Tiger Ali Singh

Jan 14, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Tiger Ali Singh

Real name: Gurjit Singh Hans
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 290 lbs.
Date of birth: March 9, 1971
Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pro debut: November 19, 1992
Trained by: Sweet Daddy Siki &
Ron Hutchinson
Finishing move: Reverse Neckbreaker


– Singh teamed with his father, Tiger Jeet Singh for FMW (Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling), against Onita and Tarzan Goto in his first pro wrestling match.
– Singh signed with the WWF in January 1997. The announcement was made at a press conference held at the Skydome in Toronto.
– The WWF sent Singh to future train with the legendary Dory Funk Jr. and Dr. Tom Pritchard in the Funking Dojo.
– In April 1997, Singh won the Kuwaiti Cup Tournament, defeating Owen Hart in the finals.
– At the U.K. only PPV One Night Only, on September 20, 1997, Singh defeated Leif Cassidy (Al Snow) in his WWF PPV debut.
– On October 24, 1998, Singh competed in the WWF’s dojo battle royal at the NWA’s 50th anniversary show in Cherry Hill, NJ.
– In July 1998, Singh debuted his “Million Dollar Man” like gimmick, portraying himself as an arrogant descendant of Asian royalty.
– For a time, Singh had a servent side kicked named Babu.
– At the 1998 Capital Carnage PPV, Singh pinned Edge.
– By the end of 2000, became the manager of Lo Down (D-Lo Brown and Chaz).
– Months later, the WWF assigned Lo Down and Singh to Victor Quinones’s IWA promotion in Puerto Rico.
– On July 27, 2001, Singh defeated Test in BayamÃn, Puerto Rico.
– On August 11, 2001, Singh and Russ McCullough beat Miguel Perez and Huracan Castillo Jr. to capture the IWA Tag Team title.
– Pain and Tiger Ali Singh defeated Los Boricuas to win the IWA Tag Team title on November 24, 2001 in BayamÃn, Puerto Rico.
– A short time later, Singh suffered a serious concession. As a result, the WWF sent him home to Toronto to rest. With in months, he was released by the company.
– The next month, Singh filed a $7 million lawsuit against the World Wrestling Federation. Among his claims were that his career-ending injury was the result of being forced to wrestle in the rain while in Puerto Rico.
– In late 2008, Singh, under the new ring name Tiger Jeet Singh, Jr. (in honor of his father), returned to wrestling as a part of the HUSTLE promotion in Japan. He made his return by teaming up with his father in a tag team match against Genichiro Tenryu and Shiro Koshinaka.

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