Apr 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


May 3, 1998
Marietta, GA

Blue Meanie & Nova vs FBI
FBI had no heel heat. but Blue Meanie raised the roof with Nova! It was so funny! After 3 minutes of wrestling they stopped and had a dance contest!

Funny Stuff Finally some wrestling began. Nova did an awesome top rope dive! Fans went crazy. FBI took control for about 5 minutes. Meanie attempted his Meanie Sault but missed, but Nova hit his Novacain finisher for the win. Pretty entertaining match.

Justin Credible vs Mikey Whipwreck
Started off Great with some dangerous moves! Credible got some great heel heat. Justin used a chair on Mikey several times! Fans were strongly behind Mikey. Justin hit a nice looking inverted DDT on Mikey countering the Whippersnapper. Mikey hit an awesome suplex outside the ring off a steel rail through a table. Great match so far! Mikey hit a nice looking Frankenmikey. Mikey hit a whippersnapper on Credible, Jason, and Chasity! Finally Justin hit “Thats Incredible” on Mikey for the win.

Candido & Storm vs Balls and Axl
This match started off slow. Candido actually applied wrestling moves, fans chanted “Axl” throughout the match. Lance hit Balls with a sweet drop kick. Too many punches by Balls. Candido did a fantastic job selling moves to both Balls and Axl. “Free Ric Flair” chants began. Candido and Storm controlled the match. Sunny got involved. Candido pinned Balls for the win but chairshotted Storm too.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs New Jack
This match was CRAZY! Weapons Galore! New Jack hit Bam Bam with a hockey stick in the balls at one moment. This match was short because New Jack passed out because he was bleeding so bad! New Jack hit Bigelow off the balcony with a guitar. But Bigelow finished him off with a variation of a Piledriver.

ECW Pays tribute and Franchise does big interview!

They aired segments taped earlier with Joey Styles announcing Hardcore Legends. Junkyard Dog, Dick Slater, Masked Superstar and Bob Armstrong were all introduced!

The Franchise Shane Douglas did an interview running down Shawn Michaels, the WWF, Ric Flair, and others. He also said he would fight even though he was injured.
Then Taz came out (to new music) and said he deserves the title shot and put Franchise in his Tazmission, which made Shane bleed from the mouth! Taz was tooken out of the arena. Shane looked hurt BADLY!

Dudleys vs Sandman & Dreamer
Sandman looked hurt because of his injured neck. Pretty boring match at the beginning. They poured beer all over each other. Sandman was taken out of the match because of his injured neck. So it was 2 on 1. Dudleys beat the heck out of Tommy Dreamer. Sign Guy Dudley interfered. The dudleys were destroying Tommy until Spike Dudley came down! Big Dick Dudley interfered. Awesome moves! Beulah hit a DDt on Sign Guy Dudley! Dudleys hit the 3D on Spike. Sandman came back and hit a double DDT on the Dudleys for the pin.

Sabu vs Rob Van Dam
Van Dam’s music is So sweet! Oh yeah, Jeff Jones was the ref for this match. Both men did some excellent spots. Van Dam was showing respect to Sabu. Van Dam said they weren’t going to fight but Sabu double crossed Van Dam and kicked him. Van Dam hit an excellent plancha on Sabu. They both responded to each others moves in one sequence. The match then slowed down a bit…. The table was the brought into play, Sabu tried to use it on Van Dam but Dam moved. They then fought outside of the ring for a bit. Sabu’s jaw seemed to bother him during the match. Van Dam controlled Sabu outside the ring for awhile. Alphonso seemed bias towards Sabu and Van Dam noticed it. Sabu hit Van Dam with a Moonsault outside the ring! Sabu controlled the match up to this point and put Van Dam through a table! Sabu was on the apron and his head was sticking outside the ring, Van Dam leg dropped him! RVD hit the Van Daminator but Sabu kicked out. They both hit their finishers but all the sudden the bell rang for no reason, they declared it a time limit draw!

Shane Douglas vs Al Snow
This was a slow match with a lot of missed spots. They continuously PUNCHED and PUNCHED! The fans where not into it, Al Snow seemed not up to the match. They used chairs but the Franchise was hurting badly and you could just tell it. Franchise hit his trademarked belly to belly but Snow kicked out, every wrestler from the ECW locker room came out by the ring to watch, then The Triple Threat started to interfere and when Al Snow grabbed his head and went to the top rope, he attempted a sunset flip but Shane countered it for the 1….2…3 pin! What a surprise Shane retains the title even though he has to get elbow surgery, after the match they shook hands while all the ECW wrestlers congratulated them.

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