Guilty As Charged

Apr 6, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 9, 2000, in Birmingham, Alabama

Mikey Whipreck vs. CW Anderson
CW Anderson won by a Spine Buster followed by a pinfall.

– The action begins with Bill Wiles and CW Anderson attacking Mikey Whipwreck. He was able to fight them off and took control on CW Anderson very quickly as he dropped him on the guardrail. Mikey threw him back into the ring and they traded control back and forth until CW Anderson superkicked Whipwreck off the apron of the ring and Whipwreck took a nasty looking bump over the guardrail into the crowd. Anderson banged Whipwreck back into the ring and began to work over Whipwreck with a slower pace and worked over his arm. Whipwreck though countered repeatedly with a ariel style of offense. Whipwreck out of nowhere got the Whippersnapper but Lou E. Dangerously pulled the referee out of the ring and Bill Wiles interfered again but Whipwreck kicked out of a pin. Lou then got on the ring apron as the two continued to assault Whipwreck to get the eventual pinfall.

Nova/Kid Cash/Jazz vs. Simon Diamond/Danny Doring/Roadkill
Roadkill did a splash off the top turnbuckle before he pinned Chetti and got the victory for the team of Simon Diamond / Danny Doring / Roadkill.

– The match took a few moments to do the introductions. Simon Diamond was doing a gimmick of where he is deathly afraid of Jazz and would not start the match with her. Doring and Jazz started with them trading shoulder blocks. Doring was getting beat so he tagged in Roadkill as Jazz quickly tagged in Roadkill as Cash nailed him with a fast sequence of arm drags. Everyone came into the ring at this point with Nova and Cash nailing a double team bulldog on Doring. The ring clears as Jazz and Diamond are alone and she nails Diamond with the Jazz Stinger but only gets a 2 count. Then Diamond rolls out as Dick helps him out. Cash then does a top rope plancha onto both as Nova was in the ring with Doring and Roadkill. Nova was able to fight them off for a few minutes but the double teaming took its toll as Roadkill and Doring got the advantage and did a series of near falls but Nova continuously kicked out. Roadkill worked over Nova with power moves for a few minutes and Doring nailed the G-Spot Sweet for a 2 count and then made fun of Nova by pretending to get a tag from him. As Doring did the Dastardly shuffle, Chetti came down to join the match and Nova was able to tag in Chetti as Chetti used a series of clotheslines and kicks on Roadkill and Doring. And then nailed a pescado on Roadkill. This began a series of planchas for everyone in the ring including the referee as Chetti got back into the ring. He told Elektra to get in the ring and then slammed her. Doring came from behind and attacked Chetti. Roadkill attacked Chetti from behind and got the pin.

Yoshihiro Tajiri/Super Crazy vs. Little Guido/Jerry Lynn
Tajiri lands a brainbuster on Jerry Lynn to ensure the pinfall and scores the victory for his team.

– Corino came out with Tajiri and did a interview with the crowd chanting at him to shutup. He said that he chose Super Crazy to be his partner and that the crowd wanted to see it. Little Guido then came out. Guido said that he should have been picked to be the partner as him and Corino began to argue. Paul Heyman then came out on the stage and confronted Corino. He said that Corino does not control ECW but that Heyman does. Heyman then said that Guido would have a partner against Super Crazy and Tajiri as Jerry Lynn came out. The bout started with Lynn and Crazy doing some reversals involving arm drags and hammerlocks. They square off again with Crazy grabbing a headlock, a series of takedowns, leapfrogs arm drags and springboards to end back where they started as the crowd cheered. They went back to another fast paced series of moves with tons of reversals, as the crowd erupted in cheers again. They stalled for a few seconds as Tajiri came into the ring but Tajiri asked for Guido. They did their own sequences of moves but Tajiri came out in control of the match as the crowd cheered again. Tajiri went into a series of stiff kicks and chops. Tajiri then began to play to the crowd as Guido was able to place Tajiri into a Fujiware armbar. He then tag in Lynn. Jerry Lynn was able to take control with some chops but Tajiri was able to counter a move in the corner that never took place and placed Lynn a a tarantula. Super Crazy then came in and nailed Guido but Guido tossed him out of the ring. Lynn the did a top rope plancha as Guido rolled on to the floor. Tajiri then got a moonsault to the floor as Crazy and Guido fought into the crowd to setup a moonsault onto Guido and Big Sal. Inside the ring Tajiri had Lynn upside down in the corner and nailed him with a kick. They soon came back as Tajiri and Lynn continued to trade moves back and forth. This did not last long as all 4 were soon in the ring. Guido and Lynn were able to do tornado DDTs at the same time but Tajiri and Crazy kicked out. They led to Crazy and Guido alone in the ring. Crazy and Lynn get back into the ring as Guido is hurt and Tajir/Crazy double team Lynn. Guido then turned on Lynn and Tajiri turned on Crazy so that Tajri was able to get the pinfall in a strage ending.

New Jack vs. Angel w/Grimes and DeVito of The Baldies
Angel strikes New Jack with a steel shovel, followed by a pinfall.

– New Jack came down with his usual assortment of weapons in a garbage can. Some of the weapons include street signs, brooms, and shovels. New Jack took control first with a street sign shot to the head and then a mailbox shot. New Jack then began to use a staple gun to the head of Angel who bladed. They then went to the floor as New Jack pulled a car roof out from under the ring and New Jack tossed him into the roof. He then climbed to the top rope and did a elbow drop. New Jack tossed him back into the ring and used a vacuum cleaner shot. Grimes then came into the ring and attacked New Jack. They brawled on to the floor and into the crowd. They each took control during the crowd brawl. New Jack then did a suplex on Grimes and then a DDT. New Jack took a table and placed Grimes on it. New Jack then climbed onto a camera platform about 7 or 8 feet over the table and drove New Jack through it. Then Angel made his way over as he attacked New Jack. Angel dragged New Jack into the ring and grabbed a sign and went to give New Jack a shot with a street sign but missed and New Jack nailed him. Devito then interfered and attacked New Jack to allow Angel to get the pinfall victory.

Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam hit Sabu with a frog splash to get the pin and retains the TV Title.

– The match started with both brawling on the outside but Sabu was able to take the first control and tossed RVD back into the ring. He used a springboard for a near fall. RVD then made a comeback and used a rolling senton for a nearfall himself. He was reversed into the corner by Sabu. RVD nailed him with a kick, RVD went to the top rope but Sabu knocked him into the guardrail with a huge bump. Sabu then tossed him over the guardrail and did a plancha on RVD in the crowd. RVD and Sabu got back over the guardrail as Sabu setup a table. RVD did a guillotine legdrop onto Sabu on the outside. RVD got back into the ring and did a somersault plancha onto Sabu on the outside as Sabu pulled himself in the ring. They then began to trade control and Sabu went over RVD on the apron and gave him a powerbomb to the floor. Sabu then placed RVD onto the table and went to the top rope and drove RVD through it with a frog splash. They stalled for a few minutes and sold the table spot as they began to battle with chairs as RVD took a chair shot to the head. Sabu then did a camel clutch to slow the pace down and Fonzie took a bump as Sabu accidentally nailed him. Sabu was going to the top for a Arabian Facebuster but RVD countered him with a dropkick. RVD then nailed a Van Daminator and a split leg moonsault for the nearfall. Both were fighting for a chair when Fonzie grabbed it and RVD gave him a Van Daminator. Sabu then clotheslined RVD and went for a triple jump moonsault but RVD threw a chair at him, nailed a frog splash for the pinfall victory.

Raven/Tommy Dreamer vs. The Impact Players
Justin Credible executed a pile driver on Raven, than scored a pinfall.

– The Impact Players sent Dreamer and Raven to the outside, did their not just the coolest thing, and were attacked from behind. All four men went on the outside, they went up on the stage at the entrance, and Raven and Dreamer sent The Impact Players off the stage and onto the merchandise table. Raven sent Credible into a table, and then all four men went back to the ring. Storm nailed Dreamer with a superkick, and Credible went to work on Dreamer. Both The Impact Players were in the ring and did a double back body drop on Dreamer. Storm took over on Dreamer, rolled him up, and Dreamer kicked him head first into a chair that was propped up in the corner. Dreamer was down, and Credible put him in a reverse chinlock. Dreamer got up and dropped Justin on a chair with a neck breaker. Credible held Dreamer up for a Storm superkick, but Dreamer moved and Storm nailed Credible. Raven tagged himself in, and did the drop toe hold on the chair to Credible. Credible took control and hit the tombstone, That’s Incredible. Raven kicked out, and then Storm drilled Dreamer with a piledriver, but Dreamer kicked out. A table was set up between the ring and the guardrail. Dreamer back body dropped Storm through it, and Justin nailed Tommy with a chair to the head. Francine came in and nailed Justin with a low blow, then Dawn Marie came in and a brawl ensued between Dawn Marie and Francine, with Francine hitting the Bronco Buster. Justin was going to hit Francine with the Singapore cane, Raven moved her out of the way, and he took the shot and received That’s Incredible (pile driver) again. Justin got the pin and The Impact Players won the titles.

Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley
Awesome retains the title when he powerbombs Spike off the top rope and scores the pinfall.

– Awesome came out with Judge Jeff Jones, and gorilla pressed slammed Spike over the top rope through a table. Spike got back in the ring and Awesome threw Spike over the top through two tables. Awesome sent Spike over the guardrail and jumped over the rail and nailed him. Awesome sent Spike back in, jumped over the top with a splash, went for the pin, but didn’t get it. Awesome gave Spike an Awesome Clothesline. He then went for the Awesome Bomb, but Spike blocked it while he was up in the air and sent Mike over the top to the floor. Spike grabbed Awesome and did the Acid Drop off a chair onto the guardrail and began hitting Awesome with a chair. Spike went for a suicide dive and he was caught and slammed. Both men were back in the ring, Spike hit Mike with a Frankensteiner which did nothing. Awesome got up and drilled Spike with another Awesome Clothesline and a splash from the top. Spike speared Awesome through the ropes to the outside. Spike tried to hit him with a chair, but it was kicked back in his face. Awesome hit Spike in the head with the chair, then got back in the ring and jumped up on the top rope and did a spring board over the guardrail and drilled Spike. Awesome and Jones set up tables around the ring and sent Spike into the ring post. Spike went low on Mike and hit the Acid Drop off the apron through a table. Spike then wrapped a wire around Awesome’s neck. Spike sent Awesome back in, went for the Acid Drop, Awesome held him up and threw him through another table on the outside. Awesome went for the Awesome Bomb, Spike blocked it and went for the Acid Drop again, but once again was caught with a clothesline. Awesome put Spike on the table, went up for the Awesome Splash, Spike stopped it, but Awesome picked him up, held him over his shoulder, stepped up to the top rope, and did the Awesome Bomb off the top through the table. The winner and still ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Awesome.


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