Royal Rumble

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Royal Rumble 2001

Sunday, January 21st in New Orleans, LA

Tag Team Titles

Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian

The match starts with the Dudley Boyz taking down Edge and Christian. Then Edge and Christian decide to leave but the Dudleyz run after them and they bring them back in the ring. Then Devon delivers a neck breaker on Edge and covers 1,2 but Edge kicks out and makes the tag. Devon makes the tag to Buh Buh ray and they double team Christian. Buh Buh puts Christian in the corner and delivers a few right hands. The Buh Buh does a side walk slam and covers 1,2 but Christian kicks out. Devon gets the tag and so does Edge, then Devon does a running power slam and covers 1,2 but he kicks out. Then Edge does a back suplex on Devon and tags Christian and Christian does a Russian leg sweep and then he starts hitting Devon, then he put shim in the corner and Edge beats on him while the referee is distracted. Then Edge gets the tag, Edge does a neck breaker on Devon and he covers 1,2 but Devon kicks out. Christian gets the tag and he continues to beat on Devon and shortly after, he makes the tag back to Edge and Edge puts a sleeper hold on Devon. Then Devon manages to get out of it, but then Edge does a swinging neck breaker. Christian gets the tag and he chokes Devon in the corner. Then Edge gets the tag, but while Christian was on the top rope, Devon does a slingshot on Edge and he hits Christian. Then Devon rolls him up 1,2 but he kicks out. Devon finally gets the tag to Buh Buh ray, but the referee did not see it, then Edge and Christian were about to hit Devon with the chairs but Devon ducks and close lines them and makes the tag to Buh Buh. Buh Buh ray cleans house, then he slams Edge and the Dudleyz do the WAZUUUPPP thing, then Buh Buh tells Devon to get the tables. Christian stopped Devon from getting the tables on the outside. Then the Dudleyz were going to do the 3D on Christian, but Edge spears Buh Buh ray. Then Edge was on the top rope and was about to jump, but Devon pushes him off and he falls on Christian and then the Dudleyz do the 3D and get the win.

Winners: New tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz

Michael Cole interviews Vince McMahon and McMahon said that Austin will compete in the Rumble tonight and HHH will get his title shot.

HHH and Stephanie were talking backstage and then Drew Carey walks in and said that he met Kamala…Then he said that he wants to talk to McMahon and Stephanie tells him, while he is waiting for McMahon, she will take him to meet Trish Stratus.

The Acolytes were shown playing poker backstage and they showed each other the number they drew. Then Crash Holly walks in and he tells them that if they get in his way in the Rumble, he will throw them out.

Interconinental Title
Ladder Match

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

The match starts with both men exchanging hits. Then Jericho close lines Benoit and then Jericho delivers a few chops on Benoit, then Benoit tries to trip Jericho and tried to go for the Crippler’s crossface but Jericho broke up the hold. Then Benoit sends Jericho into the steel post, and then Benoit delivers a few chops to the chest. Then Benoit does a shoulder breaker. Both men then fight on the outside and Benoit goes after the ladder but Jericho tried to stop him, but Benoit sends him into the steel post. Then Benoit pus the ladder on the ring apron and sends Jericho into the steel steps. Then Benoit climbs the ladder, but Jericho throws him right off. Then Jericho takes the ladder down and hits Benoit right in the face with it. Jericho hits Benoit and then puts him in the corner and hits him with the ladder again. Then Jericho balances the ladder on the ropes and kicks on Benoit and attempts to send him into the ladder but Benoit reverses it and sends Jericho face first into the ladder and Jericho falls to the outside. Then Benoit ran and jumped to the outside but Jericho hits him with a steel chair in mid-air. After, Benoit hits Jericho with the ladder and then brings him back in the ring and Benoit does a devastating close line. Benoit then gets the ladder back in the ring and sets it up in the corner and then he picks up Jericho and runs him head first into the ladder. Somehow Jericho shoves Benoit into the ladder and Jericho takes control of the match. Then Jericho puts Benoit on the ladder and pushes him right off with the ladder. Jericho then picks up the ladder, but right away, Benoit drop kicks the ladder on him. Then Benoit does a suplex on Jericho. Then Benoit balances the ladder on the ropes and tried to throw Jericho on it, but he reverses it and Benoit goes head first into the ladder. Then, Jericho sets up the ladder and he is climbing, but Benoit starst to hit him and does a suplex and Jericho falls to the outside. Benoit then climbs the ladder and Jericho climbs with him and does this submission move on top of the ladder and then Benoit falls off, then Jericho was very close to grab the belt but Benoit kicks the ladder while he is down and Jericho’s head lands on the ropes. Then Jericho hits Benoit with the ladder and then tries to climb and then he attempts to jump on Benoit, but Benoit catches him and puts him into the Crippler’s crossface. Then Benoit sends Jericho shoulder first into the steel post and then somehow Jericho manages to throw Benoit on the ladder. Then Jericho sets up the ladder in the corner and both men climb and Jericho attempts to do a suplex but Benoit pushes him off and Benoit then attempts to do a diving headbutt but Jericho moves and then Jericho tries to climb the ladder and he is almost on top and Benoit pushes the ladder and Jericho falls to the outside. Benoit then sets up the ladder and is climbing, but Jericho hits him with a chair and then pushes Benoit to the outside and Jericho positions the ladder and climbs and gets the belt.

Winner: New Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho

Drew Carey is shown talking to Trish Stratus backstage and Trish tells him that she is kinda seeing someone, then Vince McMahon walks in and Drew Carey tells him that he has a PPV coming up and he wants to promote it, then Vince tells him that he can take a part of the 30 men Royal Rumble match itself and Trish said that she would be very impressed if he competes tonight.

Chyna is backstage and Billy Gunn is talking to her and trying to tell her that she shouldn’t wrestle and Chyna tells him to worry about his match in the Rumble tonight.

Jericho says that Benoit is one of the toughest bastards that he has ever faced and that he proves Benoit wrong.

WWF Women’s Title
Ivory vs Chyna

The match starts with Chyna clotheslining Ivory and then she throws her everywhere. Then Chyna beats up on Ivory in the corner. Then Chyna throws Ivory right to the outside and then Chyna and Ivory fight between the crowd. Then Chyna delivers a gorilla plex slam on Ivory on the outside. They go back in the ring and Ivory hasn’t got a single hit on Chyna. Steven Richards tries to go in, but Chyna hits him and gets tossed to the outside. Chyna does her back flips and elbows Ivory, then Chyna falls on the mat and she is holding her neck and Ivory just covers her for the pin. After the match, paramedics came and escorted Chyna out on a stretcher.

Winner: Ivory

Stephanie goes to see the make up lady and Trish was there and they exchange a couple of words and Trish leaves.

Harvey Whippleman delivers Drew Carey’s wrestling gear. Then Kane shows up and Drew Carey introduces himself and Kane just leaves.

Low Down and Tiger Ali Singh are shown arguing backstage saying that they will win…then Vince McMahon tells them that they won’t compete at the Rumble tonight because they have been replaced with Drew Carey and Tiger Ali says Drew curry? who? and McMahon just walks away.

WWF Title Match
Triple H w/Stephanie vs Kurt Angle w/Trish Stratus

The match starts with both men locking up and then HHH twists Angle’s arm. Then Kurt reverses it and takes down HHH, then HHH is locked up with Kurt in the corner and the referee breaks it up. Then Angle close lines HHH to the outside. HHH goes back in the ring and he delivers a few upper cuts to the jaw of Kurt Angle. Then Angle takes him down again and twists his arm. Then Kurt suplexes HHH and he does another suplex, then another and then covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Then both men start fighting on the outside and Angle gets sent to the security rails, then HHH picks him up and rops him on the floor. They go back in the ring and Angle delivers a few right hands on HHH, then HHH takes him down. HHH then goes after Angle’s leg and then HHH picks up Angle’s leg, but Angle kicks up in back of the head with the other. (Kinda like what Owen used to do). Then Kurt Angle throws HHH over the top rope to the outside. Then Kurt Angle sends him into the steel steps and then throws him back in the ring. Then HHH goes to the outside and drags Angle’s feet and he snaps it against the ring post and then Stephanie distracts the referee and HHH hits him with a chair on his leg. HHH throws Kurt back in the ring and HHH continues to work on Kurt’s left leg. Then HHH puts Angle into a submission move the Native American death lock. Then Angle tried to fight back and sends HHH to the ropes but HHH answers back with a knee to the face. Then HHH goes back working on Kurt’s left leg. Then HHH applies the figure four leg lock on Angle and HHH garbs on the ropes to apply more pressure, then Trish tries to save Angle but Stephanie drags her out and Trish slaps her and Stephanie slaps her back and they fight, then Vince McMahon comes out and tries to stop them. Then Vince picks up Trish over his shoulder and is bringing her back, but Stephanie catches up and grabs Trish and they fight again. They fight there way back to the dressing room while Vince is still trying to stop them. In the ring, HHH close lines Angle and he still works on Angle’s leg, then Angle sends HHH head first to the ring post. Then Kurt does a DDT and covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Then Kurt does a German suplex 1,2 but HHH kicks out. Then Kurt does a side Russian leg sweep, then Kurt goes on the top rope, but HHH low blows him, then HHH does the Razor’s Edge and covers 1,2 but Angle kicks out, and HHH covers twice again and Angle still kicked out. Then HHH tried to do the pedigree but Angle gets out and HHH kicks him in the corner and Angle bounces back and lands on his you know what. Then Angle delivers a moonsult and covers 1,2 but HHH kicks out again. HHH tries to jump to the outside on Angle, but Anglemoves and referee Earl Hebner gets nailed by accident. HHH then goes on the top rope and Kurt jumps on top and does a back flip and covers but the referee is down. Then Kurt goes to check on the referee and HHH gets dragged to the outside and they fight and Hebner gets hit again. HHH send Angle back in the ring and HHH gets the belt but Angle kicks him and does an over head belly to belly suplex. Then Kurt grabs the belt and attempts to hit HHH but HHH hits him and delivers the pedigree but there is no referee to count. Then Austin comes out and assaults HHH. Then Austin hits HHH with the WWF title and Austin puts the referee in the ring and HHH is busted open. Then Austin goes back and delivers the stunner on HHH. Then Kurt Angle covers and the referee makes the 3 count and Angle wins.

Winner: Still Champion, Kurt Angle

Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock backstage and the Rock interrupts him and does his usual..”Finally the Rock has come back to New Orleans”. Then Rock said tonight it’s a battle of all shapes and all sizes, from Crash Holly to Rikishi. Rock said that everyone is talking about Kane and Undertaker, he said that Undertaker can be tickling Kane’s nipple, he doesn’t care. Rock said he will throw body after body over the top rope and he is going to Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble Match itself

Jeff Hardy drew #1 and Bull Buchanan drew #2.

The match starts with both men exchanging a few hits, then Jeff does a few high flying moves, then Bull knocks him down.

Matt Hardy drew #3

The Hardyz double team Bull and then they close line him to the outside.

The Hardy Boyz Eliminate Bull Buchanan

Then Matt and Jeff Hardy go at it and they exchange a few hits, then Matt does a suplex.

Faarooq drew #4

Faarooq beats on Matt and Jeff, but then Matt does the twist of faith and Jeff does the Senton Bomb and they both eliminate Farooq.

Farooq Eliminated by the Hardyz

The Hardyz start fighting again.

Drew Carey drew #5

Drew stood on the outside and watched the Hardyz fight. Then Drew finally went in the ring and he was still watching the Hardyz beating on each other on the top rope and they both fall.

Hardy Boyz Eliminated themselves by accident.

Kane drew #6

Now it’s Kane and Drew Carey all alone. then Drew offered Kane some money, Then Kane was about to choke slam him then the 2 minutes expired.

Raven drew #7

Drew Carey Eliminated Himself

Now it’s Kane and Raven all alone, then Raven was on the outside getting some trash cans and Al Snow attacks him and Raven run sin the ring and Raven hits Kane with a street sign.

Al Snow drew #8

Al brought in many garbage cans and weapons in the ring, then Al threw the bowling ball into Raven’s you know what. Then Kane knocks him down. then both Al and Raven double team Kane for a while.

Saturn drew #9

All four men go at it now and then Kane picks up Saturn and does a gorilla plex slam. Then they all go after Kane and Raven does a sleeper on Kane.

Steve Blackman Drew #10

Blackman comes in and beats on raven and then beats on Al Snow with the kendo sticks.

Grand Master Sexay drew #11

Grand Master attempts to eliminate Snow, but Pewrry Saturn hits Grand Master. Kane then Hit Grand Master with a garbage can and eliminated him.

Kane Eliminated Grand Master Sexay
Kane Eliminated Steve Blackman
Kane Eliminated Al Snow
Kane Eliminated Raven
Kane Eliminated Saturn


Honkey Tonk Man tells the fans that they want to hear him sing his song. he tells Kane to step a side for a moment. Then Honkey Tonk Man sings, then Kane grabs his guitar and nails him with it.

Kane Eliminated Honkey Tonk Man

Rock drew #13

Rock and Kane exchange a few hits, then Kane takes control of the match. Kane then delivers a boot to the face.

Goodfather drew #14

The Rock layed the smackdown on him and punched him to the outside.

Rock Eliminated Goodfather

Then kane suplexed the Rock and then kept on choking him. Kane then did a side walk slam.

Tazz drew #15

Kane picks up Tazz puts him on the top rope and punches him to the outside.

Kane Eliminated Tazz

Kane was trying to eliminate the Rock, but then the Rock puts Kane in the corner and he tries to eliminate him, but Kane fights back.

Bradshaw drew #16

Bradshaw goes after Kane, then Bradshaw does the close line from hell to the Rock. Then the Rock does the spine buster on Bradshaw.

Albert drew #17

Albert goes after the Rock, then Kane and Bradshaw double team Albert. Then Kane tried to eliminate the Rock while Albert tried to do the same to Bradshaw but no one was eliminated.

Hardcore Holly drew #18

Albert does the Albert bomb on Bradshaw.

K-Kwick drew #19

Holly tried to eliminate Bradshaw, while K-Kwick was beating on Albert. Then Rock goes after K-Kwick but fails to eliminate him.

Val Venis drew #20

Kane beats on Val venis. Holly was beating on the Rock, Bradshaw was after K-kwick. Then Albert goes after Holly. Rock then does a powerslam on K-Kwick, then Val venis starts hammering on the Rock.

William Regal drew #21

Regal does a suplex on K-Kwick. The Rock does a spine buster on Val Venis. Then Val tries to eliminate the Rock, but Bradshaw saves the Rock.

Test Drew #22
Test eliminated William Regal
Big Show drew #23

Big Show Eliminated Test
Big Show Eliminated K-Kwick

Big Show then choke slams everyone in the ring except the Rock. Then Rock close lines Big Show to the outside.

Rock Eliminated Big Show
Crash Holly drew #24

Big Show dragged the Rock to the outside and choke slammed him on the announcing table. Almost everyone starts beating on Kane. (Rock is still knocked out cold on the outside)

Undertaker drew #25

Undertaker beats on everyone to help his brother.

Undertaker and Kane eliminated everyone in the ring

**Note Rock is still laying down outside.

Scotty Too Hotty drew #26

Undertaker and Kane double team Scotty.

Undertaker and Kane eliminate Scotty Too Hotty

Steve Austin drew #27

While Austin was walking towards the ring, HHH attcked him, then The Rock goes in the ring and beats on Kane, then Undertaker hits the Rock and they both double team him. HHH and Austin are still fighting towards the entrance ramp.

Billy Gunn drew #28

Austin has been busted open by the hands of HHH. The referee came and took HHH away. Now in the ring, Kane is choking Billy Gunn and Undertaker is beating on Rock. Then Undertaker delivers a devastating DDT on the Rock.

Haku (MENG) drew #29

Yes you read it right, Meng is back in the WWF, under his old name Haku. Kane and Undertaker beat on Haku, but then Haku tries to fight back.

Finally, Rikishi entered as #30

Austin attacked Rikishi, then Austin goes in the ring and beats on Billy Gunn. Then he goes after Haku.

Austin eliminated Haku

Undertaker choke slammed Rikishi.

Then Rikishi super kicked the Undertaker to the outside.

Rikishi eliminated Undertaker

The Rock low blowed Rikishi while he was on the ropes and then he threw him out.

Rock eliminated Rikishi
Austin eliminated Billy Gunn

Now it’s down to 3 men

Austin is a bloody pulp. Austin and Rock go at it. Then Rock was about to do the Rock Bottom, but Austin pushes him and does the stunner. Then Austin starts kicking the Rock, then Kane goes after Austin and Austin beats on Kane. Then Rock does the Rock bottom on Austin. Kane gets up and hits the Rock, then Rock throws Kane BETWEEN the ropes to the outside. Rock and Austin go at it again, and Austin was trying to eliminate the Rock but the Rock hits him, then Rock tries to eliminate Austin but Kane came and threw Rock out.

Kane Eliminated The Rock

Kane then choke slammed Austin. Then Kane got Austin up and Austin low blowed him. kane gets a chair and was about to hit Austin but Austin hit him. Then Austin delivers the stunner. Austin gets the chair and nails Kane with it, then close lines him to the outside.

Austin Eliminated Kane to win it all!

The Winner of the 2001 Royal Rumble is: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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