No Way Out

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 25th in Las Vegas, NV

– No Way Out kicked off with a Hardcore Championship match, as Raven defended his title against the 7-foot-2, 500-pound Big Show. As the Big Show walked to the ring, he was attacked by the mysterious female ninja who has helped out Raven in recent weeks. Big Show went to attack the woman, but Raven ran up the ramp to meet his foe. As the match began, a popcorn vendor came out from the crowd to attack Raven, and the vendor scored a two-count, taking advantage of the 24-7 rule! After the pinfall was broken up, the vendor — revealed to be Crash — continued his assault on the champ, as did Hardcore Holly, Steve Blackman and Billy Gunn! In fact, Billy Gunn pinned Raven to win the Hardcore Title! But Billy didn’t escape in time. The melee continued in the ring, and Raven soon regained his title from Billy Gunn! But still the match continued! Down to the ring ran the mystery woman, followed closely by Molly Holly! Moments after they were knocked from the ring, the Big Show gave Raven a huge chokeslam onto a trash can, winning the Hardcore Championship!

– Winner and New Champion: Big Show

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

– Prior to the match, Lilian Garcia interviewed Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. The two Radicalz said they would co-exist in the Fatal Fourway match. Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho was definitely the underdog in this match, as Benoit, Guerrero and X-Pac are all his sworn enemies. Indeed, as the match began, Jericho was the target of numerous double-teams and triple-teams. Despite his four-month absence due to injury, X-Pac showed no signs of ring rust in the bout, nearly winning the title on several occasions. The Radicalz’ apparent alliance almost worked early on, as Benoit locked X-Pac in the Crossface in the middle of the ring. But Jericho knocked out Guerrero and broke up the submission hold. Moments later, Guerrero almost won the title with a frog splash on X-Pac, but Y2J again broke up the fall. The Radicalz’ alliance quickly disintegrated, however, and Guerrero and Benoit had a fist fight in the middle of the ring. As the match wore on, it was every man for himself. As Guerrero went for a frog splash, he was met by Benoit on the top rope, where the Wolverine delivered a massive superplex! The crowd chanted “Y2J” as Jericho rolled Benoit into the Walls of Jericho. As Guerrero ran in, Y2J let go and put Latino Heat in the devastating move! Then X-Pac ran in and suffered the same fate! X-Pac’s buddy, Justin Credible, came down to save his friend from the move — and in the process, helped Benoit earn a two-count on Jericho! As the action spilled out of control, Jericho hit a Lionsault on Guerrero for two. X-Pac then hit the X-factor on Jericho, until Benoit broke up the fall. Benoit then hit a top-rope diving headbutt onto Guerrero, but was met with a spinning heel kick by X-Pac for his troubles. As X-Pac celebrated, Jericho rolled him up and shockingly retained his Intercontinental Title!

– Winner and Still Champion: Chris Jericho

Mr. McMahon and William Regal talked in the locker room. Mr. McMahon told Regal that the Stephanie/Trish match was Regal’s idea. Mr. McMahon said that Stephanie was daddy’s little girl, and Trish was his good friend. He told Regal that he was confident that Regal would know what to do, and when the time was right, Regal would know exactly what to do.

At WWF New York, European Champion Test said he hoped Stephanie and Trish would beat the heck out of each other.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley versus Trish Stratus

– Stephanie speared Trish as the match began, and both women looked determined to prove that they were the dominant female in the World Wrestling Federation. Stephanie dominated the attack early on, nailing Trish with a snap mare, and pulling Trish’s hair out by the roots! The women continued their fight outside the ring, where Stephanie jumped off the guardrail and hit Trish with a clothesline! As Stephanie tried suplexing Trish to the outside, Trish reversed the move and snapped Stephanie’s neck on the top rope. Trish then brought Stephanie into the ring and slapped the taste out of her mouth, before nailing Stephanie with a bulldog! Trish could only earn a two-count after that, however. After Stephanie punched Trish in the face, Trish hit Stephanie with a DDT, but again, Stephanie kicked out. Trish then climbed to the top rope and locked Stephanie in an illegal choke hold! But Stephanie slammed Trish off the top rope! Stephanie then threw Trish to the outside, where she drove her face-first onto the announce table three times! Stephanie then threw a pitcher of water onto Trish! Back in the ring, Trish went for a hurricanrana, which Stephanie reversed into a powerbomb, again for a two-count. Stephanie then stripped Trish of her pants, and spanked her! Stephanie continued ripping at Trish’s clothes and choking her adversary. With both women down, William Regal ran to the ring and put Trish on top of Stephanie, but when the ref got to two, Regal second-guessed himself, and he put Stephanie’s foot on the bottom rope! Trish got mad and slapped Regal. The goodwill ambassador responded by knocking Trish out! Stephanie then covered Trish for the win!

– Winner: Stephanie McMahon-Helmesly

Backstage, Mr. McMahon stopped William Regal and screamed at him! “I thought you knew what I wanted,” screamed the owner! Mr. McMahon said that he and Trish would now face Regal and Stephanie for RAW!

Two Out of Three Falls: Steve Austin versus Triple H


– This match was the culmination of years of bad blood and brutal attacks. After over a month of not being able to touch each other, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H absolutely tore into each other! The Game went for the Pedigree early on, but Austin countered with an armbreaker. The fight then spilled to the outside, where Austin drove Triple H into the ringsteps and ringpost. Back in the ring, the Game again went for a Pedigree, but his arm was still hurting after being driven into the ringpost, so Triple H couldn’t hold Austin. Stone Cold continued his assault on the Game, focusing on the left arm. The Rattlesnake then hit a Lou Thesz Press for a near-fall. When Austin went for an elbow from the second rope, the Game kicked Stone Cold right in the face, snapping Austin’s neck. The Game followed up with two swinging neckbreakers. Triple H centered his attack on Austin’s neck, which was surgically repaired one year ago. The Game also assaulted Austin’s oft-injured knees. The Rattlesnake tried to battle back, but Triple H bore down on Austin’s knees with a painful figure-four leglock. Austin finally reversed the figure-four, but the Game got to the ropes, and the battle continued. The Rattlesnake battled back with fists and fire, hitting another Lou Thesz Press for another near-fall. Austin then went for a Stunner, which Triple H countered, but Stone Cold did manage to hit the Game with a clothesline. The Game then countered another Stunner attempt into a neckbreaker, and yet another Stunner into a roll-up, for a near fall. The Game then hit Austin below the belt, but Austin finally hit a Stunner and pinned Triple H to win the first fall!

– First Fall Winner: Steve Austin

Two Out of Three Falls: Steve Austin versus Triple H


– The street fight started outside the ring, as Stone Cold twice suplexed Triple H onto the steel ramp. Stone Cold also broke a television monitor over Triple H’s head! The Rattlesnake threw two chairs in the ring, as Triple H tried to leave the ringside area through the crowd. Stone Cold wouldn’t allow it, however, and the two men battled among the fans in Las Vegas! Back in the ring, Triple H tried to hit Austin with a chair, but Austin kicked the Game away. Stone Cold then hammered the Game with a chair repeatedly, hitting Triple H over the head, on the back, on the knees — everywhere! Amazingly, the Game then kicked out of a pinfall attempt! The Game again tried to escape through the crowd, but Austin brought him back to the ringside area. Austin then reached under the announce table and pulled out a 2×4 wrapper in barbed wire, much like the one Mick Foley used to attack Triple H at last year’s No Way Out! But Triple H gained control of the barbed-wire bat and hit Austin right in the face, busting the Rattlesnake open! Triple H attacked the bloody Rattlesnake atop the announcer’s table. The Game then went to give Austin a Pedigree onto the announce table, but Austin countered and backdropped the Game through the Spanish announcer’s table! The Rattlesnake then assaulted the Game with a beer can! But back in the ring, Triple H almost took Austin’s head off, knocking Stone Cold in the head with the ring bell. Shockingly, Austin kicked out at two! The Game followed up with a neckbreaker onto a steel chair, but again, Austin kicked out of the pinfall. Stone Cold then locked Triple H in a sleeper, but the Game escaped by suplexing Austin onto the chair. The Game then tried to give Austin a Pedigree onto the chair, but Stone Cold instead backdropped Triple H over the top rope, all the way to the outside. Outside the ring, Austin creamed Triple H with a steel chair, and then hit him in the head with the steel ring steps! Those massive shots were enough to bust Triple H wide open! The Game then reached under the announcer’s table and grabbed a sledgehammer! Triple H was about to hit Austin, but Stone Cold punched the Game in the gut, causing him to drop the sledgehammer. Back in the ring, the Game nailed Austin in the face with the sledgehammer! After a Pedigree, Triple H pinned Austin to win the second fall.

– Second Fall Winner: Triple H

Two Out of Three Falls: Steve Austin versus Triple H


– There was literally “No Way Out” as the cage lowered for the third and deciding fall of this amazing battle. As the fall began, Triple H bounced Austin’s head off the sides of the cage. The Game then picked up the barbed-wire bat and brutally raked it across Stone Cold’s face! The Rattlesnake then got control of the barbed wire, and raked it across the Game’s face! Moments later, Triple H gave Austin a DDT onto a chair. But Stone Cold got a sudden burst of adrenaline, and Stone Cold went wild, punching out the Game, cursing him on every blow! The Game then tried to climb out of the cage to escape the Rattlesnake, but Stone Cold caught him. The two slugged it out on the top rope, and Austin drove the Game’s head into the cage. Austin threw the Game from the top rope, but the Game kicked out yet again. Stone Cold then went for a Stunner, but the Game reversed it into a Pedigree! But again, Austin kicked out! Stone Cold then picked up the barbed-wire bat, just as Triple H picked up the chair. The Game scored first, nailing Austin over the head. Triple H then went for another Pedigree, but Austin reversed and sling-shotted the Game into the cage. Austin then hit a Stone Cold Stunner, but the Game kicked out! The Game then picked up the sledgehammer, just as Austin picked up the barbed-wire bat. The two hit each other at the same time, knocking each other out cold! But Triple H was lucky enough to fall on top of the Rattlesnake — and an unconscious Triple H pinned an unconscious Stone Cold to win the fall and the match! After the match, both men were very slow to get up. When they did, Austin gave Triple H a thunderous Stunner!

– Third Fall Winner: Triple H
– Match Winner: Triple H

Steven Richards versus Jerry Lawler

– According to a pre-match stipulation, Steven agreed to let Kat get naked if he lost to Lawler. If he were to beat Lawler, then Kat would become property of the Right to Censor. Tazz joined J.R. on commentary for the match. Steven Richards — who was accompanied to ringside by Women’s Champion Ivory — looked more focused than ever against Jerry Lawler, who was seconded by The Kat. The King was dressed in leopard-skin tights in honor of his shapely friend. Steven denounced Lawler as a “pervert” as the match began, but it was The King who got the early advantage with a number of right hands. An irate Richards ripped his shirt off in anger, as it seemed he could not gain an advantage against Lawler. Outside the ring, The Kat slapped Ivory, and Richards knocked Lawler into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Steven missed an avalanche, and Lawler capitalized, repeatedly punching Richards in the corner before assaulting him with a bulldog, earning a two-count. The crowd chanted for puppies as Steven gained advantage. The leader of the Right to Censor brought a chair into the ring as Ivory distracted the ref. But Lawler hit Richards with a low blow and then two consecutive DDTs. When Lawler went for the pin, however, Ivory distracted the ref. As Kat distracted the ref, Lawler bodyslammed Ivory. Richards had the presence of mind to grab Ivory’s Women’s Championship, but when he went to hit Lawler, The King ducked. Steven then grabbed King, and Kat grabbed the Women’s Championship. But when she went to hit The King, she accidentally hit Lawler, and Steven pinned The King for the win. After the bout, the Right to Censor wrapped Kat in a burlap sack and took her away.

– Winner: Steven Richards

Tag Team Championship Table Match: Dudley Boyz vs. Kane/Underatker vs. Edge/Christian

– Prior to the match, the Undertaker and Kane said that this match wouldn’t be about the Tag Team Championship — it would instead be about pain and suffering. Edge & Christian were uneasy about getting in the ring at first, what with the imposing presence of the Undertaker and Kane standing before them. E&C avoided the initial skirmish as the Dudleyz battled Kane & Taker. D-Von was soon knocked right off the ramp! Edge & Christian set up a table at ringside as the fight moved to the ringside area. Kane & Taker grabbed E&C and knocked their heads off the announcer’s table! Indeed, Kane & Taker completely dominated the five-time champions from the get-go! The Dudleyz soon got back into the match, nailing Taker & Kane with massive chair shots! That took the monsters out of the match momentarily, as the Dudleyz battled E&C inside the ring. Edge & Christian then went outside the ring and grabbed a couple of steel chairs, but Buh Buh Ray Dudley ducked when the duo went for a con-chair-to. Edge then hit Christian with a chair by accident, and the Dudleyz hit the “wassap!” headbutt on Edge! Buh Buh then told D-Von to get a table! But when D-Von went for the table, he was bombarded by Kane and the Undertaker. Back in the ring, Kane & Taker nailed Edge & Christian with a pair of running powerslams. Kane & Taker then climbed to the top rope of opposite corners, and hit E&C with a pair of monstrous clotheslines! The Undertaker then put a table into the ring, as did Kane! All six men slugged it out, with the four smaller competitors managing to knock Kane & Taker from the ring. D-Von set up a table in the ring, and the Dudleyz signaled that they would give Christian a 3-D through the table, but the Undertaker stopped that. Taker was then about to chokeslam Christian through the table, but he was hit with a low blow. Edge & Christian then tried to suplex the Taker through the table, but Kane moved the table just in time. Kane & Taker then hit E&C with a pair of chokeslams, and then hit the Dudleyz with two more chokeslams! The crowd cheered wildly as Kane and Taker set up a pair of tables. But as Kane & Taker both prepared to powerbomb Edge & Christian through the tables, Haku and Rikishi ran to the ring to break up the festivities. Kane & Taker fought with the Samoan warriors outside the ring as Edge & Christian fought with the Dudleyz inside. As Christian pounded on D-Von, D-Von hoisted Christian onto his shoulders, and Buh Buh and D-Von gave Christian a monstrous 3-D through a table to retain their titles!

– Winners and Still Champions: Dudley Boyz

Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle versus The Rock

– Prior to the match, Michael Cole interviewed The Rock. The People’s Champion simply said “tick, tock, tick, tock,” and told Angle that his reign as champion was over. The Rock stared down Angle with an intensity like never before as the match got underway. As the Olympian talked smack to the People’s Champion, The Rock simply stared down Angle down. Rock pounded on Angle as the match got underway, and Angle pounded right back. Early on, Angle tried to put Rock in the ankle lock, but the People’s Champion grabbed the ropes. Angle then knocked Rock down with a belly-to-belly suplex and a body throw. But Rock answered back with a body throw of his own. The Rock then assaulted Angle with several right hands. Rock then put Angle in a sharpshooter, but the Federation Champion was able to make it to the ropes. Rock stayed in control, however, hitting a Samoan drop for a two-count. Angle soon knocked The Rock down, and then went to the top rope, only to have Rock knock him down. The People’s Champion then hit the Federation Champion with a top-rope superplex! Angle threw Rock over the top rope, and the People’s Champion looked to have hurt his ankle on the fall. But the People’s Champion nailed Angle with a DDT! Suddenly, the Big Show’s music played through the arena, and the 500-pounder walked to the ring. The Show chokeslammed the referee, and then chokeslammed both Angle and Rock before leaving the ringside area! Angle covered The Rock, but the referee was out. After a few moments, Earl Hebner ran to the ring, but Rock was able to kick out. Rock then went outside the ring to grab the Federation Championship. With the referee distracted, the People’s Champion nailed Angle in the face with the title, but Angle kicked out! Still favoring his injured ankle, The Rock went for Angle, but the Olympian knocked Rock down and snared him in an ankle lock! Rocky suffered for nearly a minute until he finally made it to the ropes, but the damage was done. Angle continued his assault on Rock’s ankle, but The Rock roared back. He soon caught Angle in a spinebuster and hit the People’s Elbow! But Angle kicked out at two, much to Rock’s surprise! The fight continued, and Angle hit Rock with a low blow. With Rock down, Angle took off a turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel. Rock then went for a Rock Bottom, but Angle reversed it, and knocked Rock’s head into the turnbuckle! Angle then hit an Olympic slam, but amazingly, Rock kicked out of the pinfall! Moments later, Rock threw Angle sternum-first into the exposed turnbuckle and hit a Rock Bottom for a two-count! After that, Rock picked up Angle in a Rock Bottom and pinned Angle to become the first-ever six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion!

– Winner and New Champion: The Rock


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