Over the Edge

May 24, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

over the edge 1999

Sunday, May 23rd, from Kansas City, Missouri

*X-Pac/Kane pinned D’Lo Brown/Mark Henry [Tag Team Championship]
-X-Pac and D’Lo begin the match fighting for a good portion of it. When Mark Henry gets tagged in, X-Pac quickly runs to tag Kane in to match him. As D’Lo complained of a fake knee injury, X-Pac got pulled into the steel post by Mark Henry waiting on the outside of the ring. Both teams did a terrific job of eliminating each other with Kane dominating both Brown and Henry. As X-Pac was knocked out on the outside of the ring, both D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry were able to capitalize on first Kane then X-Pac. Kane then leaped from the top rope onto all three men knocking each out. As Kane took care of Mark Henry, X-Pac fought with D’Lo Brown delivering a bronco buster in the turnbuckle. After a chokeslam, Kane pinned Mark Henry.

*Michael Cole is shown explaining that Vince McMahon may be unable to be the second special guest referee in the main event match.

*Hardcore Holly Interview.
-Holly explained to Kevin Kelly that he was not sorry for killing Pierre and he will give the people an opportunity to see what is in Al Snow’s mind because he will crack his head open.

*Al Snow versus Hardcore Holly [Hardcore Championship]
-With him to ringside, Al Snow brings a black box with Pierre in it and Head. Both men have a terrific fight at ringside however they quickly bring it through the crowd, by the food stands, into the bathroom, and by the gift shops fighting the whole way. Eventually, both men make it back to ringside using fire extinguishers, steel chairs, and more. As both men slowly fought in the ring, Holly set up a table which Al Snow later delivered a power bomb into for the pin.

*Michael Cole is shown talking to Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco who explained that an ambulance is infact coming to the arena to take care of McMahon. Patterson then explained that McMahon broke his ankle as Brisco felt otherwise.

*Blue Blazer Interview.
-A montage is shown of the Blue Blazer calling himself a new superhero for the WWF. The Blue Blazer then conducted an interview earlier in the day and explained that he is the WWF’s superhero.

*After the interview, Jim Ross is shown telling us that there was a problem with the Blue Blazer’s spectacular super-hero-like entrance to the ring as he explained that his harness broke and the EMT’s are currently helping him in the middle of the ring. The WWF cameras then focused on the crowd as not to show the Blue Blazer. Ross continued to explain that it is not a “wrestling angle” and they do not actually know what happened but are just assuming unless Owen inadvertently released himself that there was a problem. As Lawler came back to the announcing booth, he explained that Owen was getting an internal heart message as he got brought to the backstage area.

*Jeff Jarrett/Debra Interview.
-Jarrett first explained that they are both praying for Owen Hart as he explained that he will eliminate Venis and Bass.

*Val Venis/Nicole Bass pinned Jeff Jarrett/Nicole Bass
-Venis and Jarrett began the match and held it up for quite a while until Nicole Bass got tagged in. Debra delivered a slap and a chokehold followed by some hits into a turnbuckle before tagging in her partner. As Jarrett got distracted by the referee, Debra came into the ring with a guitar and delivered a shot onto Nicole Bass’ back. It did not phase her one bit as Jarrett picked up the guitar. Val Venis, however, delivered a belly-to-back suplex followed by a money shot for the pin. As both celebrated in the ring, Nicole Bass delivered a huge kiss to Val’s lips knocking him down. Venis sat up with ecstasy watching Bass leave the ring.

*Vince McMahon is shown being wheeled into an ambulance with Shane McMahon yelling how he will be an impartial referee.

*Jesse James Interview.
-In the backstage area, Jesse James is shown getting pumped up for his match. He began his “oh you didn’t know” in front of the camera and finished as he walked through the Titantron area.

*Billy Gunn Interview.
-Billy Gunn also threatened the Road Dogg before making his entrance.

*Billy Gunn pinned Jesse James
-Jesse James quickly took the advantage in the match meeting Gunn on the outside of the ring upon his entrance. With a few dynamic moves on the outside of the ring, Billy Gunn gained the advantage and kept it for a good part of the match. The Road Dogg tried a few times to knock Billy down, however he wouldn’t let him. After delivering a shot to the Road Dogg’s throat with a hammer, Billy Gunn delivered a fam-ass-er for the pin.

*Shane McMahon Interview.
-Shane simply re-stated Michael Cole’s words explaining that he is the sole special guest referee.

*The Union defeated Acolytes/Viscera/Big Bossman [8-Man Elimination] [Every time a man gets defeated, he leaves the ring and another teammate continues for him. The winning team is the one with the last man in the ring.]
-Order of Elimination: Test, Bradshaw, Shamrock, Faarooq, Viscera, Paul Wight, Big Boss Man.
-Viscera and Test began the fighting with Viscera dominating, Bradshaw was tagged in as he pinned Test after a bit letting Ken Shamrock come in the ring. Shamrock delivered a huricanrana followed by an ankle-lock-submisson on Bradshaw bringing Faarooq in who quickly tagged Viscera. Faarooq got re-tagged in as Shamrock delivered another ankle-lock-submission, however the Big Boss Man helped bring him to the ropes. As the referee tried to get him off, he delivered a belly-to-belly suplex to him and continued with the ankle-lock-submission. Paul Wight then entered the ring (after Shamrock got disqualified) and delivered a showstopper to Faarooq pinning him. The Big Boss Man then entered the ring and said “f*** you” into the camera by accident. The Big Boss Man got Wight down to the canvas until all four men entered the ring. Wight delivered a huge powerslam to Viscera and a head-but to the Big Boss Man. Viscera and Paul Wight went fighting into the back disappearing as Mankind and the Big Boss Man fought in and around the ring. Finally, Mankind delivered a double-arm-DDT followed by the mandible claw for the win.

*Jim Ross announced to the crowd that Owen Hart died from his accident earlier in the night.

*The Rock was shown in the backstage area ready to give an interview before he was quickly attacked by Triple H and got his cast cut.

*The Rock defeated Triple H (Disqualification)
[The Rock is not allowed to wear his cast during the match.]
-The Rock and Triple H quickly began to fight on the outside of the ring exchanging maneuvers back and forth. At one point, the Rock picked up the Spanish commentating set and began to talk in Spanish (although he wasn’t). Triple H then knocked off the Rock’s cast and used it repeatedly on the outside of the ring leaving it behind as they got back in. As both men got back in the ring, Triple H worked on the Rock’s forearm pounding it with his fists, feet, and against the ring post. After the Rock received a DDT, Chyna threw a chair into the ring for Triple H. Triple H then pushed Earl Hebner who took the chair away from him and made like he would back off. Triple H then nailed Earl Hebner in the face as he called for the disqualification. The Rock then picked up the steel chair and delivered a shot to Triple H knocking him out of the ring as he also punched Earl Hebner who tried to stop him. He delivered a second chair shot to Triple H on the outside as he pounded him on the announcers table and steel steps as well as using a portable fan. Chyna then brought another chair into the ring, but he shooed her out with it and delivered a rock bottom to Triple H. As he was about to do a people’s elbow, he stopped and put a chair on Triple H’s face. Chyna held the Rock’s foot so he could not deliver the maneuver as Triple H took the steel chair and hit the Rock in the arm with it six times. Mankind then came down to the ring with a steel pipe as he rid the ring of Triple H.

*The Undertaker pinned Steve Austin [Heavyweight Championship]
[Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon are the special guest referees. Steve Austin will automatically get disqualified if he touches Shane McMahon.]
-As Shane McMahon made his way into the ring as the only referee, Pat Patterson followed becoming the second (replacing Vince McMahon). He threatened to fight Shane if he had a problem about it as the Undertaker made his entrance. The Undertaker, upon his entrance, chokeslammed Pat Patterson and threw him to the outside of the ring as to rid him of his duties. This brought Steve Austin out and into the ring as the match began with him being thrown outside repeatedly. Austin began pounding on the Undertaker in one corner as the tide quickly turned and the Undertaker pounded on Austin in another. Steve Austin then began to attack the Undertaker by working on his leg in any way possible. In many instances, Shane tried to pull the Undertaker off of Steve Austin; it didn’t work. Both men traveled into the crowd, but they quickly returned to ringside with the Undertaker using the cable wires to choke Austin. They both got back into the ring with the upper hand changing continuously; both worked on each others’ legs. On the outside, Paul Bearer retaliated against his earlier attack by nailing Austin with his shoe. They soon traveled to the entrance way as Steve Austin threw the Undertaker into two plates of glass not to mention many steel barriers. As Steve Austin knocks the Undertaker down and delivers a maneuver from the top rope, Shane McMahon only counts to two causing Austin to face-off with him in the turnbuckle. The Undertaker comes up from behind with a steel chair, however Austin knocks him down as Gerald Brisco comes in to give a two-count. The Undertaker then knocks him out of the ring as he delivers a great ariel move to Steve Austin. Vince McMahon is then shown limping to the ring with the Undertaker covering Steve Austin. As Austin was about to deliver a stunner, the Undertaker ducked and both men clotheslined each other. McMahon, on one foot, began to count both men as they sat up exactly together. Steve Austin then delivered a stunner to which Vince McMahon only got a two-count as his son pulled his leg out from under him. Shane then pushed Austin onto McMahon causing the Undertaker to roll-up Steve Austin for an extremely quick pin by Shane McMahon. Austin then knocked out the Undertaker as he delivered a stunner to both the Big Boss Man and Midian. The rest of the Corporate Ministry came to celebrate with the Undertaker and Shane McMahon as Over the Edge went off the air.

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