Anarchy Rulz

Apr 19, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, October 1st, 2000 in St. Paul, MN

York & Matthews vs Danny Doring & Roadkill

Of course this match was not on the card, but Danny Doring and Joey Matthews start this one off. Doring takes the quick advantage. Doring hits a “stroke” pretty quickly and makes the tag to Roadkill at the same time, York is tagged in.

Christian York is sent down with a shoulder block. Roadkill springs York into the ropes but he reverses with a leg drop. Roadkill then hits a massive elbow, but Joey Matthews out of nowhere hits a bulldog. Danny Doring is now in. Now all men are on the floor after a suicide dive by both York and Matthews.

Hangmans Neck Breaker by York. Doring is down. Double Underhook slam by Doring, and he is trying to get to the corner. Roadkill finally gets the tag, and in comes Matthews. Roadkill hits the barnburner and is in control of the match now.

Powerbomb by Roadkill, but quickly gets some fingers to the eyes. Finally Roadkill hits a nice move and gets the win!

Winners: Danny Doring and Roadkill

Kid Kash vs EZ Money

Joel Getner makes his way to ring after being called down by Cyrus. Then a bunch of Cyrus’s men make their way to the ring, but then Little Spike Dudley’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He then announces that Kid Kash will face EZ Money.

If Kash wins then Getner gets Cyrus in the ring. Kash is quickly ambushed but is able to fight back. Kid Kash is going up to the top and takes out all the stooges around the ring. ECW Chants Erupt!

Kid Kash now has Money on the outside. He rolls him in, and goes for the quick cover, but it’s not enough. EZ Money hits the Money Clip..if you know what that is. Kash is able to kick out of the cover. Money hits the pendulum of pain. But that is still not enough for the win.

Kid Kash is able to hit a nice Huracrana. Both men are down now. Kash rolls over for the pin, but is unable to get the 3 Count. Money hits electric dreams…but it is still not enough. Susnet Flip by Kash..but can’t get the 3. Then he hits the Moneymaker, but Elektra has the referee.

Kid Kash hits another Huracrana from the top-tunrbuckle for the win! Now Gertner will get his shot at Cyrus!

Cyrus vs Joel Gertner

Sandman makes his way to the ring, and clears out all of Cyrus’s Stooges, before pouring a beer down Elektra’s throat. Gertner then jumps in the ring and pull’s Cyrus in, he is able to throw a few splashes on Cyrus, before Cyrus begins to dominate the match.

Sandman throws some beer in the eyes of Cyrus, and Joel Gertner rolls him up for a three count!

Winner: Joel Gertner

Baldies vs Balls/Chilly Willy

Balls and Chilly Willy take the early advantage in this one. One of the baldies are busted open as Ball’s begins to swing the chair. Balls now sends Devito through the guardrail and they are fighting out in the crowd. All the men are now fighting out in the middle of the crowd.

This is tough to follow, but I will do my best, as it looks like they aren’t coming back to the ring. Devito finally get’s Balls back to the ring and lays some right hands with a headbutt to him.

Balls hits a superkick on Devito. Ball’s now has a chair and lays out Devito with it. Angeldust jumps in the ring and brings the staple gun with him. Three hard chairshots from the Baldies and they get the win!

Winner: Baldies

CW Anderson vs Steve Corino

This is for the #1 Contender of the ECW Title. Both men go through about 10 exchanges rather quickly. Both men exchange chops back and forth but neither man is able to put the other man down until Corino finally hits a nice blow and puts CW down.

CW then recovers with a nice superkick. CW goes for a move off the top rope, but Corino counters it with a nice toss. Corino now goes out to get the chair. He lays a few shots in on CW, but Anderson is able to kick out.

Anderson has been busted wide open, after a few shots to the head. Cover by Corino, but is unable to get the win. CW now plants one hard shot with the chair in Corino’s face. It looks like Corino will be busted open now. Both men are now busted open. Shoulder first into the steel chair goes Steve Corino. Anderson is almost able to put Corino away, but Corino is able to kick out.

Anderson is all over Corino now. Corino is finally able to counter with a chair shot. He then hits and elbow, ala Dusty Rhodes. Simon and Swinger come out, but Jack Victory is able to battle them back to the backstage area. Anderson nails Corino in the back, but is unable to get the cover.

Corino gets the win, after he hits a swinging neck breaker on the chairs!

Winner: Steve Corino

Tajiri/Whipwreck vs FBI

This match is for the Tag Team Titles. Whipwreck and Tajiri immediately go after FBI. They are in complete control of the match. FBI is being completely dominated that is all I have to say about that. There has not been any offense at all from FBI. Finally FBI gets a chair and hits a shot, but Guido has been busted open.

Tajiri finally gets the tag. He is taking out both members of FBI. Rib Breaker by Whipwreck, but Guido makes the save. Double Whippersnapper, but the ref is pulled outside by Big Sal. Big Sal is arguing with the ref when he is hit by the Sinister Minster. Sinister Minister is then smashed against the guardrail.

Mikey Whipwreck is planted in the middle of the ring, and FBI steals the match.

Winners: FBI

RVD vs Rhino

RVD Does his annual entrance to the ring! Rhino charges him and RVD quickly throws him to the floor and they tangle. RVD throws him into the guardrail. Both men are now in the middle of the crowd.

RVD is now getting man handled. RVD finally gets control and hits a nice moonsault on Rhino. RVD hits the VanDaminator on Rhino. RVD! RVD! He is controlling the crowd. RVD is now hammering on Rhino. Rhino reverses with an elbow to the face. Then he hits a hard clothesline.

He gets a two count on Rhino. Rhino hits a spear into the turnbuckle and RVD is down. Rhino throws RVD to the floor and goes for some tables. Rhino now has a table set up in the ring. Rhino has RVD down in the middle of the ring with some sort of a chin lock.

RVD misses the VanDaminator. VanDam hits some nice moves, then he hits a quick five star frogsplash. Rhino kicks out though. RVD gets killed by Rhino with a spear. The crowd is silenced now. Rhino then hits a piledriver from the ring apron onto the table. RVD is down, and Rhino picks him up and drags him into the ring.

RVD hits a Vandaminator out of nowhere. He geos for the VanTerminator but Rhino pulls Alfonoso in front of him and he nails Alfonso, then Credible makes his way to the ring. RVD is then put through a table, and he is covered. Rhino has defeated RVD.

Winner: Rhino

Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn

Both men start out by dancing around the ring. Both men then exchange chops to the mid section. Then both men send each other into the ropes reversing one another. Lynn tries to go for the cradle piledriver. He is countered but still lays Credible out. Lynn goes for a quick cover but Credible is able to kick out.

Both men are now on the outside, and both are laid out. Lynn throws Credible into the guardrail. Finally both men are able to get back into the ring. Credible puts Lynn into a steel chair but is unable to get the 3 Count. Both men are now on the outside again. Jerry Lynn is trying to fight back now.

DDT into the steel chair by Justin Credible. Cover..but Lynn is able to kick out. Inverted DDT, but he is still not able to get the cover.

Credible is in full control of this match. Credible has taken Lynn back down to the canvas. Jerry Lynn is finally able to muster a bit of offense, but Credible is able to kick out of the pinfall. Lynn now is bringing a table into the ring. Francine interferes and causes Lynn to be sent through the table, but Credible is unable to get the win.

Sunset Flip from the turnbuckle, but Credible is still unable to get the win. Cradle piledriver by Lynn, but Credible is able to kick out. Credible now goes for a spike piledriver, but Lynn is able to kick out. The ref is layed out with a superkick. Francine lays out Lynn. Credible hits him but Lynn is able to kick out again. Credible can not get the win. Danny Daniels the ref hits Lynn with the kindo stick.

Here comes New Jack…Justin Credible is now caining New Jack. Jerry Lynn gets the win with the Piledriver.

Winner: Jerry Lynn


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