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Sunday, February 20, 2000 in San Francisco, CA

The pay per view telecast began with Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers coming out of commissioner Kevin Nash’s lockerroom. Jarrett announced that he had rung the clock of Nash, and was once again the acting commissioner. His first official act was to reinstate the Harris Boys at ringside during the heavyweight title match.

Lash Leroux versus The Artist w/Paisley *Cruiserweight Tournament Final*

This match between these two youngsters was the final match in the tournament to determine the new Cruiserweight champion. The Artist started out with fists of fire on Lash, who gave Paisley a little pat on her backside. Leroux was then dominated by the Artist for the next few minutes after a dragon screw leg whip. On the outside, the Artist rammed the face of Leroux into the steel steps. Leroux regained the advantage by pounding on the Artist in the corner, but fell short when he attempted a top rope Frankensteiner. From there, the Artist hit the jumping DDT, giving the Artist the Cruiserweight championship.

Winner: The Artist (New Cruiserweight Champion)

Bam Bam Bigelow (c) versus Brian Knobbs *Hardcore Championship*

This battle for the hard-core strap was a culmination of fights and sneak attacks perpetrated by champion and challenger. The match started on the outside, with the two men dragging one another past the set, where Bigelow smashed a steel trash can over the head of Knobbs. In the concourse area, Bigelow slammed Knobbs through a table, only to be nailed from behind by the cast of Fit Finlay. Knobbs pleaded with Finlay to let him defeat Bam Bam on his own. Back in the ring, Bigelow shoved Knobbs through a table. Bam Bam hit the “Greetings from Asbury Park,” but did not attempt to pin Knobbs. Instead, he escalated the ropes and was distracted by Fit Finlay. The distraction allowed Knobbs to whack Bigelow in the back of the head with his cast. Bigelow fell to the floor, where Knobbs pinned him to become a two time hard core champion.

Winner: Brian Knobbs (New Hard Core Champion)

3 Count versus Norman Smiley

Evan Karagias pleased the crowd when he announced that 3 Count was not in San Francisco to dance, but to kick some rear. Smiley had his ribs bandaged, due to the chokeslam through a table that he had received on Thunder. Norman started out quickly, ejecting all three men from the ring. In the ring, Smiley applied the Norman Conquest on Shannon Moore, but was broken up by the other members of 3 Count. The youngsters then attacked Smiley like a pack of rabid dogs. The Screamin’ One was then a victim of a twisting corkscrew splash followed by a frog splash. The ribs of Smiley did not hold up as he tapped out to a Boston crab, courtesy of Shannon Moore.

Winners: 3 Count via submission

Demon versus The Wall

The Wall, who has been on an impressive winning streak in WCW, faced the favorite wrestler of KISS in this match billed as a “special main event” match. The Wall jump started the match by coming through the crowd and attacking the Demon from behind. The Wall took advantage in the ring until the Demon, with surprising agility balanced himself on the middle rope and blasted off with a clothesline. The Wall regained the advantage, capitalizing with a chokeslam off the top rope for the win.

Winner: The Wall via pinfall

Tank Abbott versus Big Al *Skins Match*

Big Al, the former bodyguard of Abbott, has shown disdain for the former UFC fighter since joining the ranks of WCW. The object of this match was to be the first man to grab Abbot’s leather UFC jacket that was hanging on a pole high above the ring. The match began with both men binding their right hands together with the belt of Big Al. The former bodyguard won that exchange. Abbott fired up after his former friend stood on his face, by beginning a punch fest. Abbott then threw Al over his shoulder and scaled the ropes. On the top rope, Al fell off the shoulders of Tank, crashing to the arena floor. Abbott then grabbed his jacket, winning the match. After the bell, Tank tried to cut off the beard of Big Al.

Winner: Tank Abbott via decision

Big T w/J. Biggs and Stevie Ray versus Booker

This match saw the new Harlem Heat feeling that Booker had turned his back on “who he is” and Booker fighting to regain the rights to Harlem Heat. Big T began the match by using his massive power to keep Booker off his feet. Booker battled back with a forearm shot and suplex before throwing Big T to the floor. On the outside, Booker knocked the heads of Stevie Ray and Big T together. Constant distractions by J. Biggs and Stevie Ray allowed Big T to take the advantage. After an ax kick, Booker mounted the ropes and hit a missile dropkick. As the referee was making the three count, the lights went out. When the lights went out, a man larger than Stevie Ray and Big T stood on the ring apron, shocking Booker. This distraction allowed Big T to hit the short power bomb for the win. J. Biggs then introduced the new and improved Harlem Heat.

Winner: Big T via pinfall

Kidman w/Torrie Wilson versus Vampiro

Two of the best and brightest in WCW battled in this match that saw two men who had been experiencing problems as tag team partners in the recent past. This match was the tie breaker in the series which saw each man both claiming a victory. As expected both men wrestled at light speed in a see saw battle. At one point, Kidman hit a Frankensteiner off the top, but Vampiro kicked out. Vampiro battled back with a powerbomb, followed by a release powerbomb. Vampiro attempted a top rope suplex, but Kidman fought back and scored with a reverse DDT from the top rope, giving him a 2-1 edge in this series of matches.

Winner: Kidman via pinfall

The Mamalukes (c) w/Disco Inferno versus David Flair/Crowbar w/Daffney *Tag Team Championship*

The rules of this Sicilian stretcher match stated that the match would not end until both members of one team were taken away from the arena on a stretcher. Big Vito took this match personally as the former tag team champions ruined the wedding reception of Vito’s sister on a recent edition of Nitro. Flair and Crowbar began the match by using the stretcher as a weapon, ramming it into the ribs of Johnny the Bull. The champions battled back, also using the stretcher as a weapon. Back in the ring, Daffney hit Johnny the Bull with a hurrancanrana in mid-ring. Disco tried to stop her, but was sprayed in the eyes with mace. Grabbing a table from under the ring backfired on Crowbar, who was powerbombed through the wood by Big Vito. Johnny the Bull then hit a spinning top rope leg drop on David Flair. The champions taped David Flair to a stretcher, who was wheeled away by referees Mickey Jay and Charles Robinson, leaving Crowbar to battle the Italians alone. Johnny the Bull repeatedly beat Crowbar with a lead pipe and then laid him on a table, where Vito hit a splash from the top. The champions then taped Crowbar to the stretcher, who was also taken away, giving them the win. Despite having already won the match, the champions and Disco Inferno taped Daffney to a wheelchair and gagged her.

Winners: The Mamalukes via decision (Retain Tag Team Championship)

–Cat/Maestro confrontation

The Maestro, collecting on a bet from earlier that James Brown would not be there, was agitated when the Cat presented a bogus James Brown. However, as the Maestro and the Cat were arguing, the real James Brown appeared and danced with the Cat.

Terry Funk w/Dustin Rhodes versus Ric Flair *Death Match*

The match between these two legends became even more personal than it was back in 1989. The rules of this match said that the first man that could not answer a ten count after a pinfall or submission would lose the match. The two veterans circled one another, with Terry Funk going to the fisticuffs from the word go. Flair, the ring general, attempted to take a break on the outside, but was suplexed back in. Funk scored the first fall after a suplex on the outside. Flair answered the ten count and battle back with a series of knife edge chops. The Nature Boy then grabbed a chair and delivered repeated shots to the knees of Funk. Flair forced Funk to submit to the figure four, but Funk answered the ten count. Funk regained the advantage by throwing Flair outside the ring and piledriving him twice on the floor, scoring another pinfall. Flair answered the ten count, only to be asked by Funk if he wanted to quit. Flair refused and was smacked with the microphone. Just as he did in 1989, Funk put Flair through the table with a piledriver. Funk raised Flair’s arm off the mat before the three count, so that he could do more damage. Funk attempted a moonsault, but Flair pulled himself off the table and pulled Funk off the top, who crashed through the table. Flair gained the pinfall, with Funk not being able to answer the ten count, giving the Nature Boy the victory.

Winner: Ric Flair via decision

The Total Package w/Elizabeth versus Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster told Mene Gene before the match that due to the actions of the Package in recent months, that there would be a transformation from Hulk to Hollywood, and if he had the chance, he would break Elizabeth in half. The Package started the match quickly, attacking Hogan on his into the ring. The Hulkster dominated the match for the next several minutes, adopting the “Hollywood” persona. Hogan raked the eyes, took cheap shots and whacked the Package with a chair. The Package rebounded for a short time, but had his head rammed into the cast of Hogan repeatedly. Elizabeth interjected herself, nailing Hogan with a glancing blow with the ball bat. Jimmy Hart ran to ringside and intercepted the bat from Elizabeth. In the end, Hart nailed Luger from behind with his cast, followed by a cast shot by Hogan. The Hulkster landed his leg drop to score the pinfall victory. Ric Flair then attacked Hogan. Making his return to WCW, Sting hit the ring, and pounded the Package and the Nature Boy with the bat.

Winner: Hulk Hogan via pinfall

Sid Vicious (c) versus Jeff Jarrett versus Scott Hall *World Championship*

Jarrett attacked Hall before Sid ever entered the ring. Sid standing alone, had to battle not only his two opponents, but the Harris brothers as well. The Harris brothers took plenty of shots in this no disqualification match. Referee Billy Silverman went down early, courtesy of a Jarrett clothesline, which brought in Nick Patrick. Jarrett then intentionally clobbered Nick Patrick, which brought in Charles Robinson. The United States champion then took out Robinson and Mickey Jay, which brought Jarrett’s referee, Mark Johnson. Johnson feigned a shoulder injury as he was counting Jarrett down after an Outsiders Edge. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper then hit the ring and prevented Johnson from making a three count after a guitar shot from Jarrett on Hall. Sid made his way back to his feet after being catapulted over the top rope by chokeslamming Jarrett and the powerbombing Hall for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Sid Vicious (Retained World Title)

source: Rick Phelps

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