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Sunday, September 23rd in Pittsburgh

Unforgiven kicked off live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh as two-time Grammy Award winner Jennifer Holliday sang “America the Beautiful” to a rousing standing ovation!

The World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship was on the line in a four-team elimination match pitting the champion Dudley Boyz against the Hardy Boyz, The Hurricane and Lance Storm and the team of the Big Show and Spike Dudley.

The match began with the Dudley Boyz being attacked by the Big Show – if the Dudleys were eliminated from the match, then a new champion was guaranteed. Soon, the Show and D-Von tagged out and The Hurricane and Jeff Hardy entered the ring. As Bubba watched on from the ring apron, Jeff shoved The Hurricane into him, knocking him down!

When Spike Dudley entered the match, Lance Storm was tagged in by his partner. As Lance spoke with the referee, Spike came from behind him and rolled him up for a near fall! Lance was able to escape and tag in Bubba Dudley, who hit Spike with a powerbomb and then tagged the Hurricane back in. Hurricane put his cape on and flew onto Spike and then tagged in Storm again, but as Lance went to hit Spike, he overshot and nailed the Hurricane! As Storm looked on in shock, Spike nailed him with a Dudley Dog and tagged in the Big Show!

Show tossed everyone, including the Hardys outside of the ring and Spike got up on his shoulders and jumped onto everyone, taking them all down! Big Show grabbed ahold of Lance and choleslammed him to eliminate Storm and Hurricane to eliminate them from the match.

Spike and Matt Hardy entered the ring together, but Matt was able to eliminate Spike and his partner after hitting him with a Twist of Fate!

The two remaining teams, the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz, went right after each other. Jeff soon became isolated and was a victim of the Wassup head butt. After that, D-Von went to choke Jeff out – but Jeff was able to work his way out of the hold, only to be flattened by D-Von once again. Jeff made a tag to his brother, and Matt took D-Von down with a DDT.

After he threw both Dudleys out of the ring, Matt Hardy climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit them both with a moonsault on the floor! As they made their way back into the ring, the Dudleys were able to nail Matt with a 3D!

Jeff was able to break the count with a Swanton Bomb! With D-Von, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy taken out of the match, Bubba nailed Matt with a Bubba Bomb and D-Von was able to make the cover for the win!

In the parking area, Rob Van Dam arrived and was greeted by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, who was quick to offer her services to RVD! Van Dam replied that he was a one-man show, but there was one thing she could do to help, because he couldn’t find a dressing room to contain his superstar status! Stephanie said that he could help himself to any dressing room they had!

In the arena, Michael Cole asked Kurt Angle’s family about his neck problems and what the Federation title would mean to Angle. They answered that it was going to be a very exciting evening for the Angle family if Kurt pulled out the win.

Perry Saturn faced off against Raven, who was accompanied to the ring by the lovely Terri. Raven was the agressor early in the match, and kept tossing Saturn out of the ring.

With Saturn outside the ring, Raven leaned over the ring ropes to gain some leverage, but Saturn was able to grab Raven and take him down. Saturn re-entered the ring and started throwing everything he had at Raven. As Saturn placed Raven on the turnbuckle to set him up for a high-impact move, Raven countered by pushing Perry down.

After nailing Saturn with a fierce clothesline, Saturn made his way to his feet, where he was able to reverse a Raven hold and make the pin for the win!

In an interview with Lilian Garcia, Christian said that he was going to fulfill his dream by defeating his brother Edge for the Intercontinental Championship!

Two brothers faced off in a brutal rivalry as Christian challenged Edge for the Intercontinental Championship.

The two began the match by throwing nasty punches at each other, until Christian succumbed and had to exit the ring. Edge followed, however, and battled Christian up the rampway, where he tossed his brother into the metal Unforgiven stage! Edge then dragged his brother back down to the ring.

There, Edge pounded Christian’s head off the turnbuckle as the crowd chanted along. Christian was able to recover and pulled Edge outside the ring, where he tossed his brother into the steel ring steps. As they made their way back into the ring, Christian screamed at Edge and kicked at his head. Edge tried to make his way back, but Christian took him down again.

After nailing Edge with a powerslam, Christian went after his throat, trying to choke Edge out, until the referee broke it up. Christian took Edge to the corner, where he started hitting Edge with nasty chops to the chest. Edge was able to make his way out of his predicament, and took Christian down.

Edge climbed up to the top turnbuckle, but Christian followed and tried to superplex Edge off. Edge was able to fight his brother away and went to fly at hi, but missed his mark. After a tough Christian right, a cut opened up under Edge’s right eye.

As Edge lie in pain, Christian did a little showboating, which backfired on him. Edge was able to put a kick up to Christian’s head, and both brothers were lying on the mat as the referee counted.

Christian was the first to his feet and tried to knock Edge down. Edge fought back and tried to build some momentum, even using some illegal moves to take down his jealous brother Christian. Edge went for a cover, but Christian was able to kick out.

After Christian tossed Edge out of the ring, Edge crawled under the ring and cam out on the other side! As Christian looked for him, Edge climbed the turnbuckle and flew at Christian! Christian was able to kick out of the pinfall attempt!

Christian made his way to his feet and nailed Edge with the Impaler – Edge’s own move! Edge kicked out at 2, which prompted Christian to go grab a chair and attempt the One-Man Con-chairto! Edge escaped and flattened Christian and attempted the Con-chairto himself, but the referee pulled the chair away!

With the ref distracted, Christian nailed Edge with a low-blow and rolled Edge up for the pin to win the Intercontinental Championship!

The WCW Tag Team Championship was one the line as Kronik, accompanied to the ring by Steven Richards, challenged the Undertaker and Kane.

The Brothers of Destruction started pounding on Kronik at the outset, and soon the Undertaker found himself in the ring with Brian Adams. After Taker finished his business, he tagged in Kane, who also pounded on Adams. Soon, Adams was able to tag in his partner, Bryan Clark.

Clark started pounding on Kane, but the Big Red Machine couldn’t be held down, and made his way to his feet and took down Clark. Kane soon tagged in Taker, who went to go old-school on Clark, but his attempt was thwarted by a low-blow.

The battle spilled outside the ring, where Kronik took out Undertaker using the ring barrier. When Kane came to help, the WCW team beat down the Big Red Machine. With Kane taken down, Kronik dragged Taker back into the ring, where Adams started to choke Taker out.

The Dead Man tried to fight his way back up, and he eventually did and was able to tag in Kane. Kane entered the ring like a house on fire, taking out Adams, and throwing Clark to the ground. Kane then attemped to chokeslam both members of Kronik! His attempt was met with stiff punches by both Clark and Adams.

Taker then entered the ring, and helped his brother with a double-team, which allowed Kane to climb to the top rope and take out Clark! With him elimonated, Taker chokeslamed Adams for the win!

After the match, Steven Richards entered the ring with a steel chair, and was promptly chokeslammed by Kane!

In their locker room , Booker T and Shane McMahon prepared for their match against The Rock for the WCW Championship when Tazz entered the room and tried to pump them up. After Tazz pissed Booker off, Shane told Tazz to just get out.

Elsewhere, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley looked for Rob Van Dam, who she found in dressing room five. After she knocked on his door, she told RVD that tomorrow is her birthday and she wanted nothing more than for RVD to defeat Chris Jericho! As Steph went on, Jericho walked up behind her!

Y2J told Stephanie that it would be a great idea to have a party on RAW, but he wouldn’t need to bring balloons, because Stephanie already had that covered!

The Hardcore Championship was on the line as Rob Van Dam put his title on the line against Chris Jericho!

The two men began the match throwing punch after punch at each other. Soon, the crowd started chanting “RVD,” which prompted Van Dam to start talking trash to Y2J. As he did, Jericho nailed hi with a punch to the face.

Van Dam came back at Jericho with some tough kicks, but Y2J was able to take Van Dam down again. As soon as Jericho took Van Dam down, however, Van Dam tossed Y2J out of the ring. Van Dam set Jericho up on the security barrier and went to nail him with a spinning heel kick, but missed on the move!

As Van Dam struggled to his feet, Jericho grabbed a ladder from under the ring! He immediately used it to pound on Van Dam’s head. Van Dam made his way back into the ring, but once again was taken down when Jericho tossed him into the ring post. Jericho grabbed the ladder and pulled it into the ring. Y2J then grabbed Van Dam and suplexed him right onto the ladder!

Van Dam came back and did the same to Jericho! Both men struggled to their feet, but Jericho was able to take advantage first and went to put Van Dam in the Walls of Jericho! Van Dam escaped, and started pounding and flipping Jericho.

Jericho made his way to his feet, and went to hit RVD with a Lionsault, but Van Dam moved! Van Dam nailed Jericho with a spinning heel kick and went for the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Jericho rolled away! With his eye bleeding badly, Jericho grabbed the ladder, but Van Dam took him down!

The ladder was soon set up in the ring, where Jericho climbed up and locked him into a Tarantula-like hole on top of the ladder! Van Dam escaped and fell out of the ring, where Jericho jumped to hit him, but missed and hit the ring barrier!

Both men struggled to their feet outside the ring, and Jericho made it up first, where he was able to take RVD into the ring post. He then dragged him back into the ring, where Jericho locked Van Dam in an armbar! Van Dam was able to escape to the outside, where Jericho tossed him into the ring steps.

Back in the ring, Jericho started pounding on Van Dam with a steel chair when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley ran out to the ring! She distracted Jericho, which allowed Van Dam to hit the Van Dam-inator and the Five-Star Frog Splash for the pin and the win!

The WCW Championship was on the line as Booker T and Shane McMahon face The Rock, the WCW Champion, in a handicap match!

The Rock went out against Booker T as the match kicked off, and The Rock took down Booker quickly, going for a pin. The count was quickly broken up by Shane’s interference, however. The Rock went for another pin and Shane broke that count up as well.

Booker then tagged Shane in, but when the Money got a look at The Rock, he ran like a scalded dog outside the ring until The Rock chased him down and got him in the ring. Shane was able to hammer on The Rock and then tag Booker back in.

Booker pounded on the Champion, and Shane entered the ring to start double-teaming The Rock. Booker then exited the ring, leaving Shane and The Rock in the ring alone. Shane started throwing stinging rights at The Rock, but the Champ came back and nearly got Shane in the Sharpshooter.

The fight spilled outside the ring, where Shane kept brutalizing The Rock. As the fight re-entered the ring, Booker T started battling The Rock and covered him, but Rocky kicked out. When The Rock made his way to his feet, he tossed the Book out of the ring, but the Money entered and started pounding on Rock.

Booker grabbed a steel chair and started pounding Rock with it as Shane kept throwing punches at The Rock. Booker then tossed Rock back in the ring. There, Booker did the spin-arooni, but The Rock escaped the electrifying move. The match then spilled out of the ring again, where Booker set The Rock up on the Spanish announce table. Shane climbed up to the top rope and prepared to fly, but The Rock rolled away and back into the ring. There, Booker and Rock took each other down while Shane grabbed the WCW Title.

Shane went to hit Rock with the Championship, but missed and hit Booker instead! Shane then made up for his mistake and nailed The Rock with the title as well!

Shane climbed up to the top rope and went to hit the flying elbow, but missed when The Rock rolled away! The Money tagged The Book back into the match, but The Rock took on both men, flattening them with a double clothesline!

The Rock was soon taken down, but then took down Shane with a Rock Bottom and Took out Booker with a spine buster! As The Rock was prepared to win, Test came down and took down The Rock! Bradshaw was quick to run down to the ring and chase off Test!

As Booker went to make a cover, a WWF official came down and gave WCW ref Nick Patrick an earful, but Patrick still went to make a count when Booker covered Rock! So, the WWF ref, Mike Chioda, took out Nick Patrick!

The Rock and Booker both made their way to their feet, where Rock hit Booker with a Rock Bottom and made the pin as Earl Hebner made the count for The Rock to win the match!

Rhyno challenged Tajiri, who was accompanied to the ring by Torrie Wilson, for the WCW U.S. Championship.

As the match began, Rhyno went after Tajiri’s injured ribs, but the Japanese Buzzsaw kept fighting back as best he could. The Man-Beast kept going after Tajiri, but the Buzzsaw kept in the match and even rolled Rhyno up for a near fall!

When Torrie went to check on Tajiri, Rhyno chased her around the ring and then into the ring! When Torrie fell after rolling her ankle, Rhyno went to hit her with a Gore! Tajiri stopped the Man-Beast with a nasty kick to the face.

Rhyno battled back against Tajiri, taking him down. When Rhyno hit Tajiri with a Gore, the referee counted to three and named Rhyno the new U.S. Champion!

The World Wrestling Federation Championship was on the line as United States Olympic hero Kurt Angle challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin, even though Angle wasn;t medically cleared to participate in the match!

Before the match officially began, Angle met Austin halfway up the entrance way and started pounding on him. Eventually, the battle made its way into the ring, where the bell rang, signifying the official beginning of the match.

As Angle tossed chops at Austin’s chest, the Rattlesnake finally fell out of the ring, where Angle chased him down and forced him to re-enter the ring. There, Austin tried his best to make a comeback, but Angle took Austin down with a suplex that also hurt Angle’s injured neck.

Austin took advantage of the break in the action and tried to choke Angle out, but Angle battled back and took Austin down. As both men recovered, Angle made his way to his feet first and tossed Austin out of the ring, where Austin grabbed his WWF Championship and started to exit the arena!

Angle chased him down and started pounding on him once again on the entranceway. Angle then tossed Austin right off the ramp onto the concrete floor! Angle walked around the ramp to meet his opponent, where he continued to pound on Austin. As Austin lie in a heap on the floor, Angle picked up his opponent and carried him back to the ring. There, Austin tried to escape the ring, but Angle bounced the Rattlesnake’s head off the ring post.

As Austin struggled to regain his footing, Angle lifted up the rubbed padding over the concrete floor, and prepared to piledrive Austin, much like Austin had done to Angle! Austin fought Angle off and tried to pile drive Angle himself, but Angle flipped him over onto the hard floor! Austin then went for the piledriver once again, but Angle flipped him over again!

Austin and Angle eventually made their way back into the ring, where Austin continue on the offensive, driving his knee into the back of Angle’s neck as Angle clutched at his neck in pain. At one point, Austin even stood on Angle’s neck!

Kurt made his way back to his feet and threw some punches at Austin, but the Rattlesnake stayed on his feet and even made a near fall cover on Kurt Angle! Angle made a slight comeback, however, and nearly made a cover, but Austin was able to reverse the pin into another pinfall attempt, which Angle had to kick out of.

Angle made his way to his feet and started hitting Austin with German Suplexes! On the third suplex, Kurt stayed down on the mat because he had landed on his own neck. Angle made his way back to his feet and began climbing the ropes, but Austin came from behind him and knocked him down on the turnbuckle. Angle reversed the moves Austin tried and tossed him back down into the ring, where Austin kept kicking at Angle.

Austin went after Angle, but Kurt took Austin down and then hit the Rattlesnake with a DDT! Kurt then hit Austin with a Stunner, but the Bionic Redneck kicked out of his own move! Austin stood up and nailed Kurt with an Angle Slam, which the Olympic hero kicked out of! Austin then grabbed Angle and hit a piledriver on him, but Angle kicked out again!

Stone Cold screamed for Angle to get up, and when he went to hit him with a Stunner, Angle reversed the move into the Ankle Lock! Austin had to tap out to the move, which gave Angle the WWF Championship!

As Angle and his family celebrated in the ring, the entire WWF roster made their way to the ring and congratulated the new Federation Champion!

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