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Terri Runnels Interview

Interview with Terri Runnels

Interview conducted: August 27, 2008

SG> Steve Gerweck
TR> Terri Runnels

SG> What have you been up to since leaving WWE?
TR> Raising a beautiful teenage daughter and working on several projects. Some media related some not.

SG> Did you leave WWE on good terms?
TR> Yes.

SG> Any chance you could return?
TR> Never say never!

SG> You started taking independent bookings earlier this year.
TR> My friend Hermie Sadler got me started and I guess the ball started rolling.

SG> Are you fielding a lot of interesting offers?
TR> To say the least…”I’ll pay you 1,000 to smoke a cigar on video for me” or “I’ll pay you 750 for an old pair of shoes that you have worn”…I would call those pretty interesting!

SG> Any interest from TNA?
TR> We aren’t in negotiations at the moment.

SG> What do you consider the highlight of your career
TR> I loved the pinnacle of Goldust/Marlena…when we were absolutely hated and booed beyond belief! I loved the pinnacle of Goldust/Marlena…when we were absolutely hated and booed beyond belief.

SG> Any thoughts on Dustin’s current status in wrestling?
TR> Dustin is doing great right now…I couldn’t be more proud of him.

SG> Might we see Dakota in pro wrestling someday, or have you discouraged that career path?
TR> Oh heavens, she has enough wrestling in her blood for several people, however I don’t think we will see Dakota as a competitor. She really loves the industry and respects it so much but being physical is not her cup of tea.

SG> What was the best rib someone played on you?
TR> The funny thing is there were probably a plethora of ribs played on me when I was green and because I was so young and green. I didn’t even know they were ribs, how is that for a Green Horn?

SG> Best rib you played on someone?
TR> I was not the ribber, Dustin was the ribber! I enjoyed watching ribs played out but never really took the time to come up with any good ones.

SG> Any career regrets?
TR> That I didn’t say a louder NO to some angles.

SG> Do you enjoy WWE’s current product? How about TNA?
TR> Don’t watch either one that much.

SG> Which divas impress you the most today? Why?
TR> I think the girls are beautiful and work quite well but it seems there isn’t the diversity that there should be and I also think there are too many women on TV right now. You don’t.

SG> You did the angle in which you exposed Stacy Carter. What that a work or a shoot?
TR> I really believe that she just wanted to be naked!? Go figure.

SG> Do you know the whereabouts of Perry Saturn? No one seems to know what he is doing today?
TR> No, I don’t but I would love to get back in touch with my buddy! I miss him so much. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, let me know. Thanks.

SG> What would be something that people would be surprised to learn about you?
TR> I love shooting, fishing and hunting! I always say their is a fence wedged nicely up my posterior…on one side, I am a complete lady and love the city and everything that involves. I love dressing up, going to a great dinner, doing the theater, etc. on the other side, I am just a little country girl who grew up hunting, fishing and shooting, with farms all around me! I love that about me though.

SG> You were used as a backstage interviewer for a time. Did you enjoy that more than doing storylines?
TR> I loved angles that involved me when I managed someone great! I also loved interviewing and being behind the mic and in front of the camera! I LOVE hosting.

SG> When you were in WWE, which agents/writers did you have the most interaction with?
TR> In the beginning it was Vince Russo hands down! In later years it was a variety of writers. My role changed so much that I didn’t really need writers per say. Granted most of the interviews were conceived of by writers but so often we would wing a lot of them.

SG> In the future, do you see Shane or Stephanie McMahon running WWE?
TR> Stephanie and Paul (Triple H)! Perfect fits to do the job.

SG> In your opinion, do wrestling fans want to see women wrestle?
TR> I think they do but I think that is not all the fans want to see. I think there should be much more variety where the women are concerned.

SG> Where do you envision yourself in five years?
TR> Working on more books, doing a TV show of some kind and most importantly being there for my child who will be going off to college! Holy Katmandu!

SG> Which fellow divas did you get along with the best?
TR> Loved Trish, Stacy and Ivory, Jackie and Molly…I really liked most of them! Which ones did you have the most problems with? I never had problems with any of the girls. I didn’t have respect for a few…but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get along with them.

SG: Any plugs?
TR> The “Make The World Write” contest has been extended to October 5th and the winner will be given the keys on Thanksgiving! I am very proud of that. , my website is the only MySpace site is And/or a message for all of your fans? I want to say THANK YOU for being there all of these years and enjoying what I did. It means the world to me to know that there are people that still remember so many things even after I have been off TV for 4 years! I love you all!

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