Judgment Day

May 23, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 18th in Rosemont, IL

Al Snow pinned Marc Mero

-He asks what everyone wants, needs, and loves, the answer being Head. After Mero’s music, Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring. It doesn’t work, and Mero starts the match. Jackie helps out much during the match, while Mero detracts the ref. After missing a Marvelosity, Snow gets the Snow Plow for the win!

New LOD 2000 pinned DOA

-Boring match, but Devastation Device is Executed, when Droz goes for the pin. Hawk is mad because he did the maneuver, but all three men work it out.

Christian pinned Taka Michinoku *Light Heavyweight Title*

-Christian comes out to Gangrel’s music and with Gangrel. Very athletic match by the two, better than most expected. After a missed Michinoku driver, Christian rolls up Taka to become the NEW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Goldust pinned Val Venis

-Great match by the two men, Goldust having the upperhand in most of the match. After various sleepers, and suplexes, it looks like Val is going to loose the match. After Teri distracts Goldust, Val misses a clothesline, but stops before knocking Teri off. Goldust grabs his groin while looking at Teri. Goldust then kicks Val Venis in the groin and goes for the pin.

Triple H’s update is very bad, he was taken to a local hospital, with his knee being re-injured. X-Pac threatens Shamrock, and tells D’Lo he’s gonna win the match.

X-Pac versus D’Lo Brown *European Title*

-A shocking move: X-Pac goes for a Bronco Buster, but D’Lo puts his legs up, and kicks X-Pac in the groin. A very athletic match, both competitors doing a great job. While going for another jump to the ropes, X-Pac’s foot hits the camera straight in the glass, almost knocking out the camera man. D’Lo goes to the top rope for a cannonball, and misses causing X-Pac to get the upperhand. After a belt shot from D’Lo after the ref gets knocked out of the ring, he misses a pin, D’Lo then goes to the top rope and misses again causing X-Pac to execute his finishing move to become the NEW EUROPEAN CHAMPION! X-Pac lies down on the canvas very distraught after the match.

Headbanger Interview.

-They say that the NAO will do the J.O.B on the PPV!

Headbangers defeated New Age Outlaws (DQ) *Tag Team Titles*

-While doing their opening, the Headbangers attack the Outlaws. Very tedious match, Headbangers have the upperhand throughout most of it executing many great maneuvers. The Road Dog takes a boombox at the end of the match, and throws it in Mosh’s face!

It is confirmed that Paul Bearer entered Kane’s locker room. Mankind walks out with Socko on his hand saying “he’s in the zone!” Mankind’s socko makes fun of Shamrock!

Ken Shamrock defeated Mankind (Submission) *Intercontinental Title*

-Match went back and forth many times. Mankind landed the Socko claw on Shamrock, but he escaped quickly. After many technical counters by Shamrock, Mankind even results to biting. Mankind gets powerslamed on the steel steps, his feet being caught between them. Mankind puts the mandible claw on himself, while having the Ankle Lock on so he wouldn’t get any pain for the win. Mankind then puts socko on his hand, and gives Shamrock the Claw! Shamrock is very upset because he didn’t win by his maneuver. Fans then throw socks to make believe they are Mr. Socko!

While Michael Cole tries to get an interview with McMahon, the Big Boss Man threatens him saying he will shove this nightstick up his behind.

The Rock versus Mark Henry

-Mark Henry writes another poem to Chyna. A great match by both men with almost every maneuver executed. D’Lo holds the Rock’s feet for a pin.

Undertaker versus Kane *Heavyweight Championship*

[Steve Austin is Guest Referee!] (Austin Double pins both men, declares himself champion?)

-The Undertaker and Kane stand there just talking for a while with really no tension, and they shake hands. Austin’s music sounds and he makes a dynamic entrance with the fan’s approval! Austin tells both men that he will stun them if they get out of line, and then flicks them off. When Austin counted for the Undertaker, he counted slowly sometimes not even getting to 1, however when counting for Kane, he counted extremely fast. Austin later decides to be unfavorable for both men, counting fast or slow depending on how he wanted to count. He would even give them chairs or a rope just so they could beat up each other. Kane and the Undertaker then begin to attack Austin during the match, however it is stopped when the Undertaker starts to beat on Kane again. Paul Bearer comes with a chair and hits Kane with it. Austin then doesn’t count, and stuns the Undertaker and hits him with a chair. He then double pin’s both men, and declares himself the new champion. He then calls out McMahon to fire him, but he doesn’t come out, and he heads to the locker room area. McMahon appears where the Titantron used to be, and fires Austin saying “Austin, Screw You, Your Fired!” Austin then asks for his music to play one more time, while he drinks a beer, and promises Vince McMahon he will be back and beat his butt. He gives the fingers to the whole crowd, and leaves the arena. He then drinks a second beer, while everyone still watches. Jim Ross says that nobody will ever match Austin, and he salutes him. “Goodbye Rattlesnake.”

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