Guilty As Charged

Apr 3, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck


Sunday, January 10, 1999 in Kissimmee, FL

Balls Mahoney/Axl Rotten pinned FBI pinned Danny Doring/Roadkill

-This match was scheduled to be the Full Blooded Italians, Tracey Smothers & Little Guido, vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill. After a few minutes of action Big Balls played over the loudspeakers and Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten made their way out. Axl said that he was watching the match from the back and said it looked like a homosexual party. He challenged the two teams to a Three Way Dance and it was on. The match proved to be a fast brawl with many extreme spots. At one point Balls Mahoney climbed the top rope and performed a Suicide Dive on the FBI outside. FBI eliminated Danny Doring & Roadkill with a Double Fisherman Buster on the Dastardly One. With two teams left Balls & Axl hit simultaneous Nutcracker Suite’s and Curtain Call’s to finish the Italians off. After the match Big Sal E. Graziano and Big Guido tried interfering but received Chair Shots for their efforts.

{Note: Prior to the match Terry Funk cut a promo in which he cut down Tommy Dreamer, yet again.}

Yoshihiro Tajiri pinned Super Crazy

-Awesome high flying encounter. Both men used tons of high spots which blew the roof off the Millennium Theater. Midway through the match both men were knocked out. Tajiri fired back with a Tumbling Power Bomb from the top and a Hurricanrana which was reversed. Super Crazy responded by hitting a Tiger Bomb. But Taijiri came right back with a Dizzying Leg Sweep type move on Crazy. After turning super Crazy in all sorts of directions while in a backbreaker, Tajiri performed a vicious Dragon Suplex on Crazy to win the match.

Sid Vicious pinned John Kronus

-After Kronus made his way out “Judge” Jeff Jones came out and made a speech on how many men are Guilty as Charged. He spoke on how last week in Lebanon, PA Kronus performed a 450 Splash on him. He said Kronus is Guilty as Charged and brought out “Psycho” Sid Vicious, Former 2-Time WWF Champion! The bell sounded and Sid destroyed Kronus. He chokeslammed Kronus over the top rope through a table which was UNBELIEVABLE! The fans called for a Power Bomb and they got it! 1-2-3. Crowd went nuts for Sid. Joey commented on how “Sid is in ECW.” Boy I hope this aint a 1 night deal. Awesome PPV so far.

The Dudley Boyz pinned New Jack & Spike Dudley

-Joel Gertner did his normal Pre-Match Introduction. He is just awesome on the mic and had the crowd going nuts with his perv jokes. We won’t get into that though…….. Here come the Dudleyz opponents, New Jack and…. MUSTAFA SAED!?!?! No it’s not Jack’s former partner it’s Pro Wrestling’s true Giant Killer Little Spike Dudley. Very aggressive brawl. Bubba Ray Dudley pulled a Bam Bam Bigelow in throwing Spike into the crowd where he was moshed by the fans. Once he got out of the crowd Bubba picked him back up and airlifted him in the other section. New Jack & LSD regrouped and grabbed two guitars. Spike clobbered Big Dick with one and New Jack followed up with another. Bubba Ray fired back with a vicious Bubba Bomb on Spike from the top. After a SD on New Jack on the apron Spike was left alone with all 3 Dudleys but hit 3 Acid Drops for each man. Never having time to make a pinfall Spike was victim to a Big Dick Powerslam, which led to the Duds hitting 3D on LSD for the win. After the match the tandem attacked New Jack. Bubba Ray declared Spike & New Jack dead. He then told Sabu & RVD that their days were numbered. He then challenged The Public Enemy to a match at the ECW Arena on January 16th. Wow, Is P.E. going to return?

Rob Van Dam pinned Lance Storm *Television Championship*

-Match was pure mat wrestling for the first 5 or so minutes. Storm dropkicked RVD over the top rope and into the crowd midway through the match but RVD followed up with a Springboard Somersault Splash off the guardrail. Keeping the back-and-forth timing Storm reversed a RVD Powerslam attempt into a Reverse DDT. Storm followed that up with a Springboard Suicide Dive off the top rope over the guard rail onto Van Dam. Back in the ring RVD countered a Back Superplex into a Corkscrew Legdrop (Hard to explain!). RVD then stuck Lance Storm in an inverted surfboard. That was followed up with a Tumbling Senton Splash by The Whole F’N Show. But Storm, not one to give up, fired back with a Springboard Back Elbow. Fonzie threw in a chair but Van Dam ended up eating it. Storm got caught up showboating with chair in hand and caught a Van Daminator to the kisser. Luckily the Calgary native rolled to the outside. When Storm got back in the ring he fell victim to another chair shot. When attempting another van Daminator the ref ate it. With the ref out Storm hit his own “Storm”inator but no one to make the 3. Fonzie entered the ring and Storm took the chair from him. But RVD hit a Top Rope Van Daminator! 1-2-KICK OUT! RVD missed a five star From Splash. After nearly a dozen reversals RVD connected with a German Suplex for the win. Another great match!

Justin Credible defeated Tommy Dreamer *Stairway to Hell Match*

-Violent Match which had fans chanting “We Want Blood.” Match really picked up when the Ladder came into play. Dreamer had the upper hand throwing Credible into the ladder and powerslamming him onto it. But when attempting an elbow drop Credible moved Dreamer’s arm collided with the steel ladder. Credible responded by slamming a chair onto the ladder which lay helplessly over Dreamer’s right arm. Credible then suplexed Dreamer off the apron onto the concrete floor. With the referee distracted by Nicole Bass Credible’s new valet, no name, suplexed Dreamer. When Dreamer sought revenge Jason clotheslined him. But Dreamer fired back with a Spicolli Driver. He then used the ladder like a teeter totter and catapulted it onto Credible’s face. Tommy set the ladder up and was climbing the huge steel stepper till Justin Credible pulled him off. Credible set the ladder up by the ropes, set Dreamer on top and just lifted him over the top through a table. Dreamer’s chances of winning looked even slimmer when his head was stuck between the ladder and slammed into the guard rail. While on the outside Tommy found another ladder under the ring. Both men raced up their ladders and traded punches on them. Until finally Dreamer grabbed Credible’s neck and hit a…… “Super Ladder Dreamer Driver!?!?!” DDP has nothing on the Innovator of Violence. Tommy grabbed the Singapore Cane and hung Justin in the ropes. But out came Terry Funk who wailed a trash can on Dreamer. Credible took advantage of the moment and hit That’s Incredible on the Ladder to gain the win. Funk then attacked Dreamer after the match, repeatedly hitting Dreamer with the trash can. Dreamer, never fought back, and was bleeding badly.

Taz pinned Shane Douglas *Heavyweight Championship*

-The match spilled all over the arena. They end up all the way atop the theater’s seating. Not much to call here as it’s all brawl. Finally the match ends back up in the ring. The Franchise set a table up in the corner and threw Taz right through it, head first. Both men are bleeding from the brawl in the crowd. Douglas connects with an inverted rolling neck breaker on Taz. Shane went back under the ring and grabbed another table. After setting the table up in another corner Taz hooked a Tazplex on Douglas through the table. But out of nowhere the lights go out, fireworks fly and Sabu’s music is hit. Tons of pyro for Sabu who immediately runs to the ring and airs himself into the ring. Sabu is taking on both men and ends up hitting a Springboard Moonsault on Taz on the outside. He rolled Taz inside and dropped Douglas on a table outside. Sabu hits a Legdrop through the table on Douglas. Taz and Sabu now alone in the ring. Sabu sets up Taz on another table and heads to the top. Twisting Splash! Sabu then left the ringside area and Franchise rolled on taz but only got a 2. Douglas holds up the Triple Threat sign. And out come Tammy Lynn Sytch and Chris Candido. Francine speared Sytch! And Candido turns on Douglas! he took off his Triple Threat T-Shirt and threw it on Shane who is in disbelief. Taz gets up and signals for the end. He hooks on the Tazmission, the Katsahajimi! Shane’s arm goes down three times and we have a new ECW World Heavyweight Champion! Taz has finally won the ECW Title and Dogulas 1 year+ title reign has been ended.

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