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Sunday, July 22nd in Cleveland, OH

Edge & Christian (WWF) def. Mike Awesome & Lance Storm (ECW)

Mike Awesome and Lance Storm stood in the ring as the show began. Lance said he wanted to be serious for a minute, and said that tonight would be a defining moment in the history of this business — but before he could get to them, out came Edge & Christian!

E&C focused the attack on Awesome early on — still angered at Mike’s claims that he is the Awesome one. The seven-time Federation Tag Team Champions also focused their attack on Storm — a fellow Canadian.

Awesome & Storm isolated Christian and tried to wear him down, with Storm tossing him rib-first into the ringpost, and Awesome hitting a top-rope splash! Moments later, Awesome took Christian up top and went for a top-rope powerbomb, but Christian backdropped the former ECW Champion!

Finally, Christian was able to tag in Edge, the 2001 King of the Ring! Edge was a house afire, and there were a number of near-falls. Edge soon speared Awesome, but Storm broke up the pinfall.

Storm went to kick Christian in the face, but Edge shoved Christian out of the way and took the kick himself! Awesome then went to powerbomb Edge, but Christian speared Awesome, allowing Edge to pin Awesome for the win!

Earl Hebner (WWF) pinned Nick Patrick (WCW)

Mick Foley served as special guest referee for the battle between WWF senior official Earl Hebner and WCW senior referee Nick Patrick.

As predicted, this wasn’t a wrestling match — it was a brawl. Patrick was accompanied to the ring by his fellow WCW refs, and Hebner was led down the aisle by his fellow Federation officials.

Patrick started the bout by slapping Hebner, and the two quickly went at it. The crowd was firmly behind Hebner as he tore into Patrick. Patrick soon scored with a low blow, and then a baseball slide into Hebner’s face.

Hebner was knocked outside the ring, where the WCW officials pounded on him, until the Federation officials came to the rescue! As a result, Foley sent the WCW officials back to the locker room!

Moments later, Hebner speared Patrick and pinned him to win the bout! After the bout, Patrick talked smack to Foley, and Mick knocked out the WCW official with a right hand! Patrick then got a taste of Mr. Socko!

APA (WWF) defeated Palumbo & O’Haire (WCW)

The WCW Tag Team Champions took on the Federation Tag Team Champions in a battle of two rough-and-tumble teams.

The match began before the opening bell even rang, as Palumbo & O’Haire ran to the ring to attack the APA.

From there, the battle was on, as bodies started flying around the ring. The WCW Tag Champions seemed well-prepared for the veterans Faarooq and Bradshaw, as they isolated the men and tried to wear them down.

Faarooq was soon in trouble, but after hitting a spinebuster on O’Haire, he managed to tag in Bradshaw! The tough Texan pounded on Palumbo, and soon, all four men were in the ring.

Suddenly, Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell on Palumbo, and pinned him to win the bout!

Kidman (WCW) pinned X-Pac (WWF)

The WCW Cruiserweight Champion battled the Federation Light Heavyweight Champion in an exciting bout.

X-Pac — himself a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion — took it to Kidman from the start. The two men waged a technical masterpiece at first, showing each other up on every possible occasion.

Kidman downed X-Pac with a hurricanrana and an enziguiri. X-Pac battled back, tossing Kidman over the top rope and outside the ring. X-Pac then dove from the second rope to the outside, knocking Kidman down.

Kidman and X-Pac exchanged sleepers, and soon after, X-Pac missed a Swanton Bomb. Kidman hit a sit-out slam, and X-Pac soon hit one of his own.

As X-Pac went for a powerbomb, Kidman hit a modified X-Factor, but X-Pac kicked out. Kidman then went up top, but as he came down, X-Pac hit him with an X-Factor! Shockingly, Kidman was able to kick out!

X-Pac went for the Bronco Buster, but Kidman hit him with a low blow. Kidman then went up top and hit a Shooting Star Press to win the match, and to give WCW its first win of the night!

Raven (ECW) pinned William Regal (WWF)

In a match made earlier in the evening on Sunday Night HEAT, Raven took on Commissioner William Regal.

Regal — a former WCW competitor — was looking to make Mr. McMahon proud against Raven, who has competed in WCW, ECW and the WWF. The commissioner pounded on the former ECW Champion, and the fight even spilled outside the ring.

Raven gained the advantage, but Regal battled back, and the momentum shifted back and forth. Raven went for his DDT, but Regal countered, and both men were soon knocked down.

Suddenly, Tazz ran to the ring and downed Regal with a huge suplex! Raven then hit the Raven effect and pinned Regal to win the bout!

Kanyon, Hugh Morrus & Shawn Stasiak (WCW) defeated Big Show, Billy Gunn & Albert (WWF)

The WCW stars attacked the WWF guys as the match began, but all three Federation Superstars soon put on a power display, gorilla-pressing all three WCW stars!

All six men were soon in the ring slugging it out, and Albert hit a huge scissors kick on Stasiak! Albert then hit the Baldobomb, but Morrus and Kanyon broke up the pinfall.

Billy Gunn was able to hit a huge Famouser on Hugh Morrus, but Kanyon prevented him from making the tag. Stasiak then snuck up from behind and hit Gunn with a reverse DDT, allowing Stasiak to pin Gunn for the win.

After the bout, Big Show planted all three men with chokeslams and alley-oops!

Tajiri (WWF) pinned Tazz (ECW)

Two of the hardest-hitting competitors ever to come out of ECW battled it out, as Tazz took on Tajiri.

Tajiri hit Tazz with some quick kicks, but couldn’t keep the Human Wrecking Machine down. Tazz tossed Tajiri down with a huge Tazzplex.

Tajiri continued to lay in the kicks, but Tazz battled back with a clothesline. Tazz chopped away at the Japanese Buzzsaw, bullying Tajiri. Tazz downed Tajiri with a huge slam, but could only score a two-count.

Tajiri hit a springboard elbow off the ropes as the crowd came alive. Outside the ring, Tazz pounded on Tajiri, throwing him shoulder-first into the ring steps. Tazz then got into the ring and mocked Tajiri, demanding he get up and fight him.

Back in the ring, Tajiri locked Tazz in the Tarantula, and then nailed him with a flying dropkick! Still, Tazz kicked out. Tajiri then kicked Tazz with two huge kicks, but Tazz caught Tajiri’s leg on the third kick and suplexed him!

Tajiri then spit the mist into Tazz’s face, kicked him in the face, and pinned him for the win!

World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship
Rob Van Dam (ECW) pinned Jeff Hardy (WWF) to win the title

Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam — two of the greatest in-ring performers in the industry — battled it out for Jeff’s Hardcore Championship.

The two men started out quickly, with many rapid-fire exchanges electrifying the crowd. Jeff hit a compactor on RVD, but RVD kicked out. Jeff went for a bodypress, but missed, and Van Dam hit a standing moonsault onto Jeff.

Van Dam hit Rolling Thunder on Jeff, but the Hardcore Champion kicked out. RVD went up top, but Jeff simply pushed him off the top rope to the outside! Jeff then hit a baseball slide, and went for a leap off the guardrail, but RVD met him and the two men went flying!

The fight spilled into the crowd — which is perfecly legal under Hardcore Title rules. RVD hit a moonsault off a barricade and scored a near-fall.

Back at ringside, RVD planted Hardy onto the guardrail and hit a spinning heel kick from the ring apron! With Van Dam on the apron, Jeff jumped out of the ring, onto the floor, and gave Van Dam a monstrous powerbomb!

Hardy then got out a ladder and set it up at ringside. Jeff ascended the ladder — 20 feet in the air — but Van Dam got into the ring and knocked the ladder over, as Jeff came crashing down!

RVD grabbed a chair and went after Jeff, but Jeff hit RVD with the ladder. Hardy then grabbed the chair and nailed Van Dam with it! The men battled up the entranceway, and RVD hit Jeff with the Van Daminator, as Jeff went flying off the stage! RVD tossed Jeff back onto the stage and went for the pin, but Jeff kicked out.

Back in the ring, RVD pounded on Jeff, and delivered another Van Daminator into Hardy’s face, as the blood flowed from Hardy’s head. But Jeff was able to reverse a moonsault and then hit a DDT, putting Van Dam down.

Jeff hit a belly-to-back suplex, but Van Dam again kicked out. Hardy went up top and nailed Van Dam. He then went up top again and went for the Swanton, but RVD moved.

RVD pounded on Jeff with the Hardcore Title, and then hit the Five-Star Frog Splash, to win the Hardcore Championship!

Bra and Panties Match
Trish Stratus & Lita (WWF) defeated Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler (WCW)

In a match in which the true winners were male fans around the world, four of the most beautiful women in the world met in the first-ever tag-team Bra and Panties match!

Mick Foley’s music filled the arena, and the Hardcore Legend headed to ringside to officiate this very special match-up!

The WCW ladies competed for Mick’s attention, but the Federation divas just wanted to fight! Torrie took it to Trish, but Trish immediately roared back, knocking Torrie down!

The women went right for one anothers’ clothes, as the crowd roared their approval! Before long, Stacy lost her shirt! Lita then went for Stacy’s pants, but couldn’t quite get them off.

The WCW women double-teamed Lita, and Stacy ripped Lita’s shirt off! Lita went up top for a bodypress, but Stacy moved out of the way.

Trish & Torrie then got in the ring, and Torrie soon ripped of Trish’s shirt. But Trish reversed it and took off Torrie’s pants! Lita and Torrie then hit the Twist of Fate on Torrie, and took off Torrie’s shirt — Torrie was now stripped all the way to her bra and panties!

Lita then hit the moonsault on Stacy and helped Trish take off Stacy’s pants — the Federation women won the Bra and Panties match! Lita and Trish walked away from the ring arm in arm.

Inaugural Brawl
Team WCW/ECW defeated Team WWF

Prior to the bout, Shane, Stephanie and Heyman told Team WCW/ECW that it was do or die. In another locker room, Stone Cold promised Vince McMahon that he would whoop some butt — and that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!

With Team WWF and Team WCW/ECW tied at five wins apiece, it was time for the Inaugural Brawl — the match which would determine which side was victorious at the first-ever Invasion!

WCW owner Shane McMahon, ECW owner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and Paul Heyman entered the arena first, soon followed by Federation chairman Vince McMahon, who received a huge ovation from the crowd!

The teams then made their way to the ring. WCW Champion Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz made up Team WCW/ECW, while Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Undertaker and Kane comprised Team WWF. As the teams made their entrances, the Federation Superstars stood in the ring, while the WCW and ECW stars paced outside the ring — a clear message from the Federation.

The fight began early, with all the participants getting into it as Stone Cold was making his way to the ring! There was carnage everywhere as 10 of the best sports-entertainers on the planet duked it out for superiority in the industry!

Austin was clearly the “old” Rattlesnake, as he tore into Rhyno from the beginning, delivering a superplex in the opening moments of the bout for a near fall! Y2J then got himself a piece of Rhyno, assaulting the manbeast with right hands.

Booker T got in the ring and continued the attack on Jericho, as Y2J battled back. Kurt Angle then tagged in and assaulted the WCW Champion, who soon gave way to D-Von Dudley. Angle then tagged in Kane, who pounded on D-Von.

D-Von soon tagged in his brother Bubba Ray, who took on the Big Red Machine. Kane nailed a top-rope flying clothesline on Bubba, but Bubba kicked out of the pinfall at 2.

Kane then tagged in the Undertaker, who abused Bubba Ray. Taker knocked DDP off the ring apron as he abused Bubba. Taker went old-school on Bubba, grabbing his arm and leaping off the top rope with a huge smash!

Rhyno pounded on Taker, and then tagged in DDP — the man who stalked Taker’s wife, Sara! As soon as Taker saw who was in the ring with him, however, he went postal on Page, fighting DDP with everything he had! But Page floored Taker with a DDT, and tagged in Booker T. Taker battled back, hitting a DDT of his own on the WCW Champion.

Taker then tagged in Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Federation Champion and WCW Champion went at it! Austin went for the Stunner, but Booker countered. The fight spilled outside the ring, as the two battled it out.

Y2J got in the ring and tried to put Booker in the Walls of Jericho. In ran DDP, and Y2J went for the Walls on him! The WCW attack soon downed Jericho, however, as D-Von pounded on Y2J.

As Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Heyman watched from ringside, the crowd clapped it up for Team WWF. Kurt Angle cleaned house inside the ring, suplexing everything in sight! But your Olympic hero was soon in trouble, as Team WCW/ECW isolated him and pounded him down to the canvas.

DDP hit a tornado powerbomb on Angle, but a fired-up Austin broke up the pinfall. Y2J broke up another pinfall, after Angle was the victim of a “Wassap!” headbutt by the Dudleys.

DDP locked a front facelock on Angle, as Kurt tried to make his way to the corner to get the tag. But the referee didn’t see the tag, and Angle was forced to stay in the ring, as Team WCW/ECW pounded on him.

Taker had seen enough, and he started destroying DDP. All 10 men then wound up battling in the ring, as Rhyno accidentally gored Booker T!

Taker chokeslammed DDP, and then signaled for the Last Ride. But referee Charles Robinson told him not to — so Robinson wound up taking a Last Ride himself!

The fight continued, as DDP and Taker battled into the crowd. Austin seemed to have hurt his knee, as Kane set up the Dudleys near the announcers’ tables. Kurt & Booker T hooked it up in the ring, as Jericho & Rhyno duked it out on the other side of the ring.

The Dudleys took out a table, but Kane picked up D-Von and choked him through the English announcers’ table! Rhyno and Bubba then knocked Kane out, and suplexed him through the Spanish announcers’ table! Jericho then flew off the apron and knocked Rhyno through the table the Dudleys had set up!

With carnage everywhere, Bubba and Booker T double-teamed Kurt Angle inside the ring. Angle roared back, however, suplexing Booker and then hitting Bubba with the Angle slam. He then put Booker in the ankle lock, but the ref was knocked out. Booker then hit the flapjack on Angle.

Mr. McMahon grabbed the Federation Championship, and handed the title to Angle. But Shane grabbed the belt and nailed Vince! Angle knocked Shane from the ring, and also knocked Bubba from the ring! Angle hit the Angle slam on Booker, and then put Booker in the ankle lock.

Austin recovered suddenly, and attacked Angle! Shockingly, Austin hit the Stunner on Angle, and put Booker on a prone Olympic hero! Thanks to Stone Cold, Booker then pinned Angle to give Team WCW/ECW the win!

Shane, Stephanie and Heyman drank beers with the Rattlesnake as Invasion went off the air!

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