Mar 2, 2010 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Terri GRP

Real name: Terri Lynne Boatright
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 105 lbs.
Date of birth: October 5, 1966
From: Georgia
Resides: Gainesville, FL
Pro debut: 1990


Interview Transcript


– Terri broke into the wrestling business with WCW in 1990 as Alexandra York, the personal accountant of Michael Wallstreet (Mike Rotunda).
– When Rotunda left for the WWF, York started her own stable called the York Foundation. The group consisted of Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton and Thomas Rich.
– The York Foundation feuded with her then husband Dustin Rhodes (Runnels), Big Josh and the Z Man (Tom Zenk).
– In 1995, Dustin left WCW for the WWF, and became Goldust. Terri made her WWF debut at the 1996 Royal Rumble, leading Goldust to the ring.
– The next night on “Raw,” she was given the name Marlena. Her character wore gold colored outfits and regularly smoked cigars.
– On April 1, 1996, Marlena was ringside when the bizarre Goldust defeated Savio Vega for the Intercontinental title.
– In December 1996, Hunter Hearst Helmsley put his moves on Marlena, which led to a feud between Goldust and Helmsley.
– Helmsley defeated Goldust at the 1997 Royal Rumble, and stole a kiss from Marlena.
– Helmsley hired Chyna to be his bodyguard in February 1997. In her television debut, she manhandled Marlena.
– Goldust defeated Brian Pillman at the 1997 Summerslam, and as a result, was forced to wear one of Marlena’s gold dresses the next night on “Raw.”
– At the 1997 Breakdown PPV, Pillman defeated Goldust and won the services of Marlena for 30 days. Pillman gave Marlena a totally new look.
– The next few weeks of “Raw” saw Pillman film segments called “Brian Pillman’s XXX-Files,” which implied he was having an affair with Marlena.
– Goldust was scheduled to face Pillman at the 1997 Badd Blood pay-per-view. That afternoon, Pillman was found dead in a Minnesota hotel room.
– Dustin and Terri were interviewed on November 3, 1997 on “Raw,” when Runnels revealed that he had a new love interest. She turned out to be Luna Vachon.
– For a time, Runnels became the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust.
– After an absence from television, Terri returned with Val Venis.
– At the 1998 Breakdown in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Venis defeated Runnels, who for the time had dropped the Goldust gimmick completely.
– Terri announced that she was “pregnant” with Val’s baby, but Venis reacted by dumping her.
– After “losing” the baby, Terri formed Pretty Mean Sisters (PMS) with Jacquelyn.
– PMS led Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown past the Godfather and Venis at the 1998 Rock Bottom.
– PMS escorted Brown to the ring at the 1999 Royal Rumble in Anaheim, CA.
– Terri and Jacquelyn next turned their focus on Meat (Shawn Stasiak). PMS added Ryan Shamrock to their group.
– PMS split up when Shamrock was released by the WWF (in July 1999) and Jacquelyn became fed up with Terri’s personal attention for Meat.
– She next arranged the “Terri Invitational Tournament” featuring Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz. The winner would receive $100,000, plus the managerial services of Terri.
– The tournament concluded at the 1999 No Mercy PPV. The Hardy Boyz defeated Edge and Christian in a spectacular “ladder” match in Cleveland, OH.
– Terri was power bombed from the top rope by Bubba Ray Dudley. She was off television to sell the “injury.”
– At No Way Out 2000, Terri turned against the Hardy Boyz, allowing Edge and Christian to win the match.
– Terri defeated the Kat in a catfight at Wrestlemania 2000. Venis served as the special guest referee.
– With Terri in his corner, Perry Saturn defeated Eddy Guerrero for the European title at Fully Loaded 2000.
– At the August 8, 2000 “Smackdown” taping in East Rutherford, NJ, Terri and Saturn defeated The Kat and Al Snow in a mixed gender match.
– Still managing Saturn, Terri became a part of the Radicalz during the fall of 2000 along with Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Guerrero.
– On the January 4, 2001 edition of “Smackdown,” Terri and Saturn defeated Matt Hardy and Lita in a mixed tag match.
– After being dumped by Saturn in favor of his mop, Terri joined Raven in the Alliance.
– With no plans to have her valet, WWE turned Terri into a backstage interviewer on “Raw.”
– In April 2004, Terri and WWE agreed to part ways.

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