May 27, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, April 30th from the MCI Center (Washington, D.C.)

Tag Team Titles: X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Edge/Christian

Debra’s music began to play as she came out and it was announced that she would be the special ring announcer for the show. Match starts off with X-Pac/Edge trading chain moves. After a few moves they stall and lock up again with Edge gaining the advantage. X-Pac rolled to the outside and tagged in Road Dogg. Edge tagged in Christian and he took control and Road Dogg tagged in X-Pac. The pace was fast with them trading moves but Road Dogg interfered and X-Pac tagged him in. Road Dogg and X-Pac were in control and they teased a hot tag for a minute or two. Christian then made the tag but the ref did not see it and would not allow it. Road Dogg went back to submission moves as the crowd got into it. Christian fought back but Road Dogg stopped him. Edge jumped in the ring to breakup a pinfall attempt but the ref stopped him and DX continued to double team. Christian fought back and whipped Road Dogg into the ropes but both collided in the center of the ring. Both partners then got in the ring and all four fought. Edge nailed a flying headbutt on Road Dogg. The ref got everything under control and Christian made the hot tag. They teased tons of near falls as all four were in the ring. Christian grabbed a ring bell and nailed X-Pac who bladed and got the pinfall victory.

Lightweight Title: Dean Malenko vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Dean Malenko took the early advantage as they established a quick pace. Taylor fought back but he show boated and Malenko took back control. Malenko tossed Taylor to the floor and rammed his back into the ring. They then went back into the ring as Taylor fought back but Malenko stopped him with a dropkick to the knee. Malenko slowed the pace down as he placed Taylor into a variety of submission holds. He focused on the knee for awhile to setup the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold. The crowd got into the match with Malenko dominating. The crowd kept shouting Scotty. Taylor fought back with a Insegury as both were down. Taylor began with a round of punches but Malenko whipped him into the corner. Malenko continued to focus on the knee with continuous kicks and other moves on the knee. Malenko went for the cloverleaf but Taylor blocked it. Malenko went back to working the knee. Taylor tossed Malenko out of the ring. Taylor began a comeback and tossed Malenko into the ring and climbed the top rope but Malenko went for a superplex and both stayed on the mat for a moment or two. Both got up and Taylor went for a backslide pin for a 2 count. Taylor then tried a rollup for a two. Malenko then went for a powerbomb but Taylor got out and gave Malenko a face plant. And then the worm. Taylor show boated and Malenko went for a rollup. The ref stopped him as he had his feet on the ropes. Malenko became frustrated and used a tigerbomb for a two. He then climbed the top rope and Taylor got up and stopped him. He went for a superplex but Malenko turned it into a DDT and got the pinfall victory in a incredible match.

Acolytes vs. Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanon

Bradshaw started in control but Buchanan fought back. A opposite of the last match was this was a brawl. Bull fought back and tagged in Bossman as Bradshaw tagged in Faarooq. Acolytes had complete control of the match. Bossman and Buchanan only rarely got control of the match. They had many nearfalls. Bull Buchanan got the pinfall victory when Bossman nailed Bradshaw with a nightstick and Buchanan nailed a scissors kick.

WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Saturn vs. Tazz

Match started with Saturn attacking Crash Holly. The match was centered around pinning Crash Holly as everyone saved the pinfalls. They all fought into the aisle and entrance. They fought up the entrance props and many of them did highspots including the Hardys and Crash Holly. They went back to the ring and used different weapons as they continued to brawl. The match was everywhere with everyone fighting around the ringside area. Saturn and Tazz were the ones primarily going for pinfalls and they fought each other. Others seemed to be a backdrop in the match. The Hardy Boys were working together and took control for a moment until the other four fought back. As the match came near an end, everyone got nearfalls on Crash Holly bought was interrupted. Hardcore Holly looked to have the pin when he nailed Crash with a slam on the chair. The Hardys interrupted and got a ladder and destroyed the others with it. Jeff Hardy nailed a swanton off the top of a ladder onto Crash. Matt went for the pin but Jeff stopped him. They began to fight as Tazz placed Crash into the Tazmission but Saturn nailed him with a stop sign. Crash then out of nowhere got the pin on Tazz while the rest were on the floor. He just rolled onto Tazz and got the victory!

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

Kurt Angle came out and talked about how he was much like Washington. He couldn’t tell a lie like George Washington and he compared himself to others. Hulk Hogans old music then began as Paul Wight came out dressed like Hulk Hogan and doing his mannerisms. The crowd popped huge for Wight and he did a great voice impersonation of him. Kurt Angle attacked him from behind as Wight hulked up instantly. JR and Lawler continually made fun of Hogan. Wight did Hogans finisher but Angle kicked out. Angle regained control when he took out Wights knee and he began to work it over. The crowd began to chant for Hogan as Wight became serious and began to attack Angle more viciously. He tossed Angle around and he chokeslammed Angle in a fast match for the pinfall victory.

Dudleys vs. T and A with Trish Stratus

Match started with T & A taking control as they all brawled all over the ringside area. They constantly teased Bubba being in love with Stratus. T & A had control for most of the match and D-Von was in the ring for the majority of the time. T & A made constant tags during the match. Bubba would come in to interrupt the near falls. D-Von after awhile made the hot tag but the referee not allow the tag as T & A continued to dominate the match. D-Von tried to fight back but couldn’t. Albert kept trying to get Bubba involved in the match. The match continued for a few more minutes with T & A in control. D-Von finally made a comeback and the tag. Bubba destroyed both members of T & A as the crowd was chanting for a table when D-Von made the tag. The Dudleys then nailed the 3-D on Test but he kicked out. They did a quick series of near falls and the Dudleys were about to nail another 3-D but Trish distracted Bubba. Test got the pin with a superkick. The Dudleys then destroyed T & A again and they grabbed Trish. They setup the table and Stratus kissed him. He then put her through the table anyways as the crowd was really into the segment and the table spot.

WWF European Title: Eddie Guerrero with Chyna vs. Essa Rios with Lita

Eddy Guerrero and Chyna drove in as they took Stratus off in the ambulance. The ref said they were late. They drove in the car to the ring. Match started out with quick moves and Guerrero was in control. Rios fought back but messed up his springboard arm drag and Guerrero tossed him over the top rope and they fought on the floor. Rios regained control and slowed the pace down with some mat wrestling and submission moves but Guerrero fought back. They traded control back and forth until Guerrero tossed him to the floor. Chyna then attacked him. Guerero was about to powerbomb Rios on the floor. Lita climbed to the top rope but Chyna knocked her to the floor and Rios reversed the powerbomb into a backdrop. Rios then did a springboard moonsault onto Guerrero. Rios then tossed Guerrero into the ring but Guerrero rolled to the outside. Rios then did a running somersault plancha onto Guerrero. Rios tossed him into the ring again. He went to the top rope but Chyna knocked him down and Guerrero superplexed him. Guerrero then gave him a brainbuster and went to the top but Rios armdragged him down. Rios then went for a moonsault but Guerrero put his knees up. He then nailed his airplane spin slam for the pin. After the match, Lita ripped off Chynas gown.

WWF Intercontinetal Title: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

Match started with traded moves and neither in control. They then began to trade really stiff chops. Benoit came out in control but Jericho tripped him and unleashed a barrage of punches. Benoit came back and backdropped Jericho out of the ring. Benoit then went for a running plancha but Jericho moved. They continued the fight and Benoit dropkicked the ring steps into Jericho. They went back into the ring and Jericho continued the attack with his usual offense. Match slowed down with Benoit in control. He used a mixture of power and submission styles of move. Jericho was not able to counter any of the offense. Jericho eventually fought back and the speed of the match was quick. Jericho nailed his trademark moves. Benoit would fight back but Jericho countered him. Jericho went to backdrop Jericho off the top but Benoit reversed the attempt and got a nearfall. They did a 10 count and Jericho got up first and nailed the 3 powerbombs for a nearfall. Benoit then placed Jericho into the crossface and Jericho would not tap out. Jericho began to move towards the ropes and was able to grabbed the ropes. Jericho then placed Benoit in the Liontamer and Benoit crawled to the ropes to break the pinfall attempt. Jericho went for a flying forearm but Jericho nailed the ref. Benoit then grabbed the IC title and grabbed the ref. Jericho was able to kick out however. Benoit then suplexed Jericho onto the title belt. He then went for the flying headbutt but Jericho grabbed the title and Benoit nailed the title. The ref then called for a DQ finish.

WWF World Title: The Rock with Steve Austin vs. Triple H with Vince McMahon (Shane McMahon is special referee)

McMahon walked out and talked about how the card is always subject to change That Stone Cold would not be there tonight. The Rocks music then began as he came down to a huge pop. They stalled for awhile as the crowd chanted for Austin. Match started with Rock delivering a ton of punches to Triple H and he had control. A fast pace with Triple H almost nailing a pedigree at the beginning of the match. Triple H slowed Rock with a neckbreaker. They went to the outside of the ring and fought. Rock was out numbered and Shane was making fast counts. He tried to fight back but Triple H stopped him every time. Triple H had complete control. Triple H moved the match to a slow pace with submission moves as the McMahon family stayed at ringside. Rock was finally able to fight back when he dropped Triple H face first into the corner. Rock had control until they hit double clotheslines and Shane did a 10 count. Rock was able to get up first but McMahon nailed him with the title belt. Triple H went for the pin and Shane did a really fast count but Rock was able to somehow kick out. Rock fought back again and began to toss Triple H all over the place and onto the floor. Triple H was clutching at his elbow as Rock attacked him on the outside of the ring. Triple H was tossed back into the ring and Rock went for the pin but Shane would not count the pin. Rock tossed him over the top rope as it gave Triple H time to recover. They began to fight again on the outside of the ring. Triple H placed Rock on the spanish announcers table. Triple H then climbed on the table and was about to go for a pedigree when Rock low blowed him. He then went for a Rock Bottom but Shane got in the way and Rock gave the Rock Bottom to both through the table. Rock dragged Triple H back into the ring. Vince ran into the ring and attacked Rock. Rock then went after Vince but Triple H gave Rock a low blow and then a pedigree. Shane was still down so nobody could count the pin. Vince then began to call down another ref as Patterson/Brisco came down. Patterson counted the pin but Rock kicked out. They all began to attack Rock. Vince then grabbed a chair and nailed Rock in the head. Triple H was about to pedigree Rock again when Steve Austin came down with a chair. Austin then destroyed everyone in the ring with chairshots except for Rock and then he left the ring and walked to the back. Linda and Hebner then walked down. Stephanie then went to stop Linda but she slapped her. Rock got up and gave Triple H a spinebuster and Peoples Elbow. Hebner then got in the ring and counted the three as Rock is the new champion.

The Rock continued to celebrate in the ring with all the fans going crazy and Austin’s music hit again. Austin drove out in his Stone Cold pickup with the demolished DX Express behind him. Austin then got in the ring, grabbed a few beers and toasted Rock’s championship belt, then both drank down the beer! Austin’s back, Rock’s new champion, Earl’s back, and Debra! A night of excitement.


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