King of the Ring

May 24, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, June 27th in Greensboro, NC


King of the Ring 1999 began with a montage of the Steve Austin and McMahon family war. In the background was Jesse Jackson’s, John F. Kennedy’s, and Richard Nixon’s famous speeches. The King of the Ring then opened up with a domino-like effect.

In the backstage area, Ken Shamrock is shown in excruciating pain as Michael Cole told us that Shane McMahon may not be able to participate in his match against Austin tonight.

X-Pac defeated Hardcore Holly (Disqualification) *King of the Ring Quarterfinals*
[Winner faces winner of James/Chyna in the semifinals.]
– Hardcore Holly began the match with the control and kept X-Pac down for quite some time. X-Pac then knocked Holly down and hit his famous bronco buster as Holly ran outside for a chair. He then brought the chair in the ring and smacked X-Pac with it for the disqualification. As Holly began to kick away on X-Pac, the Road Dogg ran down and chased him out of the ring.

Hardcore Holly Interview.
-In the backstage area, Holly is shown telling Terry Taylor that he is the star and that the rules will go by what he says. He then threatened the Big Show Paul Wight telling him that he has not forgot about him.

Kane pinned Paul Wight *King of the Ring Quarterfinals*
[Winner faces winner of Shamrock/Gunn in the semifinals.]
– Both men stood almost nose-to-nose before the match began with Kane hitting Paul Wight. Wight quickly countered, overpowering Kane by throwing him into the turnbuckles and hip-tossing him onto the surface of the ring. The upper hand in this match swayed constantly with Wight always having the slight advantage with his power and Kane having the advantage with his agility. As Kane ducked a kick to the face, the referee got kicked instead bringing Hardcore Holly to the ring. As Holly was about to hit Wight with a chair Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him to the mat. Wight then got up, and after a bit Kane began to choke him down. With the referee still out, Wight lifted his hand and broke the chokehold giving Kane the opportunity to hit him with a chair. He then covered Wight as the referee got back up to count the pin.

Vince McMahon Interview.
– In his locker room, Michael Cole asked if Shane McMahon could wrestle tonight. Vince quickly said no with Shane protesting in the background. He then began to yell for some EMT’s as the WWF went back to the ring.

Billy Gunn defeated Ken Shamrock *King of the Ring Quarterfinals*
[Winner faces Kane in the semifinals.]
– Billy Gunn made his way out with his stolen Tag Team Championship belt and took the microphone telling Shamrock to either forfeit or come out and fight him. In the backstage, Shamrock threw two EMT’s to the ground as he made his way out to fight Gunn. Teddy Long began to tell Ken Shamrock to go backstage and not wrestle, however the bell rang and Billy Gunn began to attack his torso. Gunn dominated the match by countering numerous maneuvers. As Shamrock began to spew numerous amounts of blood from his mouth, the referee gave the match to Billy Gunn by calling it. Shamrock then snapped and threw Teddy Long to the outside as he tried to walk on the inside.

Chyna/Triple H Interview.
– In the backstage area, Chyna said he only wanted to be a princess when she was little, but now she wants to be a queen. She said that the Road Dogg had big brass balls to face her in the ring as Triple H confirmed his challenge to The Undertaker.

Jesse James pinned Chyna *King of the Ring Quarterfinals*
[Winner faces X-Pac in the semifinals.]
– The Road Dogg began with his normal opening as Chyna made her way out with Triple H by her side. Both locked-up with the Road Dogg having a hard time deciding whether to actually hit her or not. Eventually, James began to fight back but missed many attempts with his decisive nature. As the Road Dogg threw Chyna over the ropes and began to attack her, Triple H distracted him allowing Chyna to throw him into a ring post and then allowing Triple H to throw him into the steps a few times. Chyna continued her onslaught as the Road Dogg began to fight back with a punch or two here and there. Chyna then hit a DDT for a pin, but didn’t get it as she began to mimic the Road Dogg by shaking her arms when she came off the ropes for a knee-drop. She then began to put him to sleep as the Road Dogg countered with the same maneuver. As Chyna was about to be put out of the match, Triple H placed her leg on the rope. She then fell into the referee as Triple H hit the Road Dogg with a chain and covered Chyna on top of him. Hebner, the referee, then began to count until the Road Dogg got up. Shawn Michaels walked 1/2 way to ringside staring at Triple H as the Road Dogg had the upper hand inside the ring. Triple H began to walk in as Shawn Michaels pulled him down and dared him to hit him. He threw him out and to the back as the Road Dogg watched. Chyna then came up from behind with a low blow hurting her hand because he was wearing a cup. He then hit a pump-handle-slam for the pin.

The Rock Interview.
– In the backstage area, The Rock said that The Undertaker did not impress him by lighting the Brahma bull on fire. He then told The Undertaker he could speak in tongues too as he said his usual quotes.

Hardy Boyz pinned Edge/Christian
[Winners of this match receive a tag team title shot and are considered the #1 contenders]

– Matt Hardy and Christian began the match with a lot of quick tags on both sides. Each team gave many double-team maneuvers as well as high-flying ones as well. At one point, the Hardy Boyz took off their shirts in order to show that they were ready to finish the match, however Edge and Christian took the advantage. Michael Hayes then ran in and hit Edge as Gangrel was distracting the referee. As Edge speared Jeff Hardy from the top rope, Matt stopped it. Gangrel and Michael Hayes were fighting on the outside as Gangrel then spit a mist into Edge’s eyes instead of Jeff Hardy giving them the pin.

The Undertaker Interview.
– The Undertaker simply asked Michael Cole, “what happens when you rip the balls off of a bull?”

Vince McMahon/Shawn Michaels Confrontation.
– Vince McMahon explained that Shane McMahon will not be able to wrestle tonight and therefore their match against Steve Austin will not take place. Shawn Michaels then said that what he said went, not the opposite way. Vince McMahon said that he will find a suitable replacement instead which was exactly what Shawn Michaels had said on Heat.

Billy Gunn pinned Kane *King of the Ring Semifinals*
[Winner faces the winner of X-Pac/James in the finals.]

– Kane began with the advantage in this match destroying Billy Gunn every time he tried to fight. As Kane picked up a piece of the stairs, Billy Gunn got up and drop-kicked it into his face and continued with the advantage for a while. As Gunn was about to go for his famouser, Kane knocked him down and drop-kicked him to the outside of the ring. Gunn then picked up a steel chair as Paul Wight came down and stole it from him. He then hit Kane who was reaching over the ropes as Billy Gunn pinned him.

X-Pac Interview.
– X-Pac, in the backstage area, was shown grabbing his neck and shoulder as he told the Road Dogg that he had bad feelings fighting him but may the best man win.

Jesse James Interview.
– Jesse James said basically the same thing to X-Pac as he took the microphone and made his way to the ring.

X-Pac pinned Jesse James *King of the Ring Semifinals*
[Winner faces Billy Gunn in the finals.]

– Both men began to exchange blows and maneuvers as X-Pac countered a maneuver with his roundhouse kick. He then missed a bronco buster as the Road Dogg moved out of the way as the Road Dogg went for the pump-handle-slam but missed it. X-Pac then hit the X-factor for the pin. Following the match, X-Pac grabbed his neck as both men left the ring together.

The Undertaker versus The Rock *Heavyweight Championship*

– The Undertaker quickly handed the championship belt to the referee and then knocked him out. He then hit The Rock who quickly gave him the rock bottom, however there was no pin count. Earl Hebner then ran into the ring but was pulled out by Paul Bearer which knocked him out as well. The Undertaker then hit a chokeslam on The Rock as the referee only counted two. The Rock and The Undertaker then traveled to the outside by the TitanTron as both men began to fight with the steel rail. The Undertaker then threw The Rock into a double steel barricade and then gave him a suplex onto the cold floor as both men traveled back into the ring. The Rock then threw The Undertaker onto the ropes so he was straddling them as he spit water into his face and knocked him off. Both men went back to the outside and into the crowd as they fought for a while and then went back to the ring. As The Rock was about to hit The Undertaker with a chair, The Undertaker held up a bell and put the chair into The Rock’s face as Paul Bearer hit him with a shoe. Back in the ring with The Rock having the advantage, The Undertaker delivered a powerful DDT followed by a choke and a slight cover. The Rock then countered with a Samoan drop followed by a double clothesline. As he was being put up in a tombstone, The Rock countered it. The Rock then knocked out the referee by accident as he hit a people’s elbow with nobody to count. The Undertaker was then handed a cloth with ether to knock out The Rock, however The Rock knocked The Undertaker down and used the same cloth to get The Undertaker out. Triple H then ran into the ring and delivered a pedigree to The Rock as both men stayed down for 9 counts. The Undertaker then got up and fell on top of The Rock for a two-count followed by a tombstone and a pin.

In the backstage area, Shawn Michaels is shown throwing Triple H out of the arena as Vince McMahon argued that he was his tag team partner. McMahon then went on his cellular phone and ordered that the driver turn around and bring Shane McMahon back.

Billy Gunn Interview.
– In the backstage area, Billy Gunn is shown telling us that he will go directly after X-Pac’s neck and that after he wins everybody will have to “kiss my royal [behind].”

Billy Gunn pinned X-Pac *King of the Ring Finals*

– Billy Gunn quickly got to the ring and began to work on X-Pac’s neck. Both men went to the outside as X-Pac hit a clothesline from the top rope. Gunn further concentrated on X-Pac’s neck with a bulldog and a backwards choke on the mat. Gunn then hit a famouser on X-Pac and made a non-chilaont pin to which he only got a two count. From behind, X-Pac hit the X-factor but was unable to cover him right away. After a bit, he covered for only a two-count. X-Pac then knocked Gunn down and hit a bronco buster. Gunn then got back up and gave X-Pac a neckbreaker and missed another pin. Gunn then went to the top rope to which X-Pac gave a drop-kick. He then went to catch Gunn on the top, but got pushed down and then given a top rope famouser for the win to become the new 1999 King of the Ring. He then mooned the crowd and left the ring.

Before the following match, a long montage was shown on Vince McMahon becoming the Greater Power and Steve Austin becoming the new CEO of the WWF.

Vince McMahon Interview.
– Vince McMahon came out of the entrance way by himself with a very serious look on his face. Two referees then brought out a black ladder as Vince McMahon picked up the microphone and introduced Steve Blackman as his partner.

Shawn Michaels Interview.
– After Vince McMahon announced Steve Blackman in the event below, Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posse were shown in an edition of GTV explaining how they outsmarted Shawn Michaels. Michaels then ran to catch them and brought Shane McMahon to the ring. Michaels then brought Shane out and told Steve Blackman to go backstage unless the McMahons wanted to be disqualified. Steve Blackman abided and left.

Vince and Shane McMahon defeated Steve Austin *Handicapted Ladder Match*
[Hanging above the ring will be the McMahons’ stock against Austin’s CEO title in a briefcase. The winner will receive full control of the company. If the Corporate Ministry interfered in this match, Austin automatically gains control over the company.]

– Following all of the earlier commotion, Steve Austin made his way into the ring with both McMahons fleeing. Austin then stood in the ring waiting as both McMahons went to bring the ladder to ringside. Austin then attacked them both and beat up Vince McMahon as he brought him into the ring. As Vince was being pummeled in the corner Shane tried to come up from behind, however he was knocked down by Steve Austin as well. On the outside, Steve Austin continued to beat up Vince McMahon as he gave Shane a neck stunner on the top rope. Austin then busted Shane’s family jewels into the ring post as he left him laying outside. Steve Austin then chased Vince McMahon around the ring as Shane McMahon came up with a dynamic clothesline. Vince then went to get the ladder as Shane stayed to choke Austin. Austin countered and threw Shane into the steel steps as Austin knocked the ladder on top of Vince and threw him into the steel screen by the entrance way. Shane landed two punches as he climbed the ladders by the entrance way leaving Austin on the bottom with his father. Austin climbed on top of the ladders as well and began to fight Shane who fell down. Back on the floor, Steve Austin continued his onslaught with shots into all the ladders almost knocking down 1/2 of the entrance way. He then pulled a chain holding it together and over 20 ladders fell on both McMahons. Austin picked up the black ladder and brought it to the ring with Shane running in only to get thrown over the top rope. Austin then knocked Vince down with the ladder and threw it like a baseball slide to Shane. Shane fell over the announcing table and onto Jim Ross bringing Austin out to put Shane on the Spanish announcing table which collapsed when Austin jumped on it. On the outside, both Vince McMahon and Austin climbed the ladder with Austin knocking Vince off. Vince then pushed the ladder over making Steve Austin fall onto the English announcing table (which didn’t break) and onto the floor. Back on the inside, Vince McMahon set up the ladder and began to climb it rung by rung until he almost grabbed it. Steve Austin then came up from behind and knocked Vince down a rung with a low blow followed by numerous attempts of a suplex which he finally hit. Shane McMahon then ran into the ring letting Austin kick him continuously in the corner. He then hit Shane with the ladder about six times as he threw Vince into him. He then hit Shane McMahon on a catapult into the ladder and then pushed it on top of him still pounding Vince in the corner. Steve Austin set up the ladder and almost grabbed the suitcase before Vince turned it over. Vince then tried to boost Shane McMahon up to catch the briefcase followed by Shane trying to get on Vince’s shoulders. Steve Austin the stood up and knocked both men down, one on top of the other, as he gave a stunner to Vince and another to Shane. He placed the ladder up once more and almost had the suitcase in his hands as it began to ascend into the rafters. It was then lowered as Austin got back down and began to yell at some of the men at ringside. Vince McMahon then began to climb the ladder and the briefcase was lowered for Vince McMahon to grab. McMahon had it in his grasp when Austin climbed the ladder to which the suitcase moved up. Shane then pushed both men down as he picked up the ladder and climbed it to grab the briefcase and let the McMahons win. Both men then left with Austin yelling at everybody at ringside.

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