No Way Out

May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, February 27, 2000, from Hartford, CT

Chris Jericho (c) versus Kurt Angle *Intercontinental Championship*

The opening contest of the WWF’s February pay per view saw former Olympian and current European champion Kurt Angle, challenging Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental title. It did not take long before the action spilled to the floor, where both men used the ring steps as a weapon. Y2J attempted a high risk maneuver off of the top rope, but Angle thwarted it by delivering a belly to belly suplex. Angle used a variation of suplexes over the next few minutes to take control of the match, where he worked on the left arm of Y2J. Jericho scored the first near fall of the contest after a flying forearm. Angle rebounded by nailing Jericho with his Olympic slam. After Jericho kicked out, an angry Angle attempted to blast Jericho with the intercontinental belt, but was stopped by the referee. Y2J applied the “Walls of Jericho,” but Angle was able to reach the ropes. On the outside, Jericho rammed Angle who inadvertently knocked Chyna into the ring steps. While the referee was tending to Chyna, Jericho went for his “Lion Sault,” but Angle stuck the title belt on top of him. After hitting the belt, Jericho was pinned by Angle, giving the WWF a new Intercontinental champion.

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (New Intercontinental Champion)

The New Age Outlaws (c) versus The Dudley Boyz *Tag Team Championship*

Buh Buh Ray and D-Von, who have been putting everyone in the federation through tables, earned the right to face arguably the best tag team in the history of the WWF, the New Age Outlaws. The challengers rushed the ring, starting a slug fest between the two teams. The Dudleys, cutting the ring in half, capitalized by dominating the Road Dogg for the opening minutes of the match. In a move not seen very often, Buh Buh Ray converted a full nelson into an atomic drop. The Road Dog fought back with a low blow, followed by a suplex from the ropes. After being tagged in, Gunn hit the Famoser on D-Von, but was pulled out of the ring by Buh Buh Ray, who smacked Gunn in the shoulder with a lead pipe. Back in the ring, the Dudleys hit their patented 3-D on Road Dogg, with D-Von making the pin, giving the twin brothers from different mothers their first WWF tag team titles.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz via pinfall (New Tag Team Champions)

Mark Henry versus Viscera

This match between two of the biggest men in the WWF, was as a result of Viscera hitting a big splash on Mae Young, the pregnant girlfriend of Mae Young. These two Mack trucks collided in and out of the ring, with big Vis taking advantage of the “World’s Strongest Man.” After a Samoan drop, Mae Young ran to the ring, where Viscera shoved her down. He attempted to splash Young again, but Henry nailed a shoulderblock to stop the big man. After a slam, Henry took the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall

Hardy Boyz versus Edge/Christian

Terri, after being put through a table by the Dudleys, returned tonight to stand by the Hardys. This was the most anticipated rematch in recent memory. Terri retained the services of the APA who stood on the floor, to make sure that no one (especially the Dudleys) interfered in this match to determine new number one contenders to the tag team titles. Matt and Christian began this match by exchanging numerous knife edge chops in the corner. As expected, both teams reached down, and pulled off some high flying moves, in this match that saw both teams uncharacteristically “talk trash” and administer low blows to one another. Edge nearly won the match with a jumping piledriver, but Jeff Hardy refused to stay down. Over the next several minutes, both teams exchanged power bombs, dropkicks, and even an elbow from the top rope. As Jeff Hardy was prepared to come off the top, Terri shoved him off, who flew off, hitting the guard rail. She then slapped Matt, who turned right around into a Christian ddt, giving Christian and Edge the win. Christian and Edge, appearing shocked, walked away from the ring. After the bell, Matt Hardy grabbed Terri by the hair, which brought the APA in, who destroyed the Hardys.

Winners: Edge/Christian via pinfall (Number One Contenders to Tag Belts)

Big Bossman versus Tazz

If Tazz needed anything to give him an extra boost for this match, it was the attack he suffered at the hands of the Bossman and Tazz during Sunday Night Heat. The fight began on the floor, with Tazz gaining the upper hand after an arm bar. This match resembled a bar room brawl more than a wrestling match. This match did not last long, as Prince Albert rushed the ring after Tazz applied the Tazzmission on the Bossman. After the match, the Prince and the Bossman repeatedly attacked Tazz, who would not stay down. Finally, after several minutes of Tazz being beat down, and getting back up, federation officials intervened.

Winner: Tazz via disqualification

Kane versus X-Pac *No Holds Barred*

Both of these men consumed with hate for one another, became even more personal when X-Pac shot a fireball in the face of Kane, just days prior to the pay per view. For Kane, this was a way to seek vengeance against his first girlfriend, and the man he used to call his closest friend. X-Pac attempted to attack Kane on the way to the ring, but the “Big Red Machine” shrugged off the attack. X-Pac tried to take the high road out of the arena, but Kane stopped him and the two brawled near the entryway. X-Pac delivered two shots with a trash can, which had no effect on Kane. Kane then delivered a shot of his own, denting the can over the head of X-Pac. Back near the ring, X-Pac nailed Kane with the ring bell. Paul Bearer attacked X-Pac, but was slapped by Tori. Paul Bearer chased Tori around the ring. X-Pac delivered a low blow, followed by the X-factor, but did not attempt to pin Kane. Instead he knocked Paul Bearer off the apron. Tori jumped on the ring apron, but was once again tombstoned by her estranged ex-boyfriend. In the end, X-Pac dropkicked the ring steps, which landed across the face of Kane, giving X-Pac the victory.

Winner: X-Pac via pinfall

The Radicals versus Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu

The Radicals, in their first WWF pay per view, were intent on making an impact, and felt that they would do so against the trio of Grandmaster Sexay, Scotty Too Hotty, and Rikishi Phatu. Guerrero interjected himself early, attempting to hit Rikishi with the lead pipe. Phatu grabbed the pipe and smacked it against the dislocated elbow of Guerrero. Too Cool began the match by out maneuvering Saturn and Benoit. Once Rikishi tagged in, the Radicals were put down. Phatu trapped Benoit in the corner and gyrated his bountiful buttocks in the face of the Wolverine. After a cheap shot by Malenko, the Radicals took over on Scotty Too Hotty for the next several minutes. Rikishi tagged in and hit Saturn with the Rikishi driver. Grandmaster Sexay hit the hip hop drop off the top, but as he was attempting to pin Saturn, Benoit came off the other end of the ring with the swan dive head butt. While the other men were on the floor battling, Rikishi hit Malenko with the Rikishi driver, and then hit the splash from the ropes for the win.

Winners: Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu via pinfall

The Rock versus The Big Show *WrestleMania Title Shot*

The Big Show took exception to the Rock calling him a “jabroni” prior to the Royal Rumble. After weeks of stating that he should be the man going to WrestleMania, the McMahon-Helmsley era set up this match, saying the winner would go to WrestleMania to wrestle for the federation gold. An intense staredown started the match, with the Rock slapping the seven footer in the mouth. The Rock capitalized with a ddt before the action spilled to the outside, where both men exchanged shots. Back in the ring, Show nailed a headbutt, elbow drop and powerslam to dominate the “People’s Champion.” The Rock regained the advantage, using a side Russian leg sweep as a defensive maneuver. Later in the match, the referee was inadvertently knocked out of the ring. The Big Show hit the chokeslam, but there was no referee to count, until Tim White hit the ring. As White was making the three count, Earl Hebner pulled him out of the ring and the two began fighting. Shane McMahon made his way to the ring, and whacked the Rock with a chair as he was bouncing off the ropes with the People’s Elbow. McMahon threw the referee in the ring, who counted the Rock’s shoulders to the mat.

Winner: The Big Show via pinfall (The Big Show goes to WrestleMania)

HHH (c) versus Cactus Jack *WWF Championship*

The ominous Hell in a Cell awaited both of these men. However, the stipulations of this match mean a lot more than just a world title. For HHH, pride was at stake, and for Cactus Jack, if he lost, it meant his fifteen career was over. Cactus noticed at the outset that there were chains and locks on the cage, which would prohibit him from climbing to the top of the cage. The action did not stay in the ring long, as both men began using the cage as a weapon. The champion darted the ring steps into the face of Cactus Jack, followed by three chair shots on the steps, which were laying on top of Cactus. Back in the ring, HHH continued to use the steps as a weapon on Cactus Jack, who would not stay down. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy retaliated by thrusting the chair into the groin area of the “Game,” before delivering a double arm ddt on the chair. Going to the steps again, HHH attempted a piledriver, but instead was catapulted into the cage, which bust him wide open. Cactus Jack then capitalized by grating the face of the champion into the cage. The challenger attempted to throw the steps at the champion, but instead, the steps went through the cage, creating a door. Cactus then propelled his own body through the cage, to make the opening larger. On the outside of the cage, Cactus nailed HHH with a piledriver on the broadcast table. Cactus Jack attempted to scale the cage, but was stopped by Stephanie McMahon. The sadistic one then located a 2×4 wrapped in barbed wire and hit the champion in the face. HHH, climbed to the top of the cage with his adversary right behind him. As Jack was pulling himself to the top, HHH took the 2×4 and raked it across the face of Cactus Jack, who fell off the cage, through another broadcast table. Cactus pulled himself up, and made his way to the top of the cage, where HHH repeatedly whacked Cactus with the 2×4. Jack fought back after a low blow, and suplexed the champion near a section of the cage where the fencing had busted out. Cactus set the 2×4 on fire, and hit the “Game” in the face. Cactus then attempted to piledrive HHH on the cage, but HHH backdropped Cactus who broke through the cage, and falling through the ring. Although he fought his way back to his feet, Cactus Jack became the victim of the pedigree. HHH then made the cover for the win, sending Cactus Jack into retirement.

Winner: HHH via pinfall (Retained WWF Championship)

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