Fall Brawl

May 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, September 17th, from Buffalo, NY

Prime Time” Elix Skipper (c) vs. Kwee-Wee

The first match is for the Cruiserweight Title. Kwee-Wee comes to the ring first with Paisley. The champ, “Prime Time” Elix Skipper then comes to the ring along with Major Gunns.

Things start out quickly. Kwee-Wee hits a slam and then an armdrag and twist. Elix reversed and got a rollup for a near fall. Elix flipped off the top rope, and landed on his feet. He then hit a full-nelson suplex to get a near fall. Elix kept Kwee-Wee down on the mat with a side headlock. Kwee-Wee made it to his feet and broke free with backelbows. Kwee-Wee came off the ropes, and hit a crossbody which knocked both men out of the ring.

Elix got back in the ring and hit a big moonsault off the toprope to the outside to take Kwee-Wee down. There are some “USA” chants going on. Paisley looked over Kwee-Wee. Elix got back in the ring and brought in Kwee-Wee to get a near fall. Elix went for The Overdrive, but Kwee-Wee reversed it with a slam. The Natural Born Thrillerz made their way to the ring. Kwee-Wee came off the top rope and hit a crossbody. Kwee-Wee hit a dropkick and got a near fall. Kwee-Wee pancaked Elix and got another near fall.

Kwee-Wee dumped Elix to the outside and he slammed his knee on the guard rail. Mike Sanders came to the ring with a stickball bat and hit Kwee-Wee in the knees. Elix got in the ring and tried to rollup Kwee-Wee but was unsuccessful. Elix then went to work on Kwee-Wee’s knees. Elix then hit The Overdrive and got the win.

Winner: “Prime Time” Elix Skipper – Retains Cruiserweight Title

Three Count vs. Made in America

Three Count made their way to the ring first. They performed “Can’t Get You Out of My Heart.” Three Count said they would do one more song, but The Misfits made their way to the ring.

Lt. Loco and Shannon Moore start things off. Moore hit chops to Loco’s chest. Moore came off the ropes, but was caught with a powerslam by Loco. Corp. Cajin tagged in and was caught with a springboard plancha by Moore. Evan Carageous tagged and slammed Cajin, but quickly tagged in “Sugar” Shane Helms. Sgt. Awall tagged in and gorilla pressed slammed Shane Helms. Evan ran in, but was taken down quickly by Awall. Shannon Moore came in illegally and hit an inverted Samoan Drop on Cajin. He went for a cover, but Loco broke it up.

Shannon hit a high knee off the ropes to take Cajin down. Shannon then hit the Show Stopper, and went for the cover, but again Loco broke it up. Shannon hit a powerslam into a cover, and for a third time, Loco broke it up. Shannon locked on a chokehold. Cajin fought back with a kick, but when he came off the ropes, he was met with a powerslam. Evan tagged in and hit a plancha off the top. Shane tagged in and hit a twisting sunset flip from the top for a near fall. 3 Count then used some teamwork to hit a backbreaker followed by a twisting splash from the top. Shane choked Cajin in the corner. Shane whipped him into the corner, and bounced out with a bulldog.

Cajun was finally able to tag in Awall. Awall cleared house. He threw Shannon Moore to the outside. He then went after Shane, but Shane hit a lowblow. Awall fought back and dumped Evan to the outside. Awall went for a chokeslam on Shane, but Shannon distracted him and Awall fell through a table on the outside. Loco went for a hurracanrana, but Evan blocked with a sitout powerbomb. 3 Count then went for a triple suplex, but was blocked and the Misfits hit a double-suplex. All heck broke loose and all the men went at it. Cajin got Shane up in a suplex and dropped him down in a slam to get the win.

Winner: Misfits in Action

The Harris Brothers vs. Kronik

The Harris Brothers came to the ring first. Kronik then came to the ring. They declared that this was now a First Blood Match as well as a Chain Match.

The match turned into a brawl right from the get go. The men were chained together. The fought into the crowd. Don Harris was chained to Bryan Adams and Ron Harris was chained to Brian Clark. Don choked Adams with the chain. Clark slammed Don into the guard rail. All the men now fought around ringside. One of the Harris brothers was slammed headfirst into the guard rail. Clark and Ron fought on the announce table. Adams and Don battled in the ring. Not much is going on other than fists back and forth. Ron swung the chain and knocked out the ref. Clark stomped Ron in the ring, but Don hit a lowblow. On the outside, Ron was busted open. However the ref did not see it. Adams got busted open with the chain as the ref woke up. He declared that The Harris Brothers were the winners.

After the match, Kronik performed High Times on the ref, Billy Silverman.

Winners: The Harris Brothers

Lance Storm (c) vs. General Rection

This match is for the WCW US/Canadian Title. It was announced backstage that Hacksaw Jim Duggan is now the ringside enforcer for this match. The champ, Lance Storm, came to the ring first with Major Gunns. General Rection then made his way to the ring. Hacksaw Jim Duggan then came to ringside to a nice pop.

Storm went to work right away. Loud USA chants broke out. Storm took Rection into the corner, but Rection broke out and back bodydropped Storm. He then hit big right hands. Storm came off the ropes, but was caught with a Samoan Drop by Rection. Storm fought back with a dropkick, but Rection took him down with a slam. Rection went to the top and hit a legdrop to get a very near fall. Rection then hit a big right hand, but Storm hit a mule-kick to take Rection down. Storm then whipped Rection off the ropes and hit a superkick to get a near fall.

On the outside, Duggan continued to get the fans to chant USA. Storm dumped Rection to the outside. Duggan made his way over and distracted Storm, which allowed Rection to hit a lowblow. They got back in the ring. Storm rolled up Rection for a near fall. Storm came off the ropes, but was caught with a gutwrench into a powerbomb to get a near fall. Storm went for a German Suplex, but Rection went behind, but Storm slipped behind and took him down. Rection got up and hit a German Release Suplex. Storm went to the outside, but Duggan threw him back in the ring.

Storm was down, and Rection went to the top rope. Rection was going to go for the Moonsault, but Hacksaw Jim Duggan knocked Rection off the ropes. Storm locked on the Maple Leaf and got the win. Duggan removed his shirt to reveal a Maple Leaf shirt. Storm and Duggan beat on Rection. Major Gunns remains in Team Canada.

Winner: Lance Storm – Retains US/Canadian Title

Natural Born Thrillaz vs. The Filthy Animals

In the back, the Naturn Born Thrillerz were interviewed by Mean Gene. They made impressions of the Animals and Gene swore at them in a funny bit. The Thrillerz came to the ring first. “Perfection” Sean Stasiak joined the announce team for color commentary. The Animals then came to the ring with a mystery partener under a towel. The mystery partner was Paul Orndorf. This is an elimination match.

Jindrak and Rey Mysterio Jr. started things off. Rey dumped Jindrak to the outside. Rey chased after him. Rey then hit a springboard hurracanrana to get a near fall. Jindrak got up and hit a powerslam on Rey. Juvi and O’Hare tagged in. Juvi hit a springboard moonsault. Juvi came off the ropes, and O’Hare backdropped Juvi. Juvi fought back with a toprope dropkick. Juvi went for a crossbody, but was caught and slammed to the mat. Juvi got right back up to the top rope and hit a hurracanrana. Vito tagged in for the Animals. Jindrak tagged back in.

Vito slammed Jindrak and then Disco tagged in. Jindrak hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. O’Hare came in and slammed Disco. Disco reversed and tagged in Konnan. Konnan hit the Rolling Thunder Clothesline. Konnan remained in control of O’Hare. O’Hare whipped Konnan into the corner and Disco accidently hit the Last Dance on Konnan. O’Hare made the cover and eliminated Konnan.

Jonny the Bull tagged in and Disco came in. Jonny the Bull made short work of Disco and eliminated him with a slam. Vito and Reno now went at it. Vito hit Reno with the Mafia Kick. Chuck Palumbo tagged in. He got Vito in the Rack, but Vito escaped. Vito hit the Big Vito Special, but Jonny broke up the pin. Orndorf threw the stickball bat into Vito. Reno kicked the stick into Vito’s face and got the pin to eliminate Vito.

Juvi and Reno now went at it. Juvi came off the ropes and hit a springboard dropkick. Juvi worked on Reno in the corner and then tagged in Rey. Rey hit a springboard. Juvi tagged back in. Juvi hit the Juvi-Driver on Reno. Juvi then hit the Nut-Cracker Suite to eliminate Reno. The Thrillerz then worked over Rey and Juvi. O’Hare was taken down by Rey. Juvi went for a flying plancha, but was caught and tossed back into the ring. Shawn O’Hare hit the “Shawn-Ton” bomb to eliminate Juvi.

Paul Orndorf came into the ring. Jonny the Bull got the Stickball Bat and beat on Orndorf. Orndorf fought back and hit a piledriver on Jonny the Bull to eliminate him. Orndorf knocked Jindrak to the floor. Orndorf took down O’Hare. Orndorf then hit a piledriver on O’Hare to eliminate him. Orndorf seemed to hurt himself on the piledriver. Rey got back into things and hit the Bronco Buster on Jindrak. Tygress then got into the ring. Sean Stasiak left the announce table and went to the ring. The bell then rang and the match was stopped. It was annonced that “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorf was seriously injured and EMT’s had to come to the ring to attend to him. The match was declared a no contest. It seems as if he has a serious neck injury.

Winners: No Contest

Shane Douglas/Torrie Wilson vs. Billy Kidman/Madusa

This is a Scaffold Match. They are fighting on a scaffold approximately 20 feet in the air. Before the match, both teams badmouthed each other with a lot of cussing.

Madusa went right after Torrie who was screaming and hanging on for her life. Douglas backdropped Kidman on the scaffold. Douglas pulled Madusa away from Torrie. Kidman then took control on Douglas with a sitout powerbomb. Torrie tried to climb down the ladder. However, she stopped on the ladder for some reason. Douglas put the boots to Madusa, but she locked on a testicular claw. Douglas threw Madusa off the scaffold to the floor. She has been eliminated from he match.

Torrie came back up on the scaffold. Douglas grabbed Kidman and threw him off the scaffold to the floor. Douglas and Torrie then climbed the ladder down to the floor to get the win.

Winners: Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson

Interview With David Flair

Mike Tenay was at David Flair’s house. He tried to question David Flair but David acted very strangely. David started to smoke and was very jumpy. David then said that the father was his 11 year-old brother Reid. Mike Tenay asked about Ric Flair possibly bing the father. David then ran outside and attacked the mailman accusing him of being the father. The mailman yelled that his leg was broken as this segment came to an end.

Vampiro vs. The Great Muta vs. Sting

Vampiro came to the ring first accompanied by the Insane Clown Posse. The ICP kicked out Schiavone and Borash and took their positions at the announce table. The Great Muta then came to the ring, and finally Sting made his way to the ring.

Sting was double-teamed by Muta and Vampiro. The strange voices and used made up names of wrestlers and moves throughout the match. They repeatidly talked about JCW. They fought to the outside, and ICP hit Sting with the JCW belt. Once they got back into the ring, Sting took control on Vampiro. Muta stood off to the side. Muta took Sting down. Vampiro and Muta again went after Sting. Muta went for a cover, but Vampiro pulled Muta off. ICP left the announce position. Sting got a baseball bat and took down Vampiro, Muta and the ICP. He then hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Muta to get the win.

After the match, ICP and Vampiro went after Muta, but Sting pulled Muta out of the ring.

Winner: Sting

Jeff Jarret vs. Mike Awesome

In the back, Mike Awesome said he had a big suprise. Gary Coleman came out. Awesome said he was his favorite star from the 70’s. Jarrett came to the ring, and insulted the Buffalo Bills, who were in attendence. “The 70’s Guys” Mike Awesome came to the ring and the Bunkhouse Brawl got underway.

Awesome took control early and whipped Jarrett into the guard rail right by the Buffalo Bills. Jarrett got a bullrope and began to whip Awesome across the back. The two men got into the ring. Jarrett knocked Awesome back to the outside. Jarrett got a chair and began swining at Awesome, but missed. Awesome slammed Jarrett with a chair. Awesome got a table and threw it in the ring. They got in the ring and Awesome laid in the right hands. Awesome laid Jarrett on the table. Awesome went to the top rope, but Jarrett crotched him. Jarrett went to the top rope. Awesome grabbed him and went for a top rope Awesome-Bomb, but Jarrett backdropped him through the table.

Jarrett set up a table in the corner and got a branding iron wrapped in barbed-wire. Awesome clotheslined Jarrett down. Awesome whipped Jarrett into the barbed-wire in the corner. Awesome then hit a sitout Awesome-Bomb and got a near fall. Awesome went to the top, but missed a big splash. Jeff Jarrett went to the outside and got in the face of the Bills. The Buffalo Bills got into the ring and went after Jarrett. The beat on Jarrett. Awesome then hit an Awesomebomb and got another near fall. Awesome went for a running Awesomebomb, but Jarrett broke free and hit a mule kick.

The Bills surrounded the ring like a lumberjack match. Jarrett went to the outside and got his guitar. Gary Coleman got in the ring and took Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett got up and smashed the guitar over the back of Gary Coleman’s head. Sting came down to the ring and hit the Scorpion Deathdrop on Jarrett. Awesome made the cover and got the win.

Winner: Mike Awesome

Scott Steiner vs. Bill Goldberg

This match is No-DQ. Scott Steiner came to the ring first and got in the face of the Buffalo Bills. Goldberg then came to the ring to the biggest pop of the night.

The two men locked up and Steiner took Goldberg into the corner. Goldberg fought out and hit a shoulder block to take Steiner down. Goldberg then Gorilla Pressed Slammed Steiner! He slammed him to the mat, and Steiner rolled to the outside. Goldberg followed him to the outside. He threw Steiner back into the ring and then dropped an elbow on Steiner. Goldberg then hit a big boot to Steiner’s already injured face. Goldberg hit a butterfly underhook suplex on Steiner. Steiner came off the ropes, Steiner hit an inverted Diamond Cutter. Steiner hit a belly-to-belly suplex to get a near fall.

Steiner picked up Goldberg for a slam, but Goldberg reversed and powerslammed Steiner to get a near fall. Goldberg went for the spear but missed. Steiner climbed the ropes, but was caught and slammed by Goldberg. Steiner then threw Goldberg into the steel steps on the outside. Midajah then came to the ring with a steel pipe. Steiner got a chair and hit Goldberg in the head. Steiner brought Goldberg in the ring and put him in the Tree of Woe. He worked on Goldberg’s midsection. Steiner hit a shoulder breaker to get a near fall.

Steiner hit the belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner went to get the lead pipe, but Goldberg speared Steiner. Vince Russo then came out and clobbered Goldberg with a baseball bat. Steiner covered Goldberg, but Goldberg kicked out. The two men went to the outside and Steiner set up a table. Steiner then suplexed Goldberg threw the table. Steiner brought Goldberg in the ring and locked on the Steiner Recliner. Goldberg crawled to the ropes. Goldberg got Steiner up on his shoulders and dropped him to the mat. Steiner got right back up and went after Goldberg. Midajah hit Goldberg with the leadpipe. Russo then beat Goldberg with the baseball bat. Steiner went for the cover, but somehow Goldberg kicked out. Steiner locked on the Steiner Recliner again. Again Goldberg broke the recliner.

Goldberg hit a neckbreaker. Goldberg went after Russo, but Steiner hit Goldberg with the leadpipe. Goldberg was knocked out and Steiner got the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner

Kevin Nash (c) vs. Booker T

This is a cage match for the WCW World Title. Michael Buffer did the ring introductions for this match. I wonder how he felt saying “The thousands in attendance and the millons watching around the world…..” The champ, Kevin Nash, made his way to the ring first. Booker T then came to the ring to a nice pop.

The two men had a stare down to start things off. Nash then went right to work and hit a big slam on Booker T. Booker came off the ropes and took Nash down with a clothesline. Nash splashed Booker in the corner. Booker fought back with fists in the corner. Nash got a big boot in Booker’s face to get a near fall.

Update on Paul Orndorf: It was just a stinger and he will be alright.

The two men locked into a test of strength and Nash overpowered him and slammed him to the mat. Nash removed the top turnbuckle pad. Booker threw Nash into the exposed turnbuckle and then hit a back suplex to get a near fall. Booker then hit a scoop slam followed by an ax kick and “spinaroony” to get to his feet. However, Nash got up as well and chokeslammed Booker to get a near fall. Nash threw Booker face-first into the cage.

Booker T fought back and smashed Nash’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Nash got busted open. Booker hit 10 big right hands into Nash’s bloody head. Booker came off the ropes with the missile dropkick to get a near fall. Nash hit a flying crossbody out of nowhere to get a near fall. Nash hit a near fall to keep Booker T down. Nash whipped Booker off the ropes and hit a big boot to the face. Nash went for the Jacknife powerbomb, but Booker reversed with the Book End to get the win! Tomorrow night on Nitro we will see Booker T vs. Sting for the title.

Winner: Booker T – New WCW World Champion

Source: Jesse Ringel


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