Fall Brawl

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, September 13, 1998 in Winston-Salem, NC

Bonus Match #1:

Jim Neidhart & The British Bulldog vs. Alex Wright & Disco Inferno

Alex and Disco carried most of the match over Neidhart before Disco was taken over by Bulldog’s running powerslam and pinned.

Title vs Title : Chris Jericho (TV Champ) defeated “Goldberg”

Chris Jericho defeated “Goldberg” “Goldberg” was actually a local jobber that looked like a junior Goldberg. Jericho of course made a farce out of the whole match, retaining the TV Title and then tearing up the fake Goldberg’s plastic world title. (Ripping on Shane Douglas, Chris??)

Bonus Match #2:

Ernest “The Cat” Miller defeated Norman “The Magic Man” Smiley

This match was added because Norman Smiley came in to save the Armstrongs when Miller interrupted their interview. Smiley tried to wrestle a technical style match while Miller stuck with his martial arts. Smiley was the recipient of a Miller spin kick from the top rope, earning a pin for “The Cat”.

Scott Steiner with Buff Bagwell vs Rick Steiner

The match began with both brothers ripping into each other. During the match Buff Bagwell tried to help out and was ran down the ring and into the post by Rick Steiner. Buff then called for help and the referee, Mark Curtis, stopped the match. The trainers brought out a stretcher and took Bagwell away while Scott followed. Rick followed as well. At the last minute, and just before he was placed in the ambulance, Bagwell and Scott jumped Rick Steiner. The match was ruled a no contest.

Juventud Guerrera defeated Silver King

Silver King was outclassed by Juventud who won with the 450 splash followed by a pinfall. Not the “sleeper” that Tenay was expecting.

Raven vs. Saturn

Earlier in the match, Kidman came into the ring and dropkicked Raven, forcing Horace Boulder and Sick Boy to chase him through the audience. After multiple pin attempts from both men, Saturn hit Spicolli Drivers on both Lodi (through a press table) and Raven for the pin, freeing himself and the Flock.

Malenko vs. Hennig

Dean Malenko won by DQ after Rick Rude interfered. Arn Anderson made the save only to get his injured arm stomped by Hennig and Rude.

Konnan def. Scott Hall

Hall went from ring to ring, “drunk” and carrying a “cocktail” (cranberry juice) with him. At the end of the match Hall went to take the drink from Vincent. Konnan kicked it out of Hall’s hand and applied the Tequila Sunrise for the submission win.


Order of entry was DDP, Hart, Stevie Ray, Piper, Luger, Sting, Nash, Hogan, Warrior. Hogan came out prematurely after Nash’s entrance. At the 2 minute mark smoke came up and Warrior materialized in his overcoat. Smoke came up again and Hogan was there holding Warrior’s jacket. Warrior suddenly came right out from the locker room and came into the ring,running roughshod over Hogan and Stevie Ray. The Disciple pulled Hogan out of the ring and locked the cage doors. Warrior stalked Hogan as he tried to leave, smashing part of the cage open and fighting Hogan all the way to the back. Meanwhile, DDP slapped a Diamond Cutter on Stevie Ray for the pin and the title shot at Goldberg next month on Halloween Havoc.

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