Hard Justice

May 14, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, August 13, 2007 in Orlando, FL

– The TNA promo hit.
– A video package runs highlighting tonight’s “Winner Takes All” main event between TNA & IWGP World Champion Kurt Angle and TNA X Division & Tag Team Champion Samoa Joe.
– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Hard Justice. We go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL where a series of pyro goes off.
– A video is shown of Adam “Pacman” Jones arriving to the PPV tonight. Mike Tenay and Don West discuss talk about the media coverage on “Pacman” Jones this week about his signing with TNA.
– A video package airs showing the media coverage of “Pacman” Jones.

– Jay “Black Machsimo” Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Triple X & Motorcity Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. The match kicked off with all three teams brawling. They continued to go to shots of the front row showing “reserved seats” for Karen Angle and a guest. Lots of fast paced action involving Lethal, Shelley and Sabin in between tags. On the outside, Senshi connected with a big scoop slam on Lethal. Triple X worked on Lethal in the corner with Daniels standing over his back and Senshi getting in a few cheap shots. Daniels took the action to the mat with a headlock on Lethal. Lethal got some offense back in on Daniels, leveling him with a big dropkick. Big spot saw Sonjay Dutt take everyone out on the outside with a big moonsault. Dutt and Lethal show off some impressive double-team moves on Daniels. Another impressive spot from the corner involving Triple X and Lethal. The fans in Orlando were going crazy for this match. The finish saw Lethal get the pinfall on Daniels with an inside cradle.

– Backstage, Karen Angle is shown in Samoa Joe’s locker room drinking wine with an unidentified bald man.

– Kazarian defeated Raven (w/ Martyr & Havok). Before the match, Raven (who was joined by Martyr & Havok) told Kazarian he could rejoin Serotonin and all would be fine. Kazarian looked to rejoin them, but took out Raven instead. This led to continued interference by Martyr and Havok during the match. In the ring, Raven sent Kazarian chest first into the corner. When Kazarian bumped off, Raven took him out with a big sitdown clothesline. Kazarian fought back with some quick right hands in the corner. Raven got a singapore cane and used it on Kaz with the referee apparently distracted. The finish saw Raven attempt a DDT, but Kazarian countered and hit a big boot to get the pinfall on Raven for the win.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash attempted to tell Kurt Angle what he saw in Samoa Joe’s locker room earlier involving Karen Angle and an unidentified man. Angle asks Borash where she is. Borash informs him and Angle storms off blaming Samoa Joe for all of his problems.
– A video package ran hyping the Rhino vs. James Storm “Barroom Brawl” tonight.

– James Storm defeated Rhino in a Barroom Brawl. TNA has a small bar setup outside of the ring. James Storm was out first and poured beer over a dummy bartender behind the bar. Mike Tenay said this was an anything goes match. The match kicked off with the two brawling into the Orlando crowd. Rhino cracked open a beer at the bar and drank it. Rhino also sprayed some beer on Jackie Moore at ringside. Rhino sent Storm right into the bar with a big back body drop. A toilet that was also setup for a “bar atmosphere” nearby saw Rhino stick Storm’s head inside. Rhino brought a ladder, steel chair and trash can into the ring. Rhino attempted a Gore on Storm through a table, but Storm stepped away and Rhino crashed through it. Storm covered Rhino right away after this, but Rhino was able to kick out. Storm takes out Rhino with a steel chair and follows that up with a big superkick. The finish saw Storm take out Rhino with a beer bottle shot to the head to get the win.

– Backstage, TNA’s new female interviewer Crystal is with Ron Killings. Killings makes it known he isn’t happy about “Pacman” Jones coming to TNA Wrestling.
– We go back live to Mike Tenay and Don West at ringside.

– LAX defeated Voodoo Kin Mafia (w/Roxy Laveaux). Kip James has some interesting ring attire tonight. During LAX’s entrance, they stared down Hector Guerrero. Fans in Orlando are really behind LAX. We barely got into the match when Roxy Laveaux threw powder into the eyes of Homicide allowing Kip James to hit the Fameasser to get the pinfall. Hector Guerrero ran down and told referee Earl Hebner what happened. The match was restarted and not much longer later, Homicide rolled up Kip for the pinfall. After the match, LAX and Hector Guerrero had some words for each other.

– A video package ran highlighting the never-ending feud between Eric Young and Robert Roode.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Eric Young. Young said he has been drinking his milk preparing for tonight’s match. Kurt Angle shows up and said he couldn’t find Karen. He accuses Borash and Young of fooling around with her. Angle storms off going to find her again.

– Robert Roode defeated Eric Young in a Humilation Match. During Eric Young’s entrance, they go to a shot of what looks to be members of the police department saying that since “Pacman” Jones is around, you never know what is going to happen. Lots of quick offense in early by Roode on Young. A shot of Ms. Brooks smiling showing off her chest was shown at ringside. Roode kept up the offense on Young connecting with a big scoop slam followed by a knee drop from the top rope over the head. Young fired back with some powerful right hands on Roode. Big spot saw Young get Ms. Brooks on his shoulders as Roode was up on the top rope. Roode broke it up and attempted the Payoff, but Young countered that into a rollup with the referee distracted. The finish saw Ms. Brooks pass some brass knucks to Roode allowing him to hit Young with them to get the pinfall. After the match, Roode tossed Young over the top rope and said it was humiliation time. Gail Kim ran out to prevent anything from being done to Young. It ended with Roode accidentally taking out Ms. Brooks with a right hand and Young kicking Roode up the ramp. Young and Kim tar and feathered Ms. Brooks as Roode looked on from the ramp.

– A video package ran highlighting the feud between Chris Harris and “Black Reign” Dustin Rhodes.
– Backstage, Crystal is with Chris Harris. Harris said Dustin lost his spot in TNA himself and called him a has been.

– Chris Harris defeated “Black Reign” Dustin Rhodes via DQ. Dustin Rhodes’ new look is like Goldust, but with black and white paint. The match kicked off on the outside when Rhodes jumped Harris. Rhodes pushed away the referee when he tried to prevent more brawling on the outside. A second TNA referee comes out to get involved. Rhodes takes out both referees. Referee Earl Hebner comes down and calls for the bell when he can’t control Rhodes either. TNA security then starts hitting the ring and Rhodes takes them all out. Rhodes pulls out a black spike and proceeds to bust open Harris with it. Rhodes finally backs off when Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Kazarian come out to help Harris.

– A video package runs highlighting The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D tonight.
– Two backstage promos were shown with The Steiner Brothers and Team 3D hyping the match up next.

– The Steiner Brothers defeated Team 3D. Team 3D is getting some great heat from the crowd in Orlando tonight. Brother Ray tore up a sign about the Steiner Brothers during his entrance. Both Brother Ray and Brother Devon worked over Scott Steiner’s back near his scar. Big belly-to-belly suplex by Scott on Brother Devon. Scott pulls off the Frankensteiner on Devon, which gets a huge reaction from the Orlando crowd. Scary moment saw Rick Steiner drop Brother Ray on his head. The finish saw The Steiners hit the top rope bulldog on Devon to the pinfall.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash catches up with Kurt Angle who is pouring out his emotions to Dr. Kevin Nash. Nash yells out “eye of the tiger!” at Angle as Angle continues to cry on the couch.

– Back live, Mike Tenay introduced Adam “Pacman” Jones into the Impact Zone live on Pay Per View. Tenay asked him why TNA and Jones said he came here because he is a trend setter. Jones said his goal in TNA is to show he is the best team player. Ron Killings’ music hits and he comes out. Killings welcomed Jones to the “Snake Pit” in Orlando. He told Jones that pro wrestling was about individuals, not team players. Killings said no one has his back in TNA and mentions that Jones’ contract with TNA doesn’t allow him to be touched. He tells Jones to watch his back and Jones responds saying he doesn’t talk, he walks the walk. Killings starts to appoach Pacman when the police inside the Impact Zone hold him back.

– Backstage, Crystal is with Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Tomko. Cage said none of his blood will be spilled tonight.
– Backstage, we see a shot of Adam “Pacman” Jones knocked out on the ground with a cut over his eye. TNA security is shown attending to him.

– Sting, Abyss & “The Punisher” Andrew Martin defeated Christian Cage, AJ Styles & Tomko in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match with Abyss getting the winning pinfall to become the #1 contender for the TNA World Title. This match is inside the Six Sides of Steel with barbed wire at the top of the cage. You can only pin an opponent when he is busted open. The person gaining the pinfall tonight will become the #1 contender for the TNA World Title. Abyss was out first for his team and the heels went after him. We eventually get everyone in the ring and Sting busts open Tomko with a steel chair shot. A shot was shown backstage of Adam “Pacman” Jones being taken away on a stretcher. Cage, Styles and Tomko all throw Sting out of the cage and keep him out. Cage gets the bag full of glass and pulls a piece out busting Abyss open with it. Sting gets a wire cutter to clear out the barbed wire in a corner. Sting eventually got into the ring. Sting, Abyss and Martin all gained control and Cage bailed from the cage. Abyss takes out Styles (who was busted open earlier) with the Black Hole Slam and scores the pinfall to become the #1 contender for the TNA Title.

– A video package ran highlighting tonight’s “Winner Take All” match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe with all the TNA titles on the line.
– Backstage, Crystal is with Samoa Joe. Joe said Angle has already lost his wife and daughter and tonight, he will lose his titles.

– Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe in a “Winner Takes All” match to claim the TNA World, X Division & Tag Team Titles. Samoa Joe had his usual Samoan PPV ring entrance. During Kurt Angle’s entrance, he gave off an appearance of still not being right. Karen Angle and what appears to be the new man in her life come out to the ringside area to view the match. Mike Tenay mentioned that the winner of this match tonight will face Abyss next month at No Surrender. During the match, Joe pulls down Angle’s trunks and exposes his butt to the crowd in Orlando. Karen and her “new man” laugh at Angle. Angle leaves the ring and gets in her face. Karen throws champagne in Angle’s face. Back in the ring, an upset Angle goes after Joe. Angle hits an impressive german suplex on Joe. Angle attempted more german suplexes, but Joe broke it up. Ankle Lock by Angle on Joe, but Joe breaks out and counters into a rear naked choke. Angle counters that and hits a quick Angle Slam. Angle covers Joe and Joe kicks out. Angle attempts a moonsault, but Joe moves out of the way. Joe comes back with the Muscle Buster on Angle, but Angle kicks out after the pinfall attempt. Joe locks on the rear naked choke on Angle and Angle bites Joe. Angle gets Joe in the Ankle Lock and Joe counters out putting the Ankle Lock on Angle. Angle got the ropes to break it up. The referee gets bumped and Joe applies the rear naked choke on Angle again. Angle low blows Joe as Karen leaves her seat and brings a steel chair. Joe goes for the steel chair, but she pulled away and gave it to Angle instead. Angle hits Joe with the chair and then covers Joe to get the pinfall. Kurt Angle is now the owner of the TNA World, X Division and Tag Team Titles. The PPV comes to a close with Angle holding up all of his title belts and celebrating with his wife Karen and her “boyfriend.”

– A promo for No Surrender on September 9 airs.

Source: Adam Martin, wrestleview.com


What did you think of Hard Justice?

thumbs up – 22%

in the middle – 12%

thumbs down – 21%

didn’t see it – 45%

Best match?

Rhino-Storm – 2%

Black Reign-Harris – 3%

3 Way Tag Match – 22%

LAX-VKM – 3%

Doomsay Chamber – 21%

Angle-Joe – 37%

Young-Roode – 2%

Team 3D-Steiners – 6%

Kaz-Raven – 4%

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