James Mitchell

Jan 8, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

james mitchell

Real name: Jim Mitchell
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 210 lbs.
Date of birth: February 26, 1965
From: Orlando, FL
Pro debut: 1989
Trained by: Gene Anderson

– Mitchell began his career as an active wrestler in the Carolinas, but soon found his calling as a manager
– Mitchell debuted for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1993 as ‘Daryl Van Horne’, managing Prince Kharis. The gimmick flopped and Van Horne would go on to manage various other SMW talents
– Mitchell was fired from SMW shortly before they went out of business after (according to Mitchell himself) drunk dialling most of the production crew to ask about rumours of the impending shutdown
– In 1997, Mitchell moved to WCW as ‘James Vandenberg’, managing the Mortis character
– At Uncensored 1997, Vandenberg added Wrath to his stable
– Following the breakup of his stable, Vandenberg was taken off TV and was not used for the remainder of his two year contract
– In 2000, Mitchell debuted in ECW, initially as a nameless character, before becoming known as The Sinister Minister
– Mitchell’s contract was not picked up by WWF after the demise of ECW
– Mitchell debuted as ‘Father James Mitchell’ in TNA on June 19, 2002, managing The Disciples Of The New Church, Brian Lee & Slash
– At TNA’s 70th weekly PPV event, Mitchell unsuccessfully fought Raven in a Last Man Standing Match
– At ECW One Night Stand 2005, Mitchell accompanied Tajiri to the ring for his match against Super Crazy & Little Guido
– Mitchell returned to TNA and aligned with Abyss in July 2005
– Mitchell was in Abyss’ corner as he won the NWA World Title at Genesis 2006
– In April 2007, the culmination of an abuse of power storyline saw Abyss turn face against Mitchell
– Later that month, Mitchell debuted his ‘new monster’, Judas Mesias, but the character went nowhere
– Mitchell was released from his TNA deal in July 2008
– Mitchell returned to TNA at One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2013, accompanying Judas Mesias to the ring for his match with Joseph Park
– Mitchell returned to Impact on a recurring basis in 2017, resuming his partnership with Abyss
– Mitchell became a recurring character in Impact’s ‘Demon World’ storyline with Rosemary, Su Yung and others
– Mitchell officiated the wedding of Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford on AEW Dynamite in February 2021
– Mitchell began working for the NWA in August 2021, accompanying Judais to the ring

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