Victory Road

May 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


TNA Victory Road PPV Results – 7/19/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA promo hits.

– A video package focusing on various TNA stars is shown.

– A graphic opening then hits welcoming us to TNA Victory Road. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL where a series of pyro goes off.

– Out first is Angelina Love to kick off the show.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Tara (c) vs. Angelina Love w/ The Beautiful People

The bell rings and Velvet Sky attempts to distract Tara. Tara brushes Sky away and goes after Angelina Love right away with some big rights and a few scoop slams. Love bails to the outside and calls for a time out. Tara grabs Love by the hair and flips her back inside the ring. Tara with a kick to the gut and then hangs Love over her back by her hair. Tara slams Love down afterwards and the crowd is really behind Tara in Orlando. Tara with a tarantula submission on Love in the ropes. Tara breaks it up and then takes shots at Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne on the outside. This allows Love to hit a baseball slide kick to Tara. Love then grabs Tara and slams her inside the side of the ring two times. Love tosses Tara back in the ring and hits a dropkick to the face. Cover by Love and Tara kicks out after two. Love with shoulder block slams into the corner on Tara. Love props Tara up on the top turnbuckle and gets in a few slaps. Love with a snapmare takedown on Tara off the top to the ring. Another cover by Love and Tara again kicks out. Tara fights back with some right hands, but Love gets in a big right that drops Tara. Love with a head scissors lock on Tara in the corner and some boots to the top of the head. Love then explodes off the corner with a flying clothesline, cover and Tara again kicks out.

Love can’t believe it and covers Tara again resulting in another two count. Love and Tara then meet in the middle of the ring with a big double clothesline. Tara is first up, dodges a clothesline and drops Love with some big right hands. Tara plants Love face first in the air and then into the mat. Tara with a standing moonsault on Love, cover and Love kicks out after two. Velvet Sky jumps up on the ring apron to distract Tara. Love grabs Tara and holds her arms back. Sky accidentally sprays some hair spray in the face of Love instead. Tara rolls up Love, but the referee is distracted sending Sky and Rayne to the back. Love then kicks out when the referee turns around and handles the count. Tara then picks Love up and plants her down near the corner. Tara comes off the top and misses. Love then covers Tara, hooks the leg, Tara puts her foot on the bottom rope, but the referee continues the three count and calls for the bell.

Winner & NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

After the match, Tara argues with the referee and tells him that she put her foot on the bottom rope. They show a replay of the pinfall finish and Tara putting her foot on the bottom rope. Back live, Tara is still arguing with the referee and then takes him out with a big kick. Tara then grabs Love and gives her the Widow’s Peak. Tara then pulls out her tarantula Poison and puts it on the referee. The referee freaks out and begs Tara to take it off his leg. Tara does so and the referee rolls out quickly. Tara then puts the spider on her and poses in the middle of the ring.

– At ringside, Mike Tenay and Don West preview the rest of the card for tonight.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle and talks about the formation of the Main Event Mafia last year in October in Las Vegas. Kurt Angle said they have back up their words since last year and told the PPV audience not to expect a PPV quality match tonight. Angle said he is going to maul and destroy Foley tonight. He then tells Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner that if they don’t all get wins tonight then they will be fired from the Mafia and he expects total domination tonight.

– A video package airs focusing on Matt Morgan and his match with Daniels tonight.

Matt Morgan vs. Daniels

The bell rings and both lock up. Matt Morgan then grabs Daniels and lifts him over the top rope sending him to the outside. Morgan smiles after doing this. Morgan drops to the outside and drops Daniels face first off the ring apron. Morgan pulls back on Daniels’ jaw as the referee gets in his face to get it back in the ring. Morgan sends Daniels into the steel guard railing and then returns to the ring. The referee starts the count and Daniels gets to the ring apron at the 5 count. Daniels drops Morgan’s jaw off the top rope and then comes off the top turnbuckle with a big dropkick. Daniels with a flying forearm to Morgan in the corner. Daniels catches Morgan with a big boot, but is taken down by Morgan when he hits the ropes and takes a big shoulder block from Morgan. Daniels counters a scoop slam attempt, but Morgan cuts him off with a big knee to the gut. Daniels with a big spinning heel kick that sends Morgan to the outside. Daniels connects with a suicide dive through the ropes on Morgan, but Morgan stays on his feet. Morgan then leaps up and hits a big elbow to the head and then Morgan into the guard railing. Daniels with a big elbow to Morgan’s head. Morgan irish whips Daniels into the ring. Daniels springboards up and flips off the top rope taking out Morgan in an impressive spot.

Morgan recovers and Daniels jumps out again. Morgan dodges Daniels and Daniels favors his knee. Morgan drives Daniels’ back into the ring a few times and then tosses him back in the ring. In the ring, Morgan takes out Daniels with a big clothesline. Morgan crotches Daniels into the steel ring post and then grabs Daniels’ leg driving it into the ring post as well. Daniels favors his left leg in the ring. Morgan then puts Daniels’ left ankle up on the bottom rope, stands over it and then drops his body weight over it as well. Morgan looks into the camera and yells, “And that is why they call me the Blue Print.” Morgan then tosses Daniels into the corner, hits a few backwards elbows and then a big body splash. Morgan picks up Daniels for a side slam, but decides to not hit it and drops Daniels like a little kid in the ring. Morgan continues to work on Daniels’ left leg putting pressure on it as Daniels screams out in pain. Morgan then grabs the left leg of Daniels and slams it down into the mat a few times. Morgan then lifts Daniels up and chokeslams him right into the corner. Morgan puts a boot on the chest of Daniels for a pinfall and Daniels kicks out after two. Morgan attempts an elbow drop and leg drop, but Daniels dodges both of them and gets in a few chest chops.

Daniels with a jawbreaker on Morgan. Morgan cuts off a comeback and tosses Daniels into the corner. Daniels goes up top, Morgan cuts him off, Daniels rakes the eyes and Daniels hits a huge cross body that results in a two count. Daniels with a roll up on Morgan that results in another two count. Daniels with a crucifix pin that gets another two count. Morgan then headbutts Daniels and Daniels falls to the corner. Morgan misses a big boot, Daniels grabs Morgan by the head and hits a springboard bulldog. Cover and Morgan kicks out after two. Morgan picks up Daniels and hits a big fallaway slam. Daniels then counters Morgan into a tornado DDT that results in a close two count. Daniels tries to attempt the BME (Best Moonsault Ever), but his bad knee prevents him from doing so. Morgan then backs up and drills Daniels with a huge running big boot. Morgan hits Daniels with his Hellevator finishing move and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Morgan

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Dr. Stevie and Daffney and asks him if he really thinks this is a good idea to have a match with Abyss tonight. Dr. Stevie compares Abyss to a painting that he developed himself and that he can control. He says Abyss might be bigger than me, but he respects the mind over the body. Dr. Stevie said he owns Abyss: mind, body and soul. As he walks away Daffney says, “Dr. Stevie, I love you.” Dr. Stevie responds with, “I know.”

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Abyss and Dr. Stevie in the last few months.

Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie

Abyss walked out to the ring with new attire. Dr. Stevie started running away when Abyss went after him around the ring. When Abyss returned to the ring Stevie dropped down and then started attacking Abyss with a weapon. Abyss is able to fight Stevie off hitting a big boot. Stevie starts walking up the entrance ramp and Abyss gets in a quick right hand that drops Stevie. Abyss grabs Stevie and brings him back down the ramp. Abyss sends Stevie into the guard railing and then back into the ring. Stevie attempts an irish whip on Abyss a few times, but Abyss doesn’t budge. Stevie attempts some chest chops on Abyss, but Abyss levels Stevie with a big right hand. Abyss then grabs Stevie and tosses him over the top rope to the outside. Abyss then tosses Stevie over the guard railing and they brawl into the crowd. Abyss then sends Stevie right into the wall of the balcony area where all of the fans are. The crowd calls for one more time and Abyss again sends Stevie into the wall. They brawl back to the ringside area and Abyss sends Stevie face first into the steel steps. Stevie is now busted open at this point. Abyss then grabs Stevie and sends him into the steel steps a few more times as more blood starts to cover the face of Stevie.

Mike Tenay then let us know that this match had No DQ rules all of a sudden halfway into the match. Thanks for the heads up TNA! The action spills back into the ring and Abyss takes Stevie’s shirt off. Abyss chops Stevie and it echoes through the Impact Zone loudly. The crowd calls for one more time and Abyss does it again. Abyss then leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Tenay and West again remind us that this match is No DQ. Abyss props the steel chair between the top and middle turnbuckle. Abyss picks up Stevie and drives him face first into the steel chair with force. Abyss then puts Stevie up on his shoulders and connects with the Shock Treatment. Abyss with a cover on Stevie and he pulls Stevie up to break the count. Daffney runs out with a taser in her hand. In the ring, Stevie low blows Abyss with the referee distracted by Daffney. Lauren runs out, pulls Daffney down and clotheslines her. Stevie then picks up the taser gun, runs at Abyss and Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Stevie. Abyss then sees the taser gun and the crowd chants at him to use it. Abyss picks up Stevie and then uses the taser gun on Stevie’s chest. Smoke starts coming out when this takes place. Abyss then throws Stevie down and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Lauren enters the ring and hugs Abyss. Abyss stands over a beaten Dr. Stevie and poses. We then see a replay of the finish of the match. Back live, Daffney is in the ring checking on Dr. Stevie as Abyss heads up the ramp with Lauren.

– At ringside, Tenay and West talk about how TNA Champion Kurt Angle told the Main Event Mafia that if the members lost any of their matches tonight then they would be gone from the group.

– Backstage, we see Mick Foley with TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money and TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles. Foley said everyone’s job will be in jeopardy tonight and gives Roode and Storm some motivation against Booker T and Scott Steiner. Foley then warns Styles about his temper and that Nash will get in his head. He said they need to take the pressure off and believes in them. Foley said they need to win tonight for TNA.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Team 3D and The British Invasion leading into tonight’s match with the IWGP Tag Team Championships on the line.

IWGP Tag Team Championship Match
Team 3D (c’s) vs. The British Invasion w/ Rob Terry

Before the match, Brother Ray is handed an American flag from the crowd and displays it towards the direction of The British Invasion. The crowd in Orlando then chants “USA! USA! USA!” and Brutus Magnus covers his ears.

The bell rings and we start with Brother Devon and Doug Williams. Lock up and Williams takes the back of Devon. Devon trips up Williams and applies a choke. Williams fights out, but Devon gets in a headlock takedown. Williams counters that into a head scissors submission and Devon rolls out. Both back up and have a quick staredown. Lock up and Williams goes to work again on Devon’s left arm. Devon with a series of clotheslines on Williams. Tag to Brutus Magnus who takes a hip toss and scoop slam. Devon hits the ropes, drops a leg over Magnus and covers getting a two count. Tag to Brother Ray and 3D double team Magnus planting him face first down in the middle of the ring. Ray with big rights that ends in a big elbow. Williams hits the ring to interfere. 3D then double team the British Invasion sending both to the outside. Ray grabs Williams and tosses him back into the ring. Magnus comes from behind, but Ray counters his offense and slaps him on the chest. Williams then comes off the top with a big dropkick to the chest. Magnus chokes Ray up on the top rope and gets in a few right hands. Tag to Williams who works on Ray in the corner. Ray takes an elbow from Williams, but Ray dodges a body splash from the top rope.

Ray with a scoop slam on Williams. Devon goes up top for the what’s up headbutt, but Rob Terry pushes him off and Devon crashes in the ring. Williams then takes Ray down and chokes him with his boot using the ropes for leverage. Magnus gets the tag and they double team Ray with a neck tie takedown. Magnus and Williams exchange some quick tags working on Ray in the corner. Cover by Williams and Ray powers out after a one count. Magnus and Williams with a HUGE back body drop on Ray. Cover by Magnus and Ray kicks out after two. Ray fights back with some chest chops, but Magnus gets in a knee to the gut. Magnus then hits the ropes, but Ray takes him down right away with force. Devon gets the tag and takes out Williams with a shoulder block and neckbreaker on Magnus. Devon with a chokeslam on Williams followed by a scoop slam as Magnus tries to recover in the corner. Devon with a big side slam on Williams that is broken up by Magnus. Devon tosses Magnus out of the ring and Ray hits a modified Rock Bottom on Williams. Cover by Ray and Williams kicks out. 3D hits a reverse 3D on Williams that results in a close two count. Ray then plants Magnus with a scoop slam and Devon comes off the top with a headbutt to the crotch.

Ray then calls for the tables along with the crowd in Orlando. Devon gets a table and slides it in the ring. Rob Terry with a forearm to the back of Devon that Ray doesn’t see. Magnus and Williams come in and take out Ray. Ray fights back sending Magnus to the outside and then attempts a Bubba Bomb on Williams. Rob Terry breaks that up, by accidentally takes out Williams with a clothesline. Ray and Devon then hit the 3D on Williams and get the pinfall.

Winner & STILL IWGP Tag Team Champions: Team 3D

After the match, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi run down to the ring and attack Team 3D. 3D turns it around with Ray dumpinb Kiyoshi to the outside. Ray then sits up top, Devon puts Bashir on his shoulders and Ray powerbombs Bashir through a table in the ring. Team 3D then celebrate as the crowd cheers loudly in Orlando.

– Backstage, Lauren is with referee Slick Johnson and talks about how many felt he made a bad call tonight counting the pinfall during the opening match and costing Tara the TNA Knockouts Championship. Johnson apologizes for the error and says he will be going to Jim Cornette to get a rematch signed for Tara.

Sharmell w/ Sojo Bolt vs. Jenna w/ Awesome Kong

The bell rings and both ladies circle each other. Lock up and Sharmell hits a knee to the gut. Jenna blocks a right hand from Sharmell, but Sharmell grabs her and throws her down into the mat. Sharmell jumps on Jenna and gets in a few shots. Jenna hits the ropes and Sharmell takes her down. Sharmell with a cover and gets a two count. Sharmell takes the back of Jenna and applies a camel clutch. Jenna with a cross body on Sharmell that results in a two count. Sharmell starts slapping Jenna in the head a few times. Sharmell then stands on the hair of Jenna and lifts her up in the air. Jenna with a jawbreaker on Sharmell. Sojo Bolt then trips up Jenna when Jenna hits the ropes. Awesome Kong then chases after Bolt who gets into the ring and helps Sharmell put the boots to Jenna with the referee distracted. Sojo bails out of the ring and Sharmell covers Jenna getting a close two count. Sharmell is frustrated that she didn’t get the win there. Sharmell with kicks to Jenna in the corner and then slaps her. Jenna then tackles Sharmell and starts choking her. Jenna stands up and reveals that she pulled out some of her hair. Sharmell charges at Jenna and accidentally takes out Sojo Bolt who comes flying off the ring to the mat below. Sharmell then yells at Kong to give her hair back who took it earlier from Jenna. Kong then teases she will give it back, but then punches Sharmell. Jenna then mounts and covers Sharmell to get the pinfall.

Winner: Jenna

After the match, Jenna orders Awesome Kong to put her up on her shoulders to celebrate her win. Kong puts her down and apparently Jenna wants her to do more. Kong refuses and Jenna slaps Kong a few times. Kong then throws Jenna down and hits a big splash. Kong then heads up the ramp staring down Jenna in the ring.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kevin Nash and asks his thoughts on Kurt Angle saying anyone will be out of the Mafia if they lose tonight. Nash said he commends Angle and said if he doesn’t get the job done tonight then he will retire. He said tonight Big Sexy does it Mafia style and guarantees he will win the Legends Championship.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between AJ Styles and Kevin Nash leading into tonight’s TNA Legends Championship match.

TNA Legends Championship Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Nash

The bell rings and Styles gets in a quick kick to the leg of Nash. Styles shoots in for a takedown on Nash, but Nash fights Styles off and Styles backs up. Styles shoots in for a takedown, gets in and Nash grabs the bottom rope to break it up. Styles with an elbow to Nash to send him off the ring apron. Styles jumps over the top rope, stops himself landing on the ring apron and flips back inside calling out Nash to get in the ring. Nash gets in and tries to push Styles into the corner. Styles pushes away and backs up. Nash finally gets Styles in the corner hitting a big elbow and many knees to the gut. Nash with a big side slam on Styles, cover and a close two count. Styles is up on the top turnbuckle and Nash connects with a big boot to the head knocking Styles off the top to the floor below. It looked like Styles caught his head on the bottom part of the steel guard railing. Nash tosses Styles back into the ring and pulls the straps down smiling. Nash gets Styles up for a Jacknife Powerbomb, but Styles hangs on and hits some big right hands taking Nash down to his back into a pinfall that results in a two count. Styles dodges shots from Nash and hits some big right hands to the head and body of Nash. Styles with a big right hand on the mat when Nash sits up. Styles then goes to work on the knees of Nash connecting with some big kicks. Styles then applies a modified boston crab on Nash. Nash gets in a quick shot to take down Styles. Nash fights to his feet as Styles rolls to the ring apron. Styles with a springboard flying forearm on Nash, cover and Nash kicks out after two. Styles with right hands to Nash, attempts a kick, Nash holds his leg, Styles breaks free and then hits a big Pele Kick. Styles with a cover on Nash and Nash kicks out. Styles then rolls to the ring apron and hits another springboard, but Nash catches Styles in mid air and connects with a huge chokeslam! Nash covers Styles and gets the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA Legends Champion: Kevin Nash

After the match, Kevin Nash struggles to his feet as he is handed the TNA Legends Championship. We see a shot of a frustrated AJ Styles in the ring who can’t believe he lost. Nash smiles at Styles and holds up the title up.

– Backstage, Lauren stumbles into the Knockouts locker room and referee Slick Johnson walks out of the shower. He is surprised to see Lauren and said he was just having his spider bite looked at. Johnson runs out and we see Madison Rayne walking out. Lauren can’t believe what she just saw.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Beer Money, Inc. and Booker T and Scott Steiner leading into tonight’s TNA World Tag Team Championship match.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c’s) vs. Booker T & Scott Steiner

The bell rings and we start with James Storm and Booker T. Lock up and Booker pushes Storm into the corner. Storm then shoves Booker back. Storm with lots of quick offense on Storm including a quick snap neckbreaker into a cover that results in a two count. Tag to Robert Roode who hits a big right hand on Booker. Beer Money double team Booker hitting a kick to the gut (Storm) and swinging neckbreaker (Roode) into a pinfall that results in a two count. Booker rakes the eyes of Roode and tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner sends Roode face first into the corner and gets in a big chest chop along with a forearm. Another chop from Steiner and a quick shot in on Storm on the ring apron. Steiner with more chest chops to Roode. Roode fights back with right hands and a chop of his own. Steiner rakes the eyes of Roode and hits a huge shoulder bock. Roode with a shoulder block of his own with an elbow drop and knee drop combo into a pinfall that results in a two count. Tag to Storm and Beer Money hit a double suplex on Steiner. They go to do the “BEER!” and “MONEY!” chant, but Booker gets involved to break it up. Booker gets dumped to the outside and they finally do the chant along with the fans in Orlando. Storm goes after Steiner and tosses him back in the ring as Roode and Booker brawl.

Booker then trips up Storm when he hit the ropes as Roode returned to his corner. Booker then drops Storm throat first off the steel guard rail and tosses him back in the ring for Steiner. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex into a pin that results in a two count on Storm. Tag to Booker who nails Storm with a big elbow. Booker with high knee lifts to the head of Storm. Booker with chops and punches to Storm in the corner. Tag to Steiner and Booker gets in a big kick to the gut on his way out. Steiner holds Storm down applying a reverse chinlock. Storm with elbows to Steiner, hits the ropes, but Steiner grabs him and hits a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Cover by Steiner and Storm kicks out after two. Steiner then chokes Storm with his boot and tags in Booker. Steiner and Booker double team Storm, Booker covers and Roode comes in to break it up. Booker with a big side kick to Storm. Tag back to Steiner who starts chopping Storm in the corner. Storm catches Steiner with a boot in the opposite corner, sits up on the corner and takes out Steiner with a tornado DDT! Tag to Roode who takes out Steiner and Booker. Roode with a kick to Steiner and neckbreaker. Roode with a spinebuster on Booker. Roode with a chop to Steiner and big elbow.

Roode goes up top and hits a blockbuster on Steiner that results in a two count after a pinfall attempt. Storm with a huge kick on Booker. Roode catches Steiner with a big boot into a backcracker by Storm. Roode covers Steiner and gets a close two count. Booker tosses Storm out of the ring and Steiner drops Roode with a facebuster. Cover by Steiner and Roode barely gets a shoulder up after two. Roode with right hands to Steiner from the mat. Roode with a close roll up on Steiner for a two count. Storm spits beer in the face of Steiner allowing Beer Money to hit the DWI. Beer was also spit in the face of the referee as well as Roode covered Steiner. Booker then pulls the referee out before the three count. The referee tries sending Storm back to his corner allowing Booker to hit an Axe Kick on Roode. Steiner with the pinfall on Roode and gets the three count.

Winners & NEW TNA World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Scott Steiner

After the match, Booker T and Scott Steiner celebrate the win holding the TNA World Tag Team Championships up high in the air in the corners of the ring. Jeremy Borash walks out and tries to get word with Booker T and Scott Steiner. Both Booker and Steiner talk about how they promised the Main Event Mafia would dominate tonight and they have delivered on that promise.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Samoa Joe and asks if we will find out who his advisor is tonight. Joe said his advisor will be revealed tonight and promises to take out Sting.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Sting and Samoa Joe and Joe joining the Main Event Mafia and Sting being kicked out leading into tonight’s match.

Sting vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings and Samoa Joe goes after Sting right away with some quick right hands and dumps Sting to the outside. Joe sends Sting into the ring and hits a big chop to the chest. Joe then sends Sting into the crowd over the steel guard railing. Joe hit sa big elbow to the face of Sting and then sends Sting face first into the balcony wall. Sting counters sending Joe into the balcony wall as well. Sting walks Joe through the crowd more and sends him face first into the the bigger part of the balcony wall as well. Sting lets out a “WOOOOOOOOOO” and the crowd cheers loudly. Sting sends Joe back to the ringside area, but Joe catches Sting with a knee to the gut followed by a suplex into the end of the entrance ramp. Sting fights back sending Joe into the steel ring steps shoulder first. Sting tosses Joe back inside the ring and gets in a few kicks to the chest of Joe. Sting applies a guillotine choke on Joe bringing Joe to his stomach in the middle of the ring. Joe reaches back and puts his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Joe then grabs Sting and tosses him through the ropes to the outside. Joe then takes out Sting with a huge suicide dive! Joe tosses Sting back inside the ring, covers and gets a two count.

Joe then throws Sting into the corner face first and follows it up with some stiff right hands that drops Sting. Joe with a huge kick to the head of Sting in the corner. Joe then applies a headlock on Sting falling to his knees. Sting works himself up to his feet, hits a few elbows, but Joe slows him down with a big elbow. Joe with a big right hand and a few chops to Sting. Joe then unloads with more chops on Sting. Joe then goes back to a headlock on Sting falling to his knees to apply more pressure. Joe with a big powerslam on Sting into a cover that results in a close two count. Joe starts slapping Sting and then gets in more right hands in the corner. Sting then hulks up and starts fighting back with some right hands and chops of his own. Sting counters a headlock by Joe into a back suplex. Sting with a big left arm lariat to Joe that levels Joe. Sting with kicks to the body of Joe followed by a big spin kick to the head. Cover by Sting and Joe quickly kicks out after one. Stinger Splash on Joe in the corner. Sting drops Joe and gets the Scorpion Deathlock applied. Music hits in the Impact Zone and out walks…Taz. Joe breaks out of the submission and takes a big elbow from Sting. Sting is up top and takes out Joe with a flying clothesline.

Sting goes back up top, but Joe trips him up and crotches him. Joe looks to attempt a Muscle Buster, but Sting fights it off. Joe then pulls Sting down and applies the rear naked choke. Sting tries to fight out of it, but then taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Taz gets into the ring and stares down Samoa Joe. Both Taz and Joe bump fists. Taz and Joe then head up the ramp to the back.

– A video package airs highlighting Bobby Lashley signing with TNA Wrestling.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Foley talks about how tonight appears to be the Main Event Mafia’s night dominating thus far. He said he doesn’t match up quite well with Kurt Angle, but said he dropped an elbow on Angle at Slammiversary and that Angle was motionless for a minute. Foley then brings up how Angle’s body is beaten up and he will exploit that tonight.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Kurt Angle and Mick Foley leading into tonight’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship match.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Mick Foley

Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions for the challenger Mick Foley and champion Kurt Angle.

The bell rings and here we go. Lock up and Angle applies a headlock. Foley sends Angle into the ropes and catches him with a quick elbow. Angle bails to the outside to regain some composure. Angle returns to the ring, another lock up and Foley breaks it up with some big forearms to the back to the head. Foley applies a choke hold on Angle on the mat grounding the action. Angle turns his body and gets his feet in the ropes to break it up before bailing to the outside. Angle walks around a bit and then re-enters the ring. Lock up and Angle goes to work on Foley’s arm. Foley fights out and hits a few hard rights to Angle in the corner. Foley backs up, charges and hits a big knee to the face of Angle. Foley then applies an armbar on Angle and Angle gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it up. Angle again bails from the ring and this time Foley follows him out. Foley with a big right hand to Angle and then sends Angle right into the steel guard railing. Angle tries to return to the ring and gets his head inside when Foley drops a leg over the back of his head. Foley drops Angle’s throat across the top rope and then suplexes Angle back in the ring. Cover by Foley and Angle gets a shoulder up after a two count. Angle then rakes the eyes of Foley. Angle then chokes Foley using the middle rope.

Angle then applies a stiff headlock around the throat of Foley. Foley fights back with a few elbows and right hands. Foley drops Angle down and gives him a catapult over the top rope to the outside. Foley goes to the outside near Angle and attempts a piledriver on Angle onto the floor. Angle then counters and gives Foley a back body drop into the steel ring steps. Angle then drives Foley’s head a few times into the steel ring steps. Angle then with a big boot to the head of Foley. Angle rolls in and out to break the count by the referee and then tosses Foley back inside. Angle starts stomping over the knee of Foley near the corner. Angle with kicks to the knees of Foley when Foley gets to his feet. Foley with right hands to Angle, but Angle grabs Foley and drops him on his head on the mat. Angle with right hands to the head of Foley. Angle attempts what looks to be a german suplex on Foley, but Foley counters out and pulls Angle down. Angle counters out and gets an Ankle Lock applied on Foley. Foley gets out, but Angle explodes and takes out Foley with a big clothesline. Angle goes up top, attempts a huge high moonsault, but Foley moves and Angle crashes and burns. Foley with a double arm DDT on Angle, cover and Angle gets a shoulder up on a VERY close two count.

Foley pulls out the sock and puts it on his right hand. Angle then pushes Foley into the referee and then kicks Foley in the crotch. Angle with an Angle Slam on Foley. Angle hooks the leg…1…2…Foley kicks out. Angle then drops an elbow over the referee. Angle leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Angle returns and takes a Mandiable Claw from Foley. Foley throws Angle through the ropes to the outside. Foley then drops an elbow over Angle from the ring apron! Foley rolls Angle back into the ring, hooks the leg and Angle is barely able to get the shoulder up after a two count. Foley pulls Angle back and applies a body scissors and gives Angle the Mandiable Claw on the mat. The referee raises Angle’s arm once, it falls, twice, it falls and on the third Angle keeps his arm up. Angle rolls into mount position on Foley and lays in some stiff right hands. Angle then gets the Ankle Lock applied on Foley. Foley screams out in pain and reaches towards the bottom rope. Foley reaches out and is able to get to the ropes. Angle grabs Foley, pulls him out to the middle of the ring and drops down applying the Ankle Lock with more pressure. Foley taps out.

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

After the match, Kurt Angle is handed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and holds it up high. The rest of the Main Event Mafia make their way down the ramp with Kevin Nash having the TNA Legends Championship, Booker T and Scott Steiner holding the TNA World Tag Team Championships and Samoa Joe along with his advisor Taz. Everyone is celebrating in the ring of the total domination of the Main Event Mafia tonight at Victory Road. Angle grabs Foley’s sock and spits on it. We then see video highlights of the night starting from the first match to the final match of the night.

– A promo airs for TNA Hard Justice on August 16 which will feature the return of the Steel Asylum and matches under Hardcore Rules.


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in the middle – 10%

thumbs down – 48%

didn’t see it – 31%

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