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Sunday, March 19 in Miami, FL

The Artist (c) w/Paisley versus Psychosis w/Juventud Guerrera *Cruiserweight Championship*

Psychosis was granted this title shot via a win over Kaz Hayashi. Former ECW mainstay Chris Candido joined the broadcast team to announce his intention to become the new Cruiserweight champion. The match started with Psychosis attempting to use his high flying maneuvers, but was kept down by the ground attack by the Artist. On the outside, Paisley smacked Psychosis in the chops. Psychosis hit his first solid offensive move with a Frankensteiner off the top rope. After a front suplex, Psychosis hit his patented guillotine leg drop, but pulled away from the pin after being distracted by Paisley, who was on the floor beating on Juvi. As Psychosis turned around, he fell prey to the jumping ddt.

Winner: The Artist via pinfall (Retained Cruiserweight Title)

XS (Lane and Rave) versus Norman Smiley/ The Demon

Miss Hancock, claiming that Lane and Rave were in need of female companionship, was officially “kicked to the curb” by XS. The Screamin’ Demons hit the ring, wearing matching face paint. XS jump-started the match as Smiley was attempting to teach the Demon how to dance. As Rave and Demon were battling on the floor, Smiley was giving Lane the Big Wiggle. Once the Demon was tagged in, he was being outwrestled by the quick tags of XS. Smiley cleared house and a fight ensued between the four. Lane and Demon went to the floor, while in the ring, Smiley forced Rave to submit to the Norman Conquest. XS tried to take Miss Hancock to the ring, blaming her for the loss, but the Screamin’ Demons would have none of it. The three and the referee then danced in the ring, as Miss Hancock gave Smiley her version of the Big Wiggle.

Winners: The Screamin’ Demons via pinfall

Bam Bam Bigelow versus The Wall

In an example of the proverbial “student versus the teacher,” Bigelow’s intention for this match was to stop the Wall from destroying anyone else, as he did David Flair and Crowbar. In the early going of the match, the two exchanged blows in a slugfest. After a body slam, the Bammer hit his patented head butt from the top rope, but the Wall kicked out. The Wall nearly won the match after a knee lift off the ropes. The Wall clotheslined Bigelow over the ropes and a fight ensued on the floor. Near the entryway, the Wall chokeslammed Bigelow through a table, which was holding monitors, that sparked and smoked from the impact. The bell rang, signifying a double count out. Crowbar and David Flair attacked, but were fought off by the ominous Wall. The Wall chased Crowbar, and the two ended up fifteen feet on the air on the scaffolding above the entryway. The Wall then chokeslammed Crowbar from fifteen feet in the air, sending the youngster through the stage.

Winner: Double Count Out

Three Count (c) versus Brian Knobs *Hard-Core Championship*

Knobs, who would have to run the gauntlet to recapture the title, dedicated the match to Bam Bam Bigelow, David Flair and Crowbar. Knobs began the match by wearing out the members of Three Count with a trash can and a chair. Shannon Moore visited “Pity City.” Shane Helms, who was wearing a protective mask to cover his broken nose, regained the advantage for Three Count after a chair shot on Knobs. Helms and Knobs both climbed the top of the ladder and hit splashed on Knobs. When Shannon Moore attempted a senton bomb, he missed. Knobs capitalized by spraying Three Count with a fire extinguisher. Knobs gained his first pinfall over Three Count when he defeated Helms after a chair shot to the face. Knobs quickly found a table and powerbombed Karagias through it, giving him his second pinfall. Knobs had Moore ready to body slam him when Helms hit a drop-kick from behind. Moore pinned Knobs for the three, but Nick Patrick restarted the match when he realized that Knobs had his foot on the ropes. Moore begged for mercy, offering the belt back to Knobbs, who instead kicked the belt into the face of Moore. Knobs then jumped from the top smashing a garbage can across the chest of Moore, giving him the win and regaining the Hard-core title.

Winner: Brian Knobs (New Hard-core Champion)

Booker/Kidman w/Torrie Wilson versus Harlem Heat 2000 w/J. Biggs and Cash

Booker told Kidman before the match that he needed to watch his back or may have to prove Harlem Heat right, and turn on him. The match started with Booker using his speed against his brother and Kidman catching Stevie Ray with a drop-kick that caught the man off guard. Kidman also caught Big T with a drop-kick. Cash tried to enter the ring, but was hit with an ax kick by Booker. Kidman attempted a top rope maneuver, but was stopped by Stevie Ray, turning the tide in the favor of Harlem Heat. The Heat then used the several minutes showing their power against Kidman, capitalized by a spinebuster, courtesy of Big T. Kidman fought back with a ddt, and tagged in Booker. Harlem Heat came close to a victory after a double sidewalk slam, but Kidman broke up the pin at the last second. Inside the ring, Big T attempted to suplex Booker, but instead, Kidman mounted the ropes for a sunset flip. Booker assisted with a Harlem side kick, giving Kidman and Booker the win.

Winners: Booker/Kidman via pinfall

Fit Finlay versus Vampiro *Falls Count Anywhere*

This match came about as the result of numerous attacks on Vampiro by Fit Finlay who felt that Vamp was a freak and had no respect for anyone or anything. The match began with both men exchanging text book wrestling moves. The contest turned to the violent side when Finlay sat a chair across the face of Vampiro and climbed to the top rope. Referee Charles Robinson removed the chair from the face of Vampiro. Finlay attempted to nail Vampiro with the chair, but instead it was kicked in his face. On the outside, the two used the guard rail as a weapon and then dragged one another through the crowd. Both men exchanged punches on the stairs. Finlay pulled Vampiro into the women’s bathroom, realized where he was and took Vampiro to the men’s restroom. Finlay through Vampiro into a stall, who fought back with a trash can shot. Finlay retrieved the can and used it on his opponent. The two men then fought through the crowd to the outside, where Finlay attempted to dump Vampiro over the balcony. Vampiro slipped out and the two began fighting through the fans again. Amongst a sea of fans somewhere in the concourse area, Vampiro hit his patented move, the “nail in the coffin” on Finlay for the victory.

Winner: Vampiro via pinfall

The Mamalukes (c) w/Disco Inferno versus The Harris Boys *Tag Team Championship*

After weeks of jaw jacking and sneak attacks, this was a chance for the Harris Boys to bring the tag team titles to the New World Order. Big Vito showed his power by clearing the ring of one of the brothers after a succession of clotheslines. Johnny the Bull capitalized with a monstrous powerslam. The champions used NWO like tactics and quick tags to dominate the twin brothers until a distraction caused the young Johnny to be laying flat on his back. The NWO then used their power to dominate Johnny the Bull for the next several minutes. Big Vito tagged in, nailing one of the Harris Boys with a barrage of punches in the corner. The Harris Boys nailed Johnny with the H-bomb, but Vito broke up the count. Disco Inferno smacked one of the Harris’ with a title belt, but he kicked out. After keeping Disco and Johnny the Bull at bay, the Harris Boys won the tag team titles after an H -bomb on Big Vito.

Winners: The Harris Boys (New Tag Team Champions)

Dustin Rhodes versus Terry Funk *BullRope Match*

There was a person in a chicken suit that Funk referred to as Rhodes’ younger brother. As Rhodes chased the chicken up the aisle, Funk nailed Rhodes in the face with a store bought chicken. It took the two men several minutes to hook up to the rope as they were using the rope and cowbell as a weapon on the floor. When the two hooked up Dustin placed the cowbell on the forehead of Funk and executed the bulldog. The chicken man once again entered the ring, but was smacked with the cowbell. Funk then grabbed the microphone and said he was changing the match to an “I Quit” match. When referee Billy Silverman tried to stop Funk, he was nailed by the cowbell. Rhodes did eventually say I quit, but it did not matter, as Silverman would not call for the bell. Rhodes stood up and continually hammered Funk with the cowbell. Rhodes won the match after delivering a piledriver on the cowbell. Rhodes then challenged Funk to get up, saying he was going to force him to say I quit. The two battled until Dustin Rhodes left the ring.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes via pinfall

The Total Package w/Elizabeth versus Sting *LumberJack Cast Match*

Victims of the Total Package surrounding the ring were Doug Dellinger, Jimmy Hart, Brian Knobs, Fit Finlay, Vampiro, and Curt Hennig. The Total Package apologized to his victims and then called for his lumberjacks. Hugh Morrus, Stevie Ray, Cash, and the Harris Brothers. The Package attacked Sting as he was stepping through the ropes. Sting fought back to punch the Package to the mat. Sting threw the Package outside the ring, where anti-Luger lumberjacks attacked the Total Package, with the first shots being fired by Dellinger. Sting was then thrown to the pro-Luger lumberjacks where both sets of lumberjacks began fighting. Tank Abbott made his way to the ring and knocked out Dellinger. All of the lumberjacks battled to the back with the exception of Vampiro, who battled with Ric Flair, who made his way to the ring. In the ring, Sting disposed of the “Nature Boy” after a Stinger splash. After a splash on the Package, Elizabeth whacked Sting in the shoulder with the ball bat. Vampiro retrieved the bat as Jimmy Hart dragged Liz to the back. The Total Package put Sting up in the “Torture Rack.” However, the lone lumberjack, Vampiro delivered a body shot with the ball bat. Sting picked up the ball and delivered the “Scorpion Death Drop” for the win. After the bell, Sting and Vampiro embraced.

Winner: Sting via pinfall

Sid Vicious (c) versus Jeff Jarrett *World Championship*

Jarrett had already pinned big Sid three previous times on WCW television. This match was a chance for Sid to prove that he was the “Master and ruler of the world.” Jarrett tried to jump the champion from behind to start the match, but Sid kept the challenger at bay with massive right hands and a thunderous clothesline. Sid went for a chokeslam early on, but Jarrett raked the eyes to escape. On the outside, Sid used the broadcast table as a weapon, slamming JJ on it. He then choked Jarrett against the railing. The Harris brothers interfered, throwing the champion back in the ring, taking cheap shots. Taking advantage, Jarrett placed some boots in the ribs, followed by a sleeper hold. Sid fought his way back up to plant a foot in to the face of Jarrett. The challenger tried to ram Sid face first into the title belt, being held by one of the Harris brothers’ but Sid reversed sending his opponent into the belt. Jarrett took the referee down, and then whacked Sid with the guitar. Mark Johnson attempted to make the three count, but was stopped by Hulk Hogan who got rid of the Harris brothers. The Hulkster hit Jarrett with the big boot and his patented leg drop. He then put Sid on top of Jarrett. Nick Patrick rolled over to make the three count. Scott Steiner hit the ring and smashed a guitar over the head of Hogan. Ric Flair hit the ring, jump-starting their match.

Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall (Retained World Title)

Hulk Hogan versus Ric Flair *Indian Strap Match*

Flair quickly attached the strap to a prone Hogan and began whipping him. Hogan fought his way back to his feet in this match where the winner was decided by the man who could first tag all four corners in succession. Flair then began kicking Hogan in the ribs, followed by a choke with the strap. Hogan retaliated with a low blow and beat Flair with his own belt. The Nature Boy attempted some reverse knife edge chops, but they did not phase Hogan. With Flair on his back numerous times, Hogan did not try to win the match. Instead, he chose to continue punching his nemesis. On the outside, Hogan allowed Jimmy Hart to take some shot at Flair with the strap. Hogan was once again punching a bloody Flair on the ramp, but was smacked in the head with a chair by the Total Package. This changed the complexion of the match, allowing Flair to dominate the “Hulkster.” Jimmy Hart tried to jump on the back of Ric Flair, but was abused by the fourteen time champion. Flair was the first to attempt to win the match. Hogan held onto the ropes, not allowing Flair to touch the fourth corner. Flair pulled an object out his boot and nailed Hogan with it. Hogan recovered to “Hulk up.” Hogan then cleared the ring of the Total Package, hit Flair with his patented leg drop, and then pinned him for the win. After the pinfall he touched the fourth and final turnbuckle.

Winner: Hulk Hogan via pinfall

Source: Rick Phelps


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