the ladder. He sits on the top He jumps off, but misses Triple H, who rolls out of the way. Hunter goes up the ladder, but Shawn takes him off, and a kick takes Hunter to the outside. Shawn starts up the ladder again and he has the belt in his sight. Just as he reaches for the belt, Triple H tips the ladder and sends Shawn through the 3 levels of tables that Ric Flair had earlier set up outside the ring. With Shawn laying in a pile of wood outside the ring, Triple H easily reaches the top of the ladder and he takes the belt down.


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