Bash at the Beach

May 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, July 12, 1998 in San Diego, CA

Raven vs Saturn
Under Raven’s Rules

The match started fast, with Raven having the advantage. The match did not go into the ring early. Raven found a table underneath the ring and pulled it out. Raven did a russian leg sweep on Saturn, and almost got the pin. This match was nothing but a brawl, with members of the flock interfering. Saturn took out members of the Flock, as well as the referee, Nick Patrick. Saturn got another table, and put Raven in between both tables. Kanyon came out, and saved Raven from getting smashed between the tables. Saturn nailed the standing side kick, but Riggs interfered, and Raven got the evenflow DDT.

Winner: Raven

Juventud Guerrera vs Kidman

Kidman starts out the match. Juvy does some high-flying maneuvers on the outside, and takes the advantage. He then throws Kidman into the ring. The match goes outside some more, and Juvy backdropped Kidman hard to the mats. The fans start chanting “Lodi sucks”! Many near-falls then followed, with a spectacular move from Kidman off the top rope. Juventud nails the Juvi driver, but it did not work against Kidman. Kidman took the advantage and tried to apply the seven year itch, but Juvy moved out of the way. Juventud climed to the top rope, and got the 450 splash.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera

Stevie Ray vs Chavo Guerrero, JR.

Eddie Guerrero walked out at the beginning of the match. Chavo got on the mic and said “I dedicate this match to Eddie Guerrero…this is for you little trooper!” Chavo grabbed the hand of Stevie Ray, and made it look as if he had a submission hold on him. Chavo tapped out, and the match was over.

Winner: Stevie Ray by submission

Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero, JR.

Chavo Guerrero starts out by biting Eddie. Eddie reverses the situation with a back-body drop. I didn’t quite catch it, but one of the wrestlers bit the other one on the butt. Eddie got Chavo into a submission hold, Chavo broke free, but Eddie used a lariat to knock Chavo back down. From here, the match went back and forth. Eddie went to the outside, and pulled the mats back, exposing the floor. Eddie went to suplex Chavo, Chavo reversed it and suplexed Eddie on the floor. Chavo then threw Eddie back into the ring and scoop slammed him. Eddie sensed Chavo’s next move and superplexed him. Both men hit the mat hard, and were stunned. Chavo got up first, and went to do Eddie’s finishing manuver, the frogsplash, but missed. Eddie moved, and went for the scissors that were at ringside. The ref pulled them away, and Eddie went up top, but missed. Chavo then went for the scissors, and the ref took them away. Eddie rolled up Chavo and got the three count. Eddie took the hair clippers, and wanted to shave Chavo’s hair, but Chavo started shaving it himself. Eddie just walked away from the ring.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Konnan vs Disco Inferno

Disco’s tag-team partner, Alex Wright, came to ringside with him. Wright and Disco do an impression of Konnan’s entrance, doing the AREBA LARAZA thing, and the bouty bouty rowdy rowdy…LOL. Konnan was accompanied by Lex Luger and Big Sexy Kevin Nash on his way to ringside. Konnan starts out fast, and suprises Disco. Alex Wright helped out Disco, Luger attacked Wright, and Nash jacknifed Disco. Konnan put him in the Tequila Sunrise, and Disco submitted.

Winner: Konnan

Giant vs Kevin Greene

Who cares? The Giant had the advantage all through the match, he tore Greene apart. The Goldberg chant started during the match. The Giant basically countered everything that Green threw at him, until Greene went to the top rope, and hit him with a forearm. The Giant fought back, and chokeslammed Greene for the win.

Winner: Giant

Chris Jericho (C) vs ????

Jericho did his regular routine on the mic, and had a top-hat an cane with him. Jericho was prepared to dance and started doing a number. JJ Dillion came to ringside during his routine, and said that maybe he made a mistake. JJ said that he had lots of fans, and they wanted to see him defend his belt. JJ said that he had found an opponent for Jericho. The opponent was REY MYSTERIO JR. The match was declared a no DQ match. Mysterio jumped in the ring and took it to Jericho. Mysterio had a brace on his knee, and Jericho noticed this and took advantage. Jericho took the match to the Bash set, and Mysterio did a manuver off of the lifeguard chair. Mysterio threw a handful of sand into Jericho’s eyes. Jericho got a chair, and hit Mysterio with it. By the way, Mysterio looked great, adding about 15 pounds of muscle. Jericho continued with the chair, and hit Mysterio in the leg. Jericho went for the lion tamer, but Mysterio countered. Dean Malenko then arrived at ringside, distracting Jericho, and Mysterio won.

Winner: Rey Mysterio JR, new cruiserweight champion.

TV Title
Booker T (C) vs Bret Hart

This match was very technical. Booker T was the first man to the attack. Booker T tried for one of his big moves, the sidewalk slam early, but was unsuccessful. The match then went to the outside. Hart used the steel guard rail as a weapon, and used the steps. This match was pretty boring. Booker T nailed an axe kick, and got up limping, favoring his left leg. Bret Hart hit Booker T with a chair, the bell was rung. Bret Hart then continued beating on Booker T’s injured leg. This is most likely an excuse for him to leave the scene for awhile, considering that Booker T has a real, legitimate injury. Hart went crazy, and would not leave Booker T alone. Stevie Ray then came down to ringside, but strolled down the aisle at a slow pace. Stevie Ray looked disgusted, as usual.

Winner: Booker T by Disqualification

World Title
Goldberg (C) vs Curt Hennig

Michael Buffer makes the announcements. Goldberg starts out fast, like he usually does. Hennig goes after Goldberg’s injured legs, (his legs were injured at LA Melee). Hennig nailed the fisherman’s suplex, but Goldberg kicked out. Goldberg got the spear and the win.

Winner: Goldberg

Karl Malone and DDP vs Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman

Malone and Rodman started the match off. Malone charged at Rodman, and Rodman ducked between the ropes. They finally lock up, and Rodman got Malone in a headlock, and Malone then threw Rodman to the outside. Rodman tag ged Hogan, but Malone did not tag DDP. Hogan tried a test of strength with Malone, but he could not reach up high enough. They lock-up, and Malone put Hogan in a head-lock. Malone slammed Hogan to the mat. DDP was the n tagged. Hogan also tagged in Rodman. Page threw Rodman down to the mat a few times, until Rodman got an armdrag on DDP and took him to the mat. That didn’t last long, and Rodman went down from a shoulder tackle from Page. Rodman did battle back, and almost got the pin a couple of times. Page tagged Malone, Malone started kicking Rodman when Rodman tagged Hogan. Hogan took it to Malone, and Rodman helped him out with a double team. Hogan then applied his elbow drops. Rodman was tagged in next, and Rodman hit Malone with a series of elbows. Hogan and Rodman double teamed Malone, and Rodman tried for the pin but did not get it. Malone continued to get beaten from pillar to post. Hogan went for the pin, but Malone kicked out. Malone continued to get beat, but tagged in DDP. DDP took Hogan and Rodman down. Rodman and Hogan used teamwork to take DDP down. Hollywood took out his belt, and started whipping Page. DDP continued to get beat. Rodman took advantage of what Hogan did to DDP, and took it to Rodman. Hogan was tagged back in, and suplexed DDP. Page fought back with elbows to Hogan and Rodman. All three men went down. Page was unable to get the tag, because he was cut-off by Rodman. Hogan and Rodman again double teamed Page in a corner. Hogan went for the legdrop, and Hogan missed. DDP got the tag to Malone, and Malone took Hogan down fast. He also handled Rodman too. Malone slammed Hogan and Rodman, and then did a double headbutt on both. Malone signaled for the Diamond Cutter. Page applied the Diamond Cutter to Hogan, the disciple came in and did a move on Page. Hogan got the cover and the 1-2-3. Afterwards, Malone diamond cutted the ref.

Winners: Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman.

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