May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, September 26th in Charlotte, NC

WWF Unforgiven began with a terrific opening montage shot at the New York City Harbor. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler then went over the fact that the referees are on strike and that scab referees will be officiating the matches tonight.

Val Venis pinned Steve Blackman

– As Val Venis made his way out to the ring, he stopped half way and went back to pick up a black bag, he then did a normal promo in the ring. Steve Lombardi was introduced as the scab referee in this match as Venis quickly attacked Blackman in the corner. After a brief stint of offense, Venis was quickly pummeled in and out of the ring by Steve Blackman until both men ended up flat on the canvas. Venis then hit the money shot for the pin as he brought a kendo stick out of the black bag. Blackman quickly kicked Venis in the kidneys as he snapped the stick over his head. Blackman then ordered the EMT’s and Jim Dawson (head of security) out of the ring, however Dawson hit a nice spear to get Blackman out.

Paul Wight Interview.

– In the backstage area, Paul Wight was shown telling Michael Cole that The Undertaker’s name is not on the roster and that he should not be associated with him anymore. Although, Wight explains, The Undertaker helped him learn to have a killer instinct, he is not there and should not be mentioned.

D’Lo Brown pinned Mark Henry *European Championship*

– In the backstage area before the match, Mark Henry whispered something into Lillian Garcia’s ear which caused her to slap him. As he entered the ring, Mark Henry explained that there would not be an European Championship match because when he got slapped something in his head popped. D’Lo Brown then met Mark Henry half way down the ramp as both men began to fight with Tom Pritchard as the scab referee. Brown dominated the offensive as Mark Henry continued to grab his head on and off. Henry then began to pummel D’Lo Brown with gorilla presses and other such maneuvers as Brown hit a head scissor. D’Lo Brown then assented to the top rope as he hit the ‘lo down for the pin.

In the backstage area, Bradshaw and Faarooq told the crowd that the Dudley Boyz have absolutely no chance against them. As they finished their interview, the Hollys, and about 4 other superstars were shown attacking Chaz because they feel that he hurt Marianna. Debra was then shown telling everyone that she is no longer associated with Jeff Jarrett and that if he tries anything there will be consequences. Jarrett then ran in and explained that nobody threatens him as he took Kitty and brought her to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Chyna (Disqualification) *Intercontinental Championship*

– Harvey Wimpleman was the scab referee for this contest. Chyna quickly hit a clothesline on Jeff Jarrett as he elbowed her into the center of the ring. She then hit a low blow as Jarrett jumped off the top rope and was thrown outside. Both continued to fight back and forth as Chyna lifted Jarrett on her shoulders and threw him to the canvas; he quickly attacked her with a sleeper hold. Chyna then hit a powerslam and a powerbomb as Jarrett reversed a huricanrana into a powerbomb. With a bit of strength, Chyna kicked Jarrett out of the ring as she hit him on the back with a chair. She was not disqualified as she used the chair once more before throwing Jarrett into the Spanish announcing booth. As Chyna was about to put the pedigree on Jarrett, she was reversed into a slingshot which knocked Wimpleman out. He then took his guitar and as he was about to hit Chyna, the Fabulous Moolah and May Young began to punch and suplex him. Jarrett then clotheslined both women as he kicked them in the stomach and Debra made her way down to the ring to shove Ms. Kitty and hit Jarrett on the head with the guitar. Chyna then covered Jarrett to become what we thought as the first woman to hold the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Tom Pritchard then ran into the ring and grabbed the belt away from Wimpleman telling him to change the decision to a disqualification. He did so as Chyna gave Pritchard a low blow and pedigreed him.

The Acolytes pinned Dudley Boyz

– After The Acolytes entered the ring, they quickly attacked the Dudley Boyz. Bradshaw and Buh Buh Ray then began the contest as Bradshaw hit a suplex from the top rope. After D-Von was in the ring for a while, both men hit the 3D on Bradshaw as Faarooq was thrown to the outside. Buh Buh then hit a powerbomb as D-Von hit a headbut from the top rope with Faarooq still on the outside. More pin attempts were made by both sides as the Dudleyz hit the 3D again on Faarooq. Stevie Richards, dressed as an Acolyte, then ran into the ring and hit a Stevie kick on D-Von for the pin as Faarooq and Bradshaw pummeled him in the ring.

Ivory pinned Luna *Hardcore Women’s Championship Match*

– In the backstage area, Ivory quickly hit Luna with a trash can. Luna then missed a shot with a TV as she threw Ivory’s face into a box of sodas. Luna then placed Ivory’s face into a copy machine and made a few copies as she missed by throwing a phone at her. Ivory then yelled at Wimpleman for a pin count, however Luna’s shoulders were not on the floor. Luna then threw Ivory onto some boxes as she climbed a machine and jumped on her. Both women threw each other into a few file cabinets as Tori grabbed a stick Ivory had and began to fight with her. Tori then got hit in the temple as Ivory hit Luna with a stick for the pin to retain her title.

In the backstage area, Moolah and Young were shown telling Lillian Garcia that Jeff Jarrett better stay out of their way. Ivory then walked in to tell Moolah how great her match was, however Moolah quickly attacked her and WWF officials had to break them up.

New Age Outlaws pinned Edge/Christian *Tag Team Championships*

– The New Age Outlaws did their normal promo as the match began with a true WWF official. Edge quickly attacked Billy Gunn as he repeatedly brought him to the canvas with quick maneuvers. Christian was then lifted in the air and thrown onto Billy Gunn’s knee, however he did fight back and tag Edge back in. The match continued with both teams fighting back and forth with no specifically great maneuvers. The Road Dogg then hit a very hard cross-body as he received a sidewalk slam by both Edge and Christian. As the Road Dogg was about to be smashed in the corner, he turned around and smacked Christian in the jaw extremely hard. Billy Gunn then annihilated both Edge and Christian as Jesse James got a second wind and hit Edge in the corner. Christian then hit a reverse-DDT as the Road Dogg missed a pumphandle slam. Edge then hit a spear on the Road Dogg, as the Hardy Boyz ran out and knocked out Edge, along with Christian. Billy Gunn then hit the famouser for the pin.

In the backstage area, the British Bulldog was shown telling Lillian Garcia that he knocked The Rock out on Smackdown! simply because he was getting too cocky. Triple H then explained that nobody should worry about their relationship because at the end he would be champion. The Big Bossman then told Michael Cole to stay out of his business as he explained that he has been in and out of cages his whole life. Al Snow was then shown telling Garcia that he will be all over the Bossman’s fat donut-eating behind for doing what he did to Pepper.

Al Snow defeated Big Bossman *Kennel From Hell Hardcore Championship Match*

[This match is contained in a steel cage contained in a hell in the cell with dogs around the ring within the cell. The winner of this match is the man that escapes both confinements.]

– Al Snow began the match by locking the Big Bossman outside of the cell as the dogs came down around the ring. The Bossman continued to try and get into the cage as Al Snow tried to hit him a baking pan. Bossman was then able to get into the ring with Al Snow finally getting back in. After a few shots with a pan, Al Snow began to bleed from the head as the Bossman tried to climb up the cage and cut his way out of the top of the cell. Al Snow then hit the Bossman with some type of stick as the Big Bossman used the pliers on Al Snow’s ear. Snow then knocked some powder into the Bossman’s face as his head began to bleed. Snow then tried to get some of the dogs to bite the Bossman’s hand, however it did not work because the Bossman hit him with a shovel. Al Snow was then handcuffed to the top turnbuckle, however he got out as the Bossman tried to climb through the top of the cell. Snow quickly knocked him down onto the top of the cage as he pulled Head out of his sack and hit the Bossman with it. As the Bossman was on top of the cage, Al Snow quickly climbed over the cage and ran out the door of the cell.

In the backstage area, Mick Foley was being interviewed by Michael Cole. He explained that no mater what happens in the match, he wants to win and will do whatever he can.

X-Pac defeated Chris Jericho (Disqualification)

– With Tom Pritchard as the scab referee, Chris Jericho quickly picked up the microphone and told the crowd that Charlotte is Jericho. Both Jericho and X-Pac began with a bunch of very athletic takedowns and maneuvers as Jericho dodged a bronco buster. Both men then ran outside the ring for a minute as Jericho continued to dominate inside. X-Pac then kicked Jericho outside of the ring as he flew off the top rope onto him. Curtis Hughes then leveled X-Pac as Jericho threw him into the steel steps. Following the shot into the steps, Jericho absolutely dominated X-Pac in the ring with flips, kicks, and mat maneuvers. X-Pac finally hit a spinning heel kick on Jericho as he lept from the top rope with a body splash. He then hit another kick on the corner as he got kicked in the lower area as he tried for the bronco buster. Jericho then hit another double arm-backbreaker as X-Pac knocked him from the top rope with a suplex. Jericho then reversed a huricanrana into two consecutive powerbombs only to get a two-count. As Jericho got placed upside down on the top rope, X-Pac hit an upper-body bronco buster. Curtis Hughes then entered the ring and knocked out Tom Pritchard to earn the disqualification. The Road Dogg then entered the ring to attack both Jericho and Curtis Hughes with X-Pac to add him back, again, to DeGeneration X.

Triple H pinned The Rock v. British Bulldog v. Mankind v. Kane v. Paul Wight *6-Pack Heavyweight Championship Challenge*

[The winner of this match will become the undisputed WWF heavyweight champion. Steve Austin is the special enforcer for this contest and a man can only enter the ring once he is tagged in.]

– A true WWF referee officiated this match as The Rock and the British Bulldog began it with Steve Austin outside the ring at the announcing booth. He then told the timekeeper to ring the bell as The Rock began to wail away on the Bulldog. Triple H was quickly tagged in as Kane was by The Rock. Triple H tagged Mankind in, however he hit him to make Mankind very angry. Kane then slammed Mankind on the canvas, however he only got a one-count as Paul Wight tagged himself. Mankind and The Rock then faced each other as the Bulldog tagged himself in. Every man but Paul Wight then began to fight on the outside, especially Mankind who piledrove Triple H into a steel step. The Rock then began to stop away on the Bulldog as he slapped Paul Wight and tagged him in. As Kane and Paul Wight were fighting in the ring, the striking WWF referees made their way to the ring so they could bad mouth Jim Coderous. Mankind was then tagged in as Paul Wight began to pummel him to the canvas. As Wight was one count away from becoming WWF champion, The Rock ran in and pulled him off before he was tagged in to fight him. The Rock then spit water in Triple H’s face on the outside of the ring as Mankind hit a DDT on Kane on the inside. Kane then got Mankind into a tombstone as Paul Wight jumped in to throw Kane out of the ring. Wight was then about to chokeslam Mankind as Kane jumped off the top rope and clothelined him. The Bulldog then powerslamed him as Triple H pedigreed him. The Rock then ran in and tossed Triple H out of the ring as Mankind hit his double arm-DDT followed by the mandible claw on The Rock. The Rock then reversed it into a rock bottom as he covered him only to be interrupted by Triple H. Paul Wight then cleared the ring as he delivered a chokeslam to Mankind. As he was about to become the WWF champion, the real referees pulled out Corderous and began to beat him up. Steve Austin then ran in and pulled every referee off of him as The Rock hit the smackdown to only get a two-count by Austin. The Rock then hit the rock bottom followed by the people’s elbow to get a two-count as Paul Wight pulled Austin out. The Bulldog then hit The Rock with a chair as Triple H pedigreed him. Steve Austin took the chair away from the British Bulldog and hit him with it as he counted three for Triple H. Steve Austin then nicely handed Triple H the belt, however Triple h took it away quickly. This made Steve Austin stun Triple H, and throw the belt in the air as he celebrated and Unforgiven went off the air.

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