Massacre on 34th Street

Apr 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, December 3rd, 2000 in NYC, NY

After the Extreme opening, we began with tag action, as Simon Diamond & Swinger take on Christian York & Joey Matthews. Simon and Swinger, to no surprise, had a problem. Simon said tonight he and Swinger would put York and Matthews to rest tonight. York and Matthews hit the ring, but before the action could start, Dawn Marie came to ringside! She entered the ring and took the microphone, saying that we were all happy to see her. Of course we were! She then told us that she needs a man. Every male in the building volunteered. She then said she was more woman than one man could handle, and said she wanted two men. She offered a managerial contract to York and Matthews, and told them to pass it on to Simon and Swinger, and that the winner would get her services. Simon and Swinger went right at them, and the fight was on. York and Matthews hit Future Shock on Swinger and a double suplex on Simon, quickly coming back strong. Swinger hit an enzugiri to slow down a red hot York, and took him outside to smash him into the ringside table and the rail. It had settled into a tag match, with Simon and Swinger keeping York on their side of the ring. They hit a double back heel trip, and Simon got a two count. Simon delivered a Northern Lights suplex into the Simon Series, then tagged Swinger, who brought a chair into the ring, only to have it taken from him by Dawn. Swinger went for a top rope clothesline instead, but decked his partner instead. York hit a reverse flapjack on Swinger, and tagged Matthews, who cleaned house. He hit a tope on Swinger, then York hit a springboard plancha on both opponents. In the ring, York was crotched on the top rope, and Simon hit the Simonizer on Matthews. Simon and Swinger went for a double superplex on York, but Matthews hit a pair of lowblows, and Simon was given a sunset flip powerbomb by York. York and Matthews then hit the Rebel Yell on Swinger to get the win … and Dawn Marie! Matthews appeared to be hurt, and while he was down, Dawn Marie raked the eyes of York, and he was given the Problem Solver! Dawn Marie has aligned himself with Simon & Swinger. Joel Gertner left the announcers position to check on Matthews.

We heard from Danny Doring and Roadkill, well, Doring anyway, who assured us of victory in their match tonight against the FBI for the ECW World Tag Team Championship. If they lose, they must split up as a team.

Our next match features EZ Money, accompanied by Confederate Currency Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero and Elektra, taking on Balls Mahoney in singles action. Money slapped on a headlock early, and downed Balls with a shoulderblock, but Balls came back with a hiptoss, armdrag and series of right hands. Money ducked a leg lariat, and Balls tumbled to the floor, where he was attacked by Hot Commodity. Money dove off the top rope onto a held Mahoney, then took the battle back to the ring. They traded reverses, and Balls hit a backdrop driver for a two count. Mahoney sent Money to the floor, then dove off the top rope, taking out all three members of Hot Commodity! Incredible dive to the floor. Mahoney went to suplex Money in, but EZ floated over. Balls hit a lariat, but missed the Nutley Jam. Money hit the Money Clip clothesline, but only got a two count. Money choked Balls with his boot, then pounded him in the corner. Balls hit a reverse elbow and a boot to the face, but missed a clothesline and Money hit a jawbreaker. Money went to the top, but Balls crotched him and hit a superplex for a two count. Balls peppered Money with punches, and went for a sunset flip, but Money held onto his legs and dropped him on the back of his head. Money went to the top rope, but missed the senton bomb. Balls hit a superkick, but only got a two count. Balls went for his chair, but Hamrick took it away, and Money hit a sidekick. Money took the chair and went to the second rope, but Balls met him there. Hot Commodity interfered, and after a Dinero neckbreaker, Hamrick legdrop and Money moonsault (while Elektra distracted the referee), Money got the pin.

After the Balls-Money match, Hot Commodity continued to work over Mahoney, until Nova came out to clear the ring. He hit a top rope dive on Hot Commodity, and we’ve got a match! Nova vs. Julio Dinero!

Nova was a house of fire, hitting the sledge-o-matic on Dinero. Balls and Hot Commodity stalked each other at ringside, allowing the ref to be distracted, and Hamrick to hit a missile dropkick on Nova. Dinero hit the Vertebreaker, and a wicked superkick. He followed with a moonsault to a standing Nova, and a corkscrew elbow. They slugged it out, and Dinero hit a reverse Russian legsweep for a two count. Dinero hit a shortarm clothesline, and a reverse elbow, but Nova then went insane, pounding Dinero. Nova hit an enzugiri for a two count. Balls, actually moved into the front row to watch the action. Nova hit a rollup, but was kicked into a chair held by Hamrick. Dinero dropkicked him from behind, but only got a two count. Nova floated over a suplex attempt and hit the Spin Doctor. Elektra ran in and smacked Nova, and Nova gave her the Kryptonite Krunch. Nova hit a top rope crane legdrop, but Hot Commodity ran in and attacked him. Balls ran in and flattened Money and Hamrick with chairshots, and Nova hit the senton bomb on Dinero for the pin.

We then heard from ECW World Television Champion Rhino, who is determined to take Little Spike Dudley out permanently tonight.

It’s ECW World Tag Team Championship vs. Dastardly Danny Doring & Roadkill’s future as a tag team. If the FBI retain the gold, Doring & Roadkill will NEVER be allowed to team again, as in ECW, we always honor our stipulations. Doring and Roadkill have always been referred to as “uncrowned champions.” If they don’t win tonight, they will never hold the straps.

Guido slapped Doring to start, and went for the Fujiwara armbar early, but Doring got out and went for a crucifix. They went back and forth, countering each other, until both missed dropkicks. Doring got a takedown, then the two traded chops. Mamaluke tagged in, and the chopfest continued. Roadkill tagged in, and hit an atomic bomb on Mamluke, who came right back with an armbar. Roadkill pressed Mamaluke and dropped him, then hit a second rope elbow. Danny Doring came in, leapfrogged Mamaluke, and Roadkill planted him with the Dirtroad slam. Lancaster Lariat of Lust on Guido, then Roadkill went to brawl with Big Sal. Tony Mamaluke dove off the top rope, and hit a swinging DDT on Roadkill on the floor. Doring went to the ropes, but was caught in a double powerbomb. Mamaluke went to work on Doring, and tagged Guido for a dropkick to the face. Doring was on the defensive, and managed a rollup, but Guido reversed it, then hit an elbow and a side legsweep for a two count. Mamaluke tagged back in, and Doring got caught in a face first powerbomb. Guido hit the Sicilian Slice, but only got a two count. Mamaluke tagged in, but Doring caught the G-Spot sweep and made the tag to Roadkill. He went to town on both men, and hit the Barn Burner on Guido, and a devastating Amish Bomb on Mamaluke. Roadkill then climbed to the top rope and dove on Big Sal, taking him down on the floor. In the ring, Doring was crotched on the top rope by Guido, and Mamaluke took to long to join him, and Doring hit a second rope gut buster. Doring went for the Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am, but Guido hit him with the title belt. Roadkill came in, and tried a top rope clothesline, but missed, and Roadkill was given a double Fujiwara. Doring came back in, sent Mamaluke to the apron, then superkicked him off through the ringside table. Guido went after Doring, shoving him to the floor, then went for the Kiss of Death on Roadkill. Roadkill reversed it, lifted Guido, and Doring came off the top rope in a perfect Buggy Bang! 1-2-3, and Danny Doring & Roadkill have finally become ECW World Tag Team Champions!

We heard from Spike Dudley, who mocked Rhino, and reminded us that he is the original Giant Killer in professional wrestling. He attempts to add another name to that list tonight, as he takes on Rhino.

Time for a grudge match, as C.W. Anderson takes on New York’s own Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer, who is making his return to pay-per-view! Anderson interrupted the introduction on Dreamer and spat right in Tommy’s face! Dreamer responded with a right hand, and the match was on! Dreamer hit a neckbreaker. Anderson begged off, but Dreamer had none of it, stretching Anderson on the mat. C.W. came back with punches, but missed an elbow, and Dreamer sunk in an armbar. Dreamer mockingly slapped Anderson in the head, then hit a cross armbreaker. Anderson rolled to the floor, and Dreamer rammed his arm into the ringpost. Dreamer worked over the arm with shoulderbutts, then went for a hammerlock slam, but Anderson turned it into an armbreaker, and followed with a superkick. Anderson stomped Dreamer in his bicep, which is still not fully healed from when Anderson separated it several weeks ago. Anderson took it to the floor, crotching Dreamer on the rail and hitting a solid left hand. Anderson the sandwiched his arm between the ringpost and a chair, then blasted it twice with another chair. Anderson punched a now bleeding Dreamer, as the fight continued on the floor. Dreamer fired back with a chairshot, then took the fight into the crowd. The two brawled amongst the fans, with Dreamer hitting him with a beer. CW came back, and hit a long vertical suplex on the floor. They battled back to ringside, and Dreamer tossed a chair in the ring. As he got back in though, Anderson wrenched his arm over the top rope. Anderson continued the assault on the bicep, and applied a modified juji gatame armbar. Dreamer was rammed shoulder first into the buckle, then Anderson hit a reverse cross armbreaker. Anderson went to toss Dreamer into a chair wedged in the ropes, but Tommy reversed the whip. Still, Dreamer was hurting, and Anderson set up a chair in center ring, only to have Dreamer crotch him on it, then hit a second rope elbowdrop. Dreamer then took a towel, choked C.W., then ran him across the ropes as if he was cleaning the ring! Anderson was not to be undone, and actually dragged the ring crew in the ring and tossed him at Dreamer! Anderson charged, but Dreamer lifted the crew member into a double boot to the face! Dreamer hit a second rope DDT, but Anderson kicked out. Lou E. Dangerously came to ringside, and decked the ring crew member, then bashed his cellphone over Dreamer’s head as he tried to piledrive Anderson! Anderson hit a DDT on Dreamer, when Paul E. Dangerously ran down and smashed his cellphone over Lou’s head! Anderson went after the real boss, and Dreamer hit a Spicolli Driver on Anderson for a two count, but Anderson came back with a Ferris Wheel for a two count. Anderson missed a charge in the corner, and was tied to the Tree of Woe. Two chairs was placed in front of his face, and Dreamer dropkicked them. Dreamer hit a piledriver, then went for a table! Dreamer gave C.W. a side slam on the table, but took too much time climbing the ropes, and Anderson hit him with a chairshot. Anderson then hit a superplex, with Dreamer landing hard on the folded table. Anderson got a second table, and propped it in the corner. Dreamer was already up, and hit the Tommyhawk. Dreamer went for a Spicolli driver through the table, but Anderson floated over and gave Dreamer a spinebuster through the table to get the three count. A hard fought match, but the Enforcer managed to get the win.

We then heard a rather unique interview with Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri, when the Sinister Minister returned! This team will be at full strength tonight, as they take on Super Crazy & a mystery partner!

Time for the ECW World Television Championship to be defended, a Rhino takes on the man who he put out of action for months with a broken leg, Little Spike Dudley. Spike ran right at Rhino at the bell, but was tossed off when he tried for an early bulldog. Spike clipped Rhino’s leg, and soon the two were trading blows. Spike was ferocious, but Rhino returned the fire. Rhino finally bullied Spike from the ring, and whipped him into the rail. Rhino whipped him again, but Spike caught him with a boot to the face. Spike was tossed into the ringside table, then rolled him into the ring. Rhino hit Spike with a chair, then placed two chairs in the ring. Rhino blasted the new bleeding Spike with one of them, and pounded on his smaller opponent. Rhino tasted Spike’s blood in a truly disgusting moment. Spike tried to kick Rhino away, as the monster went for his braced knee. Rhino wasted time yelling at ringside fans, and Spike threw a chair at Rhino’s face. Rhino went to the floor, and Spike dove off the top rope with a chair shot. Spike sent Rhino over the rail, and the two brawled into the crowd. Spike downed Rhino, and then climbed into the second rope balcony and dove onto Rhino! They went back towards the ring, and Spike bashed Rhino with a chair as he was hung over the rail. Spike rolled him into the ring, and got a two count. Spike charged Rhino, but was drop toe holded into the middle buckle. Rhino pressed Spike, but he floated over and went for the Acid Drop, but Rhino took him across the ring and dropped him over the top rope through the ringside table! Rhino brought him back in, but Spike kicked out! Rhino missed a clothesline, but hit the Gore on the rebound. Spike rolled to the floor, and when Rhino went after him, Spike blasted him in the knee with a chair. Spike tied Rhino’s leg to the bottom rope with tape, then started ramming a chair into Rhino’s knee! Rhino, out of desperation, reached up and grabbed Spike in a chokehold. Strangling him down, Spike lost consciousness, and Rhino was declared the winner by chokeout. Rhino continued to brutalize the limp body of Spike with a chair, then grabbed a table and propped it in the corner. Referee Mike Kehner tried to stop his rampage, and Rhino lifted the official and drove him through the table! Absolute carnage by the man who is still the ECW World Television Champion, Rhino. Spike Dudley will definitely need medical help after this match.

We heard from the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino and Jack Victory, and Francine came in, offering to give Corino a “warm up.” Corino said he had taken care of that, but Jack Victory was more than happy to partake. Corino then decided to join in, but he was ambushed by Justin Credible, who brutalized the champion with the Singapore Cane.

Time for the Mystery Partner tag team match, as Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri, with the returning Sinister Minister, taking on Super Crazy and a partner of his choice. Super Crazy hit the ring alone, and was immediately double teamed. His mystery partner then arrived, in the form of Kid Kash! Kash & Crazy vs. Mikey & Tajiri! Kash cleaned house, and order was restored. Mikey nailed Kash from behind to start the match, and the two traded reversals, with Kash hitting a sunset flip for a two count, but Mikey hitting a legsweep and legdrop. Kash then hit a rana, and the two had stalemated. They shoved one another, then Mikey tagged in Tajiri. Kash tagged as well, and Crazy went at it with Tajiri. Tajiri hit the handspring elbow, but Crazy kipped up. Crazy hit the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Tajiri kipped up. Tajiri hit a suplex, but Crazy monkeyflipped, all while in a test of strength. Tajiri with a rana, then the two traded armdrags, stalemating to a standing ovation and ECW chant. Tajiri hit a kick to the legs, then launched a few to the ribs. Crazy was placed in a Scorpion over the bottom rope, and Mikey hit the guillotine legdrop. Tajiri then hit superkick on Kash, and both were hung over the bottom rope. Three chairs sandwiched their heads, and Mikey and Tajiri dropkicked them from opposite sides! Crazy and Kash were tied to the Tree of Woe, but both men missed baseballs slides and fell from the ring. Crazy then hit a springboard moonsault onto both men on the floor, and Kash followed with a launch off of referee John Finnegan’s back into a springboard senton on the pile! Back in the ring, Mikey and Tajiri took over with kicks, but Kash hit a somersault senton on both men in response. Kash and Crazy pounded their opponents as the fans counted along in Spanish. Crazy hit a dive from the apron to the floor on Tajiri, while Kash and Mikey battled in the ring. Tajiri got in to kick Kash in the gut, and Mikey followed with a clothesline, followed by the rolling leg slam, a double gutbuster, and a pair of dropkicks to the face of Kid Kash. Mikey set up a pair of chairs, but Kash blocked the suplex and planted Mikey with a falcon arrow. Kash placed Mikey on the chairs, and went to the top rope, but Mikey caught him and hit a Whippersnapper off the ropes through the chairs. Whippersnapper number two went from the ring apron through a table, taking both Mikey and Kash out of the picture for the moment. Crazy and Tajiri then went at it, with Crazy hitting the triple consecutive ascending moonsaults, then went for a chair. Crazy went for a springboard, but Tajiri shoved him from the top rope to the floor. Tajiri kicked Crazy on the floor, then went to the ropes, but Crazy met him there and hit a top rope facecrusher, and followed with a springboard moonsault. Tajiri swung his legs up for a cradle for a two count. Crazy went for a sunset flip, but Tajiri grabbed a chair and blasted his way out. Tajiri then applied the Tarantula, but Kid Kash had recovered and broke the hold. Mikey was also back, and the fight was on. Tajiri went to blow the mist at Kash, who ducked, and Super Crazy got a face full of green. Mikey and Tajiri seemed to be in control, until Kash yanked Whipwreck off the apron into the rail. Mikey battled back and set Kid Kash on a table on the floor. Mikey was set to jump off the ropes, but Crazy stopped him, and Kash got up on the ropes. Kash then gave Mikey a rana off the top rope through the ringside table! Both men were laid out from that move. In the ring, Tajiri hit a spinning DDT, a jawbreaker and a series of stiff kicks to the face of Crazy. Tajiri piled chairs on top of Crazy, then put a table over him. Tajiri then climbed to the top rope and delivered a double stomp through the table, driving all the chairs on top of Crazy down! Tajiri got the pin, as the Sinister Minister’s duo scores an impressive win!

We then heard from Da Baldies, who were in the subway station here on their turf in New York City. The Blue Boy, who decided to drive in Manhattan, was looking for action, when he found Jasmin holding down a street corner. She said she was looking for a “Massacre” and we’ve certainly had one here tonight!

It’s time for our main event, as Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible, with Francine, will attempt to take the ECW World Heavyweight Title from Steve Corino, who will be accompanied by Jack Victory, in an ECW original, the Three Way Dance! Two men will lose, and one will walk out the champion. Jerry kicked Justin at the start of the match, and grabbed the cane, blasting both men with it. Lynn went to work keeping both men down, hitting a flying headscissors on Corino, and a bulldog on Justin. Jerry slugged Corino, but the champion fired back, only to be downed with a lariat. Jerry the slugged Justin off the ring apron, and slammed Corino in center ring. Justin got back in and stomped Corino, then went to work on Lynn in the corner. Justin stomped and slugged Corino, who fired back with shots of his own. Corino went to work on Credible, and sent him into the corner, where he flipped over the top rope to the floor. Lynn slugged it out with Corino, then clotheslined him over the top rope. Lynn backdropped Corino into the crowd, and Credible was backdropped into the rail. Lynn and Corino fought into the crowd, and Justin soon joined them. It was a slugfest, with both Jerry and Justin punching themselves out on each other. The fight continued at ringside, and Corino was sent flying over the rail into the first row. Justin worked over Lynn, and fired him into the ring. Back in the squared circle, Justin pulled Lynn up in a powerbomb for a two count. Credible then ripped on both men on the mic, while kicking both of his opponents. Credible bashed Lynn with the microphone, and Lynn became enraged, slugging Corino. Corino grabbed Lynn and hit a leg lariat. Corino got caught in a crucifix, and as the two traded reversals, Credible entered the fray. Tons of pin attempts, and Lynn even tried to pin both men with one sunset flip. Corino was laid out, then Lynn and Credible decked each other with a simultaneous clothesline. Corino hit a bionic elbow on Justin, but was caught with Lynn’s tornado DDT for a two count. Lynn kicked Credible, then Corino went for the Old School Expulsion on Lynn, who reversed it into an inverted DDT on Corino. It was now Lynn and Credible trading pin attempts, until Credible went for That’s Incredible, which Lynn reversed into his own tombstone. Corino grabbed a chair, but Lynn kicked it right into his face. Lynn then gave Corino a cradle piledriver into a steel chair, when Francine entered the ring. Francine tried to interfere, but ending up kicking Credible by mistake. Lynn and Credible went into a series of reversals, but Credible hit That’s Incredible, and got the pin. Jerry Lynn has been eliminated from the Three Way Dance.

It’s down to Credible vs. Corino. The two traded lefts and rights, and Credible was sent flying over the top rope to the floor. Corino went for a baseball slide, but Justin moved, and hit the champion with a superkick on the floor. The two started fighting up the aisle, and Credible blasted him with a drink. They fought to the entrance way, and Credible rammed Corino into the steel mesh that is part of the set. Corino returned the favor, and both are showing signs of exhaustion from this battle. Corino grabbed a ladder from the back and set it on the guardrail, but Justin reversed the whip and sent Corino back first into it. Justin dragged Corino to the ring, and set up a steel chair, however, it was Corino who hit the drop toe hold into the steel. Corino grabbed the ladder and set it on the ropes. Credible has been busted open, but hit a low blow, and then suplexed him into the ladder. Justin covered, but only got a two count. Credible then tossed Corino over the rail and into the crowd. Justin and Corino fought all the way into the first balcony, and the two slugged it out. Justin had his cane though, and blasted Corino. Justin bit Corino in the head, and tried to force him over the balcony. Corino tried to hold on to the rail, so Justin began caning him, and Corino fell from the balcony! Amazingly, Corino and Credible, both bloody messes, made it back to ringside. They got into the ring, and Corino chopped Credible. Credible returned the chops, and it was a chopfest! Credible grabbed Corino and planted him with That’s Incredible, but Corino kicked out! Credible then whipped Corino into the ladder, propped in the corner. Credible charged, but Corino moved, and Credible ran into the ladder. Corino hooked the Old School Expulsion, and got the pin! Corino retains the title!

Suddenly, “Enter Sandman” blared, and The Hardcore Icon came to the ring. Sandman viciously caned Corino, over and over again. He then grabbed the title belt and the microphone. Sandman stood over Corino and said that he may be the champion, but he the belt was his! Sandman then took the title belt, and went into the crowd to celebrate with the fans!

We then shifted backstage, where Jerry Lynn was exiting the building. Cyrus ran to catch up with him, and again made his offer to Lynn. This time, Lynn accepted. “You’ve got your whore” said Lynn, as he walked away with Cyrus.


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