Fully Loaded

May 31, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Fully Loaded 2000

Sunday, July 23rd from the Reunion Arena (Dallas, TX)

Fully Loaded the WWF would show a simulcast at WWF New York in Times Square. The crowd of 1,000 was pumped watching on hundreds of TVs…one thirty feet high

Hardy Boyz/Lita versus T & A/Trish Stratus

– All four men began to fight as the women were held off of each other. T & A had a major advantage with their size, but the Hardyz tried to capitalize with their speed and agility. Matt tried to jump over the ropes and land on his feet, but he tripped and fell off the ring apron. Test was thrown off the top rope and leg dropped as Jeff tagged in and hit a nice sommersault splash. Test countered with a spinning sidewalk slam as Jeff chased Test out of the ring and threw himself over the top rope onto him. A very loud “Lita” chant began in the crowd as Trish was tagged in to slap Matt and do it again only to hit Test. Matt went to roll-up Trish for the three, but Test broke it up and Trish missed a elbow. Lita was tagged in, but Trish tagged out and Albert entered. Lita ran away from Albert and tagged Jeff in so he could hit his great flying leg press and a double suplex. Jeff, Test, Matt, Trish, and Lita all lined-up and suplexed Test and Trish at the same time. All three then took off their shirts as Albert military pressed Jeff and threw him outside the ring. Test then hit a full nelson slam and a powerbomb before going to the top rope for a missed big elbow. The WWF satellite then went out for a few seconds, but Matt was tagged in for a flying clothesline and a front facebuster from the topr ope. Test hit a pumphandle powerslam as Jeff hit him with the swanton bomb. Albert then picked Matt up, but he hit the twist of fate. Lita was then tagged in to hit an amazing tornado DDT on Test. She then climbed to the top rope and hit a cross body outside the ring on Albert. She went to the top again and hit another great huricanrana on Test for a two count. he went into the ropes and Albert hit her as Test hit a spinning powerbomb and tagged Trish. Trish hit a bulldog and a few simple maneuvers before going to the top rope and getting knocked down; Lita then climbed up and hit a superplex. The Hardyz kept T & A busy outside as Lita went to the top rope and hit her moonsault for the pinfall. From behind Albert clotheslined Lita in the back of the head and T & A took care of the Hardyz. Trish then whipped Lita with a leather belt

– Winners: Lita and Hardy Boyz by pinfall

Backstage: Mick Foley is shown speaking to an arena working as Edge ran up to him very serious. He explained that Christian was violently ill with food poisoning and that they really couldn’t fight tonight. Foley didn’t believe him, but Edge promised that he was serious and asked Foley to get an EMT. The Undertaker then road into the arena with his motorcycle and asked if anyone had seen Kurt Angle. One man pointed Angle out as the American hero ran away only to be chased on bike by the Taker. The Taker caught up with him (still on the bike) in his locker room until Angle was able to run away.

Tazz versus Al Snow

– Al Snow entered the ring very serious and attacked Tazz with a vengeance. Snow hit a great Russian leg sweep and modified powerbomb keeping Tazz on the defensive for the early part of the match. Tazz was able to fight back a bit, but Snow hit a great guillotine leg drop and went back to the top for a moonsault for a two count. Snow went for Head, but Tazz took out his left knee and methodically worked on him. Snow hit some headbuts and a great kick to the sternum. Tazz then caught Snow’s leg and hit a great suplex before trying to place the Tazzmission on. Snow countered it, but Tazz countered another maneuver and placed it on a wobbling Snow. Snow then tapped out as Tazz struggled to let go.

– Winner: Tazz by submission

Backstage: Edge was shown watching Christian show up as Foley entered the locker room. Christian was shown walking out of a bathroom all sweaty as an EMT checked him out and said he wouldn’t be able to defend the titles. Triple H and Stephanie were shown in their office with a lot of flowers as a man brought more in. Triple H asked who the flowers were from and began to look for a card. The card read, “Stephanie, Best of luck to you and your man tonight. It’s true, it’s true.”

European Championship: Eddie Guerrero versus Perry Saturn

– This match was added to the card and not originally scheduled. Chyna knocked down Perry Saturn before chasing Terri out of the arena. Guerrero began the offensive as Saturn was knocked outside and taken down by Chyna…the whole match was basically two-on-one. Guerrero lept from the top rope onto Saturn and told Chyna she was beautiful as Saturn caught him for a powerbomb. Guerrero hit another huricanrana as Saturn hit another powerbomb. Saturn then missed a moonsault allowing Guerrero to hit a brainbuster suplex; he then went to the top and turned a senton bomb into a sommersault only to get clotheslined by Saturn. As Saturn got knocked outside he punched Chyna and clotheslined her over a table. Terri then came back down as Saturn used her as a shield. She kicked him down low and Saturn threw him inside for a big elbow to his back for the pinfall.

– Winner and New Champion: Perry Saturn by pinfall

Backstage: Edge and Christian were celebrating their victory over Foley saying that “food poisoning ruled.” Foley came back in and looked over a stall to see Christian making fake vomit. He gave Christian an “A for effort” and told them that they had to defend the belts.

Michael Cole Interview: The Undertaker

– The Undertaker said that Kurt Angle would need a doctor to remove his foot from his rear end. Angle was then shown boarding the Taker’s cycle and turning it on. The Undertaker found him and chased him off, calling him a “little bitch.”

Tag Team Championship: Edge/Christian versus The Acolytes

– Edge and Christian ranted on the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, and JFK…they got interrupted before giving their 5-second pose as The Acolytes grabbed the microphone and said how great Texas was and how bad Canada sucked. Bradshaw promised to make them their personal bitches and the Acolytes attacked both men with a vengeance. Bradshaw caught a flying Christian and hit a fallaway slam from the top rope. Edge kept trying to block a powerbomb, but Bradshaw finally hit it. Edge came back with a swinging neckbreaker as he and Christian went for a double suplex; they missed and Bradshaw hit a flying shoulder block. Faarooq hit a great powerslam and spinebuster as Bradshaw added a lariat. Faarooq hit a great maneuver on Christian as Edge ran in, showed the referee a championshp belt, and hit Faarooq with it for the DQ. The Acolytes attacked the champs all the way backstage.

– Winners: The Acolytes by disqualification

WWF New York/Backstage: The Big Bossman asked to see a kid’s ID as he thought he was too young to be drinking beer. The guy was allowed, but the Bossman still grabbed his face and took a swig. Triple H then ranted to Stephaie how he didn’t need Kurt Angle on his back during this match. Stephanie said she was getting sick of Triple H and told him to ask Angle if he wanted to. Angle was then shown being chased by The Undertaker, but was able to attack him from behind with a wrench.

Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage Match: Val Venis versus Rikishi Phatu

– Val Venis immediately tried to get out of the ring, but Rikishi knocked him down. Rikishi tried to climb up, but he saw Venis climbing out the door so he stopped him. After some academic steel cage fighting both men tried to climb up at the same time; Rikishi got knocked down and Venis turned around to hit an elbow. Venis almost got out of the cage, but Rikishi pulled him back in and actually fell onto the top rope. Rikishi tried to exit via the door, but he was knocked back in. Rikishi hit a banzi drop for a two count (unaware there was a referee in the ring for the match) as Trish threw the door on Rikishi’s head. Venis then hit the money shot for only a two count! As Trish was looking into the ring Lita ran out with a leather belt and hit Trish many times with it (after removing her outermost top.) Rikishi got to the top of the cage and was ready to come down before looking at the crowd. They began to cheer for him, so Rikishi centered himself and lept off the top onto a major splash on Venis. Rikishi immediately rolled off with pain in either his arms, hands, wrists, or something in his stomach. Rikishi began to move for the door as Tazz entered and hit him in the face with a camera. He then layed sprawled out along with Venis who was beginning to get up. Rikishi was then pinned.

– Winner and Still Champion: Val Venis by pinfall

Backstage: Triple H found a man with more flowers and asked him where the heck he was. Triple H said that Angle was about to get his butt kicked as the man pointed him towards the dressing room. Apparently, it was Jericho in the dressing room and he attacked Triple H leaving him on the floor.

Confrontation: Shane McMahon/Chris Benoit and The Rock

– Shane said he was not a coward and challenged The Rock to an improv match to prove it. He promised that it would not be a title match, because that wouldn’t be fair to Chris Benoit. The Rock answered the challenge by entering the ring and picking up a microphone to promise that McMahon was a coward. The Rock said that he knew it was a setup and wasn’t a moron. From backstage Chris Benoit threatened The Rock promising to make him submit. He was apparently in The Rock’s locker room where he ripped up his expensive shirts and broke pairs of his glasses. He then poured gasoline over what was on the floor as the WWF cut to a preview for UT/Angle.

The Undertaker versus Kurt Angle

– Angle’s own pyro scared him once again as The Undertaker followed him on his motorcycle not waiting for his own entrance. The two immediately battled into the crowd and also ringside with steel steps. The bell finally sounded as Taker knocked Angle down with a boot and pulled him up before a three. He then hit a long vertical suplex and pulled him up before the three once again. The two traded maneuvers as Angle worked on UT’s leg. Taker tried for a chokeslam, but Angle got out of it. Angle tried to go for a leg submission, but UT reversed it and finally hit a chokeslam. The referee wanted the pinfall, but UT would not and picked Angle up again for his new powerbomb.

– Winner: The Undertaker by pinfall

Backstage: The Rock was shown looking at his destroyed closet and became very upset.

Last Man Standing: Triple H versus Chris Jericho

– Triple H and Chris Jericho began the match strong and fought outside with parts of the destroyed table. The two traded punches and Jericho hit a reverse elbow from the top. Triple H began to fight back and threw Jericho’s ribs into the steps. Triple H hit shoulder blocks on Jericho’s chest in a corner as the referee tried to pull him off. Triple H pulled more of Jericho’s bandages off and used them on him as part of the suspension on the far side of the ring became loose and made weird sounds throughout the match. Jericho was suplexed on the concrete floor as the referee got a low count. Jericho began to fight back in the ring as Triple H put the abdominal stretch on. Jericho was able to hip toss the Game out of the maneuver as he and the referee got into a shoving match. Jericho added a spinning heel kick, but had his lionsault stopped by two knees. Triple H added a DDT for a 7 count. Triple H was able to put a sleeper hold on with a body scissors on Jericho and let it go to kiss Stephanie and get a 9 and a half count. Jericho played Muhammad Ali and kept asking Triple H to knock him down. He even gave Triple H a crotch chop and was given a pedigree for a 9 and 4/5 count. Triple H brought a chair into the ring to use on Jericho’s ribs and back. He then threw the chair down and picked Jericho up for a pedigree on the chair; Triple H stopped it to push the referee as Jericho got a low blow in and grabbed the chair. He finally got up and nailed Triple H hard in the head for the referee to get a double 8 count for a bloody Triple H and a wary Jericho. Jericho hit a few more shots to the head and a missile dropkick before grabbing the chair again and putting it in the center of the ring. He hit a front facebuster into the chair as he picked up Triple H who did a Flair flop out of the ring. Jericho chased him, but got himself thrown into steel steps. He then reversed a pedigree onto the steps into a flip as both men grabbed monitors and hit each other with them…they both got a 9 and 4/5 count. Back in the ring Jericho reversed a pedigree into the walls of Jericho; Triple H tapped out, but that meant nothing as Jericho kept it on and Tripel H screamed for and finally reached the ropes. Jericho would not break the hold and pulled him back into the ring. Stephanie finally broke the hold so Jericho put her into the walls of Jericho. Triple H knocked Jericho off and grabbed a sledgehammer only to hit the steel post. Jericho then slingshoted him into the ring post and grabbed the sledge for a shot to the ribs…the two then fell into a table as Triple H hit a suplex into it. Triple H got up at 9 and Jericho stayed down. Triple H then collapsed again with Stephanie trying to touch him without getting blood on herself.

– Winner: Triple H

Heavyweight Championship: The Rock versus Chris Benoit

* The title can change hands on a disqualification *

– Benoit came to the ring with The Rock’s shirt on and McMahon with his glasses. The Rock entered the ring and attacked Benoit with a great deal of electricity. He began to chase McMahon and was able to hit an inverted atomic drop on Benoit followed by a slingshot into McMahon. He then went for the crippler crossface but Benoit ran out of the ring. Benoit began a methodical destruction of The Rock with kicks, punches and Irish whips. The Rock hung Benoit over the ropes and hit a major kick to his chin before hitting a suplex from the top. McMahon threw the championship in the ring behind the referee’s back; Benoit used it and only got a two count. The Rock hit a powerslam and Benoit added a suplex; Benoit then put the sharpshooter on, but The Rock got the ropes. McMahon pulled the ropes down sending The Rock out of the ring as he reversed an Irish whip sending Benoit into the steps. The Rock hit a great dragon screw takedown and put the sharpshooter on Benoit. He was tapping out, but the referee was distracted by McMahon until he could get the ropes. The two fought into the crowd as Benoit suplexed him back into the ringside area. The Rock reversed a kick into his smackdown DDT as Benoit hit a backbreaker for a two count. The Rock picked up Benoit in a powerbomb style maneuver and fell back throwing him into the ropes; Benoit put his foot on the ropes to get out of the count. The referee got more two counts as Benoit went to the top rope and hit his flying headbut but couldn’t recover for a pin attempt. The Rock finally hit his spinebuster and hit the people’s elbow only to have McMahon distract the referee so Benoit would only get a two count. (IMO this should have been a DQ on McMahon’s part…) Benoit hit a few headbuts and put The Rock on the top rope to hit a superplex for a two. The Rock brought a chair in the ring, but dropped it so he wouldn’t get the DQ. Shane brought one in too and hit the referee with it. The Rock then placed the crippler crossface on Benoit who tapped out, but the referee couldn’t see him. The referee finally saw and called for the end of the match. The referee then decided to give the belt to Chris Benoit as a result of a DQ, thinking that when he brought the chair in the ring that The Rock hit him with it. Shane then ran into the ring again and hit The Rock with a steel chair. (Thank God the following happened because if it didn’t, Earl Hebner would have been attacked.) Mick Foley’s music hit and the legend took the microphone saying he didn’t see a DQ. He ordered the match to continue as The Rock told Benoit to “just bring it” with his right hand. Benoit entered and The Rock caught him with punches before Benoit hit his patented triple belly-to-back suplex bridge for a two count. Benoit hit the crossface, but The Rock got the ropes; he was pulled back and Benoit put it on again. The Rock finally reached the ropes and Benoit went for it again, but The Rock countered with the Rock bottom to retain the title. The Rock, bloody, stood in the ring the champion with a beaten Benoit leaving shrugged.

– Winner and Still Champion: The Rock by pinfall

Source: Adam Silverstein


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