May 23, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, August 30th from Madison Square Garden (NYC, NY)

EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: D’lo Brown vs Val Venis
Edge was seen during the match. It could have gone either way. Val Venis got into a argument with the referee and was disqualified, letting D-Lo keep the European Title.

SIX MAN TAG: The Oddities vs Kaientai
The Oddities got the win after hitting a few chokeslams on Kaientai.

HAIR VS HAIR MATCH: X-Pac vs Jeff Jarrett
During the match, X-Pac nailed Jarrett with his guitar and got the win. The New Age Outlaws, The Headbangers, and Droz all helped shave Jarrett’s hair.

MIXED TAG: Sable/Mystery Partner vs Mero/Jackie
The mystery partner turned out to be EDGE. During the match, Sable did a herracanrana from the top-rope! In the end, it was Sable and the Edge coming out with the win.

LION’S DEN MATCH: Ken Shamrock vs Owen Hart
The Lion’s Den was a round-shaped ring, with fence-covering. During the match, Owen Hart got busted open. Ken Shamrock locked Owen Hart in the Ankle Lock near the end, and Dan Severn was about to throw in the towel but walked off instead until Owen Hart gave up, letting Shamrock get the win.

WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES MATCH: Kane/Mankind vs New Age Outlaws
Mankind was forced to defend the Tag Team titles by himself against the New Age Outlaws in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Good match overall, and after a Spike Piledriver, the NAO won to become NEW WORLD TAG CHAMPS! After the match, Kane showed up and attacked Mankind.

The singers of the D-Generation X theme performed live as Hunter Hearst Helmsley made his way out. Great match overall. Triple H got busted open and was really bloody. HHH nailed the Rock with a Pedigree, and went for the IC title, the Rock got up and went for the title, and Chyna nailed him with a low blow as HHH got the title and the win.

WWF WORLD TITLE MATCH: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs the Undertaker
During the match, Kane showed up, however the Undertaker told him to go back to the locker room. In the end, Austin nailed UT for the Stunner for the win and to keep the title.

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